Redcar Cleveland UK

18th September 2021

just a quick note about 2018
now that ensus on Wilton International are
allowed to put 10 per cent of bioethanol into
gasoline, petrol
they are not shut down and
they collect and sell
carbon dioxide
from their fermentation process
fermentation of non-fossil carbon containing biologicals
whereas small scale breweries etc.
throw it away

short that lot out for yourselves
the story is
to beach yer vessel without landing on the rocks
the Markies lights blink
The Denny's lights are stready
keep the binking lights to starboard
the steady lights to larboard
and if you are new fangled
Port Out Starboard Home
Port is the side of a passenger ship that
has the fancy steps
to get the passengers on and off in style
so you park up with the POSH side
and the posh side of a vessel was by tradition
the larboard
passengers confused
larboard and starboard
so port and starboard
genuine steamer trunks may have
POSH labels on them
the port side being the left side
it was in the shade
UK to India
and on the sunny side on the way home
but some people dispute this explanation

sometimes when we explore
word origins
we discover that a word has its origins in
but we were never a Greek colony
we were a Roman colony
and so too was France - as Gaul
so mostly words are either
old English or Latin in origin
for some reason today's word is said to be
derived from
perhaps becuse it is still in use in Italian
perhaps because it evolved after the Romans
from a part of Italy not seen as Roman
whatever the word is
Webster's dictorary has...
definition 2b
a low steep slope along a beach caused by wave erosion
definition 1 is
the inner side of a ditch below the parapet of a fortification
elsewhere - in architecture etc - it may be described as
a ha-ha
a type of sunken fence
and so
if one were to walk along Redcar beach
across the rocks
at night or in fog
at some point one could
set off the rocks into
very deep water
and say ah-ha
or words to that effect
so Redcar is red cliff scars
it's the place where
before they were covered by the concrete of the
the cliffs were of red clay
and the beach was dominated by
soft -ish
rocks that
fell off abruptly at either side
and so
between the scars to get to the beach
eas tricky
not only is there a
Blue Plaque
at the High Street end
denoting that
of the plimsole line - on ships
lived there
on the wall of the
Marks and Spencer some are so eagar to demolish
ther is a
navigation light
on the Esplanade end wall of Markies
to be lined up with one on the sea wall
to attain the beach
without hitting the rocks

17th September 2021

we kno we have a platform here
we try to be responsible in how we use it
sometimes we put something out there
and are surprised by the response
we ignore reflex responses to a whole range of issues that
boil down to
do you know that in any one week
one in twelve million females
come to a sticky end

in a far more constructiove vein
for quite some time now there have been
27 wind turbines in Coatham Bay
they have had a proving role
and a more lasting training role
and no doubt they will be missed by some when they go
not the main point here
the thing we have picked up on is a
parallel proposal
something we hadn't thought about until we
go wind - so to speak - of a particular response to our
rip off of the A to Z map of the
Redcar Scars
Redcar is semi industrial
some may say it is deeply industrial
time was...
the town motto was
Mare et Ferro
sea and iron
in that sense
it was
iron and steel
fishing and shipping
there are things such as
The Thames Gateway
ther is this little Ro-Ro port
roll on roll off ferry terminal
in Kent
so far as media hacks are concerned
all of Britain's foreign trade
goes through Dover
and anybody who thinks otherwise is deemed
a mentalist - mentally ill
to the point
Coatham Bay took over from
the pier at Blyth Harbour
as the test bed for
North Sea Wind Farms
and then we pointed out that
if we restore
Redcar and Coatham piers
we could have a marina
between them
what has come back is
marina? yes, but
redcar has industrial traditions
plan B
restore Redcar and Coatham piers and
build a
power generating tidal lagoon
between them
relatively small scale but
other places seem reluctant
other schemes may be beyond the
experimental-training role
other places may be prone to silt up
green energy
levelling up
a marina cum tidal barage on
Redcar Front
that's a project to aspire to

16th September 2021

we have a possible explanation for why the
Bilsdale transmitter didn't trip
we did refer to it having a 500 mega watt capacity
but only using 150
if that was not properly accounted for
it would be like putting a
13 amp fuse
in the plug of an appliance that was rated
5 amp

this is not a definitive account of the Bilsdale fire
what we have gleened informs this scenario
we think the power supply and transmitters at Bilsdale are OK
we think the cables powering the aerial
burnt out around 30 metres up the mast
the 50 year old insulation broke down
it should have tripped the system but it didn't
extensive damage to the cables powering the IBA
independent television aerial
some paint burnt off the tower
the BBC side seems OK
the problem is
1,000 feet
if you have a pipe 1,000 feet long
no biggie
feeding heavy cables through it with
a winch
stand the thing up and
you need
a bugger helicopter than the workd has ever seen to drag
1,000 foot cables to the top
of a 1,000 foot tower
cost effective-wise
build a new tower - cheaper
you can do it on the level - no lifting
except for the completed tower that can go up like a tower crane
the existing tower could be re-wired
but on balance
a new state of the art tower is
a better bet
because it will have to be built
not an off the shelf item
quite amazing they found a spare 280 footer lying around....

so Pebbles and Bambam are> ???
actually building a Redcar office for MI5???
spot the puzzle
spot the consequences of spying only
one of the two
well, Tweedledee..
out of the frying pan
into the fire
between a rock and a hard place
mum has gone
wife has free reign
the moment his mother dies
he changes his cabinet
will one chosen by his wife be
better than one chosen by his mum?

12th September 2021

we know you believed us...

further progress on the
Larry Grayson memorial door to nowhere

if you can't make out what is happening in these pictures
a littl bitty limpet
has had huge fronds of seaweed grow on it's shell
and when it has died
the seaweed has been washed ashore
we could do the one about the limpets
our Ricker and the Durham University professor
but not today

they say don't build your house on
shifting sands
or a mortal limpet
rather than a solid rock
the number one sin of government
is to say
if the policy isn't working
to hell with Plan B
plan A is working
it's just not working well
because it isn't being
rigourously enough

Cleveland Golf Club
was established in 1887
it has a history that probably
means a lot to the people who care...
it was apparently 2000 when
it sort of shifted
Donald Steel designed three new holes
to move the course nearer to the river
and release what we assume were 3 holes on
what is now Coatham Green
we don't know why but
we do remember people constantly crossing
Majuba Road as they played
so we guess the course re-design build
and the construction of the new
far from inspiring
mus have cost a bit
Speaking of Yorkshire
Cleveland Golf Club is a links course
indeed it is the only
true Championship links course in the county of Yorkshire
it used to have a quite impressive
Art Neuveau or similar club house
OK we have no idea what it's called
this is what it looked like

now it has a brick shed
Old Tom Morris and Henry S Colt
influenced the course design
so far as we can tell
some eight year old designed the new club house
and it is thankfully mostly hidden from
public view by a giant bund
heap of grassed sand and clay
it has or had an artizan club associated
same course, no club house access
and there is a parkland club
near Wilton or Lackenby
membership fees for local golf clubs are
and presumably competitive
we love the idea that
31 and over is adult at Wilton
25 - 30 is intermediate superannuated teenagers
one third off
honestly not posh
we doubt Cleveland fees are much different

and we know the 'committee' at Cleveland Golf Club
aren't above
using their ground staff as a clack
at public meetings...

overall then
it may not be residents who have reported
burnouts and public urination on
Majuba Road car park but
agents of Cleveland Golf Club
asserting that they are somewhat abpve such things
what we need is an organisation to set rules
portaloos for a start
for public events on the Coatham end of the Esplanade

11th September 2021

as the generations pass
and facilities in the public realm
are built
it can seem to a newer generation that
what are actually replacements
are green field - not brown field - developments
we are now seeing the demise of
printed - effemera
posters, maps timetables etc.
as this morning's infomation is simply
over written, on line, by this afternoon's
and so we have taken what may be a last opportunity to
consult maps of the changing ward of Coatham
we are referenceing the
Vehicle Nuisance PSPO
Public Spaces Potection Order
the Majuba Road area
we will go back to
The A to Z for the area lists
Coatham Bay caravan site
toilets suitable for disabled people
two sets
roller skating rink
Boat House
Club House
Leisure Centre
Cleveland Golf Links
if we move on to
the A to Z shows
Redcar Beach Park
Club House - of the same golf club but
in a different location
R-Kade skate park
Tuned-In - evening activity facility for
school aged youth
boat house
cycle path
th same two public car parks as before
The Coast Guard store has now
relocated to the Fire - Ambulance station on Trunk Road
in essence
you remove public convieniences and
threated to fine people
between 100 and 1,000 for
making their own arrangements
Redcar is not massively short of cash
for a little while
tourism in Coatham was in decline
in that quiet phase
like living near a massive school
during the holidays
local residents may have
squatters rights on public spaces
temporarily under used
lesson number one
if you close a public convienience and
find people relieving themselves in public
how many people do you need to fine
before you have enough money to pay for
a replacement bog?

