Redcar Cleveland UK

our Ricker is deeply grateful to
the guys at Newcastle upon Tyne university for
doing some reserch on pyridine and it's effect on crabs
we need to clarify and suggest at this time...
pyridine is both naturally occuring and synthetic in origin
in general terms it is synthesised
that means made deliberately by industry
it is synthesised for use as a solvent in some processes
it is soluble in water
and therefore will disperse in water
it will not form 'slicks'
or remain as globules
Hantzsch pyridine synthesis or
Hantzsch dihydropyridine synthesis
is a multicomponent organic reaction between an aldehyde
such as formaldehyde
2 equivalents of a beta keto ester such as
ethyl acetoacetate
a nitrogen donor such as
ammonium acetate
any compound that has ammonia involved in it's genesis
COULD be associated with
coke ovens
it is used as a solvent in NMR spectroscopy
the next question we need to ask is
is the mantra
is not the
applicable here?
pyridine is a benzene-like substance and is stable
not liable to degenerate into other substances
it therefore has some relevance to
new materials
such as
it is stable but not inert
pyridine derivatives have been researched as possible
pain killers and sedatives

and so we conclude they are
we have at this point to set out our Ricker's proposal for
a experimental design
pyridine has effects on nervous systems
we repeat the assertion that
pyridine smells of rotting fish
we propose an experiment not so much on
pyridine toxicity in crabs and lobsters
but on the behaviour of crabs and lobsters
our Ricker sez
get yersel the longest bit of roof guttering you can
fit in yer lab and
arrange it as a tank to keep crabs in
so it will need that mesh they use to keep leaves out of gutters
to keep the crabs in
what you do is get a bunch of crabs used to this habitat
and then you introduce a tiny bit of pyridine
at some point along the gutter
one end, the middle, that sort of thing
we are assuming that you can aside from this do another
experiment where you take some dead fish
and you sample them over a period of
what shall we say, a month, daily
and measure the pyridine levels
what does our Ricker want to know?
he wants to know
since things with nerves
can detect pyridine
do things with nerves - such as crabs
detect pyridine and say
oh oh
around here folk like us as dying
we should scarper
lest we die too
in other words
do crabs move from a high concentration of pyridine
to a low concentration
are they regarding pyridine as a
like on a fence
and at areally high concentration
do they just die of a heart attacK?
we should explain that the Newcastle guys
have described the mode of death of the crabs
they killed with pyridine
they were in small glass tanks
on first introduction of pyridine
they became very agitated
a sign of nerve reaction to the drug
was this just spasm
or was it a fight or flight response?,BR> providing a concentrration gradient
would help to determine how relevant
ws in the matter
so far as we know
Newcastle did not do
LD50 tests
LD 50 relates to
at what concentration of the toxin
to 50 per cent of the subjects die?
Lethal Dose
they did record time of death as
around 6 hours
even a crab can shift qute a way in six hours

this is the deal as we understand it
there's this bloke
studied numerical economics at the LSE
he's a chartered accountant
he 'works from home' whilst looking after his
16 and 13 year old daughters
he's been married for 22 years
and his wife had an affair 16 years ago
so we WE don't know whether he is the biological father
of his elder daughter
we would not be at all surprised if the husband and daughters
are a tight knit unit that the wife needs to
keep sweet
so in professional matters
hubby would be seen as a bt of an expert in economics
even though actually
a through and through accountant
so it would not be surprising if
wifie had the illusion that
there is no discernable difference between
or even that
is a short form for
'home economics'
and if you understand tht this particular wifie is
the current UK Prime Minister
certain things may
fall into place

to some extent it has to be acepted that it will
forever be
'too soon'
to be objectively analytical about
nine eleven
but looked at in a particular way we see around the world
yer standard, demented dictator, getting
more and more Dracko -like as in Draconian
in facing down opposition
but a certain slant on the events of nine eleven
suggests a third way
1 old derepit, dementted clinging on to power
2 fighting for fredom and survival
often these two in the same terretory
and the third way, or cause of
earth shattering and deeply tragic violence
Jackass Tv by proxy on a global scale
Jackass Tv screened for the first time around
one year before nine eleven
when the likes of the BBC constantly seek to
maintain BALANCE in reporting events
that is fine and dandy if the events are a struggle
between forces driven by cases 1 and 2 above
it is when the events to be covered are pure boredom killing jackass stunts
there is no scope for
in observing word events we sometimes have to employ
what in other contexts would be called
reverse engineering
we are here, these things have happened
what causes could there be for these things?
we see IBS of Saudi Arabia putting himself forward as
a mediator in the exchange of hostages in the
Russo-Ukrainian conflict
he is thus declaring himself as a
in the affair
what could he want?
he could want a bigger more lucrative market for
Middle Eastern gas
we then say
perhaps he conned the President of Russia into provoking
Europe into boycotting Russian gas
really big if
IBS contracted the recent blowing up of
Nordstream1 and Nordstream2
is this an indication that IBS believes that
Russia is about to surrender and
regain it's gas market in Europe?
in that sense
IBS is neither a poverty stricken freedom fighter
nor an about to beousted supernnuated dictator
so he is either jst a bit over greedy
remember he held most of the Saudi plutocrats
to ransome in plush hotels util they handed over their dosh
or he is a spoilt brat
having fun with
Russia and Germany and using Ukraine as a playing field

here's the thing
the world's media have been told
Nortstream1 is shut down because of
a compressor failure
Nordstream2 is not yet commissioned
it that were true
you put a couple of limpet mines on Nordstream1
and another on Nordstream2
what do you expect?
you expect them to bukle and rip, tear
what you don't expect them to
who was pressurising them and with what/
was Germany introducing
back pressure?
seems a lot more likely that Germany was getting gas from Russia
and sombody was being conned to the effect that they weren't

this is the late September 2022
condition of the Redcar coke uvens
we appear to have a couple of chimneys
and some sort of conenser or absorption columns
this could easily be gone by the end of the year
over the weekend that will be the first two days of October 2022
the BOS Plant shed will be blown up
the Basic Oxygen Steelmaker is a vital part of a steelworks
however, what is not entirely understood is that it is largely
a shed
in is like so many of these plants
a lot smaller than it looks
in the sense that
the shed is very big but it contains a small number of things
a crane that is just like another roof rafter
but mobile
a ladle
that the torpedoes of iron were tipped into
and any sort of elaboration of a
Bessemer Converter
that was state of the art when the shed went up
and this shed went up
well.. around a hundred years ago
the BOS plant was a big green shed at Lackenby
probaby put up in 1946
so on the other hand
less than 80 years ago
take yer pick
gone by next Monday
but already completely gutted
what we're noting here is
in the cases of both the sinter plant and thr BOS plant
the method of demolition has been
gut first
then bring down the shed
what is happening at the blast furnace is
guts of the thing is being
disrobed of it's shed
shed first then apparatus
and that is partly beause the guts are
somewhat more substantial

we're gonna have another go at explaining what
and so we will list current
wheat futures
UK feed wheat - animal not human consumption Great british Pounds per tonne
May 2023 291
Jul 2023 281.4
Nov 2023 269
Jan 2024 274.6
these prices are for FUTURES
not for wheat
wheat for feeding to animals in january 2024
hasn't been sown yet
it's no earthly use looking at futures prices
to work out what today's bill shoud be
grain prices are currently dropping
what is affecting them is
grain futures prices are affected by the
Russo-Ukrainian hostilities
that is called 'sentiment'
world grain prices are dominated by
drought in the lower 48
the states of the USA excluding Alaska and Hawaii

we have a question we have no intention of
trying to answer
so far as we can tell
the Tees valley has had three
directly - by plebicite, vote of the common people - elected
executive mayors
tmore than that in terms of the actual characters in post
three posts of executive major
Hartlepool, Middlesbrough and Tees Valley
the queston we have is
why is there still a directly elected mayor of Middlesbrough
when it appears that the post of executive mayor of Hatlepool
was subsumed, merged, when the post of exectutive mayor of
Tees valley was invented?
we got thinking about this when we started to think about
Stuart Drummond
the only but twice re-eected executive mayor of Hartlepool
he was originally elected as
H angus the Monkey
Hartlepool United soccer team's mascot
he had that role despite being a graduate of Salford University
we look to this and the election of King Charles' spaniel
as examples of
who the hell can we elect whom
the gutter press can't
hound out of office
in a sort of
'Holly Willoughby jumped a queue' kinda way
that's the prime driver in today's politics
who is
press proof?
or who will be press roof for longest?
give them a flying chance to get at least
before they get trufed out
for the press, politicians are not
n post to run the country
but to provide column inches

it would appear that the UK civil service is not
about to hang the new Prime Minister out to dry
in essence
she said
I will cut taxes
they produce a budget that consists of
cutting the taxes that nobody pays anyway
their accountants
make sure they avoid them
big tax cutting headlines
no significant loss to government income
it is a little too early to say
it is unlikely that she - the new Prime Minister of the UK
will be known as
King Charles' spaniel
but she does seem very keen to project that image

sometimes we get a little nudge
we found something the other day
we think it was
we think it was
direct reduction ironmaking
this, it seems, is the 'German' hydrogen based
ironmaking process
what we are being told is
IF you want to use hydrogen to decarbonise steelmaking
you need to build a lot of water splitting plant - factories
it is quite interesting to note that
in the need levels of the mind
because coal, oil and gas are
dug up from the ground
they are free
so people will say
coal, oil and gas are free but hydrogen costs a lorra lorra money
it's not logical
but it appears to be a dominant strain of thought
here's the thing
there is a free source of energy
well there are lots of non carbon sources of energy tht are in some sense
back in the day Tommy bought and sold things with contract terms
one of those terms was
'as and where lying'
in other words
we owned it
now you own it
but we won't lift a finger to help you
collect it
or transform it in any way on your behalf
that distinguishes
the cost of ownership
the cost of exploitation
so the wind and the waves and the sunshine are free
and carbon free but they are only free
as and where lying
what NWL - Northumbrian Water Limited BR> have is a non-fossil carbon based energy source
that is free as and where lying
it is sewage
you can take carbon that is the remains of food
after eating - animal, vegitarian ot vegan
do you want to just dump it or burn it or what
or would you like to use it to
reduce iron ore to iron metal?
hence and thus
you can make steel by two methods that involve
no carbon whatsoever
make hydrogen by splitting water into
oxygen and hydrogen and use the hydrogen to
remove the oxygen from iron ore
using renewalble electricity to split the water
or you can use renewable electricity to
power electric arc furnaces and melt scrap
or you can use carbon you already have on your hands
don't have to dig up
to make iron and steel by methods that are
carbon neutral whilst being quite conventional
so f you are Germany
you don't import coal
you import corn
you eat it
and then you use the shit it turns into
as if it were coal
TeesWorks can say
the whole of the Redcar Steelworks will be
demolished by the end of 2022
but the question in our minds is
does that include the
Bran Sands Sewage Sludge Dewatering Facility
or is that to continue to be
repurposed - from it's original role to provide
non-fossil carbon to Redcar steelworks
it's these polticians you see...
marriage should be between a man and a woman
carbon should come from a fossil source

we appear to have a new perspetive on the
Ukraine war
we saw initially that Israel was involved
some sort of New Jerusalem concept
a ore comfortable home for the Jews in Ukraine
now we see IBS
the Regent of Saudi Arabia demonstrating a stake in the matter
one of the essential points about the
oil and gas industry is
oil is easy to transport
gas is difficult to transport
for gas you either need a pipeline or a
liquification de-liquification transport netweork
as a result in a lot of cases
when a well in a remote location produces
both oil and gas the oil is transported and the gas is
vented to atmosphere, thrown away, burnt in flares
it is interesting that it is rarely burnt to
produce electricity to be transmitted along cables
laid alongside the gas pipelines???
if we start from the concept that
IBS Iben Ben Saud
was behind this all along
step back to firefighters
a significant proportion of fires are
deliberately set by firefighters
and so
some 'world leaders' have a tendency to
get a bit bored with overseeing a world that is
rolling along nicely
in that context a bit like
nine eleven being a rich spolit kid
wanting a bit of action
BS and Preseident Putin could just have thought
it - a Russian invasion of Ukraine - could be fun
and it could reverse the deline in the price of natural gas
there is the thing
you can't have the oil without the gas
and it has always been that
demand for oil - petrol, diesel etc - is year round
demand for gas is a winter things
flaring in the summer, not so much in the winter
when the UK took North Sea Gas in the winter
it came as gas
it didn't bring oil with it - so much
and so in the summer, gas production could be
scalled back without
creating an oil lake
when motor fuel demand does not spike alongside
heating gas demand in the winter
at the core
getting rid of low value surplus gas
is easier than getting rid of unwanted oil
oil is cheaper to store than gas - no refrigeration required
but over time it would just build up and up
year on year
car ownership, car useship, vehicle fuel demand
has to platteau
the question is
is IBS smart enough to think he could
protect Middle Eastern gas sales by provoking
a boycott of Russian gas?
we think the jury is out on that one

it may sound like a broken record
yet another thing our Ricker used to be
an Education Officer with Tees valley Wildlife Trust
recently on Redcar beach we have had a couple of unusuals
plus some he don't know about that brought in the twitchers
the two unusuals were
lesser black backed gulls
mixed in with the
herring gulls
the thing we have had that affects loal wildlife
has been
quite a flock of possibly migrating
oyster catchers
everytime people say
look at all these razor clams washed up dead
we say
the oyster catchers have been at it again
oyster catchers?
raven sized black jobs - i.e. a lot smaller than a crow
but with long long thin orange beaks
to get them razor clams outa the sand
end of

there are probably quite a number of web sites, apps whatever..
along these lines but the one making the most obvious
promotional effort is called
they are promoting a kind of
group think
there's a distinction here
if you join a co-operative
you can get better prices through
bulk buying
an investor's club
can move markets by concerted
buying and selling
we have no proof of this...
but we see indications that the rather obscure
in world wide terms
North Sea Gas Futures market
appears to move quite dramatically
at times when small investers in the USA would be
hecking their portfolios
the point is
if you set yourself up appropriately
you can trade gas futures
iin crude terms
the people paying hugely inflated parices are not
wholesale suppliers
they are investers
investers you have no intention of taking delivery of the goods
they are doing FOMO fear of missing out and group think
as amateurs they will be doing it wrong
wrong is buy in a rising market, sell in a falling market
he problem is
Wall Street Crash....
when there is no rising market in sight
and you have borrowed to buy
you will have to sell into a falling market
and probably at a loss
and then you will have no gas, only debt

our Ricker has a relative whom he regards as a nephew
and he - the nephew - is involved in an ongoing dispute
so as always this is a fictionalised view of the matter
the starry eyed version of socialism is
from each according to his ability
to each according to her need
but to focus more narrowly
there is the matter of
to the British Judiciary
particularly the Family Division
and example of fairness is
Lucinda keeps around a thousand pounds in her bank account
Miles keeps around a hundred thousand pounds in his bank account
to the British Judiciary
both Lucina and Miles should be paid - cerdited with
the same amount AMOUNT of interest on their savings
NOT the same rate of interest
so we take a point of a married couple with no children and
the husband is some sort of computer geek
and his wife is a care assistant
and when the type one diabetic computer geek has to take
early retirement and the wife has to lend some of her caring skills to
the husband's plight
on one Satuday evening around 9.00 pm
the wife walks out of the house with
her purse and the clothes she stood up in
and after the police find her at 3.00 am the following morning
walking the streets
she is taken to a hostel
and after a few months in the hostel
the people at the hostel say
well your husband's parents - in the eighties
husband somewhat demented
don't live far away
your husband should go live with them and let you have the
matrimonial home
all to yourself
'cos we need your room
for someone who's been battered
and has three kids in tow

just a small note about Redcar
if you were wondering
and we doubt you were
why this past weekend there was a rail replacement service
on the Middlesbrough to Saltburn line
Network rail's contractors have been
replacing the up line as it runs over Coatham Marsh
the wife walks out of

despite all, lawyer strikes, royal funeral etc
cases are still going through the courts
and the ones relating to
consent to sex
are still turning up nuances
there are three entrances to the human
female body
sometimes referred to as
pussy, anal and head
it has to be assumed that
in girl on girl sex
head does not feature
we somehow doubt that lesbian sex is
strong on sticking dildoes down each other's throats giving head as a sexual service rendered
by a female to a male
but it is an extension of
so we may be wrong
a woman accustomed to giving head to
a man or men may wish a woman to simulate that for her
to attempt one of our infamous analogies
consider first of all the point of
a night out
two essential objectives
a one night stand
an attempt to have a good time with
a stranger you will never meet again
on the other hand
an attempt to establish a more long term relationship
more of a 'getting to know you' exercise
and so
one night stand - taxi ride, or going to a race track
to be driven around by a professional driver
first, hopefully of many, date
I like your car, can we go for a ride?
regarding anal versus pussy
the current issue in law - four years for the wrong hole
imagine on the track day
I like to go fast, very fast
but only on right hand corners
go slow in the left handers
the pro may be able to comply
but how easy would it be for the amateur to
remember in the heat of the moment
what the instructions at the start were?
putting it another way
will we have to design
Alex Comfort - The Joy of Sex - style
specific choreographies for sex
I consent to sex but it must be
The tango
or it must be
The American Smooth
and if you put a foot wrong
you'll be inside for four years

popultion North East England 2.66 million
population London 9 million
unemployment rate North East England 5.1 per cent
unemployment rate London 4.6 per cent
number unemployed in North East England 122,360
number of peope unemployed in London 414,000
fancy sinking a col ine in Burmandsy?
drilling for oil in Chelsea?

we note that her late majesty preferred to worship in
The Church of Scotland
we note that they say
our Father which art in heaven
elsewhere they say
Our Father who art in heaven
we think we should say
if you say our father who art in heaven
you are denying the existence of
our heavenly Father beause you are praying to
our dead eathly father now gone to heaven
which is one of two or more
our Fathr which art in heaven is
addressing the one of our two fathers who is the one who is
our Heavenly as opposed to our earthly father

we have decided at this point to offer some clarification on
our earlier comments about nuclear safety
we said
control rods are carbon so they can't melt
and they won't catch fire if oxygen doesn't get to them
in Chenobyl
we don't know exactly what happened but our best guess is
somebody turned off the water supply
the 'hot water' that is radioactivity contaminated water
that atually goes throught the pile
and then
instead of dropping in the control rods
they re-started the water pumps
this meant water not carbon added to the
overheating pile
and as we have said
water contains oxygen
so hot carbon and water
is water gas remember?
carbon and hydrogen and oxygen
and so a massive but
non-nuclear explosion
the spent fuel rods are not the only waste from the plant
but regarding the hot - radioactive - water
the radioactivity in that is mainly
radioactive iodine and radioactive caesium
they represent two very different challenges
radioactive material is 'radioactive' becasue it,BR> spontaneously falls apart
in the process giving off
alpha, beta and gamma radiation
each radioactive substance disintegrates at it's own
characteristic rate
and we measure that rate in terms of
half life
the half life of a radioactive substance is
the time it takes for half of the material present
to turn into something else
the half life of
radioactive iodine is 8 days
the half life of radioactive caesium is 33 years
and children basorb and use iodine
with insufficient iodine in the diet
they get sick
but if they pick up roadioactive iodine
it disintegrates inside their bodies
giving off damaging particles
this is why iodine tablets have been issued in the
area near the nuclear plant in the south of Ukraine
if the body has loadsa normal iodine it won't pick up
radioactive iodine
the place the iodine is collected is the thyroid gland
and thyroid cancer is very treatable
people who were children in the area at the time
had thyroid trouble but didn't die from it
the thing with the radioactive caesium is
since it decays quite slowly is is a long term but
minor risk
since the escaped material was dispersed over
most of Europe
it simply increased the background radiation
just a tad
and almost certainly has over the years been
less od a risk than
ultraviolet UV exposure from the sun
caesium lodges in the muscles
strontium in the bones
the cancers to look for after a nuclear explosion are thus
thryroid, muscle and bone
muscle has a rapid turnover of material and
partly linked to that
muscle cancers are rare
soft tissue sarcoma
but other cancers often begin in muscle
the best protection from adverse effests from
radiation exposure is
copious supplies of
non-radioactive isotopes of the elements that
may make up the released radiation
tht is
alphs beta and gamma radioation are an immediate risk
radioactive isotopes are little time bombs
in the Sellafield fire
local milk production was destroyed for years

around now
the eon electricity eletricity costs - key meter
are rising to
31 pence per killowatt hour
with 16 pence for economy 7
and so for now that is
that's around 50 per cent for
open access
and a third up for time limited
seven hours over night

we blame Barry Bucknell
but we could blame Henry Ford
we are talking about the
imbalance in unemployment in the UK
the places in the Uk with high unemployment are
North East England
West Midlands
Yorkshire and Humber
North West
the slogan that may encapsulate this is
Homes fit for Heroes
the main thrust of government investment in the
post second world war Britain was
social housing
the warehousing of people
in other words
in planning terms
zoneing of land use
and then a little later
The Property Owning Democracy
of Margaret Thatcher
so new homes need little maintaiance
no work for odd job men
people encourage by TV - Brry Bucknell
to do thir own painting and decorating and even
knocking down walls to achieve
open plan living
London 4.6 per cent next highest after
North East England 5.1 per cent
is increasingly a
no-go area for industry
and the North East has concentrated a tad too much on
protecting traditional industries
in the rural areas South West 2.8 per cent
there are schemes along the lines of
subsidised mopeds to get teenagers to
college and to work
but East Midlandslowest 2.4 per cent
something different
High Street banks have gone from High Streets
and in 'Asian Communities'
businesses can turn to
family for finance
in a way that is not traditional in other areas

we were watching the the coverage of the
Edingurgh leg of Queen Elizabeth's last gret journey
we were a little anxious for the female police officer
who was
having a bit of a do with her horse
we don't know the real names but the stage right front
had a star
and the stage right had a blaze
we can imagine HMQ would have thought it quite a laugh if Star had bolted
probably a lack of experience of hooves on cobbles
typical police 'it'll be all right on the night'
but from the previous day
The Princess Royal
Princess Ann
curtsied as her mother's coffin passed her
at the entrance to the palace
Palace of Holywoodhouse?
and her brothers didn't bow
our Ricker has never been one to curtsey
being in origin somewhat High Church of England
in his long gone official role
he was forever...
genuflect and bow
so often you go to Google and expect to find what you need
and sometimes you don't
Roman Catholics do a lot of genuflect and bow
so far as we can tell
Google not having helped much...
genuflect and bow
is a substitute for kneeling that was devised for
people who would probably never have got up again if
they had knelt
our Ricker has a theory about the curtsey
in theory
genuflect means bend the knee
geun - knee flect - bend
so stage one
for arthritis sake
bend one knee not two and bow
you may not have noticed that a couple of troopers
collected the headgear of the
bearer party at points in proceedings
men remove their hats a lot, if they have them
tipping the hat chappeau
females don't remove their hats
mainly because they are
nailed on with hat pins
so females in any sort of formal dress
cannot bow
because if they were to bow
their hat and wig would fall off
so they do the genuflect bit of
genuflect and bow
and call it a curtsey
and so far as we can tell
curtsey is to do a curtesy

and another thing
why - in Westminster Hall - did
Lords and Commons
cover their maces in the presence of the king
but in the Scotish parliament
teir mace remained exposed in his presence?
the mace is there to symbolse him
not impress him

our Ricker's off on one again
he did half a part time masters degree
in Multimedia Studies
does it show?
The University of Teesside
before he got chucked out
but something has sparked him off
this reference to
in King Charles's proclamations
he has just discovered that
a magazine called
Woman's Realm
1958 to merger
is on the sylabus for
A level media studies
it appears that the
metoo generation haven't done that module
it's the name rather than the contents
the contents is a 1950s version of
but the name refers to the idea that
if you can get some man to
put a ring on it
a young female's home will be
her oyster
in the sense that
whatever it says on the deeds or mortgage or
rental agreement
a 'family home' is the province or realm
of the housewife
it and the 1950s in the UK are redolant?
anyway it speaks to the idea encapsulated in the saying
what's yours is ours
what's mine's me own
to put it simply
in terms of meagre property
if the family own a car
it's 'our' car
if the home contains jewelery
that jewelery will belong to the
woman of the house
this is the fuss about weddings
for the female
getting married is
winning the lottery
but we are talking 1950s not 1930s
in the 50s
a housewife bought everything on
the never never
never actually make the last payment
and you
got a man in
if anything needed fixing
and hubby
did what he was told by the wife at home
and did what he was told by the foreman at work
and two things our Ricker noted about
women moving into the
graduate or clerical workplace
open plan offices sprouted
and every woman in the office became
officer in charge of paper clips
or photocopy paper
no teamwork
a workplace divided into
I want a better car or a better house
and I'm willing to go out to work so
we can afford it
but I'm not giving up my independence
we have to admit at this point that we are
not quite sure what a
but we are going to say a common trope is
women can't xxxx because they don't get the opportunity
the modern version
you've go to see it to be it
so 1952 the Uk gets a female monarch
women could see it
all they needed was the opportunity and
in a democracy, being the majority
they could legislate the opportunities
the demise of Women's Realm as a title
did that happen because
it weren't that simple?
in other words
were attitudes towards hte role of housewife
different in the 1930s and 1950s and in the 1950s the Uk had a Queen?
and will the likes of
think the UK a
more reliable ally
now that the UK has a King?
there is a story about a schoolboy in the 1980s
well during the Thatcher premiereship
and he is supposed to have asked
can a man be Prime Minister?
he was aking in all seriousness
and over the past 70 years
wimn have never given a thought to
is our dear queen holding back the
aspirations of our beloved sons?
the 50s and the 30s
two runs at the same scenario
a country trying to
reconstruct itself after a war
won at a heavy cost
and the 'other side' of the concept behind the title
Women's Realm
is get out in that kitchen and rattle those pots and pans
we will deal in broad brush strokes here but
the First World War was not fought on British soil
women replaced men in the work place and were difficult to
put back in their place
in the Second World War a lot of armament was imported
building aircraft is much more skilled than
filling shell cases
even though the Bttle of Britain was
ar warefare
bombs were dropped, 'planes crashed
women and children became direct casualties if not
did the hags mags offer
we'll give you cheap 'fridges and TV and washing machines
if you'll just leave the paying jobs to the men
we can't be bothered to research the time line but
we think in the 1950s and 60s in the UK
a woman who married was expected to give up paid work
a woman, married or not who had children and
a paying job
risked having the children taken into care
this has left a legacy
women confused about whether the government
if they are mothers of young children
wants to see them in paid employment or not
if your default position is
we have mass unemployment
a line of solution is
let's scare all the mums out of the paying jobs and leave thm for the men
except that the UK does not have mass unemployment
it has labour and skills shortages
and opposition to immigration comes from people who
probably genuinely believe that
every immigrant drives an indigenous Brit out of their job
the people who are anti immigrant are not fundamentally racist
in the sense that they mix happily with foreigners
unless they are assumping they are bringing in a deadly plague
so long as they are
and thus creating jobs
not taking them

our Ricker's house was built in 1939
and the houses in his terrace now have
ground floor extensions
little ones
seven feet by eleven
mostly they will now be kitchen extensions
their original layout was
back door - solid as the front door
a covered laundry space seven feet square
with one side a wall the other an open space
and a roof
beyond the laundry space on the right
a coal house - a coal store
3 feet by four
on the left a matching building
under the same roof as the laundry and the coal store
the second outhouse contained
the water closet
the toilet for the house
houses built earlier would have had no roof over
the laundry space
and the toilet would have been genuinely an
outside toilet
this arrangement was the result of
the miasma theory
the idea that it was the smell of excrament that
communicated disease
and in 2020 we had all that stuff about
hand washing being the answer to CoViD
but what we are about here, today
is the other name for the outhouse
not the clarty
the privy
we looked for a list of
Privy Councilors
it begins with
Diane Abbott since 2017
Privy Councilors are
appointed for life
and they are styled
Rt. Hon. Diane Abbot PC
only ministers of the current government
participate in it's day to day business
the head of the Privy Council Office is
The Lord President of the Council
in that sense and in the context that
the Privy Council is accountable to
the UK Parliament
we may ask
in what sense was
Peter Robson
'personal solicitor' to
Kerry Packer?
two things to consider
in 1947 the Privy Council lost its
supervisory responsibilites for
the justice industry in India
some time in the latter half of the 20th century
the Uk got involved in
The European Court of Justice
but in the time that Peter Robson
and Kerry Packer were alive
and to this day
the Privy Council is
the ultimate arbiter in law in Australia
and Peter Robson was
a Privy Council Agent
a solicitor licensed to take a client's
pleadings to the Privy Council

events dear boy, events
Harold Macmillan sometime Prime Minister of the UK
pseud's corner...
a flag staff
is a pole erected expressly for the purpose of
flying a flag
a mast
a ship's mast, a radio, 'phone, Tv mast
is a pole with a day job
suitable for flying a flag from
half staff if purely decorative or for signaling purposes
half mast if
aboard ship
> as an example
HMS Calliope
is a Royal Naval Reserve Unit
and it is never
at sea
it is a shore establishment
South Shore Road Gateshead NE8 2BE
so it will fly the
Union Jack at half mast
whilst other buildings will fly
The Union Flag at Half Staff
in yer dreams

some will be wondering
but she was so sprightly just two days earlier
it's not a state secret
Queen Elizabeth almost certaily had a DNR
do not resucitate
as her own wish
in accordane with her religious beliefs
but there we have it
you see
proof positive
God is French
seriously though
Queen Elizabth had a deal with God
she was God's anointed leader of the British
but that meant two things
no abdication
no resusitation
her life was for ever in God's hands
and it God wanted Louis 14th to be the longest ever reigning Monarch
so be it
but we suspect secretly she really really wanted to stay around to
sack Johnson

perhaps we will publish the cycling pics
in batches??

he's remembered
DC Lyndsy Forbes

we have a rather troubling idea that
The cycling Tour of Britain won't be returning to Redcar
we base that on the fact that today they went through
Ratcliff on Stour
so we gess somebody in the scheme of things wants it to be
a tour of Britain's shit heaps
and Redcar disappointed in that dimension
we ae at trawling the shallows of our Ricker's memory
he has recalled a question he asked a
Cleveland Police detective constable called Lynsey
he can' yet recall her second name
gorgeous bit of rough though
in the class of
the side kick in the
Inspector Lynley Mysteries
the question was
why has it taken Ian Swales a month to make a complaint
about these emails?
Ian Swales was MP for Redcar at the time
it's often difficult to know where to start a story like this
we could reference Call me Dave's attempts to
'satisfy Mre Bone'
Mr Bone is a Tory MP
and his wife is one of those
MP relatives on an MP's payroll
we could go on and on
but if you research Ian Swales
you should find out that he stood and never wanted to win
his wife asked how she felt about his victory said
I feel bereaved
our Ricker - as arranged by the Sam we often refer to
had a meeting with Ian Swales office manager
she was far from communicative
and Mrs Swales was perhaps three times her age
later we found Ian Swales involved in campaigning about
yesterday Ian Swales attended the Tour of Britain start
in Redcar we have this idea she was his wife
we have devloped a theory that at the time of constable Lynsey
shall we say perhaps
a demented Mrs Swales visited
Mr Swales constituency office and
despite not being an employee
began examining his correspondence
we cannot stand this up
but we can imagine that Mrs Swales set about
getting Mr Swales into trouble over his work
so that she could get him sacked as an Mp
and regain 24 7 control of his life

our Ricker is impossibly old and
things keep occuring to him
and this weather
reminds him of the old wives tale that
lightning cracks the milk
does milk curdle quicker in conditions of
atmospheric discharge?
or was it just that the sudden inclement weather
distracted the milk maids from their duties?

we are notoriously cheap
so we don't have a subscription to Eurosport
sometimes, notably not this Tuesday
Quest let us watch
Orla Chennaoui
we don't know whether she IS a granny
but we still nominate her for
TV'smost glamourous granny
our Ricker is keen to see
when the cycling is on
whether Orla whom we assume to be a
Northern Ireland Catholic
any dya whether she will get her tripple jumper legs out on TV
he knows she won't on a Sunday
great fun though

the boss is it?

we suppose more will follow..

OK fess up time
our Rcker went out to photograph
the start of the Redcar to Helmsley cycle race
and he come back wiv
nearly 200 pics
it will take TIME to process that lot

in th absence of any public reassurances from
Teesworks security who think their remit
stretches to the town
and Cleveland Police
we suggest that if you wish to avoid being acosted and filmed by
paedophile hunters
you choose to enjoy the North Yorkshire leg of
the cycling tour of Britain
you head ofr the finish in

we want to address a narrow issue regarding
the new Uk Prime Minster
170,000 people, members of the Conservative Paty
had a vote in the final round of the election of the
new party leader and PM
in round figures
80,000 voted Truss
60,000 voted Sunak
and that means less than half of those
with a vote voted for Truss
20,000 was the margin of victory
whatever happens from now on
analysing what has just happened
if just ove 10,000 Truss supporters had voted Sunak
Sunak could have won
the point here is not
how close was the vote/
how much 'tactical voting' was there
what we are gettng at is
was this a version of
Labour and Corbyn?
a little time ago some people decided to
nominate Mr Corbyn to demonstrate
how unpopular he was
the idea being he can't be humiliated if he is not on the
ballot paper
and then he went and won
but he won on the same basis as
the antarctic research vessel being
named by popular demand
Boaty McBoatface
we are asking
how many Tory party members voted Truss
to try to induce within the ranks of
Tory MPs
a serious cry of
Bring back Boris, all is forgiven
we have no doubt the number of such
tactical votes
and in a sense why was there not a
'write in' option
we understand 800 voting papers were spoiled by
being blank or writing Johnson in without authorisation
and so 10,000 voting Truss
not even in an
anybody but Rishi
but in a actual
bring back Boris sentiment
we detect no significant
anybody but Rishi sentiment
but we do suspect that
Truss will turn out to be
a far better
second best
than Corbyn

11.15 am Wednesday 7th September
Redcar on the telly
these are the professionals
they have the technology to
blurr out the faces of any children who have
skipped school to watch the bike race
a stage of
The Cycle Tour of Britain
to Helmsley?
will start in Redcar on
Wenesday 7th September
keep yer 'phones in yer pockets 'cos
we haven't got premission from
TeesWorks security
or Cleveland Police
or Tees Harbour Police
to take photos

we will wait to see who
Prime Minister Truss appoints to her
cabinet and other ministries
at this point we will restrict ourselves to
expressing a concern that to date
Ms Truss has appeared to regularly
fortify herself for public speaking
by recourse to alcohol

we would like tohave as simple a life as possible
so we would like to say
Ukraine - good
Russia - bad
we see that Ukraine has exported
half as much food this year
as in the previous year
if you can export any of it you can export all of it
Russia is trying - not all that sucessfully - to inflate the price of gas
Ukraine is having more success in
inflating the cost of food
always, tomorrow is another day, but
over the past weekend
Russia shut down Nordstream 1 gas pipeline
in an attenpt to raise the world price of gas the price of North Sea Gas Futures rose by
9.97 per cent
there is a problem
we don't know what sort of a winter 2022-23 will be
we do not expect energy demand will be
much more than in recent previous winters
but nobody knows
in that sense
knowing overall demand
and knowing storage capacity
at present Europe's gas storage capacity is over 80 per cent full
in their very nature
refer to buying something - in this case gas
for delivery at a future date
you have three rates at which you want to take delivery of gas
the rate you will use it in the summer
the rate you will use it in the winter
the rate at which you will take it into storage
if you buy it for delivery at a time of year when you won't be using it
you have to store it or sell it
if the winter is mild
supply may meet demand
and storage will remain full and
any futures you have bought for
say - January delivery
you can't use and you can't store because your storage facilities
are full
and you will have to try to
sell it
or just flare it off
th great thing for participating countries
UK and Norway in particular is
a lorra lorra gas is efectively
in storage
under the North Sea
and so for those countries
a sudden demand due to a fierce winter
is only threatened by
the rate at which you can get it out of the ground
to an extent
it's not loke coal where you can
put on extra shift and install extra conveyer belts
and increase production
if you want a faster rate of production
you need to drill more wells
and they stay
they can't be laid off like extra workers
or moved like extra conveyer belts and trains
however, in the UK energy policy has never been based on
make hay while the sun shines
the bandwidth - production capacity
has always been geared to
production capacity matching peak demand
and peak demand has fallen
Uk natural gas consumption per year in
billion cubic metres
just the highlights
2009 91.2
2010 98.5
2011 81.9
2012 76.3
2015 72
2016 80.7
2017 78.6
2020 73
2021 76.9
the numbers fluctuate but the trend is down
2004 was the recent high 102
in 2 decades demand has fallen by a quarter
and a bit of that will be global warming
but most of it will be
the most severe winter in the UK in the 21st century was
so IF
and it's a BIG IF
winter 2022-23 were as bad as we've known
subtract 2009 usage from 2010 usage - 7.3
add 7.3 to 2021 7.3 plus 76.9 = 86.2
and if we were able to extract
102 in 2004
we should have no trouble extracting 86.2 in 2023
so we should not have a gas SUPPLY problem
some of the wells in use in 2004 may by now have emptied
but we assume theose that have, have been replaced

we note that somebody has been arrested in Liverpool
something to do with the death of a female called Olivia
a suggestion of murder
from what we have herd
as observers of the parallel universe that is Liverpool
we would have thought
in the absense of any evidence of
photography or touhing up
a charge of
causing death by careless diving
would be more appropriate
recently there was a case where a squaddie
shot and killed an firing range instrutor
and it was put down to
not hving the correct specs on
this is the second occasion
a year ago in Portsmouth?
where a casual destruction of a nearby child
on the lines of an incident in
Killing Eve
involving setting a bomb and tipping
an ice cream into the lap of a little girl on the way out
a second occasion where
peope are going about their
unlawful but police sanctioned business
and somebody suffers for getting in the way
was this a bungled police sponsored hit?
if a arrest had been much longer delayed
we would have begun to suspect as much

some people may be wondering
if there is
Global Warming
why is it that it is only now that the UK weather is
recovering to the standards of
the 1970s?
there is an explanation
in the 1970s the Uk was transitioning from
coal to natural gas
coal generates fumes and smoke
gas just genertes fumes
right from the start of
the Uk had been wreathed in
an combination of smoke and fog
the whole drive of the
Clean Air Acts
was to let the sunshine in
heat and light from the sun could reach the Earth's surface
and was not confined to the atmosphere
through the 80s and beyond
insulation was invented
so we had a period in the 70s when the weather was
heated by the sun and heated by
heat loss from buildings
from the 80s onwards
heating from buildings decreased
and so it was not until the 2020s that
heat retention caused by the deepening carbon dioxide blanket
got the planet back to where it was in the 1970s
with the new dual fuel
sun and gas

the final lesson on
nuclear power plants
the essential differene betweenBR> fuel rods
moderator rods
the classic analogy is
mouse traps
standard spring loaded bar mouse traps
if you throw a ping pong ball at a
mouse trap that has been 'set'
set the traps
there is a good chance it will snap closed
and perhaps jumps about a bit and set off others
and that will give you a
chain reaction and all the traps in the vicinity will
go off
after that you will have a rod of
spent fuel
on the other hand
there is no spring in a
moderator or control rod
no hair trigger, no spring
hit either a spent fuel rod or a moderator rod with
a snooker shot and
a mild short lived disturbance will result
but with the spent fuel rods
they are only spent to the extent that
it is no longer worthwhile to keep them in the reactor
some of the traps will remain set
and so they need to be stored in cooling ponds for quite a long time
over the years national governments have decided that
perhaps for foreign exchange - money - reasons
perhaps for national pride reasons
they would not send their spent fuel to
Selafield for reprocessing
but would keep increasing amounts of spent fuel
in the roof spaces of their reactor buildings
and then
jarbs for local people
leave congenital idiots in charge