10th September 2021

we have a photo essay here
and apart from the cladding going onto the cinema
we have Mary
this is our new invention
Florence Nightingale
ahs been displaced by
Mary Seacole
we have amongst these pictures
sea coal
back when the mines dumping their waste into the sea
the long shore drift
lifted the
coal smalls out of the rubbish and
delivered them on Redcar Beach
and it was worthwhile to take
a bike, a rake, and some sacks
down onto the beach to collect the
sea coal
that was inches deep
this sea coal has probably eroded from
exposed coal seams on the sea bed

Coatham Green
runs paralle to the main East - West section of
Majuba Road
in Coatham, Redcar
it is around 100 metres wide so that
the bottom of the gardens on the north side of
High Street West - Coatham high street
the Majuba Road car park runs along the beach side of the road
if we sit back and considerthe social implications of
what can we call it
small scale new money
our Ricker has a view about this
rule of thumb
be warey of anybody whose
car is worth more than their home
there is a guy on TV - worldwide - called
Brewer, Mike Brewer?
various franchises around the title
Wheeler Dealers
people do two sorts of TV series about
self employemnt
Trading up homes and trading up vehicles
and trading your way up through cars
is easier and simpler than
property development
if you build a car or restore any vehicle
and you want to sell it to finance the nest step up...
you need a venue to show your handiwork
as ever we are woefully out of date but
one place where for a while you could get
a car customised
Storey Vehicle Refinnishers
on Limerwick Road, Dormanstown
we are saying
there are jobs and business opportunites flowwing from
both home and vehicle customisation
to some extent a custom car may need to pass an MOT
it may be exempt due to age and it may need
single vehicle approval
because the operator cannot depend of the
manufacturer's desugn and testing investment
in other words
there are rules about what you can run on the roads
we, Redcar, have an examption
to run on the highway a vehicle needs what most people call a
log book
the exception is
the retired tractors that
launch and recover fishing boats
have no documentation, whasoever
but they don't travel far
Majuba Road car park is well over 100 metres from the the ends of the gardens of the nearest homes
it has been used for a Custom Cruise
and now Redcar and Cleveland Council have banned it
in a way they have banned a
Sunday market for motors
two tings stand out in the text of the order
how could anybody living in Coatham High Street
that people were
urinating in the street?
the other issue is we love the way the local
councillor Carl Quartermain
has let this go whilst opposing the move to
an all electric Mayoral Car
for the council
we like to point out snags in proceedings
situations where you think you have won
and you've actually lost
as it stood
Majuba Road car park was
a car park
now it is a place where you can't legally
stand around a vehicle in a group
to admire it, or critique it
this leave open the possibility that
a group of car clubs and enthusiasts can
apply to have the order
making Majuba Road Car Park
the official car cruising venue for
Redcar and Cleveland

we note..
MGL or whoever demolished RKade on Majuba Road
have returned for a site tidy up
so we may conclude that
the builders - of the hotel - are about to
take possession of the site
and today
The New Regent
is getting its cladding

9th September 2021

These are the Errol Twins
The paler one...
between the Redcar British Steel railway station
the Coatham Marsh nature reserve
there is a slag heap
and one day when his driver was busy
tipping slag from Port Talbot
the paler Errol twin
escaped from the truck cab
and eventually was re-united with his twin
at our Ricker's house
it can get very sunny in a truck cab
our Ricker isn't getting out and about so much these days
he has a question
if they demolish the Dorman's Tower
a coal bunker
at South Bank coke works
wil they
The Black Path
the Black Path was a
Sailers' Trod
along the south bank of the Tees
that ran along the south side of the
Darlington to Saltburn railway line and
was open when the South Bank coke ovens were in operation blocked of
on safety grounds???
as soon as the coke oven were abandoned
a small historical footnote
when Dormans was nationalised
British Steel
went to enormous trouble to put up
boards that were presumably wood
to cover over
on the south side of the bunker
and gradually the weather peeled these boards off
and British Steel didn't bother to 'fix it'
hence the current situation

you may wonder what the link is between
the demise of manly jobs
and the metoo movement
The metoo movement is about
alpha females
pushing back against the influx of
all sorts of males
entering the
non-manly workplace and
frankly, championing the < R> sub-dominant females that the
alpha females have been persecuting for generations
i.e. that male is not entirled to stand up to that alpha female
when she bullies that sub-dominant female
disturbing the alpha female hegemony
is construed as
an improper relationship

8th September 2021

there are 6,700 males unemployed in
West Cumbria
that is 5.5 per cent
there are 1,800 females unemployed in
West cumbria
1,6 per cent
3.67 per cent overall
and so
not a shortge of jobs in West Cumbria
a shortage of jobs that
aren't beneath the dignity of males
agriculture forestry and fishing
20,6 per cent of jobs
quite manly
construction 12.1 per cent
in Dormanstown
in or near Redcar
there is a rather large
veterans club
probably open to non-veterans
in France
there is a company called
Thomas Mouget
the building in Dormanstown that is now
The British Legion
used to be the UK headquarters of
Thomas Mouget
what Thomas Mouget used to do was
a form of salvage that had a
metal detecting element
it's not easy to vary the output of a
more specifically - a blast furnace
when world steel prices were low
burried surplus production on site
when the market picked up
Mouget found the burried iron
and dug it up
if the people of West Cumbria want
Coal not Dole...
how about
coal as a decorative garden feature
not gravel
not slate
crushed coal
then it may have a tendency to
catch fire
there really don't seem to be any alternatives to
leave it in the ground
or burn it
burn it before it spontaneously combusts
we have no doubt that the promoters of the
new coal mine in West Cumbria
have every intention of
setting it up and selling it off
they will have a vague idea of the cost of sinking the pit
and the market value of the available coal
but we understand that the amount of coal involved is not great
and the projected life of the pin is quite short
so we do assume the project will be done
on the cheap
the artists impressions of the
surface works
look for all the world like
a black version of
agricultural polytunnels
at present 145 people
are employed in mining, quarries and utilities
in West Cumbria
1,155 in manufacturing
the workforce in employment is
a new coal mine would not
provide new opportunities for people to
continue in their traditional trades
and so any miners employed would be
in commers
a new mine would not be a salation
but an impost
but the miners would need
fast food and an education for their children
so, as they say, jobs for locals in the supply chain

7th September 2021

we are a little puzzled as to how
'the authorities'
think childcare should go
these days for the most part
'nuclear families' - households
contain one, two, maybe three
so perhaps not so often
the 8 or 10 year old girl
gets to
bathe her toddler brother??
perhaps by the 1960s
children would be
in the same bath water but
not at the same time???
it is fairly clear to us that
right up to the 1970s
when children 'played out'
a signficant item on the agenda would be
to play
doctors and nurses
a emphamism for
you show we yours and
I'll show you mine
all in the cuase of
parents not having to
speak of the
Birds and the bees
with their children
children were expected to make their own
and today they do and it becomes
a crime statistic
work will expand to fill the space
available for it
no bank robbers?
fill the gap with

6th September 2021

Mantoux test
so with the TB
tuberculin testing
the vaccine for TB is BCG and
you should have had that???
not really
only once in a lifetime and
only if
at risk
it is an early and crude form of vaccine
the Mantoux test is the latest of a
string of tests involving injecting a
purified protein derivative
of TB and seeing whether the body reacts
so the two aspects of this are
does the Mantoux test make the meat from an animal
as unfit for human consumption as
the BCG innoculation
does the BCG innoculation render the
Mantoux test invalid on account of
everybody coming up as a reactor
if they have been vaccinated
and in all that the question that DEFRA and the antivaxers
have at the forefront of their thinking
the problem is
the test is subjective
it is not a lab test to detect TB
a doctor or vet looks at the Mantoux injection site
some time after injection and
'decides' how big the reaction is
like an alergy test
so essentially the TB test tells you if you are
allergic to Tb
not if you have it
becuae it is a traditional
not a continuous improvement
these days a sample from a sick cow or a
routine sample from any animal could be sent
to a lab
to have an objective measure of
TB presence measured
it could
and this brings us on to another matter
the NHS has little or nothing to do with
your local council
Social Care
Environmental Health
are local council matters
and so
DEFRA has leverage aove Environmental Health
and so
we have
Department of Health
a year or so ago
setting up
Nightingale Hospitals
Modern Day Lepper Colonies
DEFRA said
we can't
people with CoViD
so we must isolate them
and let them get on with their dying
in care homes and Nightingale Hospitals
reverting to type
allowing DEFRA through it's influence on
Local Authorites
to call the tune

message to prison inmate
why are the police digging up our garden?
now plant the potatoes

lots of kids on
sink estates
in the UK
don't know who their father is
or are wrong about who their father is
it s not uncommon for a child to
grow up on a sink estate
and for the whole community to recognise that
whoever their father is
they are the smartest kin on the estate
at one time a child of that sort would be
recruited to the local grammar school
these days they are likely to be recruited to
the local police
smart kid with middle class influences
off to uni
smart kid with sink estate origins
straight into paid employment
no brainer - police
leaving us with a police service made up of people who
because they were the smartest kids on a sink estate
thin they are the smartest kids in the world
when the police do something
deeply evil
we first turn to the conclusion that it is
something deeply stupid
York University cook - chef
chef means chief - can't be the chef if you have a boss
within your kitchen
missing 12 years?
no reports of any other similar disappearances in the area
not the victim of a serial killer...
her mother believes she is still alive
her mother will be dead soon
if her mother didn't kill her...
she deserves to die believing that her daughter is still alive
if the chef has a killer who is still on the loose
and has been for 12 years
and hasn't killed again
or is in jail for that other killing
or is dead
it is a grotesque display at
cruel self aggrandisation
for the police to keep
pulling stunts
in hopes of jogging somebody's memory
or forcing them into a confession
comes nowhere near

the Uk Department for Environment Farming and Rural Affairs
cruising for a bruising
they have set themselves up in opposition to the NHS
and they can expect to see themselves on a
long hard series of
public relations debacles
until they
wind their necks in
vets must follow the same rules as doctors

4th September 2021

in the UK people can be divided into three 'generations'
probably more
post International Rescue
post Hitchhiker's - Guide to the Galaxy
post Harry Potter
some would like to fit post Dr Who in there somewhere
spoiler alert...
the basic idea of Hitchhikers' is
the mice
more exactly the pangalactic beings of whom
the mice are physical projections on Earth
have commissioned the company that employs
to build a synthetic planet that planet is Earth as we know it
on that planet somebody else has commissioned the construction of
a Super computer
Deep Thought
which is not mining for cryptocurrency
but seeking the answer to the ultimate question
Life, The Universe, and Everything
but the mice didn't get planning permission for
the construction of The Earth
so a Vogon Constructor Fleet
have been contracted to demolish it to
make way for an Inter Galactic Super Highway
and so as a side plot...
Majikthise and Vroomfondel
declare - regarding Deep Thought
We demand ridgedly defined areas of doubt and
at the time
unions - organised labour
were much exercised on the issue of
demarkation disputes
and there is a song
Flander and Swan
it all makes work for the working man to do
the gas tap is stuck with paint
there a are long list of trades that have to be brought in
to do each stage of the process
and each is so backed up with work
that the gas is off for a day or two between each stage
ending of course with
the painters and decorators who
spill paint on the gas tap
and the whole cycle is off again
Majikthise and Vroomfondel are asserting that
the Quest for Ultimate Truth
is the inalienable prerogative of
working human thinkers
and not suitable for computers
such as Deep Thought
the script of the encounter is available at
the other most famous quote is from
the dolphins
just before the Vogons destroy Earth
the dolphins send a message
so long and thanks for all the fish

what we can say is that people who have their children
taught science in schools run by religions
are hedging their bets
wondering whether on day
the moving finger will write...
like Afganistan
who will be evacuated
and that brings us to the B Ark
the Golgafrinchan Ark Fleet Ship B
from which the spacecraft in WallE
is somewhat derivative
back to the point
the question
with so much, so successful, science
in our lives
what is the place of
philosophy and religion?
Deep Thought completes its work with the answer
and so it is giving the philosophers the option to spend
thousands of years exploring the meaning of
as opposed to
the meaning of life

we - our Ricker - takes the view
abstract thoughts and religious beliefs
tide people over
until they are mature enough to
get their heads around
the laws of the universe
and there are two compartmnts to this
all the deliberate lies we tell children
a 50p coin is the heaviest
the tooth fairy can carry
and the grown up 'lies' that
paper over the cracks in our acceptance of
the human condition
such as
of course there is an after life
case one
so many lies of childhood
lead to
teenage rebelion
if there is an after life the dead priests can
say to the dead parishioners
told you so
if there isn't an afterlife
no accountability
the whole thing works if people accept that
religious and philosophical ideas are
subject to change
more thinking and talking
less reading

women and gay men are
mainstays of religions
women regard flat pack furniture as
a broken clock with a repair manual
men regard it as