there is a narrow path the tread between
frightening people about nuclear safety
making nuclear terrorist sound plausible
tto try to explain nuclear fission in
terms familiar to politicians...
fuel atoms split and release some of their mass as
e equals m c squared
given amount of mass is
converted into an amount of energy that is the amount of mass times the
speed of light time the speed of light
in other words
a very little amount of mass is converted into
a lorra lorra energy
caboom, potentially
if things are not under control
and if you have studied these things you may have
heard of control rods
here's the
politican speak
becuase the rods do something similar to
spontaneous combustion
the thing is to make the decision to start splitting
they have to be
there ahve to be enough of them together
in a lump
to get the party started
and the control rods
send them to their rooms
party poopers
so to shut down a nuclear reactor
you just
drop the control rods into the core
without cooling
the nucler reaction will still stop
but the core may overheat
but the control rods is
carbon don't melt
and carbon don't burn in the absence of oxygen
we'd just like to extend
nuclear power 101
a little
imagine a snooker table but with balls of different sizes
not different colours
and the white ball is very very small
so we suggest that you set up the table for a game
and before anybody can break off
the players are called to dinner
and they leave the table set up
and they don't come back until the next weekend
or next holiday
what with the window being open?
and the cat being on the prowl
the balls won't be where you left them a week ago
that is
background radiation or natural decay
and if you reset or play as is
you fire the white ball into the pack
and balls break all over the place
and then imagine there are a whole load of tables
set up without cushions
in an array like one of those
trampoline centres
and balls can get from one table to another
if the tables are small enough and the balls are big enough
break off on one table
and all hell will break out across the hall
that s the pile going critical
and so the control rods are
cushions around each table that can be raised and lowered
to connect and isolate individual tables at will
just to add
nuclear reactors are designed to
raise steam
to drve turbines to turn generators
at high pressure water boild at a temperture
well above 100C
shut it down and it will not have to cool from
thousands of degrees as in agas or coal fired furnace
but form a few hundred degrees
a particular fuel burns at a specific temperature
we vary the heat output of a burner by
varying the size of the flame
not the temperature of the flame

we may have an answer
you'd have to be very very old to recognise the
the TocH car park
the cricket ground car park on Kirkleatham Street
there is a Network Rail
van access from that car park
if Network Rail intend platform 2a or 3
they will have to dig up the hard standing and rmps
they use to get road vehicles trackside
so the new hardstanding
at the end of the southside car park
will replace it
we think

we have 5 pictures here
two of jellyfish on Redcar sands
and three of the platforms at
Redcar Central
two issues
what is that new hard standing
the yellow is reclaimed concrete beams
and why have half of the pictires of
local natables
been taken down?
Miller Daughters, Vera Robinson
Lynda Green
still up

our Ricker does thinking
sometimes he has a thought that he has to
with this being Bill Turnbull prostate cancer day
a thought about prostate cancer
we had this thought
The Republic of Ireland
has very hard - highly mineralised - water
the rate of prostate cancer in RoI is
1 in 7
in the UK it is 1 in 8
Ph.D. thesis
correlation between living in a hard watwr area
and chances of getting prostate cancer...
calcium plaques in breast result in breast cancer
sma thing in prostate
corelation between living in a hard water area and getting
breast cancer...
soft water in Northumbria Water Area and
lowest rate of prostate cancer in the UK

Mcdonalds are now employing truckies who
can't reverse their trucks
so your burger has to be
portered across the car park
instead of delivered direct to the cold store
you know those car driving licences perhaps large vehicle licences should be
forward motion only
and send out a wrecker if a truck getsnto a one way street

Polyphosphate type chemicals react with
soluble metals
iron, manganease, calcium, magnesium
by sequestering (bind-up)
the metals to maintaine their
solubility in water
we suggest
should have warned
Northumbrian Water
that they were going to launch a
Calgon marketing blitz
could have simply and cheaply dosed their sewage
with limestone or chalk
we assume they are now dong that
and stcoks will recover

there is - we suppose - in the form of
Tim Dunn and Siddy Holloway
Icelandic Holloway as 'stage name'
such a thing as
train railway architecture spotter
and Tim IS gay,br> soo
up of the up line platform at Redcar Central
Network Rail
seem to have constructed a
platform or foundation that
be intended for
electrification works...
time will tell

sometimes you just have to go with the flow
selling water softner to people
up North
in the UK
is like selling sanitary products to
you make 'em
you wanna sell 'em
half your potential market isn't listening
anybody in business who is told
give the marketing department a few million quid
and we'll double your turnover in a matter of weeks
is gonna OK the budget
it's a bit too late for this year but
wind back to the heatwave
windows in 40 degrees
the glass would be way hotter than that in the sun
wash the windows
don't squeegee the water off
if you get streaks you live in
South East England and you have hard water
no streaks you live up north
on granite or clay
and you have soft water
Calgon stands for
Calium gone
if you don't have calcium in your tap water
you don't need Calgon
marketing people say
it's a wase of water to rinse your crockery before you
put it in the dishwasher
so people put plates caked in potato in the dishwasher
and instead of clogging up with calcium
the dishwasher clogs up with spud
dishwaher clogged with spud?
you need Calgon
don't say ham say Wham
to dig
say sausages
we don't have a solution for people who can't figure out to
scrape their 'dirty' dishes into the food waste bin
and consequently load up their dishwasher with pasta
but we do have a solution for people who
wanna see a box of Calgon in their weekly shop
up North the water is soft
soft water does not 'use up' Calgon
dose the sewage with with
crushed limestone
as it enters the sewage works
and that will soak up the
Housewife's Choice sodium polyphosphate
or sodium citrate
in the sewage
and more of the polyphosphate will end up
in the sludge that gets used as fertilizer
and 'free' calcium - calcium not bound to phosphate
levels will rise in the local rivers and
inshore waters
and the local shellfish will get
nice hard exoskeletons
and be able to
get a grip on the rocks
and stay put and alive in a storm

oad A we have a couple of notes to add
one of the strange things we have heard recently is
'beause the price of natural gashas gone up so much'
'we may have to
switch from bio-maas to coal'
we simply can'y get our heards around that one
btu the issue here is that one of the major
steam turbine electricity generators in the UK
has switched from coal to bio-mass - wood chippings
we assume they mean
a lot of wood chippings come from Russia and so
that source may have ended
lots of other places with trees
USA Canada etc
but we do need to point out that
bio-mass is a base load source for electricity generation
what we want to point out about gas is
1993 a power station locally known as
started up
this was regarded as a natural gas fired power station
it was at the south end of Wilton International
in Redcar
for those who dove past...
it was the plant with the short chimnies that were
clustered in sets of four
best seen from Greystone Road A 1053
not The Trunk Road
it gorn now
it did run on natural gas but it was also capable of running on
naphtha and propane
in other words waste material from other ex-ICI plant on Wilton
and referencing
carbon capture and storage
that material was described as being stored in
probably in Billingham, Stockton-on-Tees
nameplate capacity - bandwidth - 1875 mega watts
in a sense
it was from the era when gas powered electricity generation was
seen as
base load alongside coal and nuclear
gas is now for peak demand top up
in other words
'Enron' was sold to the local poulation as a
natural gas power generator but was in fact an
incinerator for
oil and gas condensate
stuff from crude oil you wouldn't want to
put in the fuel tank of your car
in a similar way
the power station - chimney still standing
that powered Redcar steel works
was fuelled by waste from Redcar coke works next door
Enron is typical of those companies tht think
the fact that they deal in filth
is a licence to
fiddle their accounts
exit Enron and accountants Arthur Anderson,br.
this is set to be a major explainer
we will set out to explain the energy system in the UK
but we will start with the railways
you may have seen
infotainment shows
shows with little plot but
seeking to entertain whilst infroming
informative entertainment
Heritage Railways
and you may have seen
particularly in respect of railways where
more than one train is travelling in more than one direction on
a single track
the signalers and drivers
if the driver has a particular token they are entitled to
be on a particular length of track
to avoid collisions
that length of track is referred to as a
you have a token that entitles you to operate on a particular block
there is only one token for each block
this is called the static block system
it is designed to be a foolproof mechanism to avoid collisions
in respect of the central section of the
Victoria Line
the equivalent system is a
moving block
that is
a kind of concept of
each train or single vehicle having what
social scientists may refer to as an
individual distance
the train does not have exclusive rights to be on
a particular setion of track or block
it has permission to move if it is
no nearer than a set distance from the next nearest vehicle
this remains safe but spaces the trains out more efficently
allowing for more intensive track usage
this is possible due to electronics taking over from
cast iron tokens
when the Thatcher government deided to
Privatise the railways
they thought
let's run the railways like the roads
cars and trucks - their drivers - are expected to stay
a distance back from the vehicle in front
that means that in an emergency
they can stop without collision
their gapping should be greater than their stopping distance
this assumed tha 'drivers' of trains
actually drive the trains
as we have said
they don't
they don't steer and they don't judge stopping distances
they obey signals
swapping from track to track
setting speed
all done by signallers
back in the day
when you had a telephone
the only place you could ring was
your local teclephone exchange
where like ringing 999 911 today
a hello girl would ask you what number you wanted to
be connected to
and she would physically plug you into the
appropriate circuit
these days this is all done automatically through a system
sometimes known as
packet switching
everybody uses the same connetion but
for tiny tiny periods of time in a
taking turns
arrangement that the user should
not be aware of
none of these facilites are available in the supply of
electricity and gas
the electricity of gas put into the system
and taken out of the system is
at entry and exit
but is not tracked through the supply network
although that agregate will be tracked
for purposes of charging transic fees
in other words your gas and electric will pass through several meters
on its way to you but those bulk readings are never
directly associated with your bill
they are associated with your supplier's bill
even when your local council rqn your local gas works
the council bought supplies from commercial suppliers
coal, oil, spare parts, horses, whatever
you cannot entirely 'nationalise' any organisation
there has to be
even in a command economy
we have said before
energy markets have changed
demand has smoothed out
back in the day when homes had no insulation
in winter a family would arrive home to a stone cold house
late afternoon
and all across the land
everybody would
if they had switched from coal to gas and electric
set out EVERY DAY at exactly the same time
switch on the heating and the kettle and the oven
PEAK Demand
wasa major challenge for energy supply networks
and because of the network
many suppliers and many customers
not like Ford with on site power stations...
the responsibility for
managing demand
fell to the networks
the National Grid
all sorts of complications such as the
Green Levies and fossil fuel subsidies confuse the issue but
coal fired and nuclear power stations
have to run steadily
they cannot quickly vary their rate of output
they provide
base load
they have to provide power at a rate that will
remain constant
almost regardless of fluctuations in demand
like you see people have to
fire up a steam loco hours before it enters service
then you have renewables
and just like the thermostat on you gas boiler
gas fired - and to some extent oil fired - power stations
can be brought in and switched out
at the flick of a switch
and that is done by
National Grid
Natinal Grid KNOW
at half time in the FA Cup Final
millions of people will nip into the kitchen and
get a brew on
and so they prepare to fire up
gas powered generating stations
and shut them back down again half and hour later
they are
stand-by generators
smoothing out fluctuations in demand
and so the the issue of the week
the link between
the proce of electricity generated from gas
and the price national Grid pay for all electricity
you take these half hour blocks and you ask
within a half hour block
what is the highest unit price we are paying?
if, as at present, the most expensive electricity is
electricity generated by burning gas
then in
fairness to the other suppliers
you pay ALL your suppliers the price you are paying
for gas based electricity
as soon as the paek is passed and the gas fired
power station are stood down
some other source will become the most
expensive source
and its price will set the price for all providers
in that next half hour period
which is why
suppliers can afford to charge
12p a unit for leccy that is only available on
economy 7
but have to charge 21p a unit for
electricity on demand
part of the reason for gas generted eletricity
driving up the cost of electricity is
the market price of gas
and part is the compensation gas fired stations need for
spending so much time
stood down, idle
and the more we insulate etc.
reduce demand
the more time gas fired stations spend idle

now we will mostly be doing
the PC Plod Sam
the inspector buttonholes PC Jones
i've been looking at your record
it's a long long time sine you
arrested anybody
go out and arrest somebody
or I'll send you back to basic traing for a refresher
next shift PC Jones brings a prisoner to the nick
desk officer asks
what's the charge? what did he set fire to
he was just
arsin' up and down the High Street
if single use females
press politicians for more
and not less crime
politicians set TARGETS that are
fulfilled by picking the
lowest hanging fruit
and laws intended to tackle serious crime
are diverted into
exploiting trivialities
to fulfill the quota
not to keep the peace

everybody wants to
comp;ete the set
and have a black female POTUS
and Camella Harris was the great hope
but it turns out she steadfastly refuses to
read briefing documents
The white faced Camela Harris
we was thinking about
Redcar MP Jacob Young
the idea was
we can't afford to do anything about
storm water discharges
it would mean digging up all the roads to
install separate
sewage and storm water drains
there is a concept here that could be regardd as
the reverse of
mis en place
the idea that
work in a commercial kitchen is
not restricted to the time of
sewage works need their work flow
smoothed out
and you most easily do this by
storm water storage tanks
taking Lilly Park
as inspiration
a modest proposal
all across the populated areas of the land
install storm water storage tanks under
every outdoor sports facility
we will add
not lot of people know this
there is a sewage works
under the car park
at Sacred Heart School
on Mersey Road, Redcar
not so much as sewage works as
an Olympic swimming pool sized
septic tank
it's nee bother
they come around during the summer holidays
and pump it out
and the sediment?
goes to Bran Sands sewage dewatering facility

we gonna get technical here
we start with the Sam
woman on train says to maturbating woman sitting opposite
You scum
a'hs come twice missus
in law here's the thing
women can go about with a
ouple of golf balls or equivalent
stuffed up their chuff
and by a certain amount of squirming
gain sexual satisfaction or relief
fully clothed, hands free
so gaining a convction for
outraging public decency
we take statute law - passed by parliament
common law, etc
when deciding whether something is legal or illegal
if you are a run of the mill bobby of female constuction
you may think that the law on opd
means that if less than two members of the public can
SEE what you are doing -
no opd conviction
the snag is
the concept of force majeure
the thing like act of God that insurance companies use to
avoid payouts
desperately needing a piss is a medical emergency
and regardng opdecency
any bench or jury can make their own decision but with a
decent union lawyer
they would be firmly told that for opd
the urination has to be
opd is - in urinating terms - for
pssing on graves and war memorials
in other words needlessly upsetting people
rather than gaining essential relief
in either case
pissing inside a shop when not locked in
isn't opd, it's a public health offence
technology moves on
few people in the UK can have escaped the
adds for incontenence pads
as contactless payment proliferates...
incontenance pad dispensers on
the inside and outside walls of
pubs and clubs...
no brainer
and hitchng up yer skirt to fit one
it's very hard to to see that as
on a par with descrating a war memorial

we find it highly amusing that anybody should suggest that
significant quantities of
storm water
should be entering the sea off Redcar
we can offer the three least impressive
visual attractions in Redcar
three storm water tanks located
alongside Drive Vauxhall on Trunk Road
the south West corner of the Cleveland College site
on Corporation Road
and behind the houses at the Mersey Road end of
Thames Road on Flemngs' Field
they are on the scale of one of those
access shafts for the new Thames Diversion Sewer in London
but they are
when we say these tanks are BIG...
when the building works at Cleeland College began
engineers had to do an inspection of the
storm water tank
to check the new build wouldn't fall in
it's not a case of
lift the lid and shine a torch
every time they inspect a tank they ahve to
hire in a mobile crane and hang a cage off it
and lower the engineers down the shaft
by contrast
the tank under Lilley Park on the Coast Road
is only 2 or 3 metres deep
but it is under the entire west half of the park
and then there's Marske Sewage Works on Green Lane
of all the bars...
of all the places that
sewage could get into the sea...
the only sewage getting into the sea off Redcar is
cow shit

we suggest a search for
bfi year sex olympics
the FBI is the British Film Institute
The Year of the Sex Olympics is a 1960s BBC drama
available on DVD
it is strange how the BBC has changed
there are five ideas suggested as the
point of the play
one thing pointe out is that in the US Navy
men are declining shore leave
and opting for a pot of lube and a laptop
the idea is
if people watch quality sex on the internet
they get satifaction without
1 getting nicked for some perhaps age related technicality
2 catching some nasty ttle disease
if the people who commissioned
Year of the Sex Olympics
were in charge today
would it be the BBC that produced
Naked Attraction?
we have this apparently alien opinion that
police officers sjould set a good example
our Ricker can't imagine consenting to share his home
with anybody who isn't female
and hasn't first demonstrated
how they take a piss
if a female is taken short whilst
on the RAS it s her
Civic Duty
to tand over the gutter in the road outside
and give the world a demonstration of
how she takes a piss
she absolutely should not
go nto a shop and make a smelly little puddle
on the floor of the
fitting romm of a shop
think of the devastating efect on
sales of sanitary pads
of providing
public toilets
do the French call them
bring back
telephone kiosks and
fit drains in the floors
give the night time economy some

we think there may have been a bit of a
high reach looking like a Viagra advert to the right

there's a bit of a mismatch here
the cherry picker looks like a
JLG 1850SJ
and that gives access to 185 feet
not a match for the Liebherr's 240 feet
there is a uMag 100MWT that will offer access to 100 metres...
what should we say?
Good Enough for Government Work
from the sublime to the ridiculous....
first the high reach does have a cab
it's one of those that swivels out of sight when
not in use
a 240 foot high reach with a shear on the end
but apparently
the shear don't work
so back stree bodgerama
attach a chain to the shear
go up the outside of the furnace in a cherry picker
slam some eye bolts into the steel
take the chain up the furnace
attach the chain to the eye bolts
chain connects furnce steel to shear
we lost patience at this point but we assume the plan is
go up in the cherry picker and cut
the bit of steel with the eye bolts in it
from the furnace with a
gas axe
and when it's free
well the high reach isn't a crane
so to get the scrap to the ground we assume
they have to retract the boom??
sublime to the ridiculous?
Erith Group are giving a master class in demolition
at the coke works
and Thompsons of Prudhoe have hired a bunch of clowns as subs
next door
if it was us we wouldn't be wrecking this furnace
only around 10 years old
if we had to
we would fix the sear on the high reach
to hell with eye bolts and rivnuts
get a proper grip
we refer to this from time to time
there is a classic US TV series from way back
Luciele Ball
I love Lucy
ran from 1951 to 1957
probably later in the UK
naive and ambitious but lacking in skills
180 episodes
the episode we refer to from time to time relates to
1951 remember
Lucy buying her first 'fridge
and she wants to be sure the
light goes off when she closes the door
railways employ a lot of people
in several groups
engineers design build and maintain and upgrade equipment
front of house sell tickets and provide informton
three groups run trains
signalers, drivers, conductors
having opened in May 2022 we reckon
The Elzabeth Line
100 km across London in three sections
east and west above ground and central underground
the three sections wee not integrated in May 2022
because a number of the stations in the central section
have platform doors
that is BOTH the trains and the platforms have doors that have to line up
for passengers to enter and leave
although the driver can set off from these stations
they cannot control the arrival of trains at stations
in the central section
the trains are computer controlled
and the computers are supervised by
signallers not the drivers
this has happened and run safely for 3 months to date
train companies wanted to introduce
Automatic Train Control
as soon as computers were capable
but at the time
ASLEF was sufficiently powerful to insist on
ATPC automatic train protection and control
in essence
the trains drive themselves under the supervision of
but the 'driver' has to
press a pedal or lever every few seconds to
indicate that they are still alive
a driver would need sanction from a signaler
via radio
to over-ride the system to
make a train move if it had decided to stop
or to exceed a speed limit
or proceed beyond a signal set at danger
the driver
rides the train to re-assure the passengers that
there is
wetware in the system
and so far as we know the only
driverless trains in the UK are
airport shuttles and similar
but it is now comng to the old
airline pilot joke
why is there a dog in the cockpit?
it's there to bite the pilot if she touches the controls
and we have seen examples where it is suspected that
a pilot or co-pilot has deliberately
flown an airliner into the ocean
as a form of? suicide?
you can't commit suicide by crashing a train from within
a signal box

just a couple of clarifications
72 metres is
240 feet
the reach of the Liebherr
and the company have used it to bring down
gas holders
and there are a couple on the coke ovens site...
and of course this brings us to the two sad fatalites
when similar work was happening at
South Bank coke ovens
Able Uk took the cheapest quote or bid
half the going rate
and the crew were up in a cherry picker
and got deaded
there is a feeling that
people who should be in a
home for the feeble minded
are dragooned into
to this day
people are falling to their deaths off cranes in the likes of
Scunthorpe Steel Works
and only Able could wreck Redcar's extremely good safety record
the proper kit is out there
but it costs
we would suggest that decarbonisation of the UK energy sector will
cost a dozen or so lives
due to cost cutting in the demolition industry
operating a cherry picker and a gas axe
in a manner likeley to leade to your sudden death
is within the scope of
the brain dead
and these the ones we want the jarbs fa

it has been observed that Middlesbrough Council is
behaving like
empty nester parents
Redcar Cleveland Stockton and Hartlepool
left Middlesbrough when
Cleveland County
broke up
the council has steadily built
MORE council office space
Gurney Street or House has been derelict for decades
now they have moved into the utterly pointless new
office block built beyond the duck pond
Fountain Court
and another huge chunk of Cleveland County Council office space
Middlesbrough Town Hall and Teesside Crown Court
will be vacant
we see this all around
massive extension on the side of a semi
to try to encourage the teenagers to
stay home
and then off they flit to
Manchester or London
how long do we hang on
until we finally accept
the need to downsize?
how much more derelict office space in
Central Middlesbrough
will we see before
Middlesbrough Council decides to
cut their coat according to their
not their
central government hand out