3rd September 2021

there is a bit of a conflict over
intra ocular pressure in accomodation
some people have just measured it at random
and concluded it doesn't happen
other people have compared
known progressive muopes with
certified emmotropes - normals
and found
IOP does rise in progressing myopes
but isn't normal
this is
closed angle glaucoma
and should be screened for
that is
in adolescents
IOP should be measured both
relaxed and at near and any discrepency reported
this will probably be diagnostic of
incipient myopia
EYE London
2014 Nov 28(11) 1334 - 1340 punlished online 2014 Sep5
PMID PMC4274294
Yan L Huibin L Xuemin L
Dept Ophthalmology Peking University

we just want to inject a little local interest
why does the
moving electronic sign board
on the fromt of
The Palace Hub
on the Esplanade
run backwards?
messages emerge from the left hand side
the end of the message followed byt the middle
folowed by the beginnng
and the end has disappeared before the beginning emerges
could roll up as in Blur Broadcasting Corportation shows
but they are really hard to read end before beginning
speaking of the BBC
in a flurry the other day
couldn't decide whether to
blur the kids because they are kids
or the parents because somebody may recognse them

we've had a little think about the
epidemic of short sight
we conclude that puberty is a phase of
and some redevelopments are intended or
at least positive
development of the scale and opperation of the
reproductive tract being the major one
we accept that some people have a problem with
the idea that in puberty
a structure develops optimally if it is
in use whilst in development
we see a clear indication that
one test appears not to be done
we have no information on the question
does IOP rise during accommodation
does the pressure within the eye rise
when switching from
distance viewing to close viewing
if the eye is in puberty
subjest to high IOP
intra ocular pressure
and high oestrogen levels
does this lead to eyes growing
in length as opposed to overall?
we are not exactly clear about
the conclusions of the Chinese study
but something along the lines of
go for a walk of play football
rather than reading or sewing
on the days at the mid point
of your cycle
14 days from menstruation
could end up being the best advice
in other words a day of
constricting the height of the eyeball
during growth
may force elongation
perhaps the days of
the girls standing around in their uniforms
whilst their classmates
play sport
are over???
too obvious that they are
but ensuring that they are not indoors
two weeks later
may be a bit of a chalenge

2nd September 2021

Orla the presenter of
Vuelta de Espana bike race is
currently our Ricker's antidote to his disappointment with
Helen Stanley
how come such presentable women get stuck with
such dorks?
there are many wonderful things in the human body and
throughout the universe
we have in our upper arms
biceps and triceps
the biceps are at what is normally the front of the arm
and the triceps is at the back of the arm
things evolve and the smaller biceps
has evolved to do the
lifting from the elbow
and the laeger triceps
gets not a lot of use
in theory
it is responsible for
pulling down the hand
at the elbow
but pulling down the hand is normally done
by the shoulder muscles
in theorythe biceps raise the hand
the triceps pull it down
when the movement is about the elbow
things don't always work that way
sometimes a muscle is
not an antagonist to another muscle
an antagonist to a tendon
the muscle pulls one way and
instead of stretching a partner muscle
it stretches a tendon
contract the muscle and the tendon stretches
relax the muscle and the tendon
snaps back into shape
like a motor versus a spring
this avoids
the potential for muscle damange that would occur if you
contracted both biceps and triceps
at the same time
and so t is with the
cilliary muscle
the cilliary muscle is in the eye and its antagonist is a tendon
however, the concept here is reversed
the lens is non-muscular
and it is hung in the eye
in the optical path
by the suspensory ligament
we understand this analogy but others may not
imagine a hide - leather in the making
hung up in a frame by
a series of springs at intervals around the edge
the basic idea is that the ciliary muscles
wind in the frame
so the springs stay the same but the ciliary muscles
draw in a ring of choroid material
bringing in the wall of the eye at the point
where the lens is suspended
like a belt tightening around your waist
and when you ar young your lens responds to this
relaxation of suspensory tension by
becomeing more spherical
and gaining optical focussing power
as you age
the lens stiffens and cannot respond in this way
the optical axis of people with
long sight
is short
they have small eyes
people with short sight
have long eyes
this is the general situation
there are always relatively rare variants
long sight is called
hyperopia of hypermetropia
short sight is called myopia
myopa comes from the Greek for
close eye
hypermetropia does not come from
long eye - quite the reverse
it comes from far eye
distance eye
generally in mild cases
cases that would not have been glasses
more than 50 years ago
the shape of the eye is not significantly affected
in moderate to severe myopia the eye is elongated
not so much an apple
more a sausage
and that brings risk of
retinal detachment

we have here a
research proposal
an experiment design
given modern technology
around fifty young women
aged 10 to 20 years
and perhaps a dozen males in the same age bracket
a longditudinal study
hormone cycles at this age are erratic
we suggest once a month and
at least once a year
daily for 60 strainht days
take an ultrasonic measurement of
eye length
and a measure of
oestrogen - and perhaps other
hormone levesl
and test the idea that
the eye joins the birth canal and other
structures in
swelling or growing
under the influence of reproductive hormones
our Ricker has been a bit busy so he has not
yet responded in any detail to the idea that
too much screen time makes you
short sighted
the optics of this are clear enough
the light rays from a distant object arrive
the light rays from a near object are
diverging - fanning out
so if you never of or rarely encounter
parallel rays
your eyes will develop
fatter, stronger, more 'plus' lenses
to bring things into focus
if the lenses were fixed as in old age
the power of them would have to be
a compromise
between how well you can see distant objects
and how well you can see at near
the thing is
young - under 40 - lenses
can shape shift
under the control of the
ciliary muscles
so that
all else being equal
you should see well
from distance down to
the nearest point of distinct vision
around 10 to 15 cm - 4 the 6 inches
this theory
would imply either or both
a premature stiffening of the lens
or weakening of the ciliary muscles
in other words
a suggestion that
some children get lenses frozen
in the opposite sense to 40 somethings
the problem with this idea is that
short sighted children
once given the distance correstion
only need a single vision correction
give them a simple minus lens
and they wear that always
and accommodate to see at near
except moderate to severe cases who will
remove their glasses to see at very near
unless they also have astigmatism

our Ricker has had a canter through the fringes of
the literature on this matter
canter so no stats
the impression the literature gives is that
short sightedness devlops in 'children'
from around 11 to 16
and is 'more common' in girls than boys
and so the idea of
close work with dolls
is somewhat undermined
it appears that the Chinese have done some of the few
serious studies on this
our Ricker has noted in himself that
when his SpO2 is lower his vision is poorer
what the Chinese appear to have noted is that
visual acuity in females
fluctuates with
time of the month
there is therefore a reported suggestion that
Chin Med J (Engl) 2015 Mar %
128(5) 659-663
The Eye hospital of Wenzhou medical University
Zhejiang 325035
Prof Honh-Li XieBR> Key Laboratory of Epidemiology and health Statistics

the conclusion appears to be that
a significant number of females
and some males
suffer eye distorsion
as a result of the upsurge of
oestrogen in adolescence

as they almost always say
further research

1st September 2021

wouldn't it be nice to see
the Fire Fighters of North yorkshire
raising charitable funds to put
lonely pensioners in the area onto
Age UK
a grant for the same purpose

we do busking
just like the police
we do wonder whether they suspect
Claudia Lawrence's mother
of having something to do with her disappearance
why else would you
just up and decide to turn
training exercise in finger tip searching
into a murder enquiry and sent
selected members of the press anyway
out bit of busking for today
we looked it up
PCR test stands for
polymerise chain reaction
it's not exclusive to
there are versions for a range of viruses
and one version detects
the official line is
samples for test are taken from
vesicles, scabs, maculopaplar lesions
vesicular lesions or scabs are best
what this means is
when you have a virus infection
your body does not simply or solely
try to destroy the virus
the responsibility of the immune system
it concentrates the virus
the virus s not free to roam
if the disease is
one that involves
getting spots
it is likely to be
as we described earlier
it has evolved to thrive within nerve cells
and the axoplaqsmic streaming we referred to earlier
as we then said is
two way
towards the cell body
and away from the cell body
and thus
the sensors and actuators
at the distant ends of the the nerves
do double duty as
excretory bodies
or tissue in their vicinity develops into
these vesicles wher we find
the most concentrated viral load
in that sense
a weeping spot
has a lot of virus in it
and is the major means of infection transfer
this is to a large extent the result of the
blood- brain barrier we sometimes refer to
the nerve membrane has important electrical properties
in is electrically insulating
our Ricker remembers being scoffed at by a
business studies lecturer at Teesside Uni
when he said
nerves aand the brain are
mostly fat and salty water
of course there are microstructures and
chemical elements
but in essence at the macro level you should not neglect that
nerves and brains are electrical circuits that
use salty water instead of metal wires
and fatty cell walls as insulation
inviting the immune system in to cler out a virus
runs the risk of short circuit
so it is better the try to evct the
unwelcome guests
than to call the emergency services
and have you home
blown to pieces
live excretion
as opposed to destruction
and a battle in a blood vessel or sinus
will be less destructive than
a battle in a nerve or the brain
and the viruses exploit this
many times you will have spots in a limited area
that is an indication that the nerves in that area are
where there is most virus
where the nervous system is
virus eviction