Associated Society of Locomotive Engineers and Firemen
you gotta laugh
at best
these are a bunch of bus drivers
or course some of them will be driving freight
and thus be in charge of locomotives...
NONE of them has ever in their lives
shevelled so much as a teaspoonful of coal
we wonder whether volunteer footplate staff on
conservation railways
are admitted to membership
people who are actual engineers and firetenders
it rather reminds one of the young lad with
wrote to the local
'cycling club'
3nquiring about membership
only to find that it was a
CIU Club and Institute Union
working men's club and not a single
bike amongst the entire membership
you just laugh
but the comductors aren't laughing
they run the trains for half the pay
whilst the 'drivers' sit a stare out of the window
for half their shift
and spend the rest of their shift in the canteen
calling themselves ASLEF
is world class brass neck
engineers? they couldn't swap a light bulb
not like in the old days
uncle John driving Mallard
THAT was work
work that ended in stomach cancer
as a result of contct with the coal

Dem-Master Demolition
is a demolition company based in Scotland
the Glasgow side of Edinburgh
thye don't seem very experienced but they do have
a special bit of kit
for some reason...
their High Reach
completely dwarfs the jobs they have done to date
like it's twice the height of a
ten storey block of flats...
it's just the job for bringing down the
superstructure of the Redcar blast furnace
it is very big
and it don't seen to have a cab
but the crew do have
deck chairs
this leaves us thinking it is
remote controlled
it is atually a
Liebherr R984C Ultra High Reach
Dem-Masters have had it on long term lease
which means Thompsons the main contractor
have had to wait their turn to sub it
it can reach 72 metres
10th August 2022 it is thought to have arrived in Redcar

this is a pond that has finally dried up

this is the high reach
t reaches around four times its folded length

we have a little message from the
canine contingent
from Redcar
they - the dogs - say
that Wednesday evening there were
two or three explosions in Redcar
and we suspect that
they were designed to weaken the
sinter plant shed
so that it would collape on shedule
at a ceremony on Thursday
after moths of stripping out
the shed is now gone
and the chimney and the filter box
are all that are remaining
we have pics but pics of an empty space are not
we didn't quite catch a pic of the
High Reach
pulling down the pipework from the big blast
but we have to tell you
across the piece
the blast furnace will be pulled down
not blown up

we want to clarify our rather short note on
Pope Paul VI 6th
we won't say he was copying Queen Elizabeth
but just as she travelled widely across
The Commonwealth at the time of pontificate
he travelled widely around the world to visit
Roman Catholic communites
and so, what we need to say is
this pope majored on good relations with
other religions and enclaves of Roman Catholicism worlwide
and so
his contrived encyclical on contraception was
skewed towards
harmony within the church
carrying with him less developed cultures
rather than being directly
in no way was he a demented old goat
communing with God in an ivory tower
with a towel over his head
out of compromise comes
well, nonsense

thie to allow our Ricker to
have a moment
and all this science I don't understand
it's just my job five days a week
rocket man
when you ask the time
I tell you, if I know
you don't come back and ask
how does that watch work?
Newton moment
WHY ask a vet about ecology?
they should stick to winning 1,500 metre gold medals

akgae are a group of mainly aquatic - living in water
organisms that have a gene containing nucleus
and the ability to use sunlight and carbon dioxide to
make compex compounds such as sugars
blue-green algae are not algae
they are cyanobacteria
overall they are responding to two things
fertilizer run off - eutrophic conditions
and so they will bloom
and sometimes they get to be such a thick mat that the
parts in the middle die and rot
and the by-products of tht rotting
can be toxic
the salty sea
the oceans have lots of minerals - fertilizer
but without cyanobacteria and similar
there would be no
bottom rung to the marine food chain
so anywhere that's watery
you will probably be able to detect
cyanobacteria or blue-green algae
essentially, the open ocean
photosynthesises by hosting
blue-green algae
not an all around bad thing
just sometimes a bit of a problem
genuine blanket weed is
but blue-green algal blooms as a sort of
finer textured version of blanket weed
when they are massed
you may be confused by reading quotes such as
blue-green algae build up in blankets
on beaches and shore-lines
wrong sort of beach
blue-green algae do not form blankets if
subject to
wave action
waves such as on a seaside beach
especially one with rocks
will disperse cyanobacteria
and they won't throttle themselves
and die from being composted alive
where a lake discharges onto a marine beach
blue-green alga derived toxins may be in the run off water
draining directly from a stagnant pond or lake
onto a beach

we have a sort of bucket list
this is a list of topics we would like to get around to
if time permits
this being the major silly season
'the grid' seems to be suspended and so
not so much bollocks coming from Number 10
Humanae vitae
of Human Life
wwritten by Pope Paul VI 6th
dated 25 July 1968
it clarifies that
The Pill
is an artificial means of contraception
it contradict the findings of
the Pontifical COmmission on Birth Control
established by the immediately previous Pope
John XXIII 23
it's one of those cases where a committe makes
recommendations and an individual overturns the result
in this case we ask
why was Paul VI chosen?
perhaps he was chosen because the larger committee
the conclave
disagreed with the commission
and so
the Rhythm Method
also called the calendar method
a form of natural family planning
to do this you track your menstrual hstory
to predicte when you will ovlate
this helps you determine when you are most likely to conceive
many women may at lest sometimes have
irregular periods
and those made these calculations doubtful
the encyclical states The Pill is un-natural
we are not sure what The Church's view on
pullng out is
is it natural for the man as in most videos
to pull out as he reaches climax and
give the woman a cum facial?
natural family planning is
examining the mucus in yer chuff and tracking your
better than the clendar method
the moral question here is
if you ovulate and don't have sex...
you are denying your egg the opportunty to
get fertilised and become a person
that seems very little different from using a
barrier method - condom or female equivalent
in a sense
NFP is conniving at denying your egg a chance at life
whereas other methods are up front and straight
if, whenever sex occurs within a relationship
it happens when the female least fancies it
that won't do much for bonding
the suggestion therefore is
that your typical US Roman catholic women will only have
truly satisfying sex
on two occasions in her life
when she concieves her two children
or at least - or is that most
for two short periods in her marriage when she is
'trying for a baby'
the major side issue from this is this matter of
when the calendar method goes wrong and a woman
THINKS she is infertile but still has an egg
up the barrel
that degraded egg may go wrong in many ways
including may develop into somebody
due to prolonged exposure to female hormones
turn out gay
there have always been gay men
but are there more these days
due to the calendar method?
beause of the secrecy it may not be possible to get
reliable data on
have there been more gay male births
since 1968?
because the encyclical does seem to
by the bye outlaw condoms
undenyably artificial

we don't want to be seen as critcal of
Olivia Neutro-Bomb
but there is a genre of scientific research
that appears to seek to discover
what the patient has done to
annoy God
the main themes are
the wrong kind of food
the wrong kind of sex
the problem with this sort of research is
so often the researchers light on something that
at any one time billions of people are doing
without ill effects
in other words some reseach builds
food fads
at a deeper level
research effort would be better concentrated on
HOW a geuinely harmful food or activity does harm
but overall the major evil is to think that
medicine - fact based medicine
and objective, scientific, medical research
thwart or interfeer with
God's Justice
and that
Paliative Care is the only justifiable course of action

we have to ask...
has anybody done a trial of
acyclovir Zovirax
in MND motor neurone disease?
so many viruses
common ones are
they grow in nerves
it is all too easy to test a
blood sample
and conclude the virus is not present

a couple of things about the Farne Islands
and sea birds
the evolution of animal behaviour is
suck it and see
that is better than
survival of the fittest
what it means is
a reasonably sized group of a species
when faced with a new challenge or problem
will react in random ways
take twenty thousand kitty wakes
over time
the ones who poo all over their nesting rocks
because by doing so they are
whitewashing their otherwise dark grey rock sites
will reflect extess insolation
and if the weather is suddenly very wet
a lot more than usual of the whitwash will be
washed away
on an entirely different tack
if you nest on rock ledges tht are twenty metres above sea level
they are right up there in the sun
if you want to nest but all the tall cliffs are taken by the elders
you will try your luck on the
outer Farnes
that are more low level
your nest is more at risk of being swept away in a storm
but the rocks you are sitting on will be
sea swept
with relatively chilly sea water
and if you time your nestting season to just after the
equinoctial storms in April
you may not get blown away - your eggs and chicks that is
but the wave action nearby may keep you cool
somoving the the outer Franes may have had nothing to do with
visitor numbers during CoViD
that never made much sense anyway
just sayin'

stating the bleedin' obvious
have we said this before?
if you hve patient with symptoms of
MND motor neurone disease
do nothing until you have checked or corected
have they had a shingles vaccination?
it's pointless trying anything else before you've
given that a go

life can be frustrating
for now we are going to repeat that oft used mantra
give me the child for the first four years and I will give you the man
and in respect of the concept of
stranger danger
if you want to brainwash little kiddies
you won't want them to get access to two sides of an arguement
it is stunning how much effort the Roman Catholic Church
has put into converting
leaders of the Tory party
Ian and Duncan SMith
Boris Johnson
to Roman Catholicism
keeping the children of religious cults isolated so that
they thik only one way is a problem
suggesting that they are in mortal danger if they
stray off the reservation
is evil

presure of time may have left a confused impression of
secondary schools in Redcar
apart from Sacred Heart
there are two or three other secondary schools in the town
depending on your definition of Redcar
and your definition of secondary school
in other words we are not including
The Mo Mowlam Academy
and there is a big secondary in Marske
for teenagers living in central Redcar there is
and the Redcar version of Outwood Academy
OUtwood Academy Redcar is housed in the refurbished
Coatham West County Modern School building
it has a capacity of 862 mixed gender pupils 11 to 16
it has 560 on roll
it has a 'fresh start status' as of 2017
275 - 50 per cent - of it's pupls qualify for
free shool meals
possibly due to the proximity of the
Mo Mowlam Academy the Outwood has no
Special Educational Needs provision recorded??
Rye Hills is located in a modern building
around 30 years old??
it has 929 11 - 16 pupls
34 per cent achieve 'proper' GCSEs
5 or more at the good to excellent grades
34 % 5 or higher
56 % 4 or higher
don't ask
32 per cent are eligible for free school meals
we'll put up the list for what it's worth
Sacred Heart 39 %
Rye Hills 34 %
St Peter's 33%
that's RC in Eston
well actually open to all comers but RC based
Hillview formerly Gillbrook 23% in Eston
Nunthorpe Academy 48%
Outwood Redacr 38%
by afr the best performing is located in the
posh end of Greater Eston
Hillview is mainly Grangetown and South Bank
Outwood Normanby is located over the order
in Middlesbrough
the secondry in Marske is called
Outwood Bydales
it had 839 mixed gender pupils in 2019
11 - 16
Bydales is an outstanding school
71 per cent got that whatever it is
proper good exam score
it is 11-16 mixed gender
has the highest number of pupils per teacher 20 to 1
824 students
one of the three A classification in everything except
Resources a C
19.6 per cent of pupils entitled to free school meals
88 per cent gcse 4 or higher
71 per cent 5 or higher
we would say
Parent loal to Bydales are opting for Bydales
when they themselves may have gone to
Sacred Heart
and we note that despite this overall excellence
they do have 10 per cent of pupils designated as having
Special Educational Needs
perhaps more to do with a
Normal for Norfolk
approach elsewhere
than a disadvantaged context
without quating the figure for the other schools
which we doubt vary much
the proportion of pupils with
English not 1st Language
1.2 per cent
we suspect parents with a non-English background
will seek out the best school
and they have 40 teachers and 12 teaching assistants
overall this school is taking education
more seriously than
any other in the area
but new private housing has sprung up on their doorstep
the secondary in Saltburn is called
531 pupils
Huntcliff Saltburn was OFSTED Good in 2012
2019 requires improvement
we think
Saltburn like central Redcar is not now a place
where young families live
and with reducing rolls comes some apathy
it's really quite worrying that at Huntcliff Saltburn
with several status changes...
from local authority foundation status to
number of pupils 532
number eligible for free school meals 78
14 per cent
closed a couple of years ago
now part of Saltburn Learning Campus??
we have to conclude that in Redcar there are a lot of
'empty nester' households
and young families are living near Bydales in
new build private housing
and taking their children's education seriously
we can't say that in other areas
single mums are living with the children's grandparents
but the main central area secondary
sometimes, and perhaps at time of closing, called
closed a long long time ago
and schools with falling rolls loose energy
the main choice in town seems to be
Ryehills v Bydales
and we are surprised that Ryhills is not
performing better
we assume it is taking a lot of pupils from
the Lakes Estate where
Chris Cave
was murdered around twenty years ago
knifed as a teen or just older
Ryhills and Outwood Redcar are neither of them
on The Lakes Estate but they are either side
west and east
and Lakes Estate has no secondary of it's own
we suspect that special needs from Lakes are going to
and others who think Bydales is too far away
are going to Ryhills

we think it's called Zaporizhzhia power station???
biggest nuclear power plant in Europe
5,700 mega watt so nearly three times
it has 3 reactors or maybe 4
the bandwidth of capacity of Ratcliffe
38,000 gigawatt hours a year
quite a lot of power
and quite a vote of confidence by Ukraine in their new
American artillery if they have just tried to
use it to flush the Russians out of the
environs - vicinity, car park
of the plant with the big new guns and
the only damage to the power plant was to
bring down a few wires
if that was what happened then
that would have been a massive shock to the Russians
we suppose they were amped as lose as they dare to the
nuclear plant
and if the Ukrainian artillery was accurate enough to
hit them and not the plant
a combination of
nothing will serve as a shield
the accuray
they can take their time
the extra reach
meaning returning fire
unless airstrikes
is useless
great for Ukrainian morale
bad for Russian morale
we can't see how Russia can obtain
matching kit
this - if true - would be the over predicted
game changer

Ananda Staveley PCP Capital Abu Dhabi
those fortunate enough to follow Newcastle United
will know about Amanda Staveley
back in 2008 the Britush banking system collapsed
and all the major banks except Barclays
in varying amounts - Royal bank of Scotland needing the most
took bail outs from the British government
that had strings attached
to avoid those strings
Barclays borrowed from
Quait and
Abu Dhabi
Amanda Staveley's beef is that
Barclays gave Qatar a better deal than they gave Abu Dhabi
and so
Centrica are - apparently - doing a Barclays
avoiding being bailed out by governments by
pilling the costs onto British GAs customers
at this time, that seems to be the gist of the situation
if they can, perhaps, succeed in screwing endless money out of
British customers
perhaps somebody will buy Centrica
and so the Bank of England's concern about
'baked in' high energy prices
the Bank of England are making cross assumptions
that the market for North Sea Gas will disappear
that the British economy will find itself short of energy
unless they know that Norse Gas is running out...,bR> both cannot be true
are Centrica trying to sell a mine where the gold has run out?


the nearest RED cliffs of Redcar to the town are
opposite the end of Green Lane
the nearest sCARSs or sCARps
are opposite the Park Hotel

Ok so you can see how the swallows or whatever have
had a go at digging nesting tunnels in the
boulder clay and then
that they can much more easily tunnel into the sand
that in former times
the council had collected from the surface of
The Coast Road and dumped on top of the cliffs
rather than on the beach
it's a think enough layer to not risk collapse

as it goes
5 million households - many in the
North East of England
buy electricity from
eon next
eon next is the low or zero carbon supplier
there is another company that used to be a part of eon
and is now 'hived off' bad company no longer called eon
that compny belongs
56 per cent to the government of Finland
26 per cent to the government of Germany
it owns and operates
Ratcliffe on Stour coal fired power station in the UK
Finland has no coal reserves
much if not most of Finland's electricity is generated from
imported coal
that coal is imported from Russia
is the coal used in Ratcliffe imported from Russia?
if it is
and if Ratclffe is due to close in less than 2 years
why are sanctions on Russia not closing Ratcliffe early?
Ratclffe genertes 2,000 megawatts
259,510 gigawats was Uk electricity consumption in 2020
if you run a domestic 13 amp plug at full capacity
you will use 3 kilowatts in an hour
1 megawatt is 1,000 kilowatts
1 gigawatt is a billion watts or
1,000 megawatts or 1,000,000 kilowatts
so we have two things to consider
we said 'if you run it for an hour'
so we have no confidence in any of the figures but
gigawatts is the rate or capacity
and gigawatthours is the total amount in
say, a year
so for Ratcliffe it can crank out 2,000 megawatts
but for gigawatthours you have to multiply that by the number
of hours it is running at full whack
and coal is considered a
baseline source
kept going most of the time
so in say 2021 how many gigawatt hours did Ratliffe generate?
quite a lot but
more important to Russian coal miners than
British householders
there are 31.5 million electricity meters in the UK
so we guess around 25 million of those are relatively low usage
household meters
we have baseline coal
slightly eratic renewables
we have peak demand gas
and the emergency topup is renewalble beacuse it is
from the Electric Mountain - hydro
Finland has cotracts with Russia to buy coal and can
ship a bit od spare to Ratcliffe
Norway is bringing a lot more hydro on stream and is
getting hooped up to
North East England to supply it
there is significant opposition party leftist influence
in Norway opposing anything that might
hurt Russia

you probably don't remember the banking crash that
Barclays avoided and other banks needed
government help with
you almost dcertaily don't remember that
Royal Bank of Scotland
was splt into two banks
a good bank and a bad bank
and the bas bank was bought by the government because it had
around two and a half trillion pounds of loans outstanding
that weren't going to be repaid
that has been reduced to 750 bllion
the bad bank has now been closed
and any remaining liabilties - we assume - are now with the good bank
this is just an example of a government bail out that you may
remember, vaguely
a government bail out you almost certainly don't know about
Ratcliffe on Stour coal fired power station
you may have an account with
eon next
eon next is the good power supplier
unipro is the bad energy supplyer
it owns Ratcliffe on Stour
and it in turn is owned by
The Government of Finland 56 per cent
the government of Germany 26 per cent
maybe, just maybe Ratcliffe on stour will close by the end of
the whole thing of switching power supplies
realy depends on governments smoothing the way with public money
eon next
buys power from wind farm operators and buys zero carbon certificates
and puts electricity into the National Grid
in theory it is the two governments and not eon next that
subsidises Ratcliffe
and neither the god not the bad energy supplier
uses natural gas
in theory
eon next will buy renewable electricity
pay a transmission fee to national grid and to the local distribution company
and in theory their costs should not be affected by natural gas prices
in theory - at worst - their prices could be affected by the price of coal
but it is interesting that
eon next seem to be able to find enough electricity from
renewable or nuclear sources to supply all of their customers
unless they suddenly get a surge of new customers????
some figures suggest it has 5 million electricity customers
and so that would be around a fifth of the domestic market
darn sarf
the major supplier is likely to be
EDF and that is owned by the French Government
and is more likely to go nuclear than go wind and solar
and the major non-governmental supplier is Centrica through British Gas