31st August 2021

we have a new name for the BBC
The Blur Broadcasting Corporation
they really can't use images any more
so they sould just
revert to radio
a picture tells a thousand words
and a modified or blurred picture
tells lies

we think we should offer a bit of
FreeSat clarification
we don't think Sky set top boxes work without
a subscription and we are not about
dodgy boxes
just didgiboxes
we guess a set top box for FreeSat
ranges in price from
thirty to 80 pounds
a family or social group could
club together to buy the
satellite finder meter
around fifty quid
cheaper ones may work but they are a pain
with the proper ones you tell the finder to find
Astra 28,2 E
or some very similar number
our Ricker had FreeSat early on
in those days it was from a satellite called
that has been renamed and retired
a dish for Sky
may already be pointing at Astra 28,2 E
nbut if you've taken it down and stuck it in the shed
you will need the satellite finder
it is way more fiddly than a terrestrial aerial

30th August 2021

atthis point we want to offer some advice about
old people and people in less developed areas
grew up in the knowledge that
salty food
was less likely to give them
tummy trouble
because it was less likely to hve
gone off
so they grew up with a taste
a preference for
salty foods
if they have a good supply of
safe drinking water
and that included beer
they were best off
choosing salty food or salting their food
our best advice for people in that situation is
eat most - three quarters - of your main meal
with little or no added salt
and then add a little more salt to
the last two or three mouthfulls
this will
reassure your body that the meal was
salty enough to be safe
from food poisoning
our Ricker may be
in some respects
we don't know whether other people do this...
when contemplating buying butter
Ricker buys all sorts of fats
he owns some olive oil
he has sunflower oil
here we will consider the
faux modesty of the Americans
Ricker uses a fair bit of
rape seed oil
but when the Americans use it they call it?
something along the lines of canola
the Americans are very
we love the idea that in the UK
the Victorians - people living in the
reign of Queen Victoria
were actually offered for sale
little curtains
to mount on the rear of
pet cats
because so often
too much is on show at the rear of cats
Americans are very Victorian in the sense of this
moral double standards
fretting about trivialities
and at the same time managing to
breed like rabbits
back to butter
when contemplating butter purchase
our Ricker tends to look and see
how much is Lurpak
how much cheaper than Lurpak are the other brands
in the UK Lurpak is the gold standard of
non-artisanal butter
it's made in Denmark and sold in the UK by Arla foods
having set that scene we want to offer a
little insight into how Lurpak is made
although the brand is used for
variant products - dary spreads etc
Lurpak butter is made form
cows' milk
it is made FROM cows' milk but it
obviously isn't milk
we want to say from the off that it is made from
milk and according to packaging details
some amount of salt
the issue we want to highlight here is that it is
a little like cheese
a cultured product
any mass market heaviy promoted product
has to be consistent
the butter has to always be the same
same colour, tast, viscosity
all the time
not just 24/7
the insight we want to offer you is that
in Denmark
spend the summer on pasture
and the winter in sheds
and butter produced from pasture including
what the pollen count reporters
refer to as
in the summer cows in Denmark eat
all sorts a rock
in the winter they eat
artificial foodstuffs
formulated to keep them healthy and productive
so in the summer Danish cows produce milk
very different from the
milk they produce in winter
but Lurpak must always be exactly the same
and so
like a fine wine of whiskey
Lurbak butter is not only cultured
it is blended
Lurpak have huge mega siloes
in which they store butter
so that they can blend the product
so you never get
summer Lurpak or winter Lurpak
and so a part of what you get will
always be at least six months post cow
and so
best before dates
use by dates
relate to
it will eat as normal
up to that date
after that
it may eat slightly differently
Lurpak has a best before date
it is a healthy food
but not a fresh food
we would like to say that in relation to
food miles
having a good variety of
healthy food
year round
is not so much a matter of
long distance rapid transport
high tech storage
you can grow your winter time five a day
in South Africa
and pop it on a 'plane and have it in
South Kensington
in minutes
but you can grow your winter 5 a day
in a disused tube tunnel in South London
and the artificial lights and such can be
powered from a renewable source of energy
like, it gets windy in the winter

29th August 2021

our Ricker is at a bit at a
Grand Prix rained out
loose end
Parabolica renamed after a deceased driver...
what is the difference between
it's a gymnastics question
since the dawn of time
gymnasts have performed on
parallel bars that gather dust in
many school sports halls
two wooden bars to work a bit like a
pommel horse
rarely seen outside clubs
two bars parallel but not at the same height
above the floor
to leap between
and spin around
parallel bars are for men
asymetric bars are for women's artistic gymnastics
why has asymetric been replaced by
but parallel not replaced by
is it because
the pretty littl heads of
young ladies
can't cope with
long words?

perhaps this is a good time for a
Ricker fess up
being the owner of some test equipment
he has stuck an old Sky dish up a scaffold tower
and fixed himself up with
FreeSat to replace Bilsdale's FreeView
perhaps if
the Arqueva - Fire Service
axis of oblivion
makes the idea of pressing redundant Sky dishes
into FreeSat service

27th August 2021

we have hairy concrete on Redcar beach
the concrete that makes up the sea wall is
packed full of plastic fibres
not steel reinforcing bars
look for pale flecks in the surface of the
concrete 'steps'

however, we are today - at the start of
the last lockdown Bank Holiday???
going to point out a thing about
Redcar Beach
we don't have mud
we don't have quick sands
we do have something that may lead you
to think you are in trouble
in late season rough weather
some of the summer bloom of
sea weed is washed ashore
and sometimes - as recently -
sand gets washed over - on top of
the rotting sea weed
if you walk on that
band of sand
your feet may sink 5 cm
a couple of inches
into the sand as your weight
compresses the hidden rotting sea weed
this is not quick sand
you are not in danger
the band is only a metre or so wide
two careful steps
up or down - not along - the beach
and you will be away
from the issue
it;s called
the strand line

24th August 2021

if you have some scientific background
you may have heard about
let us consider a cup of coffee or tea
you may put sugar in your drink
and then you?
stir it
diffusion will only get you so far
living cells bestir themselves
the process is called
cytoplasmic streaming
axonal transport
axoplasmic flow
is a specialist form of this
it is responsible for the movement of
mitochondria, lipids, synaptic vesicles and proteins
and other organelles
to and from the neuron's cell body
this is a two way process
things the nerve wants rid of
are transported towards the cell body
thing of a nerve cell as a complex evolution of
a yard of ale
where we are going here is that
if a virus gets into a nerve
it will be transported to the cell body -
headquarters of the nerve
and there, instead of being
t takes up residence
but cytoplasmic flow is
really very slow
and what happens in
is that
the vaccine and all the products the
immune system produces as a result of
contact with the vaccine
are rapidly transported to the whole body
via the blood circulation
so vaccination gets you ahead of the game
and an uninfected nerve cell
gets the antibodies and associated help
before the infected nerve can
pass the virus on to
the next - uninfected - cell in the network
earlier this month we had an error
we thought we'd fixed it
again we think we have fixed it
time will tell
what's the difference between
grooming is done for pleasure
coaching is done for money
from time to time
we hope, mostly in higher education
will carry out a little demonstration project
with their students
normally it takes the form of saying
all psychopaths
have green eyes
particularly of the
ambulance chasing variety
and the agencies that comb the world for
clients for lawyers
will convince people
vulnerable people
such as
and ploiticians
proferably somethng that everybody does
in Carmel in Claifornia
parking with your vehicle facing traffic
is a haenous crime
the people who do it or are it
should be at the bottom of a tall tower
or in jail
or chemically castrated
and the people who witness such behaviour
should be compensated
with half their compensation being
paid to their lawyers

23rd August 2021

we're not going to argue with the BBC
the world's radio station
we will say what we would be doing at this time
about the Bilsdale debacle
by now we would have negotiated with the BBC to
stop broadcasting some of the
fringe channels
to make bandwith on the BBC transmitter at Bilsdale
to broadcast main stream IBA
Independent Broadcasting Authority
ITV channels on the BBC transmitter
just sayin'

our Ricker is tired and making mistakes today

Shelley's cafe on Redcar High Street
has this image on the back of the van
the Shed on the Sands
that was Redcar Pier
looks like around the 1960s

our Ricker has been busy today so
pictures were taken
and they are not preped for publication
these three have been picked out to
show stumps of the Coatham Pier foundations
the idea was to show that
the new pier head is
at right angles to the Esplanade
but the original Coatham Pier
was in line with
Station Road
the idea was
take a walk from Redcar central railway station
straight on until
you are above the waves
and the scale is difficult to guage but
it was a glorified
gang plank
an handfull of metres wide
because it was an early pier
and it did not follow the edge of the scars
as a marina wharf would have to do

23rd August 2021

we'll start by taking you to
Redcar Pier
not Saltburn Pier, not Coatham Pier
Redcar Pier
and we start on Redcar High Street (East)
and the roundabout is the junction between
High Street East and Redcar Lane

and we can see that
Clarendon Street
was there before Redcar Pier was built
perhaps we will later introduce pictures of
Redcar High Street East
merges with
The Esplanade
to become
as it proceeds eastwards
Granville Terrace
very open all hours, not
and that becomes the
well technically
the lasck of a railway bridge on
Redcar Lane
means that the
A 1085
is severed
and distinguished into
A1085 - Corporation Road section
A1085 Caost Road section
however in the mirk
you may recognise
East Scar and Redcar Rocks
in other pics - of Coatham
we have -clear as day at low tide
West Scar and The Inner Height and
Coatham and Redcar piers were not just
run out into the sea
they ran along two sets of
shally rocks
and there is
a Deep
between those two scars
scars as in Scarborough
and plum in the middle is
a submerged island called
High Stone
The Laid and other deeps
are ideal for a
easy work to put moorings on the solid
no need for the moment to
regard such a marina as
a tempting
for an invading army
the reason some piers were destroyed
we'll probaby return to this