have you heard of
the wandering albatross?
they are big seabrids living south of the equator
they don't breed at sea but they are out at sea
nine or ten months straight

we don't - in any way - want to upset anybody who
takes and interest in
bird watching
Farne Islands
three species
you heard of the pre duvet thing
an eiderwdown
their's eider ducks
between April and late July
so if you get Aigust weather in early July
it could be TOO HOT
40 degrees in the UK/
40 degrees in APRIL IN THE UK?????????????????
the peak of the puffn farne breeding season is
May to June
for the remainder of the year
the birds fly out to sea
not backwards and forwards
only come to land to feed chicks
overwinter on the water
corporants are the big black jobs
herns of the ocean
and the ones with a frilly head
are considered to be
so they are a separate species called
on the Farnes, they shags
razorbills an auk like a puffin
gulls, guilimots
what has happened on The Farnes is
pre-CoViD ther Farnes were divided between
birds and tourists
when the tourists were no coming in lock down
the birds spread out
and now they will have to retrench
and another thing
traditionally people - tourists - have disrupted the activity of
things that are predators on seabirds
one theory is
that left to themselves some of the birds have been
less stressed and have
explored islands they had never previously used
if you're a TV journalist and you go to the trouble of
taking a TV crew out to The Farnes to
film breeding seabirds
two months after the breeding season is over
how dumb should you feel?
it's like turning up to cover a carol concert
in March
now, there is a type of bird called a swallow
one swallow doesn't make a spring
martins swifts
so back in the day
when our Ricker got about a bit more
he knew that at this time of year
there would be rotting seaweed on the beach
and flies on that
and some srt of swallow skimming the seaweed ,
cathing flies and feeding them to chicks in the
cliffs on the beach at the end of Green Lane
they all naff off darn sarf by September
'cos we got
red clay cliffs they an burrow into
and on The Farnes
the cliffs are part of the Whin Sill
tabular layer of dolerite
one huge eruption that took
how do they know?
56 years to cool and solidify
pyroxine and feldspar
if there's grey chippings in the surface of
a raod near you
it's dolerite
probably from High Force Quarry in Teesdale
and that was what put food on our Ricker's plate
throughout his childhood
it's dark grey and it gets bloody hot in the sun
almost zero water content
a bit like slate but volcano slate
slate is a sedimentary rock
a mud stone
compressed mud
we do try to understand where the amateur is coming from
so what we have to say in the
'stating the bleeding obvious' category
seabirds don't roost
is that the problem people are having?
and just for completeness
we know puffins burrow
but they only burrow into the top soil
they can't burrow into the rocks below
so if people tramp the top soil off
there will be nowhere for the puffins to hide their young
it may be a change over the years but we are surprised that
gannets are not now listed as brds nesting on The Farnes

can you guess what famous person had the following
essential diet?
eggs, spaghetti, oatmeal, stewed fruit, salads, soups
vegetable puddings, baked potato, cottage cheese
wasn't Leo Tolstoy
or JohnHarvey Kellog, or Franz Kafka
well, this person was not vegetarian until
put on a meat free diet by doctors in 1938
we have a theory
this person had experience of war and
of having bee wounded in battle and would have had
most likely - military style doctors
there is a set of facts relating the
the First World War
that gets not so much emphasis
in the First World War the armies used a lot of horses
and the battles that killed those horses were fought
in countries where people routinely ate
horse meat
soldiers in the First World War died in the midst of
rotting food - rotting horses
so both this famous man and his doctors
in a context where dead men would be buried but dead horses
not so much
would be quite put off their food
and so they would essentially be very glad to be told that
they could remain healthy without eating meat
we take that list as honest
two stand outs
eggs but no fish
fish are notorious for stinking when rotten
a rotten egg is a nasty thing
but you only realise that if you crack it open
this person wasn't Henry Ford who persuaded the world to
drive on the wrong side of the road because he was
left handed
it was Adolf Hitler
he's the origin of your
five a day
he did refer to people who ate meat as
eating corpses
and eggs are not corpses
so Hitler was more 'traumatised' than generally understood
did he witness canibalism on the battle field
was this the basis of
reduce the number of people and
feed those left, on cereal?
and as so often
'the people' find their common sense
in conflict with propaganda
and they add a little fresh fruit and veg to their diet
without going the whole not-a-hog
although we suspect a whole hog is a barrel of wine
or beer and that's
79 gallons
a hogshead
or 63 or 54
in modern British brewing a hogshed is 63 Imperial gallons
and they are bigger than US gallons

we do this thing of noticing a small thing and
making much of it
it is possible that the trains delvering steel to
run to a timetable
but we just catch the occasional glimpse as they
hurtle through Redcar
this week our Ricker noticed that one of these trains was being
hauled by a loco in
PD Ports livery
and that sort of suggests that if the steel for Skiningrove
along with the steel for Lackenby?
is oming from Scunthorpe
it sn't coming all the way by rail
it suggests that
Scunthorpe, Port Talbot, Spain or China
it is arriving on Teesside
by ship

t'interet is getting more confusing
Roy Hackett
CBE Commander of the British Empire
OBE Officer of the British Empire
MBE Member of the British Empire
if you make Hackett OBE in 2009
why make him one class down - MBE - in 2020?
perhaps the OBE in 2009 was somebody else/
there is a
that nobody seems to get
then it's
Knight or Dame
and Knight - Sir
Dame - Dame
Lady is simply wife of Sir - it is not personal
Frau Herr Professor Wolf
just Mrs Wolf
nothing for being husband of a Dame
it is all very complicated because
there are entirely separate systems
in theory
for civil servants and the military
but a recently retired Redcar and Cleveland chief executive was made
in that case a recognition that she did not
cover herself in glory
during the closure of the Redcar steel works
if she'd kept it open
or even
so the definition of 'civil service' may not include
local government
and when you get into
the nobility
the nobility is a rank down from royalty
within the nobility, for instance
Catherine, Lady Parr
out ranks
Lady Catherine Parr
Lady Catherine Parr
s the wife of
Sir Numpty Parr
Catherine, Lady Parr
is he daughter of
Lord Parr or Barron Parr
and it goes one and on and on
oh dear, we've set him off now
two Gwynneth stories
his first and arguebly only girlfriend
she got ribbed at one point because she had put into
the minutes of Teesside BAYS
Brtish Association Young Scientsts
Sir Pilkington came to give a lecture
and not Sir Alex came
and the other item worth mentioning
sge found a fossil on Seaham beach
and they sent it off to the
British Museum
and got the message back that t was a fossilised
tyre track,BR>

Private Finance Initiative
Publi-Private Partnerships
a John Major scheme expanded by the Blair government
intended to take capital investment
'off the books'
the idea being that it was the private entity that
borrowed the capital cost and therefore held the debt
but they were another form of
reverse Freehold-Leasehold
in that - this is complicated
the public body
James Cook Hospital, Redcar and Cleveland Council
whatever was the Freeholder
but leased the building from the 'leaseholder'
I own this building
I will lease it back to you
so that I can rent it from you
I will take possession of this building
at the end of the term of the agreement
I may at that point be required to pay you a
fee much less than the cost of construction to
release your lien on my freehold
PFI came in in 1992
and was popular for quite a while
in broad terms...
these agreements were for 30 years
and so now they are beginning to mature
that is
for instance
Redcar and Cleveland Council
have paid rent for 30 years on
Belmont House n Guisborough
Seafield House and Redcar House in Redcar
and now they have to decide whether they want to
pay the release fee
buy the freehold
if they don't need the building they may decide to
buy the freehold - release the lien
and rent out or sell the building
this appears to be what they have decided to do
in respect of Belmont House
they are no longer contracted to rent the building from
the finance company
they are no longer required to find an
in house use
for the building

we don't know this
we know that Merlin Cinemas are wanting to
manage the Redcar Regent
we know they take over cinemas and introduce
live entertainment
so we THINK the delay in opening the new Redcar Regent
is becuse the council has been looking for money to
enlarge the 'stage' area under the main screen
if this is the case
we may see the builders return and
an opening date of
Easter 2023
but we suppose Christmas 2022 is not mpossible

The wages of Social Affairs Journalism
Merlin Cinemas will - perhaps - manage The Redcar Regent
and they are as specialist outfit
they reckon to
support activities to performing arts
but they seem to
operate cinemas
and develop live entertainment
and concentrate on seaside resorts
Cromer, Falmouth Ilfracombe
Penzance St ives
lots of other non-seaside places
17 in all
seaside cinema live performance
it seems a good fit
it's a twenty to 30 year old business
it - at the very least - will not stand in the way of
Redcar Regent being developed inti
a Pier Head

if you are a person of some history on Teesside
espeially if you once had a sort of 'girlfriend'
in Hartlepool
you may have heard of
Sappers Corner
and you may have been familiar with one of the
biggest trucks on Teesside
on the sides
Up North Combine
the truck woz wot took the
pigeons away to start their journies home
the Up North Combine is a federation of
Pigeon Racing Clubs
and 'im at the bottom of our Ricker's garden
has got coops and pigeons
so BoB the Pigeon
released due south of
North East England
ends up in rural America
ould have gone part way on a ship but
it seems he got caught up in some weather
westerlies not so common but we don't know much about
continental - non-maritime - US weather

another thought has occured
back in the dim distant days when our Ricker was teaching
he can't remember whether it was
Teesside Polytechnic or
University of Teesside
same place different name
he got told
you'll have to do a teacher training course
so he did some of that
and we guess it wasn't the full thing a
'proper teacher' does
in the sense that
it didn't seem to include whatever it is that
makes teachers behave the way that thye do
his approach was
help the students learn what they can about the
subject in hand
he seemed to miss the modules on
how to turn out
coffee coloured people by the score
the song lyric being
what we need is a great big melting pot
big enough big enough
to hold the world and all it's got
and turn out coffe coloured people by the score
Blue Mink
take a pinch of white man
wrap him up in black skin
add a touch of blue blood
a little bitty bit of red Indian boy
it gets a bit less accceptable as it goes on
there is this contrast between
basket ball - for boys
netball - for girls
so in netball - as officially played
the members of the team each have - normally - 2 letters on
the back of their shirts
and just as in soccer
only the goalkeeper is allowed to
handle the ball
what a player can do ona netball court is
limited by what letters she has on the back of her shirt
and this successful England soccer team
play as though it were netball
there are lots of way in which you can teach and coach
and thinking about
our Ricker and his rubbish 'doctor's' handwriting
after he got his head kicked in
he moved from Caotham C of E Primary
to Newcommen
and he had been taught
Italic handwriting at Coatham
and they taught
Cursive at Newcomen
we have no examples of Ricker's attempts at Italic
it involves using a broad knibed fountain pen
cursive uses a narrow nib and looks just like
so in that 18 months at Newcommen
in the school holidays - suppose that was one summer
dad would go to work and say
I want you to do some writing while I am away
and our Ricker would give it a go
and you could call it
occupational therapy or physiotherapy
but the question is
should you identify a child's weakness and make them
concentrate on improving that
or should you find their tallent and hone that
there was recently - in the past ten years
a woman pentathlete who was very good
but she couldn't win because she
couldn't throw a javalin
so she had to waut until the next season to
become a champion
Katarina Johnson-Thompson
we assume?
so we assume that she was
very good at three or four things
and quite good at one
but as never going to be a 100 metres champ
and would only be a pentathlon champ
if she worked on something she was not good at
the pen is designed to test versatility
and in a sense - not excellence
do you throw somebody off an optometry course because
the department wanted to offer work to a tutor who
specialised in diffiult sums?
and you've been tol to recruit students who will be
able to diagnose medical abnormalities
and back to sport
the contrast between
soccer and rugby
in its 'kickabout' form
soccer is about
I've got the ball
should I shoot or should I pass?
nobody wahts to be
left back
left back in the changing room
the dominant players will pick and allow to play
the players who provide 'assists'
on the other hand with rugby
Rugby Union
desigened so that all the boys in a class in a
Public School - being the UK that meant
a fee paying school as opposed to a nanny and tutor
hired to teach the children of one household
America Public School - UK State School
rugby WAS designed to divide the palyers into
Forwards and backs
forwads being beefy
backs being nimble
except for the hooker who was a footballer amongst the backs
the hooker was a footballer not ball carrier but also a forward
in other words
the whole game was designed to be inclusive
to have a role for every type of kid
and now
just a case of a full team of
meat headed Goliaths
just a small footnote on our Ricker's condition
we said he had to change pen type
and of course broad knib nig whatever pens are
fountain pens
that aside there was a curious note in his condition
before he had had his heat kicked in he had learned
to form his letters and numbers
and he sort of translated that into a
cursive scrawl
but he had not learned to form
pound sign, ampersand
� &
so in some way he had lost the ability to establish
new muscle memory
on the other hand
perhaps he had lost the stamina to carry out the necessary practice
there is also the possibliity that he was attacked in the school playground
during shool
and so he may have a psychological block over anything
reminiscent of 'schoolwork'
he has leaned to spell seven having been distracted by the
road sign for Severn Road
but Forth Road
all them 4 related words - which have a u in them?
we suppose four is to distinguish from
the opposite of against
so is this an example of
American English becoming Internatinal English?
hack the u out just to be different
and fourty becomes a spelling mistake....
can't say fourty is ambiguous
and then again
Fourth is a trade name
fourth goes between third and fifth
Forth is a kind of river in Scotland
but a person may
Sally forth
you don't expect to go to a
Parents' evening when your kid is doing
A' level physics and get told
he spelt melting - mealting
that's the only thing the lad's physics master
cn remember about him?
but then
T G Pearson was an A' level script marker
so he knew where the marks were
won and lost
to give an example where the
the essential
answer for a grade A
measure the distance from point A to Point B
answer for a grade A star
measure the distance from point a to Point B using a ruler
if you tutor does not know
what is in the marking scheme
you haven't got a hope in hell guessing
what is in the marking scheme

and another thing
when Coatham was set up as a Grammar Technical School
that really meant
the staff from Eston Technical School were
re-deployed to Coatham when \eston was shut down
they had diligence marks
1 good 2 OK 3 inadequate
in all his time at Coatham our Ricker only ever got
one three
in science at his first assessment
he produced a drawing of a deflagrating spoon in a gas jar
he drew what he saw
but MR Warne wasn't a science teacher
he had been a technical drawing teacher at Eston
and next to our Ricker's lifelike slightly bent
deflagrating spoon shaft
Mr Warne had written
Use a Straight Edge
and that is why
1 giving Oxbridge interviews to a star candidates is 'misleading'
2 medial schools introduced the UKCAT
UK Clinical Aptitude Test
beause of
1 uneven tuition
grade inflation

it's been quite a week in
football - soccer - in the UK
we are asking
since for most purposes we are not
on social media
where are the
a period of around a week
dominated by the Wagatha WAGs
Wives and Girlfriends
football being so much less interesting than
what is the HUB equivalent of
the WAG influencer?
Husbands and Boyfriends
thing is
this is a double whammie for WAGS
soccer boys with boyfriends
soccer girls with babies
should the Football Assocition continue to provide
a platform for WAGs?
we understand that the original idea of
WAGs was to deflect media attention from the players
during tournaments
we don't honestly think media attention
'distracts' Lionesses

Sacred Heart Secondary School in Redcar caters for
around 746 pupils age 11 to 16
around four coach loads of kids are bussed in daily from
East Cleveland, Guisborough Skelton Loftus
16 student per staff member
16 per cent on free school meals
71 staff, of which 48 teachers
down side
few teaching assistants
little - �175 per year
spent on staff devlopment
these are pupils with high parental motivation but only
35 per cent get 5 'proper' GCSEs
it could be concluded that these parents are more motivated by a wish
for their children to have a
Roman Catholic education than a 'good' eduction
a very stable staff, no unfilled vacancies

pupils from the school tend to congregate around
Thames Road Shops
before school
these gates block access to the rear of those shops
the shop nearest the school has a notice in the smashed window of the
to the effect
no more than 2 under 16s in shop at any one time
we can fail to keep focus but it is worth
noting an issue when it comes to mind
one problem with trees that are classed as
amienity trees
not grown fro a timber crop
two major things happen to them
where a tree that has grown for decades at an angle
somebody can et it into their head that it is about to
crash down and insist it is removed
the other problem is the reverse where people
survey the trees in a public park in the winter time
many of the trees are without leaves and so they say
they've OK leave them it's an example of democracy as
the power of the everyman or armhair expert
getting their way because
the majority and the experts want to avoid
a fuss
you can never say never and you can't say that tree
growing at an angle to get to the light
WON'T collapse
so if somebody gets a bee in their bonnet about it
it may have to go
but this is somewhat allied to the question of
where do you spend money on the likes of swimming baths?
back in the day when the likes of theatres and music halls were
privately funded
they would tend to have
cheap seats
standing room only sections
a range of accommodtion at different prices
there is a saying
don't let the exellent be the enemy of the good
if you are a borough and you have a budget for swimming pools
do you spend all of it on one amazing
Olympic Standard
aquatics centre
or do you give each community a local pool to help
local children a pool where they can learn to swim and avoid drowning
that is of course a double edged sword because
learn to swin a length in a heated oversized jakoozi
and then died of thermal shock in a local stream
into this is introduced the concept of
I love Sainsbury's
they keep the riff raff out of Waitrose
if you were Rishi Sunak would you
build a covered swimming pool in your back garden
and build a duplicate on the locl sink estate
to say
look what I've given you is as good as what I have muself?
we notice things
recently we noted Lz Truss getting into an ordinary looking car
with doors three inches thick
she's the Foreign Secretary
she has security
no matter how naff and Ratners her clown costume may be
if you give every littl community a nursery pool
where do aspiring Oyympic swimmers and divers go to train?