20th August 2021

two issues today
for one we will just say
there are no calories in salt
the body needs salt and when the need peeks
we fancy something salty as opposed to
an ice cream
bar snacks are salty to encourage punters to
balance their salt intake and water intake
i.e. - buy more beer

regardng vegitarianism and veganism
we think we should point out
when motors replaced horses
for the likes of transport
the number of horses fell dramatically
if a person is redundant
they soldier on and have kids
if you have horses for
and the work dries up
people will stop BREEDING workhorses
and so if you stop eating animals
all those animals won't suddenly become
rescue animals, pets
they will never be born
only so many cows and sheep will be bred
as currently
horses are bred
and so
no life
a life that ends in being eaten
or at best a life that ends in a funeral
just like the rest of us

the second issue is
carbon dioxide in farming and we WILL explain this
even though nobody takes a blind bit of notice
farming starts wil plants
unless it's a mushroom farm
when it's fungi
we talk about
plant a tree in 73
and such
offset your fossil carbon use by
planting trees
trees absorb carbon dioxide
this is seen as 'good'
and the carbon stays in the trees until
they rot or are burned
so trees and peat bogs are
not sinks
trees are plants
almost all plants do the same
carbon storing thing
grass alphalpha, clover, corn, wheat
barley rye
they are all
miniature trees - for these purposes
you do not feed
oil, crude or refined to
animal stock
you feed them
carbon that is now carbobydrate
but last winter was
atmospheric carbon dioxide
except that
another delicious irony....
some people
in the glasshouse industry
greenhouses and polytunnels
feed fossil carbon to plants
they burn natural gas in their glasshouses to
increase temperature and
carbon dioxide concentration
to spped growth
of plants
your five a day
contain fossil carbon
all the carbon the plants stored
except that which went into
straw hats and wicker chairs
will return to the atmosphere
either through the burps of cattle or
do you know that submarines have
crbon dioxide scrubbers
frre a kilo of grain to a cow
and less of the carbon in it will
return to the atmosphere than if
you feed it to a child
dairy cows put some of that carbon into their milk
and you drink the milk or eat the butter
and breathe out the carbon as carbon dioxide
and quite a lot of it
stays in your poo
until the microbes at the sewage works
release it as atmospheric carbon dioxide
plant to cow to you
or just
plant to you
the journy is the same eventual sum
science is not so tendy as pseudo science

19th August 2021

the Deepwater Horizon Disaster
was far worse than the Bilsdale debacle
but it is informative
make a smple sweep of the oil rig disaster and
you will see reference to
and bp the former British Petroleum
you will have to dig deep to find any reference to the
company that was operating Deepwater Horizon
bp commissioned the rig from the owners
and employed
to operat it for them
and President Obama tried to blame bp
but the courts made
Halliburton pay 1.1 billion dollars in consequence
and bp millions
politics demands
never blame the blue collar workers
that could cost you votes
the excuse for 'blaming 'bp was
they put 'pressure' on Halliburton to
fulfill their contract
and the resulting
caused the errors
we think that the reporting of
The Northern Echo newspaper
is more in line with our view but we haven't actually seen it

most people will now have a near normal service on TV
in the Bilsdale service area
as we go with the BBC version of events
you know Malham Cove
up on the moors west of Thirsk
the BBC line is that
] people in Redcar are nor getting their TV from a transmitter
on the moors at the top of there
could be true
who cares any more
not gonna get Panorama or Newsnight on this
but it is important that people retain confidence in
the emergency services
we will just ask one small question
when a member of the public
dials 999 and says
there's a fire at a TV transmitter
why are the local village volunteer fire fighters
sent byt the control room?

17th August 2021

here's a nurdy journalistic challenge
are the navigation lights
recently renewed
still working on the
Bilsdale transmitter mast?
without literary preamble...
The organisations involved at
Bilsdale transmitter are commercial
and so they will have insurance
and viewers will not be suing for loss of service
and we said Kielder Water hydroelectric is
run from an office near Conwy in North Wales
we assume that the insurance company has reasoned
the IBA kit lunched itself
there must be a chande the BBC one will do the same thing so
we reduce the cover so that Arquiva will onlt be covered for the
BBC kit if they run it at some specified
reduced power
it will be the insurance compay's
electrical and structural engineers who will be
calling the shots

16th August 2021

there are days when unless you tune out
and let it all go
you would feel bitterly betrayed by the
UK Emergency services
this Sam about a Scottish Regiment
'the regiment have decident to have
the regimental condom
sometimes we think the
Fire Service
foget to send their brain cell in for
its annual service
we asked
why didn't it trip?
it appears that it did trip
and then the Fire Service
the Fire Service that brought water bowsers to
an electrical fire
set up a 300 metre exclusion zone around it
so nobody could go in and reset it
we are now willing to bet
a pound to a shilling
that there has been virtually no damage at Bilsdale
there are 4 buildings
BBC power house
BBC transmitter
IBA power house
IBA transmitter
we are suggesting that the IBA power plant
overheated and tripped
but not before some of its cooling oil vapourised and
caught fire
'people?' got into the affected building
for the first time on Monday 16th August
they may have found smoke logging
they may have found a burnt out transformer
or some burnt out
switch gear
we may have all services back within days
especially if all that's needed is a cooling oil top up and a reset
but we could be wrong
how do you cope with cancelling all sorts of
engineering works because the fire service brought
water bowsers
and not
thermal imaging cameras
we now conclude that all fire service people in attendance were are
retained, amateurs, from vilages from far and wide

15th August 2021

at this pont we are going to rush out a quick and dirty
essay about rabies
rabies is an RNA virus
not DNA
and essentially it has evolved quickly
is is around one thousand five hundred years old
and it has evolved its host profile
side issue
living things can have
there are non-poisonous insects that look
excatly like poisonous ones
and so you can have
parallel evolution
two viruses don't need similar genetics
to follow similar lifestyle pathways
in terms such as adaptation to new host or prey species
genotype 1 evolved in Europe ain the 17th century
and spread to Asia Africa and the Americas
carried by explorers
on the other hand
bat rabies has been in North America since
so Europe didn't give rabies to the world
it gave the world a different variety
the spread of rabies from bats
to racoons and skunks
was not the result of infection but to a
homologous recombination
that changed the glycoprotein necessary for
receptor recognition and binding
and that happened hundreds of years ago
the main points are
1 viruses can't reinvent themselves consciously
they exploit mutations like lottery wins
2 without the change, the virus is teathered to its original host

that aside rabies lives and grows in nerve tissue
not really anywhere else
and we would mention
foaming and frothing at the mouth as the delivery method
speutum is potentiaaly dangerous stuff
picture editors at sports events should note
nerve networks are complex
pathways can be tracked in the lab by
putting rabies in one nerve and tracking
which nerves it spreads to
the virus spread through nerves and not just
generally as would a chemical dye
nuff for now
but there is a quantity of evidence that
corona virus is
an analogue of rabies
corona virus is not
so far
neurotrophic as is rabies
but shingles is evidence that
chicken pox virus
has become neurotrophic
shingles is lifelong chickenpox
becuse the virus is in the peripheral nerves
it differs - so far - from rabies in that
it lives in peripheral nerves
and rabies grows in the brain
not a huge leap

first we should say
when broadcast signals are low
weather conditions have a significant effect
clouds eat signal
there will be weather dependent variation in service quality
we've read the Arguiva statement on Bilsdale
of 13th August
if we accept it as honest
it reveals that they are totally clueless
as to what is happening at Bilsdale
a sub text is that
Bilsdale 1
is over engineered for digital and
a 250 foot mast will do instead of a 1,000 foot job this may be so
however, as it goes
it appears that the transmitter is
entirely doing its own thing
without human intervention
and they can't rip up an site of special scientific interest
just to get the TV back to normal a week early
we suspect that the engineers are giving
the PR department the mushroom treatment
keep them in the dark and feed them bullshit
at this point everything points to
a mast that is working fine
and a transmitter that is
working on some channels but not others
is that a human choice or a machine capability restriction?
it really isn't worth the candle but if you hunt around you can find all sorts of signals
the questions we could ask but why? are
where is this very low power ITV signal coming from?
are they fixing the power supply or the electronics
we are deeply doubtful that spending
the next two wweks erecting a second mast
will be the way to go
but perhaps
they wanted to do that all along and this fire
twists the arm of the planners

we are now past the peak of the possibility of
people falling off roofs and ladders
in search of a TV signal from Bilsdale
so we will address some
terminological inexactitudes
Eston Nab RELAY
transmits southwards - up the hill at 3 watts
on the top of Eston Nab is the Eston Nab transmitter
a bit of geometry
put a point on a map where your recievers is
put another point on Eston Nab
Put another point on Bilsdale
if all three points fall near to the same straight line
and Eston Nab is between you and Bilsdale
you may be able to get a signal from
Eston Nab with a aerial pointing at Bilsdale
if you can you need to do a
manual tune
select channel 27 for BBC
channel 24 for ITV
try to get
channels 27, 24, 21 23 26 48
you may strike luckey
if the nab is north of you -
not betwen you and Bilsdale or off to one side
Eston Nab is unlikely to be any help
We have had a delicious thought
we don't know what the arrangement at Bilsdale is BUT
back in the day
there was the
the ITA - now IBA
in the North East of England
the BBC broadcast from
Pontop Pike
and the ITA from Burnhope - nearby
now both broadcast from Pontop Pike
what if
Bilsdale have two sets of kit
one for BBC and one for ITV
and it's the ITV set that's lunched itself?
in other words the BBC set got singed and the ITV set got totalled
just a thought

today we are off on a flight of fancy
we want to investigate one particular idea
The hair of the dog (that bit you>
we think of that as an alcohlic drink taken
the morning after as a hangover preventative
there may be some truth in this in that it
has about it a whiff of the competitive cyclist
warming down - as opposed to up - after a race
however, this is not where the dog comes in
in a world where
the world and his wife
claim to be university professors....
we want to introduce the
venerable virologists to
here's a thing no self respecting university don
would clutter their mind with
if you are bitten by a rabid dog
you will die if you are not
given the rabies vaccine
within seven days
in Scotland in olden times
hairs from the pelt of the rabid dog were bound up in
the wound of the victim
since the virus propergates itself by
stimulating saliva production in the victim
that hair will be coated in an attenuated version of
the rabies virus
and since the disease takes a week to begins to attack the brain...
and since the second adaptation of the virus is that it
slams shut the blood-brain barrier of the victim...
the innoculation sends antibodies into the brain
before the brain becomes isolated
naturally immunoglobulins injected into the
cerebro spinal fluid give a past a week patient a fighting chance
and so
dear reader
how's about diverting some of the effort to detect
mutant CoViD strains to
finding out whether CoViD shuts down the blood-brain barrier a la rabies?