sometimes you put a search term into Google and get
a really spot on response
we failed with this
we said our Ricker had a complicated childhood
he was precious
but he never had the opportunity to
learn to ride a bike
for a number of reasons including
he was precious and he lived on a very very busy road
Corporation Road in Redcar
however we will consider Redcar's most famous, recent
it happened to a man living in a flat in
Station Road
and that flat is above or next door to
a former shop
Kelsey's Bike shop
now the family may have moved into the motor trade
perhaps not , but the shop is now a flat
and the shop was important to our Ricker
even though he never went in
his mam had a cousin in South Shields
he's struggling here
the husband was the cousin
the wife was
Dorothy Hall
or was that his duaghter/
or both
Ricker had an Auntie Nance
living in Warrnby
milkman's wife
and an Aunt Nancy living in South Shields
they had a shop
it was probably a bike shop
our Ricker wasn't all that shy and retiring before he was ten
so one day in the school holidays just before Christmas
the front door bell rang
and our Ricker ran to open the door
and there on the step, so to speak
was a man
and he was holding on to a trike
and it wasn't just any trike
it was a Raleigh Winkie
and it was for our Ricker for Christmas
a Raleigh Winkie cost ten pounds �10
tht's �250 in today's money
and the man wasn't the cousin called Hall from South Shields
he was the man from Kelsey's
when you think about it
riding to school on a bike like that
you suppose it wasn't all that surprising he
eventually got his head kicked in
of course he rode it a bit and then he took it apart
and then they threw it away
but if he still had it it would be worth a bit more that was a part of our Ricker's childhood
they say there are two wonderful days in the
life of a boat owner
the day they buy the boat and the day they sell it
our Ricker had a lot of things
'bought for him'
but they were for him to use
he would never know the day
one parent or another would decide to
play lady bountyful and give
some toy hanging around the house
the principal items
the trike, a reel to reel tape recorder
a VCR Video Cassette Recorder
not at all uncommon
parents living vicariously through their kids
but onece you got used to it....
oh and it worked the other way as well
here's this busted fire engine with no ladder
my friend gave it to me for you
he already had a fie engine
with a working turntable ladder...
this was the point
nice presents
1 here today gone tomorrow
2 never anything he had asked for
all this because they sold a Raleigh Winkie for
�1,000 in a recent episode of
Bangers and Cash

he's remembered a bit more
Auntie Nance was Mrs. Scott
so her milkman husband would have been
Ernie? Scott the Warrenby milkman
and Aunt Nancie's husband was
Arthur Hall
so we assume it was
Arthur Hall Cycles, South Shields
so at a guess the children were
Dorothy and Michael?
twenty years ago what women complained about was being
as in
children should be seen and not heard
as in
women and children should be seen and not heard
our Ricker was precious for a number of reasons but
a major one was that he had been a
forceps birth
he was born on a Saturday
and he was in such as state
'they' wouldn't let his mam see him
until the Wednesday
they wanted to give his temples a bit of time to heal
so his dad having seen him earlier
always assumed he was
brain damaged
and teachers never told him any different
and that day
he came home from school
there was his mam sitting in her chair
chatting to Mrs Smith
and our Ricker says
I passed the first part of the 11plus
I've got to do the second part now
and she went mad
and gave him a ten bob note
everybody always assumed he was brain dead
and never listened to him
nobody ever has
he had to go the the grammar school and sit in the assembly hall
and do the second part
on a Saturday morning
'cos, basicly
because he could hardly write
people thought he was an idiot
but when he did things like the 11+
multiple choice questions
he could manage to
tick boxes
he wasn't dyslexic
he could read and talk fine
his fingers just got tired and knotted up quite quickly
so he always tried to write short answers
described by one uni tutor as
and he can only do woodwork with
power tools
so he couldn't write or type or play piano
all things his dad did very well
so people make assumptions
so he was 19 before he got a car
and despite being a
passed the test first time learner
his dad took him out one day and conned him into driving
down a road near Grosmont where
his drivers tened to crash their trucks quite regularly
like drive down this steep twisting road
without ending up in the ditch
piece of cake
and no need to call out a local frmer to rescue us with a tractor
as would have been the case
if dad had been driving
the deficit was in strength not dexterity
but no not strength in the sense of
doing pull ups
like reach up to the door lintel and pull yourself off the ground
do the weight lifting
clean and jerk
collapse in a heap after doing 100 metres in 13 seconds
stamina that was the lack
aerobic not anaerobic
fast twitch not slow twitch
there was something odd about the English teaching at Coatham
pupils weren't taught how to
parse a sentence
mostly it seemed to be
write an essay on...
Joe Brookes was the music master
and he used to fill up his timetable with
English lessons
and so if you had English with Mr Brookes
it was in the music room
so one day he sets a testfor the first half of the lesson and
has the class do another exrecise n front of him whilst he marks the test
so he is sitting up the front and picks out our Ricker's script
and he holds it up as thought it was dirty
and it's on once sheet of paper although the other boys had covered at let two
so he sets out expecting little
and he goes through and our Ricker has squeezed all the right answers into
this small amount of actual writing
and Ricker has the top mark
but to contrast this
our Ricker was doing some sort of computer course back in the days when
very few people had access to really good printers
and one of the students turned in some course work he'd printed out
at work
and the tutor says to him
well, you made a lot of mistakes
but I didn't have the heart to correct them
because it would have spolied your beautiful presentation
it's kind of an insight into how
neat scripts get higher marks
it shouldn't be the case
but if you skip marking an error because of neat presentation
and then you tot up your annotations to determine your mark
if you start from 100 per cent and deduct rather than adding up merits
you will tend to give neater scripts higher marks
we write this without a spell checker and we often notice
litterals and correct them
but mainly
when it's wrong it's because
1 we haven't hit a key hard enough
2 intending to hit two keys at the same time
we hit them one after the other 3 intending to hit two keys one after the other
we hit them in the wrong order
these things don't happen with hand written scripts
nd t is easy to miss
ae written as ee
write sweat where it should be sweet and if sweet makes sense
the error will go un-noticed
there's another aspect to the issue of people getting
inappropriate grades
Arnie Harker was for years a physics teacher at
Eston Grammar
and when it was closed and replaced wth Gillbrook Comp
he gave up teaching and got a jub at the steelworks
as a labourer
for years he had been drawing a cross-section of a hydraulic jack
on a blackboard
but when he was sent to fetch one
he had no idea what they looked like on the outside
and we will note
one - the youngest - of our Ricker's three nephews
has handwriting almost as bad as our Ricker's
and he get thrown out of Surrey University's maths department
and is now - apparently - a successful
in medicine there tends to be more use of the viva
if you say to a candidate
what is that called
showing them a structure of the body
that is a different matter from setting a written exam
asking for a drawing of a cross section of the eye
labelling the ciliary muscle

the question of
next UK Prime Minister
is interesting
we've taken a little trouble to analyse this
inflation rate
August 2021 was the first month when
UK inflation rose - in this iteration
above the Bank of England target 1 Transport
2 Housing and Household Services
our analysis of the trends is that in
September 2022 - figures to be released
around 12 th October 2022
the Transport hike will
fall out of the inflation figure
and around a month later
the housing and housing services hike
will fall out of the figures
the figures for October
due out mid November will be
probably overll down to around 5 per cent
in the absence of a
fuel or energy category
we assume this will represent
fuel and energy for transport and housing
falling back to give us an inflation rate of
5 per cent
that being twice as opposd to
four times, target
it is significant that it is only since
September 2021 that
houing services - gas?
has contributed very much to overall inflation
transport - fuel?
kicked off in May 2021
housing - gas?
doubled it's influence from April 2022
the first double whammie - heating gas and petrol/diesel
was October 2021
these commodities are
and futures in them are traded
that means people buy them with no intention of
taking delivery
they buy ownership now to sell ownership later
futures are a bit like
freehold against actual suppliers to end users
buying leasehold
except that these are the other way around sine
the gas and liquid fuel will eventually be
rather as a frehold property may eventually be
demolished or fall into the sea
they hold the freehold but have no intention of
actually doing anything with the property
and so their prices are affected by the freeholds being
gambling chips
people buy in hopes of selling at a profit - later
and so
especially in a context of the overall outlawing of
insider trading
and Chinese Walls
paper walls within a company
as an example
Centrica owns British Gas
it is certainly aginst the spirit
and possibly against the law for
Centrica to tell its subsidiary
British Gas
anything about its reserves and
future rates of production
so that
in the gas market
the market price is not subject to the laws of
supply and demand
it is simply influenced by the
level of demand
Centrica is under no obligation to sell gas to
its subsidiary British Gas
it is free to export the gas if it can get a better price
by so doing
so the price British Gas pays is the
World Market Price
and so the profits are with Centrica and not British Gas
and other operators
Shell Total
are similarly under no obligation to have
sweetheart deals with British Gas
another way of looking at this is
the British Government grants oil and gas companies
licences to extract oil and gas from under the North Sea
to companies with
1 the money for the licences
the money, kit, and expertise to extract the oil and gas
British Gas has none of these
but it is 'free' to import
non-North Sea gas if it an get it ate a better price
and so
the Uk COULD be self sufficient in gas from
North Sea sources
but in actual fact
only uses North Sea gas for around
30 per cent of its usage
because British Gas has cheaper long term contracts
at a guess - probably from
on the subject of Norway
we are getting increasing amounts of elecricity
via cable , from Norway
and that is
with overseas suppliers
it's a bit like
Bristol Street Motors
would own Nissan
and sell some Nissans in the UK
some abroad
and would also sell
Fords bought in from Spain
in other words it is a mature and complex market
all of that is quite complex but the bottom line is
there will be a new houshold gas price cap in
january 2023
it may be LOWER

we were shocked to hear that
Sir Christopher Meyer
had dropped down dead - recently
a stroke
but does anybody remember
Sir Antony Meyer
it is interesting because
Sir Antony Meyer was described as a
stalking donkey
when he challenged Margret Thatcher for
leadership of the Tory party
and then
Rishi Sunak puts himself up as a
stalking horse to Boris Johnson
a stalking horse is a live horde you teather in a
lion or tigers home range
hoping to shoot the tiger as it attacks the horse
and so we do very much doubt the concept of
Rishi Sunak as a serious candidate for PM at this time
modern times, modern plans
it is, in many ways a little more complex to arrange for
a female to be
inside the tent/boat pissing out
than outside pissing in
and so perhaps the Tory party are presently arranging
a little reality check for Ms Truss

Theis is a LOcal shop for LOcal people
what we are seeing
with Cleveland Police
and in tune with the likes of
Councilor Quartermain
is a drift towards using
Public Space Dispersal Orders
to turn
High Streets
Gated Communities
like what they used to on the sink estates
sometimes when sitting back and trying to make sense of the world
a thought occurs
what is
top of mind
with yer typical UK cop?
the question
do you have any lawful excuse to
be where you are?
there are cearly two sorts of people developing in the UK
and perhaps elsewhere
people who live in public places
people who live in private spaces
we talk about the death of town centres
and then we have cops who think
a town centre is a private community hub
for people with a home address within a couple of hundred metres
how ya gonna get footfall
if the filth are constantly asking visitors
do you have any lawful excuse to be outside
your home, your car, or your workplace?
a significant element of this comes from the likes
of that seond son of the first born of
the queen of England
seeking to
monetise his image
in other words
all that commemorative crockery
we don't think the Royal Family get a royalty on that
but if a musician gets paid for every play
why not a fee for every copy of a pic?
in other words
in a world where the only legal excuse for
being famous
is that you are famous
being famous for being famous
the police are beginning to identify locations around the country
that they regard as
closed sets
for particular internet influencers
so there's a school trip
and the school just hires a coach and sets off
and gets no 'permission' to settle in a a particular
public space
a beach, a high stree, a riverside, an amusement park
and defacto
for the duration
that location becomes
a closed set
for the media managers of that school

on a slightly different topic
we have noted a phrase creeping into
modern documentaries about war
we hear increasingly
as the army over ran the town...
the local men were shot
and the local women were raped
this little script tends to establish in the mnd of the
an equivalence between
being shot and being raped
the human body is not designed to survive being shot
the human female body is designed to be fucked
the human male body is capable of surviving
being buggered
so long as it isn't done with a bullet
the old addage
keep away from men
avoid a fate worse than death
there's a kind of shotgun called a
our Ricker's dad and his boss used to
build roads
supply the materials for road construction
and the quarries were in remote places
and from time to time they would encounter a bus
a particular bus
and George would remark
there's the blunder bus
the bus taking the single girls to a countryside retreat
for their confinement
in the latter stages of their pregnancies

old men wittering on about their schooldays
our Ricker has always been a sensitive soul
when he wa at school he had a lot to deal with
and he was learning alongside boys with
much simpler lives
the sort of old man currently witting was probably at school
in the 1960s
so the typical teacher would have been born in
the 1920s or earlier
they my have lost their father at a young age
in the First World War or lost friends in the
Second World War
two ideas about boys in school in the 1960s
1 they must study hard to get some sort of
occupation of sufficient importance that
they don't become cannon fodder come the next war
2 these smug little blighters should get a taste of
what my genertion had to put up with
Harry Hindle was the head of Eston County Modern
later Gillbrook comp
in times of trouble his priority was
school dinners for the kids
nothing seems to have changed there
S G Barker
some called him Stephen some Geoffry
the pupils called him
was the head at Coatham Boys' Grammar technical school
our Rcker had a slightly different perspective from most
he was connected to the Anglican Church that was
local to the school
and so he had a little insight into S G B
he was a Cambridge graduate
appointed as head, not promoted into the post
the people - the governors - who appointed him
thought he was there for a short time to
put some grit into his CV
he stayed for the rest of his career
he was not interested in a boy if he did not think
he could get that boy into Cambridge
or Oxford at a pinch
S G B had a pleasant light airy office at the very front of the school
access was via a windowless corridor with three doors
door 1 on the left Mr Mcgregor deputy head
door 2 on the left school secretaries
door 3 straight ahead the head
S G B was called Trog
nobody was ever called to his office and
it appeared that he spent his days in a cave
he was regarded by the pupils as
a troglodyte
we would regard any teacher at that school at that time as
to a greater or lesser extent
feeling in a doomed and pointless exrecise
during the 1960s for example
an English teacher called Adnit escaped to a
teacher training college
and a PE teacher calle Phil Judge escaped to one of them
Haberdasher Ask's outfits
there was a certain element
promoted by swanning around school in track suits
that he and his boss Mr Grey
may just be that think they were beginning to call
and regarding Mr Grey a stawart for many years of
Redcar Gymnastics Club
despite the staff changing room having it's own shower
Mr Grey feeling the need to shower with the boys...
as a boy
despite a boy on occasion being summoned to
Mr McGreggor's office to be 'caned'
it was - especially in the early 60s
the prefects the boys had to deal with
Deadly Headly
there was a CCF
Combined Cadet Force
and some in the school saw appointment as a prefect as
a first step towards becomming and officer in the armed forces
at his Primary School - Newcomen
or Ricker had been head of house
he was never a prefect at Coatham
just a monitor
we don't know exactly what happened to S G B's sons
we heard that he fixed them up with jobs as
trainee solicitors straight from school because
he thought - probably correctly - that
if he couldn't get them into Cambridge
university was a waste of time
one of the main problems with
university versus a good school
that a good school provided a learning environment
whereas universites ran courses
all sorts of benefacors donate all sort sof things to
universities to enrich the student experience
and for the most part they are regarded by staff as
museum exhibits, off limits to students
to give an example you can look up
at Coatham there was
a Wimshurst machine
the physics department was packed with all kinds a stuff
that the boys got to play with
under supervision
and all the tools in the woodwork and engineering department
were industrial hand me downs
planer thicknesser the size of a dinning table
two blacksmith forges
capstain lathes the size of a car
at school sixth formers would have had
free periods in the library
at univerity - Durham for Ricker
students were supposed to
socialise in the dining hall
like prisoners let out of their cells for
an hour's exercise
school was for education
university was a cattle mart
Tinder without the 'phones
Durham University had a computer that had to be installed
into a building by knocking a huge hole in a wall
and getting it craned in
but it was for admin
studnts never got near
there was another computer suite and
Richardson was some sort of scout for a computing journal
and one day he got our Ricker to
stand guard
whilst he nipped into that computer unit to determine
what particular meodel of
Big Blue
they had
school - run of the place
uni - mushroom method
keep 'em in the dark and feed 'em bullshit
toady we will be having
episode 239 of
does this exercise
count towards your degree
or not?
that is for you to guess
but the one in the afternoon s
the same as the one in the morning
so we hope you didn't discuss your morning with
the afternoon set
over lunch
so there's this contrast between
we want to control what you learn whilst you are here
degree classification?
we'll give you what we think you need
turn up for your exams but just doodle away
we won't read the scripts and they will be
shreaded - almost immediately
Simon Barnard at City wrote an obit for
he said he used to invidulate exams and
walk around muttering
don't woory, you've passed
Solomon wrote one of those
'programmed texts' about binocular vision
enough already

recently a couple of papers have been published
about the first recording of the
China variant of CoViD virus
these papers located
first contact to
a food market
we need to note that we accept what these papers say
but there is an important previso
the market was the source of the infection but
these two papers DO NOT tell us whether
the soure of the infection was
the animals brought to the market
or the people who brought the animals to the market
we suspect the latter
as time goes by transport becomes easier
and over time isolated populations of people
loose their isolation
and when they visit the
big wide world
they can bring their particular infections with them
and this is a much more likely scenrio than
pathogens mutating to
jump from animal to human hosts

we've turned our attention hto
grain exports from Odessa
we guess there will be several types of mine
as in aquatic booby trap
magnetic mines
contact mines
remote controlled mines
we have quite a bit of trouble understanding how
it could have come about that
Ukrane would have mined the Black Sea outside Odessa
before the invasion of Crimea
so the mines if Ukrainian should have been in place
no more than five or six years
nd yet
we are told that some of them may have
drifted into the waters of the country
formerly know as Turkey
the line we have been given is that
commerial shipping needs specialist pilots
because only the Ukrainians
know where they are
nobody knows where they are if they are breaking loose
from their moorings
if we were playing UN peacekeeper
we ould be saying
send out minesweepers to collect all these ,BR> fallng apart Soviet Era mines
and replace them with
state of the art remote controlled mines
that can be switched on and off as condition require
we would say that would take time
but not so much time that
Africa starves
at this point in proceedings one is tempted to suspect that
expecting imminent defeat
some elements of Ukrainian navy just
tossed a load of mines into the sea off Odessa
willy nilly
without, perhaps, anchoring them at all

most of the presenters on TV seem to have
young children
and so the lack of understanding of child development
that they demonstrate
is surprising
we are thinking about this whole
feeding children during school holidays thing
despite what we have just said
another group seem not to have children of their own
these are women working in child social services
the fundamental disjunct in child services seems to be
except in the very smallest of schools
in school children are cared for in
year groups
in terms of social services children are regarded in terms of
schools tend to keep children in company with other chldren
who are at a similar developmental stage
children who attend school get several hours
each school day with what could be described as
their peer group
and on weekends and in the holidays
they get opportunities to
either nurture or bully younger children
to be nurtured or bullied by older children
from the point of view of
politicians and pundits
so long as there is enough MONEY all will be well
we are seeing some publicity now about
residential schools in Canada
the Roman Catholic and some other Christian churches
had ideas along the lines
give me the child up to the age of 4
and I will give you the man
so long as a person attends mass and takes communion
they will be truly human
otherwise not
there's always a significant element missing from these stories
we are told that loads and loads of children in
residential school in Canada for First Nations people
died whilst at school
but we are not told what the child mortality rate for
First Nations children NOT attending residential schools was
along the same lines but on another continent
The British are accused of
but sometimes detailed analysis shows
one indiginous tribe massacring another and
The British being held responsible
because as the adult in the room
they did not prevent it
despite being present in tiny numbers
this all feeds into a discussion of
two concepts of education
setting aside
education - getting the best out of young people
training - just sufficient information to perform
the educational contrast is
like a boat trip into a sea of knowledge
and setting - by helicopter - a child
onto an island of knowledge and skills
in no way related to the assets they bring at
the beginning of the course
and sometimes you do that
strand them on an island thing deliberately
Nuffield was somebody who made money
God knows how
from British car manufacture
and Lord Nuffield set up the
Nuffield Foundation
and it set up secondary school courses
with text books and such
and some people got to do
SMP maths
School Mathematics Project
University of Southampton
it was a response to the launch of
Russia's Sputnik satellite
it was based on downplaying
arithmetic and geopmetry
training for carpenters
and was based on
set theory, graph theory, logic
non-cartesian co-ordinate systems
matrix maths
vectors and on and on
to try to prepare secondary school pupils to be
rocket scientists
hence the term
it's not rocket science
when people failed to cope with
addy ups and taky ways
an element of thsi was to
give all the pupils an equal 'chance' in life
becaue NONE of them could get any help
with their studies at home
and that came out of
nature versus nurture
all children are born equal
their progress depends on the
availability of resources
children weere taken into 'care'
and provided with different levels of support to
test or prove the concept that all children are
the same grade of blotting paper
and idential twins were separated
and each given a different social context to their
to see whether they would
turn out like their natural or adoptive parents
and generally, whatever the circumstances of their upbringing
identical twins turned out identical
what the summer school holidays does is it
and also the long summer evenings
break the ling with
at a lesser level our Ricker attended a help session for
job seekers
and the people running the session brought along
one of their previous star students
a woman from a sink estate whom they had actually got into a job
and so they set the class on to make
paper 'planes
and set up a competition to make the 'plane that would
so all the attendees set about folding paper
and when they were done
they set about testing them
one after another
and then the star pupil stepped up
scrunched a sheet of paper into a ball
and threw it down the test track
and it went way further than any of the
carefully crafted paper 'planes
and the lesson is
brass neck wins
if you're not winning
change the rules
similar children
and at one extreme subject the 'brighter' children to
mockery and perhaps violence for
taking learning seriously
for wanting more out of life than
the unending kickabout that passes for sport
and the incessant eating
then there is
streaming versus no streaming
and this comes from psychologists
hey say
put the idiots together
put the nutters together
and they will just get worse
force them into contact with their betters
and they will become aspirational
BUT just knife the toffs

Norman Stanley Fletcher
at the beginning of every episode of Porridge
they played the judge's summing up
at his sentencing
and Fletch was described as a habitual offender
we suppose, since it was broadcast from 1974
it is based in the 1950s and 60s
and alongside the term habitual criminal
is the term
Career Criminal
we have at present a vogue for
adverts for insurance
that say
we don't need superheroes
we need insurance
and so law enforcement are starting to feel
made redundant in terms of the roles
a more elderly population might expect of them
there was a phase where to counteract
insurance companies insisted on
the police issuing a
Crime Number
before processing the claim for compensation for loss
we are not sure they are so insistant on that these days
but for a time, at least, there must have been
many people in law enforcement fully employed in issuing
crime numbers
for insurance purposes
we are looking at
economic crime as being a form of
informal taxation
you put all the defectives on sink estates
you randomly choose some of them to put into uniform
and you allow
the lunatics to be
in charge of the institution
and you sell insurance on the basis that
cops and robbers will
leave the estate on
day release to
go robbing
all very fine so long as
nobody gets hurt
the only trouble is people do get hurt
and the prime weapon of these
Mafia style clans is
to accuse anybody from the real world
who seeks to intrude on their cossey little arangements
of some sort of sexual deviency
in other words
set a thief to catch a thief
has backfired
the present is a long way from a police officer being
required to hand in his notebook for inspection
it's all on line instantly
even if the cops switch off their body cams
essentially you can't accuse a
CCTV camera or a computer database of being
a paedo or a perve
and so
we return to a previous entry
There is a garage on Redcar Sea Front
that services cop cars and is a dive shop
and in the early days of CCTV
they set up a camera from the shop to live stream
sea conditions for divers
and somebody made a privacy complaint
so we shall see how far �700,00 of
Home Office money for
CCTV on Hemlington and Pallister Park
will actually get any of the psychos
who are no doubt mates and relatives of the local cops
actually get
locked up
and not sent on a horizon widening
thieving reckie
in the West End of London
on Safarri in Africa

what possible justification is there for
the police to have
private training centres
akin to religious seminaries
instead of recruiting
proper main stream graduates
and sending them out for
recognised higher degrees as their training?
the idea of law enforcement
dancing to another tune
still seems to be acceptable to society as a whole
presumably because most peopl don't expect them to stray off
their native sink estates
body cams with on off switches emind us of
the propritor of a back street garage
seeking an assurance from a customer that
the dash am is switched off
on a car come in for service
time change
but slowly in the back streets
sink estates and law enforcement

sometimes we get into a habit in society of
taking something for granted
without thinking about what it actually is
there are two words we hear about a lot
data is simple
data is the plural of datum
we often hear data
but not so often phrases such as
datum line
datum point
when setting out foundations for a new building
surveyors start with a point on the plot
they extend that to a line
and then everything they build is
measured out from the datum point and datum line
statistics is in a sense the opposite
statistics is, as a word, based on
set up
what statistics does is like
one day you come onto a building site and
there isn't much to see except a whole load of
pegs set across the site and strings set out between them
if you are the casual observer you may try to work out
what the eventual building will look like
if you are the architect you may check to see if
the building will match the drawings
and so with life
in life things move around a lot
so in one sense
when we collect data we are taking a snapshot of the system
and then at intervals we take the same shot from the same point
the same datum point
and we try to
1 fillin the gaps between observations
2 extend or extrapolate how the system will develop
in the future
and today we want to point out a statistic about
iron and steel
if you are interested in either iron or statistics
here is a question
what proportion of the iron in an item or structure
that is made or iron or steel
before it is scrapped?
we don't know the answer but we think
for the most part it will be
not very much
the industrial revolution has changed the planet
quite a lot
and one tool that has changed the planet more than most is
the Blast Furnace
the big blast in Redcar spent
half a century
turning rocks - iron ore
into iron
rust is - essentially- iron ore
iron and steel products are scrapped when they
get rusty - covered in rust
not when they disintegrate into nothing but rust
and so
fifty years of producing 3 million tonnes a year of iron
from iron ore
how much iron and how much rust?
how much scrap iron ready for re-cycling?
and so
India and Tata
want to stop exporting UK scrap to
Portugal or wherever to be melted down
and want to recycle existing scrap
in Port Talbot
because ndia is a country suffering the effects of
global warming
to a much greater extent thn the UK
but the UK government want to
open a coal mine in the Lake District
the UK government want Tata to
keep the blast furnaces in Port Talbot
runnng on coal
because they want to protect the market for
just as Redcar's Gertrude Bell wanted to
suppress the developemnt of
oil reserves in the Middle East
to protect the market for her father's
coal mines
in County Durham
the UK government is more interested in
digging coal than making steel
'we' have turned a lot of iron ore into steel
and not very much of it has turned back into rust
srap is the new iron ore
and the best way to melt and refine scrap iron is
electric arc furnaces or electric induction furnaces
and the electricity for those
can come from a multitude of sources
if you do want to
top up the amount of iron on the planet
Redcar has the capacity to do that
using sewage carbon - re-cycled
and not coal - fossil carbon

sometimes we see something and it lodges in the memory
and we write about it when we get time
some time last week Wednesday or Thursday - not before
we saw something unusual at
Redcar Central railway station
a passenger train - the sort that runs on the
Darlington to Saltburn line
pulled onto the goods loop and waited
while it was there an empty mineral train ran through on the
Darlington to Saltburn down line - towards Saltburn
when it had gone the passenger train reversed bak to
the down line platform
this passenger train was not the sort that runs the
TransPennine xpress service
but it behaved in the same way
this activity sparked a thought
this stuff about
tracks buckling in the heat
often although not through Redcar
a line will have two speed limits
one for passenger trains
and another usually lower limit for freight
we suspect that that passenger train was
running slow for fear of derailment
and hid on the goods loop
to let the potash tran through at
normal line speed
and that begs the question
did network rail run passenger trains
more slowly than usual lst week
as a PR exercise
rather than for genuine engineering reasons?
we say this well aware that
main line track has expansion joints
and it is only
'fishplated track that buckles
an expansion joint consists of two
jaw and tongue rails
imagine a length of track rail where
in woodworking terms
two setions of rail are not
but jointed
lap jointed
excapt that
you cut away half of each rail to be jointed
you do not join them
you set them in sockets called
and you cut away a lot more material from each
rail end than you would need to
if you were not to allow for expansion and contraction
the expansion change of length can be calculated as follows
totla expansion change in inches
the amount by which the steel expands for a given
temperature rise
times the maximum temperature range in operation
times the length between joints in inches
what this really means is
to extend the temperature range over which the track
will be safe from buckling
you add more joints
that costs
so you need to know it will be needed often enough
to make it preferable to occasional speed reductions
speed reductions do not affect the chances of buckling
in any way whatsoever
they do affest the severity of the crash
if the train were to derail
and or course
it is not just
The Flying Banana
the yellow liveried track testing train
that can be fitted with cameras and sensors
it's the FLYING banana because it
runs and tests at track speed

we get things wrong
we included some reference to
The Redcar Triathlon
scheduled for today
we suspect that at that time
it had already been cancelled
it didn't happen
we THINK it was cancelled not postponed
it's an entry level triathlon
and t may be back next year

here we will thread together a few facts
we are thinking about the development of a borough
that borough in this case being
Redcar and Cleveland
so far as we can tell
over time the twin bays of perhaps
and in order river to cliff
west to east
Coatham, Redcar, Marske, and Saltburn
had three piers
Coatham Pier seems to have been quite small and short lived
but perhaps the first
then Redcar, now gone
and Saltburn partly hanging on
so three settlements
so a small footnote
Redcar pier was not much more than a dance hall on the beach
at the time when it was demolished
this is the story we have
Redar 'Pier' was a dance hall on the sands
around where the High Street and Esplanade merge
into what is it
Granville Terrace?
anyway the story is that as a dance hall it had a
Mighty Wurlitzer
an organ
and on the demolition of the dance hall the organ was moved
this being 1981
to Eston
to be installed in James Finnigan Hall and that was attached to
Eston Town Hall
and they were demolished in July 2012
and there was an idea to move the organ to
The Coatham Bowl in Redcar
but that was demolished before the move could be made
and for a long time
The Glasshouse - the entrance to the gone Coatham Pier
was the temporary home of
The Regent Cinema
that had originally been in Queen Street
so we've sorted out the history of the organ
there used to be another one in Coatham Memorial Hall
the Redcar Pier Wurlitzer was
the first of the standars 3/8 Granada model
and was installed in 1934 in the
Granada Theatre in Bedford
in the Second World War
it was used for rehersals by the
Glenn Miller Band
who were based in Bedford
The organ was purchased by
The Langbarugh theatre Organ Society in 197?
after a short time in storage it was installed in
The Ballroom (Dance Hall) on Redcar Pier
it stayed there 18 months
and with the pier demolished it was off again
to Eston
and the Coatham Bowl
as in Bowling Alley
deal also falling foul of the wrecking ball
it went on
Permanent Loan to
Pennistone Cimema Organ Trust
and so far as we know it is being re-built at the
Astoria Centre
in Barnsley
and that was as at 2020
over a period of time
a collection of buildings were erected between
Coatham Road and Kirkleatham Street in central Redcar
collectively they are
Redcar Community Heart
all sorts
council offices, swimming pool without a diving board but
with a huge water flume for leaning surfing
the first two buildings there are called
something like
Saltscar House and Redcar House
at the time thay were built
an office block of similar design was built
not in Eston
but in
built on a corner of the
site of the demolished
Balckett Hutton works
and called Belmont house?
as far as we remember Blackett Hutton
cast iron
there are two main things you can do with iron scrap
you can melt it down and made steel
or you can melt it down and cast it into
cast iron
what with
CoViD and working from home
Redcar and Cleveland Council has
too much office space
so they are proposing to
let Belmont House go
and we will note that pre-CoViD
there was a cash office in Saltscar House
now if you want to pay for a replacement bin
as opposed to paying your council tax
you have to give your bank details over the 'phone
we mean
trnsaction, customer not present
they ask you for your ard details and enter them for you
so we guess nobody asked for the Wurlitzer back
when they were designing the new Regent...

our main activity is to take
public information
information in the public domain
but perhaps in specialist publications
and make sense of them for
what should we say?
a reader of New Scientist
in broad terms
there are two gas pipelines connecting
Russia and Europe
over the past few hours
the price of North Sea Gas Futures has
rocketed up
just as it fell when it was announced that
Nordstream1 was to be serviced
Nordstream2 exists but is not in use
and so
for an unspecified period up to
ten dats ago
Nordstream 1 was opperating at reduced capaity
for a period of ten days to date it has been shut down
not working at all
as from now it has re-opened
but operating at the same reduced capacity it was
working at up to the shut down
this is being interpreted as
the pipeline was malfunctioning
as a guess, pumps had failed
the conclusion is
the Russians shut it down to fix it
and they failed
the assumption is that the reason for the failure to repair is
they tried to fix it themselves
lke a bodged DIY project
sanctions have prevented non-Russian contractors from
the conclusion is that so long as sanctions continue
and or expert contrators decline work in Russia
Norstream1 will work at 30 per cent
Nordstream2 will not work at all

regarding the ? adolescent care home
on Corporation Road
that used to be
Stanley Nixon's house
opposite Cleveland College
if the staff, management and contrators
possibly including social workers?
continue to
take the piss
by paaking on the pavement outside
instead of in the car park
they will eentually score
double yellow lines outside

now we will have a think about
the next Tory Prime Minister
some pundits are referring to the idea that
when Theresa May stood for election
it was a coronation not an election
this is because
although Liam Fox and Michael Gove were Andrea Leadson and Stephen Crabb withdrew
and the sum of that was that Theresa May was
unopposed in the members' vote
as a result of that being a new arrangement
and it not going through
the election/selection/appointment of
Sunak or Truss
will be the first Prime Minister elected by the members
of the Tory Party
we will make a note at this point
we are given no figure for the number of Tory Party members
but a suggestion of 'around 160,000'
we are not told whether the vote in this matter extends to
party members on or near the payroll
360 MPs, 1,000 Mp's offie employees
2 or 3 thousand close family
all reapeated in The House of Lords
and again in Central Office
the 'payroll' element in this members' vote could be
up to a third of the available vores if not disqualified
this has all the appearance of
we - the Tory MPs - don't want a new leader
and we don't want either of the candidates because
we want a fresh shiny new leader
two years from now who can
lead us into the next election without reference to
2022 problems
if we - this site - were running this
we would select Liz Truss
as a sort of ...
we're off into research here
the wite faced clown with the conical hat
or black skull cap over a white costume with
fluffy buttons
is Pierrot
the one in the check suit with a flower growing out of
his hat is the
and then there are character clowns
the Auguste is a clown mid way between the Pierrot and
the tramp character clown
and Auguste often has a red nose
since the Pierrot has something of the
Julian Clery about him
we may well if we were drawing cartoons
draw Liz Truss as Pierrot
and so
the question is
will Rishi Sunack be held back for a second chance
or are they thinking
Mordaunt will be ready for high in a couple of years?

just the save you searching for the
stranded lobster pic...

and so
Carpetright becomes
The Salvation Army
hard to know what that means for Redcar

ths is not going to go down well
and it is definitely in the realm of
a tink piece
our Ricker has noticed something
this past few days he has go - is gotten better?
he has got hungry earlier in the day in this heat
and seeing as he has reduced his physical activity a bit
he's kinda thinking
not low blood glucose
in the hot weather he supposes that he has been sweting a bit more
we are not going near those ads for products tha suppress seating....
what we are thinking about
stream of conscousness interjection
why do we say
sweating like a pig
and then get told
pigs have to wallow because they can't sweat?
another one of life's mysteries
the thing that has struck us today is
if it's hot and we sweat and we get hungry
sis that hunger a
salt raving? and if it is
does the food industry promote
low salt foods so that
we will eat more and more fat and carbs
to get the essential salt we need?
there was a debate a whle ago about
how long an you exercise and sweat fo before you have to
switch from
isotonic drinks?
in hot weather we reach for
chilled and frozen foods
and those on offer tend to be
sugar laden not salty

we have this habbit of checking things that baffle us
sweating like a pig
the actual phrase is
sweating like a bullock
that brings us to something else
pigs are descended from animals that lived on scrubland
and they have
piggy little eyes
cattle have huge eyes
and although we keep them on pasture
they evolved in woodland
when they charged
they had to avoid running into trees
so they can see well to avoid doing that
somebody set up a load of racks of china in an enclosure
in a field
and drove some cattle through the enclosure
and they got through
without breaking any
hence undermining the saying
like a bull in a china shop
and speaking of 'sayings'
there you have it
a British Summer
Two fine days and a thunder storm
and sweating bullets?
lead melt at a fairly low temperature
and somebody who is very very nervous
could by exageration
have habds hot enough to metl lead and sprinkle in around like
lead shot

here's a scenario for
Green Campaigners
renewable energy secpic says
the wind doesn't always blow
so what do we do on calm days?
what the fossil boys did latelast summer in the UK was
they sheduled annual maintenance on at least one
gas powered electricity generating staton
in a week when calm weather - no wind - was forecast
but the primary answer is
that's why we have a National Grid
it's always windy somewhere
the second generation answer is
no matter how unreliable the wind may be
or even the sun
there is always A LEAST 1,860 parts per billion
methane in fresh air
and when motor racing
Formula 1
talks about
synthetic fuel from the atmosphere
we guess this is what theyare talking about
just like anybody who says
I'm not your stepping stone
the fossil boys don't want to be religated to fuelling
stand-by generators
they want to remain
main stream
mainly as a
security blanket
we could say to people
on any days when the wind stops blowing and the sun stops shining
we can fire up the plants that
extract methane from fresh air

the core issue here is
is blue hydrogen being promoted as a
source of hydrogen
or a market for natural gas that is
mainly methane?
if for waever reason you don't like the idea of
green hydrogen
you still have two options for hydrogen
the atmosphere - the air we breathe
is around 2 parts per million
or 1,860 parts per billion
methane and mongst other mehods
we can separate any gas we want from the air
by chilling the air and
all the gasses liquify and boil at different temperatures
so the fossil boys can say
look if we take methane from natural gas to use to make
blue hydrogen
we can save the cost of
extracting methane from air
and this is where we get very suspicious of
green activism
these people concentrate on
making a bloody nuisane of themselves
instead of gdtting into the spread sheets
and showing how much cheaper and easier
grenn technology is
it's almost as though they are being paid to
give green a bad name
we are promised that the weather will break on Wednesday
the wind diretion will change
and we will be able to get back to normal
we think that planned events for next weekend will be able to
go ahead
on the other hand
just in case - heaven forefend
the forecast is a bit off
a modest proposal
put it in your mind that
if you were planning to take part in
the Redcar Triathalon on Sunday 24th July
and you have had a rough week
if the organisers permit it
perhaps a switch to the
would be wise

in a sense
blue hydrogen is a form of water gas
the process is more developed because it uses a catalist
and the carbon source is meathan - natural gas
and not coal, coke, or whatever
water gas is h2o plus c equals h2 plus co
blue hydrogen is
ch4 plus h2o equals h2 plus co
but it is more efficient because
quantitively it is
ch4 plus h20 equals 3h2 plus co
in other words
if you use carbon to produce water gas
you get a gas that is half carbon monoxide and half hydrogen
if you use methane as your carbon source you get
blue hydrogen that is
three quarters hydrogen and a quarter carbon monoxide
because you are getting hydrogen from both
the water and the methane
we assume that the carbon monoxide is removed from
Blue Hydrogen by chilling it and
liguifying it and allowinh one fraction
they hydrogen or the carbon monoxide to boil off
and hen the carbon monoxide is burnt to produce
energy and carbon dioxide and
the carbon dioxide is put into the
carbon capturre and storage facility being built at the former
Redcar ironworks
the joke is
the fossil boys are saying
we will invest millions or billions into making blue hydrogen work
when all you need for green hydrogen is
a wind tyrbine hooked up to a tank of water

instant hands up
we got it wrong
the movie was
not Blowback
we've been moved to write something different about
The Gas Industry
there re people alive today
but probably retired
who did sience at school
chemistry textbooks in the 1960s
were full of information about technology
not so much protons neutrons and electrons
more gas works engineering
and so these text bookshad four gas related terms
Town or coal gas
water gas
producer gas
the next thing to consider is
there was no such thing as
'Northern Gas Networks'
towns would have a
Gas Works
that gas works would pipe gas to customers
gas works were not connected to
other gas works
and probably very important
the local gas works - the only one you were conneted to
was probably owned and run by the local council - the local authority
and probably at some 'arms length' by
The Gas Board
even today there will be a gas explosion and
the first reporters on scene will start babbling on about
'people from the gas board were on scene within minutes
so the three components of gas
town gas is fumes from coke ovens
and very smelly
water gas is a mixture of carbon monoxide and hydrogen
produced by passing steam through red hot carbon - usually coke
producer gas
is a mixture of carbon monoxide, hydrogen carbon dioxide and nitogen
produced by burning carbon - usually coal or coke
in a stream of a mixture of
steam and air
there's a movie about fire fighters probably called
a lot of building - particularly in the USA
contain a lot of timber
when you put 'cooling' water on a well established fire
it is like adding steam to a water gas or producer gas plant
and the gasses build up and ignite at some point
thats' why we sometimes use
foam is intended to starve the fire of both
oxygen and water because a well established fire will
rob oxygen from water
so you should not attempt to cool a fire down
but the professionals do it so everybody apes them
most peope would say
you can't set fire to water
but a water gas plant can
so what you got through the gs pipes was a gas mixture
that at any gven time may have been different proportions of
town, water and producer gas
so the first point was the less coal gas the less the smell
so when it was more water or producer gas
ethyl or methyl mercaptan was added so that customers
did not think they were being sold
compressed air
there is a fundamental point here
town gas was not
CONTAMINATED with carbon monoxide
it WAS carbon monoxide
at times fifty per cent by volume
we used to have publicity campaigns about
if the chip pan catches fire
don't put water on it
put a lid on it
but over past decades govenments appear to have adopted the
Darwin Principle
leave 'em alone
these accidents serve the useful purpose of
thinning the fuckwits out a bit
like the cops who tell people to
close their doors and windows so that
thye can trap smoke and fumes in their
gas chamber palaces