14th August 2021

moving on
we hear about
Whigia Moslems
but then we find it's spelt
something else we didn't want to know
there's the
Noblesse Oblige
how are The Chinese
now going to differentiate how they
treat The Uyghur Moslems on their turf
and their attitude to
The Taliban on their doorstep?

we are going to be very honest about the Bilsdale issue
we may have quoted slightly off
channel numbers
that's not the point
we want to get away from numbers anyway
in your car there is an alternator
it's a drum shaped thing at one end of the engine with
a pulley and a blet driving the pulley
it will fit in your hand but not your palm
imagine the biggest baddest railway locomotive you
have ever heard of
it will have one of those that is
nearly 6 feet across - 1.6 metres
to run Bilsdale properly you would need
between six and ten of those
in present circumstances
they could hire in temp transformers
or they could hire in temp
generator sets
we don't know which they have opted for
they may have to be brought in from overseas
the BBC is on channel 27 at present
11.00 am Saturday
ITV is presently NOT on channel 43
we suspect DMAX was on channel 40
the channel numbers don't matter
at present thye seem to be just transmitting one master channel
sometimes 2
they need to get more back on line
arrival of temp gen sets or transformers is the key
and just for the record
our Ricker is a
registered electrical test engineer
level 3 City and Guilds
so jah boo sucks to hacks

here's something you can get the
grankids o try for you
no falling off roofs trying to turn aerials
if your TV is telling you scrambled or no signal
go into MENU
go into AV setting or picture settings
or whatever the lowest number available is
this should get you BBC channels
keep experimenting with resolution settings
there are endless varitions of device spec
some will say
sevice not available for ITV
signal poor for BBC
if it says signal bad
try dropping the number
remember to put it back up again in a week or two

regarding Plymouth
we thought regarding the 3 year old
it immediately raised in our mind
Killing Eve
upsetting a dessert into the lap of a child
as she left a cafe she had just bombed
'mnorities' that they can be 'baddies' too
has consequences
Kill Bill
is violent as well as emancepative
women wanting to see a man who has slighted them
rot in jail
is not a different class of emotion from a man
wanting to kill a woman who has slighted them
sometimes a woman will seek to have a man jailed
so that she - as mother of his children perhaps
will be the only woman with the right to
visit him in jail
she may want him on the
sex offenders register to
frighten off prettier women
these things deserve consideration

13th August 2021

as of 8,00 pm Friday
Bilsdale is transmitting on
Channel 23 and sub channels
channel 47 and sub channels
47 is the one with the BBC services
it may not be being transmitted with
sufficient power to be detected on a re-tune
so if you need a retune you can get
DMAX and Sky News and Sky Arts and Quest +1
that sort of thing
unless you have a very good aerial connection
so they are half way through the re-boot
or a bit less
two out of four master channels broadcasting
but not necessarily on full power

as The Regent progresses
we now get a first view of
The Larry Greyson Memorial Dorr to Nowhere
we can't be sure but we think this is a frame for
a door to nowhere
and commemorates the late entertainer
Larry Grayson
who coined his catchphrase
Shut That Door!
at the Pavillion Thetre
that was also
The Regent Cinema
on this site

12th August 2021

we are still not happy about the explanations
of Bilsdale and why
in the process of trying to simplify matter for the public
they get mislead
1 if you aerial was pointed at Bilsdale
it won't be pointed at Eston Nab or Pontop Pike
2 if you TV or set top box is
Freeview HD it will look for a stronger signal so
at present try an old TV that isn't HD
so far as we can tell Thursday morning Bilsdale was transmissing
around 23 BBC chanels including radio
there are maybe in theory hundreds of
stations available on digital TV and radio but there are only
two or three dozen channels
we get more choce because digital
multiplexes stations in channels
Bilsdale is transmittin as of 6.30 pm Thursday
one channels which happens to be the one that
BBC stations are multiplexed onto
this reduces the power requirement ten to twenty fold
mux are called
]virtual sub channels in the US and Canada
at present there is only one channel being broadcast
but your device will split it out inro a couple of dozen
sub or virtual channels
the transmitter needs now about a third of the power
it needed as an analogue station
so the supply should be well adequate
it's just getting enough
transformer capacity onto site
as analogue it was
500 killowattand as digital it was to the time of the fire
100 to 150 KW
so it is all on
a worn out power house
or a new one too low in power

the amont of time we waste because of
fuckwits at the BBC....
there are around 15 relays from Bildale transmitter
mostly on the
North York Moors
this is because
people live in vally bottoms and
hills get in the way
ther nearest relay to Redcar if
Eston Nab
it is not 3 mega wats
it is not kilowatt
they have to be low power so they don't interfere with the signal from
the mother transmitter
they can only be picked in hill shadows where
the mother station is out of reach
strewth give us strength
strewth is a contraction of
God's truth

OK regarding Bilsdale
we're gonna take our ball home
the BBC are now saying that some people are getting
BBC stations on Freeview
via relay stations
since we can't figure out how that would take
36 hours to set up
and the implcation is that Bilsdale is
as they originally said
burnt down...
we retract everything we say below
although it does add to the BBC's reputation for

we need to be honest here
we never get a really good signal on TV and radio
and we did do some fiddling when they went off
so we can't say whether the BBC's claims of
service resumption are fair
as of 6.30 am we have a signal but not a good one
we suspect that what happened was
the equipment in the
power house
was overloaded and the
cooling oil - like the water in many car engines
overheated and caught fire
how the smoke got up the tower we can't say
this is a 1969 design
perhaps it is a design feature to direct hot air from the power house
up the inside of the tower
we would have thought that at that vintage a
Halon fire suppression system would have been in place
tht would seek to deprive the fire of oxygen
rather than
electricity and water don't mix, no hydrants nearby
a cooling effect
the fire service had to bring their own water
in bowsers
perhaps the system didn't
as we would have hoped
hence we suspect that
portable power transformers have been brought in
to bypass the power house
we think there will have to be more brought in before
'full power' is restored
botom line we do not think the tower or the transmission equipment
have been significantly affected
we are concerned that the power system - electricity supply
has been overloaded for some time
and the connection to the
National Grid
may need to be re-assessed

11th August 2021

as of 6.30 pm at least one reasonably successful attempt has
been made to broadcast from Bilsdale
we therefore conclude that
the tower was smoke logged and not fire damaged
a full service should be available from
Thursday morning 12th August
we've seen pictures at
smoke at the base found its way up the tower
the time frame depends on
how much heat went with that smoke
insulation on cables may be compromised
temp equipment could be installed in
less than a week
but re-cabling can't really be done temp
they could be in for months of re-wiring

BBC radio Tees
have the condition of
The Billsdale Transmitter as
burnt down
we are expecting the government to
launch a rescue package
by commissioning
Cleveland Bridge to deliver a
Giant Coathanger
No TV no FM radio
DAB is working - comes from up north
if this remains
it may be worth re-directing aerials at a different transmitter
for now
no TV for around 1 million people
except that 80 per cent of households now have
an internet connected TV
we have a couple of points
our TV has gone
perhaps the transmitter has gone to low power
for maintenance
we have no TV
no BBC and no ads for furneral services and life insurance
as a last comment pending resumption...
this place with the non-returning female athlete
not any more - sanctions - so the world price of potash will be up
good - even if temporary - for Boulby

Regent news
window frames going in for the
foyer, atrium<
if we put a picture up you may see
there will be windows around
the roofless roof terrace

in Redcar there is a commemerative bench
it used to be on the High Street
it'snow in Locke Park
it's a bit mysterious
it's dedicates to someone called
now it says he was known as
but our Ricker knew his
woodwork teacher as
Bertie Bowers
probably schoolboy alliteration
so they could be the same person
our Ricker wasn't a star pupils in the woodwork shop
but he knew where to go when they started talking about
Oxbridge entry
and Mr Bowers and Mr Bulmer were the photography experts
so our Ricker takes photoa
a risky exercise if there a children about
and he cuts up beautiful slabs of oak

10th August 2021

we have noted the transformation of
and essentiallythe station now appers to have a staff of
around twenty
and essentially it is transitioning from
24 hour news to
twelve half hours per day of news
the rest flled in with
stock footage and
student projects
we don't thnk this is lack of money
or lack of news
we thnk it is because so little of what is
actual news
things happening right now
chimes with the world view of

how ja gonna keep 'em
down on the farm
now that they've seen Paree
there is this concept
an Englishman's home is his castle
and it appears that
the devlomant of and
clap for carers
and that sort of thing
has sent a message that
what have long been
public roads
are becoming
private Roads
gated communities
and the
Police - cold callers
stickers in front windows
some people when they visit
Redcar High Street
get very loud
a sort of
we know we're on somebody else's turf
but we're on a mission
and we feel that often
the authorities ste in to separate people
when both or all parties
want a relationship
they just want help
establishing some
ground rules
sometimes we seem to get a bit ahead of the news
we don't know why
Eston Baths
and the decline of the coal industry
some time the 20th century
women got the vote
and other 'freedoms'
like owning property and earning wages when - and it is true - daughters could not own
an inheritance
a family with daughters and money
was VERY exercised about what man they would be
handing the family fortune over to
when they finally got their daughters
married off
there is a term in British Industrial History
that used to have massive resonance
Pit Head Baths
men coming home reasonably clean
not caked with filth
The local Tory MP has bid for
five million for
replacement swimming baths for Eston
what he may not realise is that
the original
Eton Baths
quite proudly
'Turkish BAths'
people where not so much they prepare for the Olympics
get clean
we really think an issue relating to
employer subsidised leisure facilities has been missed
industry created the most appaulng living conditions
no sunshine
24 7 mirk
the point was
if you provide
all the facilities a community could want
on their doorsteps
they will never emerge from this miasma
never go on a railway excusion to the seaside
and the races
be content with their lot
it's no better anywhere else
not that we've been anywhere else
and so we come to the
economies of scale
that travel, tourism, can bring to leisure facilities
just sayin.
but this was
Thomas Cook's mission
to raise up the eyes of the working classes to
opportunties beyond

we'll probably never tire of saying this
Demiloish Marks and Sparks
Sparks an Mencers
OK but if you really want to transform
Redcar High Street
demolish the west side of
France Street between Lord Street and High Street
and build a bus station

9th August 2021

one could ask
are there communities
rural communities
where DEFRA holds more sway that the NHS
are vaccines safe?
but honestly
farmers get compensated if their animals are culled
they would have to pay to have them
and we all know how tight farmers are
most Tory MPs are farmers
being an MP is just
top level Freemasonry
commedia dell'arte
a servant of two masters
it could be described as an
Italian, comic, version of
Romeo and Juliet
The Labour Party of the 2020s
to be a populist political party
an organisation has to
stand for something
the traditional problem The Labour had was that
it is easier to make the rich poor
than to make the poor rich
the OPEC model
Organisation of Oli Producing Countries
was trickle down
applies to the Middle East and Russia
not the UK and USA
the problem is
make a small number of people is a country very rich
they don't invest in their own country
they invest in the UK and USa etc
no trickle down
we do the
Duke of Westminster thing here
people with money from selling oil to the UK
buy property in London
what they don't necessarily undestand is that they are buying the
and the
belongs to the
Duke of Westminster
none of which makes peasants in Russia or the Middle East
one jot wealthier
A Servant of Two Masters is
what n the days of
Brian Rix
was known as a
Whitehall Farce
what UK politics tries to do is
internalise coalitions
within parties
and present two or three alternatives to voters
other democracies have many many parties
and make a specific choice
not a least worst choice
the consequence of the existence of
global resource based oligarchs
is that
if you switch out of oil
a very small number of very rich
very neuveau riche people
get burned and
peasants feel no effect

we feel we must comment on the
Regent Pier contract
we think the cladding may be on site and not being installed
there are galvanised linking strips
to connect the structural steel with the cladding
these may be referred to as
furing strips
it would appear that the people who install these
wanted danger money for working
North of Watford
so Bambam put up temp walls to preceed and
then the furing strip people mysteriously turned up

time for another think piece
The Labour
a combination of
leftists - one defintion being
I'm agin the government
and bleeding heart Liberals
they are as a group facing a bit of a problem about
why is there a Labour Prty in the UK?
most people in The Labour
divide people into four groups
1 we - the chattering classes
2 toffs - Tories, owners of property and the means of production
3 Noble Savages Moslems, Africans that sort of person
with no function in society but with equal rights
4 the unfortunate - people with involuntary abnormalties
genetic disorders, non standard sexualities

the fix The Labour are in is that although
leftists and liberals can co-exist
like a slightly mismatched married couple
they have these two pets
a dog and a cat or two cats, whatever
the Tories can sit back at this stage and watch as
The Labour try to reconcile
all those gay and rainbow cultures with the Noble Savages who
want to throw them off the top of high towers
you may think
anything goes
but many of your clients
may think very differently
maw monay
isn't a real distraction from that

8th August 2021

at one time our Ricker worked for an optician called
D & A - Dolland and Aitchison
now subsumed into Boots Opticians
and he left because he upset a receptionist called
Vanessa Williams
his understanding was that she had a housemate
of the male variety with whom she was not intimate
recollections varied
any way
Vanessa's dad was an
ADAS advisor based in Guildford
ADAS National Agricultural Advisory Service
set up in 1946 in a sort of
Dig for Victory spirit
now perhaps
Agricultural Development Advisory Service
so when Ricker knew Vanessa it was post 1971 rebrand as ADAS
pre 1997 part privatisation
now RSK
the essence of this is
all sorts of people and organisations get ADAS advice on
agriculture and the culture is based in the England of
The Second World War
food self suffiency and
'don't you know there's a war on'
Quick Drity Fixes
like using coal and pit props to incinerate cattle culled
in food and mouth outbreaks
so when an alert goes out
there is a culture of
in an abundace of caution
kill the lot and start again with stock from???
in other words
drastic recative responses
planned strategic commensurate responses
kill the lot, dole out compensation and
have a public enguiry
after all the management are dead
around the world and around the UK
there are lots and lots of universities
they may fall into categories but they are all different
The University of Newcastle upon Tyne
has a particular history
ex Durham University, yes
but quite independent before that as
King's College
there is one particuler element of the make-up of
Newcastle - as remembered by our Ricker
from the 1970s
there were two groups of students who shared a very
similar destiny
they were destined for wealth and luxury
they were and probably still are
The Dentals and the Agrics
and they had a particular tradition of
sporting rivalry
sort of
Eton Wall Game meets
pub crawl, meets
rugby club
and now we decry
vet schools
and schools of agriculture are
hot beds of antivax
kill them all and claim the compo
no sense wasting millions of
buying ex-Prime Ministers
just make a feture film and ensure
all the wooden tops at Oxford see it
kill them all and claim the compo
send all the folk with the lurgi
to old folks homes and
cash in you inheritance early

7th August 2021

7th August 2021

it oes appear that at The Regent
the cladding will be a late stage install
internal walls are going up
temp sheeting
going up outside
problems with cladding or
the plan all along?
anyway, construction continues

6th August 2021

Th llama thing
it does bring to mind
how many viccine refuseniks are
farmers and agvets?
the idea of people getting all sorts of vaccines
and not being allowed to eat meat from
vaccinated cattle
but still probably the law

we want to tell a harasment story
take a woman presently in her sixties
she has been brought up a
Roman Catholic
she has been married and she has four grown up sons step back to our icker's mum
would now be 105 if still alive
way back in time she faced the prospect of
her step daughter's wedding
at a time when her step daughter's mum had been dead for
around ten years
it was the 1960s and she felt stressed
and the doctor was invlved and gave her some pills
she got off the pills
but she was never the same again
returning to our mother of four
she never got off her pills
and she is a person
shall we say
known to the police as a
stalking victim
being divorced
however we would like to cast a different light
on this matter
we will turn to the wedding of one of her sons
and the issue - one of countless - we will highlight is
whatever the views of the son and his intended
the mother of the woman in question was
insistant that he be
married in church
and there followed a scramble to find
a confirmation certificate
I'll marry in church but
I'm not going through all that
confirmation mumbo jumbo again to
please gran
what we are saying is
it is slipshod, lazy, dereliction of duty to
immediatelty cast around for a
if you seek the cause of w woman's distress
look frst at the nature of her relationship with her
female relatives
reference the TV series

it appears that the monstrous sprinkler system water take
was always intended to be temp
this one fits the foundation
why it could'nt have been around the back we don't know
in case of a riot - fire service direct access
quite astonishing that 'they' though they couldn't have
SEN pupils on site without a temp sprinkler system

5th August 2021

acording to the Get Wet
the long demolished Cotham Bowl
south of the Coatham Enclosure boating lake and
the non green extension to the east of Coatham Green
wot of the former
first and last holes of
Cleveland Golf Club's Links
is to be replaced with a
3,000 seat aditorium
not sure that will include a replacement for the famed spring wooden floored dance hall...
and hoo
progress with the
Regent Pier Head
has taken an interesting turn
perhaps it is a problem with
worker availability but
thye are doing
first fix electrical
cable trays at least
before they have installed any walls
in other news
the sprinkler system water tank at
Mo Mowlam Academy on Corporation Road
heas been replaced with a
less shiny, more squat version
still breaches the building line ut
now it is
single storey
perhaps it passes
and the lease for sale sign has gone from the
Majuba Road hotel site
we should explain something about
Redcar and Cleveland
it has a history of
Heavy Industry
across the piece
heavy industry in anything identifiable as
modern times
has a split personality regarding
health and safety
injury and death through industrial accident
has been low
health problems caused by pollution
have been much worse and
affected both workers and families
and supply chain
if you survey the area near to
Tesco South Bank
traditionally facilities
Eston Baths
The Hurlingshaw Centre
etc. etc
were installed and run
as a kind of compensation for the rigours of
living in such polluted environments
focused on residents
people will trave, miles to train for the likes of swimming
but tourists will not visit attractions
no matter how palatial
if they are in the shadow of a steel works
people in Redcar would be willing to travel to
Eston for recreation
something as simple as
Table Tennis
but to be viable
tourist attractions have to be
pleasantly situated
and Middlesbrough and Eston
need to come to terms with the fact that
in future facilities will be paid for by tourism
and hence in Redcar
and not funded by the lkes of
British Steel

4th August 2021

seeing as how
the Oxford vaccine woman
got a barbie doll
our Ricker has awarded himself
the car of his childhood dreams
all he wants out of his Nobel Prize money is
a Resto Mod Jensen FF
or Intercepter
this one didn't cost
fifty grand plus
it's interesting how we judge candidates by their
previous work
and don't enquire about their
core beliefs
we are not going to resile
Latin for jump back
from our historical support for
Theresa May as Prime Minister of the UK
we take people as they are at work diabetic and childless
important facts - perhaps
vicar's daughter?
so we end up with a PM who
supports marriage
not as a more secure background for childhood
as a protection against loneliness for the childless
at the same time
we have more and more mencottoning on to the idea that
they don't need a housekeeper
and life at home will be much sweeter with
friends with benefits
and so they think
if I steer clear of wimin altogether
I won't get grief about being gay
I can live in a tip if I want to
and women are driven to cite
more and more trivial, slight, glancing
contact with a man as
justification for the
marry me or I'll go to the police

with this trend for more and more
new laws

how about some trasparency
bundle the whole thing up into
an offence of
damaging a female's prospects of marriage
since the sexual content of the alegations is
through male prudence
fading into memory
and all the best jobs are going to women
so they don't need financial support
just a
man sized pet

3rd August 2021

we've had a little think
we've come to a conclusion
we need to explain something
yesterday contractors began to
demolish Redcar steel works
that is sort of true
one of the things people say about
the big blast at Redca'
is that you can see it from miles and miles away
as it stands it is as tall as
St.Paul's cathedral in London
a lot of that is ducting, pipework
the hearth
is a lot lower
what we are saying is
the internal and external dimensions of
St. Paul's cathedral are quite similar
this is not the case with the Redcar blast
when the hearth was relined they had
Charlie boy - the Prince of Wales inside
cold and empty at the time of course
big, very big
the space inside
but nothing like the size of the inside of
St Paul's cathedral
the BOS plant will go in its entirity
the blast will be shorn of its
oh maybe three quarters of it's height
but the hearth will be kept
they have a use for the hearth
the bottom five to men metres
and that is why
they can't preserve the blast as a monument
it will be repurposed and a lot less tall
but that will take
the pruning will take a year
the re-fit will be time after that
all will be revealed
over the next five to ten years

just as a little teaser
an analogy of what they are about
imagine you have a
wood burner
a wood burning stove
and you put a gas ring into the
ask tray
and stop putting logs in through the door
you could cut the fire box out
and move the hotplate down to just above the ash pan
that about sums it up
if you remember VHS
video tape recorders
most of them were
top loaders
DVDs go in through a slot in the front
same idea

2nd August 2021

now here's a thing
the thing is
if you look up vestibulitis
you may not get a reference to
BPPV labyrinthitis
vestibular neuritis
see a vestibule is a porch
entrance to a house
Latin vestibulum forecourt
so your body has quite a number of those
you can have vestibulitis of
birth canal
all the same thing
in no way NO WAY connected
if you are a gymnast who had sex or
had somebody feel you up
that WILL NOT gve you vestibulitis of the ear
and what is that
if you did any biology at school
you may have heard of the
three semi-circular canals of the ear
THIS vestibulitis is an inflammation of
either these canals or their associated nerves

one of the missing teacher names from Coatham
Miss Thorp
and by the time our Ricker got into
Miss calendar's class she was
already Mrs Waller
an the head was the husband of
Sarah Metcalf
he councillor whom one of the three comps in Eston was
named for

we feel we have stirred up a hornets nest
regarding educaton and in particular
the work of a child is to learn
many people feel it is their responsibility
not only to tend to the welfare of their children
but to strive to give them some sort of
advantage in life
to set them on their way
knowledge is one advantage
qualifications are another
these days we can be quite precise about
what ails a struggling child
ADHD - attention deficit hyperactivity disorder
'simple' diabilities such as
vision or hearing loss
take a choice
the letters of the alphabet
some children will quickly know them all
know their order, how they sound, how to read and write them
at an 'appropriate' that is a commonly experienced age or
stage of development
no issue there
if they are slow to pick this up
in essence there are three main responses
1 extra tuition
1a tecchnological aids
2 my child is gifted in other ways
3 it is a disgrace and an abomination that
anybody should know such things
group 2 can be a particular problem
these are the sort of people who are
paid well to do something that is
simple but dangerous or unpleasant to do
sewermen, demolition experts, you know the style of thing
these people are one end of
'both ends'
when we consider
both ends against the middle
what incentive is there to learn if
at one extreme
your family is extremely rich
and whatever needs doing
they have a amn or a woman to do that
these two come togetheras a source of examples of the concept of
clogs to clogs in three generations
somebody makes a mint by hard graft
we are unraveling here the popular song is
habdbags and gladrags
the habd bags and the gladrags that your grandad had to
slave to buy for you
then we vere into the Middle East
on a grand scale
we are just beginning to loose to old age
the generation who lived a poverty stricken nomadic life
in the desert
Oh do any of you remember
The Berverly Hillbillies
struck oil on their land and the comedy revolved around
how to come to terms with their new found wealth
same thing on a bigger scale in the Middle East
the point being genII
got the education they needed to
spend the new found wealth
and then you either run out of product
you no longer have a market for your product
and then comes gen(eration) III
in need of the eductional wherewithall to
find or develop or invest it
new sources of wealth
alternative energy solar power
and this speaks to the problem with education
just sufficent education to perform
that's Welsh - the song
we're working our way to the issue of
home schooling
people with a paying, normally self employed, job
imagine passing on their skills to their children
we have explored the opticians
imagine two brothers
one trains as an optician in the 1940s
the other trains as an electrician
imagine their motivation being to grow the busines
to the point where it can employ their children
bit of a bugger when suddenly
you need to go to uni to qualify as an optometrist
but you can sail on as a non graduate
dispensing optician or electrician
see, your pre uni optician master of all he surveys - in the shop
but suddenly
his kids can't sell specs without a prescription from
a graduate optometrist
happened to Batemans
Batemans was a Surrey Uk based chain of opticians
and the heir to the business was
a dispensing optician
having been locally a rival to D and A
it's now a handful of shops
but if we switch trades from electrician to plumber
think of
Bateman's Opticians versus
Pimlico Plumbers
with plumbing being distasteful and essential but
not requiring graduate status
the guy who owns Pimlico Plumbers
has his Bentleys built to order
parlty you have to be lucky
partly you have to be
speakin of which
a sub-section of plumbing
gas fitters
very very well paid now
out of a job in ten to twenty years
unless the de-specialise and
move to a different branch of the plumbing game
and that points to a
general education
not the kid who says
I'm gonna be an actuary when I grow up so
I'm doing
maths, further maths, and statistics
gotta keep my hands clean
an actuary - to save you looking it up
calculates risk and hence premiums for insurance
and anybody thinking in the 1960s that
all you need for that is maths
didn't see computers comeing
and so
the danger with home educating kids is
they get stuck in their parents' world of work
especially if mum has left work to home school them

the advantage is
if they are normal they won't get beaten by the
ADHD and autistic kids
and they won't get squashed by teachers who
seek to adjust the self esteem of their pupils
so that they can work like a team
like a synchornised swimming team
even a marching band have a variety of instruments
in which each can
put that bowler in to bat at number 1
get that batter into wicket keeping gear
we're all equal here
we're a team
another diversion here
our Ricker and a lad called Phil Broomhead were often
at loggerheads
the physics teacher put them together to do an experiment
to measure radioactive decay
not exactly, the idea was with an uncollomated beam of radiation
the further away from the source, the weaker the dose
Mike was the teacher's name
it was just for this one session
a non-physics lesson for Ricker
because Broomhead - he was gonna have this top job as
a quantity surveyor
was so full of himself
and wouldn't read the instructions and
wouldn't listen to Ricker
at the end of the double period
they had
wired up the apparatus
but hadn't made any observations or measurements
so Broomhead was
opening batter - opening batsman in those days
for his club team
and he thought it was because he was
the team's best batter
even in The Hundred
the purpose of an opening batter is to
wear out the bowlers
to slow them down for the sloggers
he was opening bat but if he was
he was there to stone wall
not to show finesse or slog
yer BEST batters come in at
numbers 4 to 6
or 3 to 6 if you have that many good batters
not what Broomhead wanted to hear

and Mike the teacher's lesson of the week for our Ricker...
this is the sort of arrogant fuckwit I have to deal with
every day
and you and your mates don't know the half of it
a newcastle University physics graduate
teaching arrogant little twats in a
steel town grammar technical school
at least nobody was sayin'
is it 'cos I's black?

1st August 2021

our Ricker is having a bit of a think
about why he was at
Coatham Primary
we think his dad's world view changed between
Ricker being 5 and being ten
Ricker's mum an dad were Methodists as were her parents
that is
not confirmed Roman Catholic or Anglicans
so we are thinking about what was available locally
Ricker remembers being at
Confirmation Classes
with Alison Backhouse
after he moved from Coatham to Newcomen
two faces of the Church of England in conflict
this is the theory
when Tommy moved to Redcar from Middlesbrough
the boys Gordon and Peter went to the local
academic school - Coatham Sir William Turner's School
as it went
he was told that
Peter was a pleasure to teach
Gordon was a moron
St. Peter's York were
willing to try to get Gordon into uni
if they were allowed to have Peter
so the idea ws if Ricker is a moron too
he will need to be a confirmed Anglcan to
get into St. Peter's
the point that Tommy was missing there was that
if Ricker had got into
Coatham Grammar from Coatham Primary
he would have been the first boy
in history
to do that
we have said that girls were separately assessed for
entry to Cleveland Grammar - the girls' grammar
so the teachers at Coatham Primary
put Ricker at risk
from the potential of being beaten up by the
thugs they had for pupils
so that they could teach Ricker
we need to say
Ricker was attacked at playtime
whilst at school
not out of hours
we can also say that
if he had not been excluded or transferred would have spent
years in the school than there were teachers
he spent 4 terms in reception starting at the Easter
then he skiped Miss Neasham's class
then he was in the class nearest Coatham Road
then he was in Miss Simpson's class
but he never got into Miss Sherburn's class
so five teachers
and you spent 6 years at the school
but f he skipped Miss neasham's class
how many years were they expecting him to spend with
Miss Simpson or Miss Sherburn
after he left he had
one term with Miss Calendar
and year with Mr Fox
and in the middle a term unconscious
in between
with an April birthday he was an Easter joiner
and would have been an Easter leaver
if he hadn't passed his eleven plus
so this was why Ricker reported he didn't much like school
on the reception table
at the side of the reception class
there were a few wooden plinths with dowels sticking up
from them
this term you will be learning
how to pick up the paintedplywood shapes
and slot them onto the dowel above the painted shape
on the plinth
that was it
aside from
learning socialisation skills
taking turns with the plinths
and coming to terms with
pissing over a shab of slate
into a communal trough
instead of using a WC
in his second year...
terms 5 -7
he could watch the teacher
shovel coke into the furnace that stood in the middle of
the classroom
if the windows began to frost over
if only Tommy had understood that
Ricker could have gone to Newcomen from the start
1 wouldn't have had his head kicked in
2 could still have gone to confirmation classes
they didn't start until after he moved to Newcomen
the think about
attainment tests
the 11plus
was that there was no scope for the examiner to
mark a candidate down because they disagreed with
Jane Ayre
over female destiny
there were only clear right and wrong answers to
2 plus 2
and where the capital letters go
and which two shapes are both triangles
and we said
the boys were assessed separately from the girls
these days
all the Africans and the Pakistanis, and Indians
would have to be saparately assessed and have their own
grammar schools - like in America
so we got comprehensives
but even there we had the problem
should they be streamed
like one class learning French
and another learning French Studies
French studies was - perhaps is - learning
about France but without learning any of the language
could you run a class were some of the pupils
submitted their homework in English
and some in French
we assume that a lot of homework these days in the UK
is presented in Hindi or Patwoise

Ricker's had another thought
Ricker's sister didn't go to Coatham Primary
she went to
White House
the same school that
actress Ann Reid went to
Coronation Street, Dinnerladies The Mother
last tango in Halifax
look her up
Early Life
John Emmerson Battey Primary and
White House
on wikipaedia
that was where there is now a condo
west side of the
church yard of
Christ Church Coatham
and they both
Pat and Ann
went from there to
Penrhos College in
North Wales
what was Conway and is now Conwy
White House would have been a girls' school
so Tommy would have thought
Coatham primary was
White House for boys
not so much

31st July 2021

Lobster Road

The Cleveland Hotel

this is the rear of the Cleveland Hotel
it did have a micro brewery
not sure it still has
CoViD my have done for it

so this was the date when one of the
fisherman's cottages was replaced with a
'modern' home

This is he spot in former
playground of the
Coatham C of E Primary School
where our Ricker got his head kicked in

The former Clarendon Hotel
with the High Street East plaque