during the 1880s in Germany
VON Quaglic added ethyl mercaptan to
water gas
to make it smell more like
town gas
if you pass steam over heated carbon
in essence the game was
to make gas from coke and steam rather than by
baking coal
and to a point you make town or coal gas by roasting coal
you then have town gas and coke
it's wise to use the town gas quickly
but you can store the coke and make water gas from it later
town gas smells
water gas doesn't to they
'disguised' water gas as town gas by adding
ethyl mercaptan - later methyl mercaptan
and it just stuck
one you do something in industry
you keep doing it
to avoid being sued if you stop
so they added methyl mercaptan to
Natural or North Sea Gas
and the problem is
when you burn the gas you burn the methyl meraptan
and the fumes from burning methyl mercaptan are
less dangerous and less toxic than the fumes from
burning town gas - explosve, full of sulphur etc
but a lot more dangerous than the fumes from burning North Sea Gas
as is the way with these things
nobody has investigated the pros and ons of
no longer adding MMC
so we still do it on the basis that if we didn't
there would be undetected gas leaks all over the place
people - like in the air freshner ads
are supposed to go
nose blind
and ignore the fact that upplied gas is deliberately designed to
stink to high heaven
and burnt gas don't smell much better
so we are now supposed to have
flues and extractor fans to removed the fumes from
homes and workplaces
carbon monoxide detectors don't detect MMC combustion products
and they contain sulphur oxides
so no matter how much trouble you go to to remove sulphur from
natural gas
you put it back in with the methyl mercaptan
in other words
in 150 years
nobody has thought to replace methyl meraptan with
a safer and more pleasant oderant
but the bottom line seems to be
if you can become
nose blind to
the smell of sweaty socks and wet dog
you can presumably become nose blind
not only to the combustion products of natural gas
but also to the methy mercaptan
added to the gas to make leaks obvious
and so
in light of so many domestic gas explosion
many not malicious
perhaps people over 60 in buildings with a gas supply
should have detectors fitted and
not rely on their fading sense of smell
such authorites as we have
could get around to it
the best option would seem to be
gas detectors with sirens and flashing lights
on all new gas appliances including gas meters

we have a stat for early next week
it is said that when you
move a muscle
70 percent of the energy - food - input
immediately heats up that muscle
only 30 per cent of the energy expended
actually MOVES the muscle
and so, on balance, for Monday and Tuesday
perhaps cancel the exercise routine
the blip won't ruin your fitness
naturally this is not advice for professonals
for most
just for a couple of days
slow races
and this is why e
shiver when we are cold
shiver when cold
pant when hot
there will be people
if the patinet is in heat stress
hyperventilation can derange blood gas concentrations
and if they are pantng to keep cool
doesn't necessarily mean they are
'struggling to breathe'
so you could find
hyperventilation and blood oxygen saturation of 99%
and that could confuse matters
who can do the necessary as slowly as possible...

a word to the wise
the wise jet ski-ing fisherman
if you're gonna gun it in such small circles
why not keep it at home and
run it around the fish pond
staying within 50 metres of the slipway
don't show folk what a roughty toughty seafarer you are
such a big bay
why stay under the feet of the fisherfolk?
just a thought but
next time you may meet up with them
mob handed
and a last thought
we suggest next time you make sure
takes his medication
before you collect him from the care home

There used to be a borough of Redcar
but no more
Redcar and Cleveland with wards
so council wards can be put together and result in
'Redcar' housing around a quarter of
Redcar and Cleveland's 138,000 population
Mddlesbrough has a population almost exactly the same as
Redcar and Cleveland
Redcar and Cleveland
and that includes
'post industrial'
Greater Eston
has around a quarter of its children
in relative poverty
Middlesbrough has around half its children in relative poverty
Middlesbrough is a complete basket case and
a bit like Redcar and Cleveland...
the local government administration is
domnated by
independent councillors
the minority Labour councillors are not in power
relative poverty is not a 'simple metric'
but it hovers around
a child living in a houshold with an income
less than 60 per cent of the average
but tht isn't a true average
it is the middle number
so if you ignore unearned income such as
Garry Lineker and other football pundits
and business profits
as a side issue
how can Lineker afford a pay ut from the BBC
at the same time as going stum about
Walker's Crisps?
must be doing a lecture series on
How to Skin the BBC
so we take Saturday girl - minimum wage
and NHS dentist
we subtract minimum wage from dental contract
halve the result and add back minimum wage
that is the median wage
and children are in relative poverty if they
live in a household on less than 60 per cent of that
but not EXACTLY - always the fiddle factors
like living wage instead on minimum wage
and before or after housing costs
rent or mortgage
absolute poverty may be ?
less than the living wage
extreme poverty is a global measure of
less than two pounds a day

uk passports need to be renewed every 10 years
unless you ar under 18 years old
in that case they have to be renewed every five years
and they are needed from birth for foreign travel
obviously the details of a baby in their passport
will be way out of date long before they
NEED a new passport at age coming up to five
so we are thinking about those pictures of babies with
blurred out faces
obvously, there is a great difference between
an identity card
a thing you may renew annually
and a passport
we are thinking about reasons why a child should not be photographed
there may be a number but
in cases where it is deemed essential that a child has a thorough
fresh start
to avoid being traced by an abuser or other contact of risk
as children change so much in early years and at
growth spurts
the essential thing is
not that they should not be photographed
but that there should be no
up to date image linked to a prior identity
thus it is not
the man in the street but the organisation issuing
identity cards
schools hospitals clubs
who should not be being cavalier about security
what you are trying to avoid is
oh that's what she looks like now
I'll keep an eye out for her
it's still not a fundamental problem with being

we always try to be fair and inclusive
we will go back to gradpa Robson
he was chair of the housing committe of
Billingham urban district council
a part of Stockton-on-Tees
we could check but we will guees he died at a fair old age in
the point about him that we want to make at this time is that
he was a Liberal
but he had quite a fight - we understand - late in his
political career
with the council over having an
Official Photograph
becuase , according to him, his version of
forebade the worship of graven images
we'll say that was in the 1940s
our Ricker came along less than ten years after granpa's death
in Middlesbrough, just south of The Cleveland Centre
there's a road called
Grange Road
from 1826 to 1984
father and son
Forrest and Dennis Wompra
ran a photographic business on Grange Road
opposite the now south end of the Clevelnd Centre
and so that was the premiere photo studio in town
and he got them
and he was happy
and then a little later he was even more happy because
seeing as he would walk past the shop it being near his offices in
Albert Road
he soon discovered a large - like 18 inch by 12 inch
print of the best Ricker photo
in a gold frame in the shop window
and there had been no disussion of this
and dad went on being ever so proud for ages and ages
then one day the picture was gone
oh we binned it
I want to buy it
and our Ricker has it on the wall in his front room
so we can say
a child may appear in the bakground of a street photo
and if the child played no part in achieving the
photographer's intent
a 'release form' is not required because
the child did notcontribute under direction
to the production of the photo
and so a grey area as to whether
some form of model release is required if a
professional photographer chooses an example of their work
as a display and advertisement of their work
there may be a financial issue but the prvacy issue
is a bit less clear
when film companies descend on a location
we are thinking of an episode of the Newcastle woman detective
in Redcar
the film company put notices around the High Street that read
in essence
if anybody finds themselves 'on film' in the background of a shot
and they are there not at the express direction of the film company
they can make no claim on the purse of the film company
for however they appear
perhaps such notices are advisable
whenever the circus comes to town
batons, lifeboats, torches
just like the notices saying
CCTV in operation
but here is the kicker
in the normal run of things
if a person - of any age - is out and about
or similar
they should have great difficulty distinguishing between
being seen out and about
being photographed out and about
the thing being that we do not at this time
give much credence to the idea that
simlar to grandad Robson's belief
that it was a sin to worship graven images
that the camera
steals away the spirit or soul of the person photographed
and so we set a failure to find an automatic harm from
being photographed going about our normal day to day ativities
the harm done by not being allowed to
play out
for fear you may be photographed

but then the question comes in terms of privcy
up skirting, down blousing
the distinction between
a normal view as available to any passer by
and a special images achieved
by the use of special technology
X-ray machines at airport security
so that case
general term and conditions of carriage should cover it
if you want to fly
you automatically agree to a baggage
and or body search
and then we come to a related issue
man approaches a police officer
I've seen that man taking pictures of children
police officer examines 'phone
no pictures of children
is the reporter
1 delusional
2 malicious
if we go back to the beginning of stalking legislation
all such reports should be properly recorded
if an individual makes
three false accusations
they should either be
reported for charge
reported for psychitric reports
if they have a delusional condition of obsession that should be referred for medical help
even if the reports relate to different supposed offenders

every now and again
a thought strikes our Ricker
so as usual we had to check it out
Universal Credit
we can say that from April 2022 the process of
transferring people to UC re-started after being
paused for the epidemic
what we are not so sure of is
as far as we know
roll out wasn't by
name in alphabetical order
or age
it was and is
by Post Code
and so we assume that even though people were not being
transferred during 'lock down'
wherever you lived
if you were a new claimant of the basic 6 'old' benefits
you weren't, because
new claimants wherever could only get UC
we are not sure about that
if UC is the only game in town for new claimants
a lot of people will have had experience of UC
during the crisis
and it appears
the tide of
panic over complications and lost income
didn't find much space in the media
the thing we realy really don't have a clue about is
we were given to understand that
and here we revert to
in work poverty
as the main thrust
Childcare Element of Working Tax Credit
and the main item
Maximum eligible cost for
in other words
ome element across the benefits system that
families on benefits should have
zero, one or two children
and so it is a major question
is relative net poverty in
North East England
due to larger average family size?
we know that
half of childen in Middlesbrough
are in relative poverty
we know that the population of Middlesbrough
increases at around
five per cent per year
nor a lorra people
migrate TO Middlesbrough
except for asylum seekers and such
so we guess the
birth rate per parent is
above average
there have to be loop holes regarding
kinship carers, fostering etc.
but the queston has to be
are the food banks
the third and forth child?

sometimes after a little think
we decide to simplify what we have said
a slightly scruffy middle aged man alone on the streets with
a todler - possibly strapped into - a buggie
only slightly off
but say they are at a public entertainment
and he starts complaining about people taking pictures
should it cross your mind that
perhaps he is afraid somebody will tae a picture of him
and he wants to put a stop to that because
he shouldn't BE with that child
just like market traders objeting to
publicity shots of the market
they are working and claiming

you know that thing about
if you want to get chatted up in the park
take a dog
anybody's dog
a long while ago our Ricker was at a busy junction in York
it had pedestrian phases in the lights
a good number of people were waiting at the lights
where Ricker was waiting
a man charges towards the assembly and
out into the road shouting
I have a child, I have a child
now how do you get to be a police inspector
without getting the training that alerts you to the possibility that
a slightly scruffy middle aged man alone with
a toddler in a push chair
may have little or no connection with the child?
join Cleveland Police , apparently
and if he starts wittering on about people taking photos of
a public event
a baton relay fro example
and if your local PCSO and constable side kicks
can't identify him on sight
because he's never been seen at the location before
in his life
certainly not with a toddler in a push chair
would you ask
has he borrowed that child to
get close to other children?

we would refer you way back to the pic of the
squishy lobster tail
we found one on the beah the other day
perhaps it had been barbecued
but not squashing with a brick laid on it
shows some evidence that
them that got washed up
were low in calcium

our Ricker wishes to extend a small apology to
anybody associated with
Zetland primary School
he didn't know they were going to have a trip out to witness the
Commonwealth Games Baton Handover
it is not for him to say that children shold be banned from such events
for fear there may be photographs
so WE have npo pics of the baton handover
we do have a few pic of the baton on the move but
they are not woth processing
it is difficult to promote a town if
whenever you try to take pics
somebody may pipe up and say
there could be kids in the background

we are proper bad at geography
we've just figured out that
Sri Lanka
is in
and Ceylon was part of Portugal until they
got fed up with it and handed it over to the British
and then t was a Brtish Dominium so we guess it will soon be a part of China
more importantly
we can't find
Gateshead Arena
on tinternet
there's Gateshead Stadium
and pictures of Gateshead Arena alongside
text about Newcastle Arena
and Newcastle Arena is described as being at the
Newcastle end of the Redheugh Bridge
and since the Gateshead Arena is at
the Gateshead end of the Redheugh Bridge
we are talking about a big green shed
built by Chas Chandler
we came across this question on Google
is Gateshead in Newcastle or Sunderland?
see - football teams
Sunderland is onboth sides of the River Wear
and is a town within the Metropolitan District of
Tyne and Wear
but has
City Status
City of Sunderlad
and has it's own post codes
SN - probably
are also in Tyne and Wear but on opposite sides of
The River Tyne
they are two of four authorities at the mouth of the Tyne
the others being North Tyneside and South Tyneside
and all for have
post codes
there is an arena somewhere on Tyneside that has a seating capacity of
11,000 and that is considered
'big enough'
for the Eurovision Song Contest
so when we refer to
The Gateshead Arena
we are talking about the
big green shed at the south end of the Redheugh Bridge
and it is to be demolished soon when the
the New Sage Gateshead
is built
Redcar does not have
MH post codes
Middlesbrough does not have MH post codes
all of Teesside
but not all of the Tees valley because
Darlington has DL post codes
but Stockton-on-Tees, Hartlepool, Middlesbrough
Redcar and Cleveland
have TS post codes
and the rest of the North East of England has
DH post codes for Durham
seeing as how
Harrogate Convention Centre has a capacity of
and it has hosted Eurovision Song Contest
we are guessing
the figure of 10,000 was cooked up by the BBC to
swing it for Newcastle or Gateshead

on Thursday 14th July
The Queen's Commonwealth Games Baton
is due to set off from Saltburn-by-the-Sea
at around 8.00 am BST
and should have cleared Redcar by 10.00 or 10.30

we don't assume that voting members of the Tory Party
are big on reading this blog...
but others my be a bit confused
they probably have vague memories of a chap called
Christopher Tugendhat
in the House of Lords
old boy of
not so bad this
North Yorkshire's best Roman catholic school
member of the European Commission
and if you were wondering
uncle of the Tom Tugendhat
who is perhaps the least
token candidate for Tory leader and tht could have died out with
lord Christopher's parents
we don't know
we are of course forgetting
the MP for dementia
Jeremy Hunt
some time ago we floated the idea that
The Salvation Army
were going to take over the
Carpet Right
buliding on Corporation Road
from what we have seen since
it looks like they have turned it into a
training centre
Shop Fitters

we hear that
Redcar cenral Station is
Grade II listed
it was OK as a
reundant railway building for a while
but then it appeared that the council wanted
the businesses in it to transfer to the
and definitely not listed
Community Heart
if the rail line
Teh DArlington to Saltburn
had been shut by Beeching
that would be understandable
what happened was
the line stayed open and
Linda Green and her very attractive assistant
had a ticket office built for them on the
up line platform
so the question
relating to somebody or some orgaisation getting
a very very long lease on the property
learly not a repairing least
considering the 'delapidations'
meaning that Green and Co were not allowed to operate
as before from within the station building
so we assume that at the time it was considered
precious real estate
we got today
from Eurovisionthe definition of a
Seaside Resort
a venue catering for
10,000 an audience of ten thousand
and 2,000 two thousand bookable hotel rooms
and we don't think
contractor's digs
would cut it
so if you are thinking of building anything smaller
in Redcar
you'd be better off keeping your money
plenty of converted 'family homes' in the Coatham ward
we do wonder what proportion of Coathm residents
are on the electoral roll...

this is one of those
Romeo and Juliet jobs
one of them fakes death
the other commits suicide for real
the first obe commits suicide
this is yer standard
DEFRA protocol
this bird has died
MAYBE it was bird flu
we'll have to kill all the others in ase it's spread
the autopsy on the first bird comes back
heat stress
still you got yer compo
and prices were beginning to slide through
over supply so
everybody happy
not so much when the birds are a
tourist attraction
we have been shown video of a 'dying' tern
on the North East Coast of England
one of the major symptoms of heat stroke in birds is panting
they try to cool the blood flowing through the
sufaces in the
the armchair vet may see that as
respiratory distress caused by 'flu'
guillimots, puffins penguins?
don't fly well and mostly stay out at sea
they come to land to 'nest' although they don't
actually build a nest
so breeding is hot for them
sitting on those hot rocks
two major stressers for sea birds
feeding chicks
and they live to 25 years
so a lot of them are trying to parent
when really knocking on
chicks die if they ain't fed
parents can't feed chicks if they are suffering heat stroke
and chick and parent can
fry on the nest
probably better to culture some virus
before declaring 'flu''
as the cause of the problem

any really major project is likely to be divided into
as we understand t
the York half of the
electrification of the
York to Leeds section of the
Redcar to Manchester rail line
begins today
anybody's guess when they will get the the Teesside
and that includes Thornaby and Middlesbrough
a guess would be
five to ten years
in theory they did a bout a mile last weekend so
a mile a weekend so tht could be a year or two
but events are likely to intervene

we had our Pasteur day yesterday
we were surprised that his involvement with
was highlighted
we should say it would be accurate to describe Pasteur as
The Thomas Eddison
of micro-biology
and so
the first successful vaccination was in
Edward Jenner
he transferred secretions from dairymaid
Sarah Nelms who had cowpox
under the skin of
8 year old James Phipps
soon afterwards the boy developed
a mild fever and discomfort in the armpits
in that sense this was
first and foremost,BR> an indication that
it was the exudates that transmitted the disease
it was 1853 before this vaccination became
UK manditory
so if you have Napoleon 3rd behind you
you get faster results
in particular the
medical establishment
but it had been known since at least 430BC
that people who had survived smallpox
were called upon to nurse
people in the thows of the infectionsmall pox
since they appeared to have some level of
what we can say is
people have all sorts of ideas
and they - mostly - only get to have their name associated
with that idea if they get in trouble over that idea
get prosecuted for holding those views and are
forced to defend their reputation
Lady mary Wortly Montague got but survived a bout of smallpox
with a pock maked face
her brother died but her husband
wasappointed ambassador to Istanbul
where he encountered variolation or
so Jenner - no light bulb moment
just an incident that upset the medical establishment
Charles Maitland innoculated Lady Mary's 4 year old son
in March 1721
in the presence of physicians of the Royal Court
6 prisoners in Newgate August 1721
they got a King's pardon in return for volunteering
to be inoculated
they all survived the procedure
and some later survived smallpox
April 17 1722
Maitland innoculated two daughters of
the Princess of Wales
that was when the whole thing really took off
so Pasteur?
Pasteur treated 350 people with his rabies vaccine
it was a culture of rabid brain matter
attenuated with
and is still used today in countries where rabies is endemic
onlt one of the 350 died from rabies
Pasteur was infamous for his
risky unethical experiments
in this case he
went direct to humans without
prior animal testing
perhaps that makes him a hero of PETA is it
the anti-vivisectionists
the first Pasteur rabies vaccine was made form
spinal cord of rabbits with rabies
attenuated by being dried out in air
so, as we said
Te Pasteur Institute a microbiological equivalent of
Thomas Edison's laboratories
try lots of things and see what works
rather than following a 'theory' assumed to
predict a good outcome
theoretical v empirical
since most people won't follow the theory
the optimum approach is usually
pursue the thoretical to
establish a
'ball park'
and then do the trial to make it

because the Tour de France today started in
birthplace of Louis Pasteur
we will write a bit about his reputation
it is quite right that
research scientists
argue to the pont of feuding
Louis Pasteur was not a licenced doctor
and so there were problems over
him putting perhaps undue pressure on,br. licenced doctors to carry out experiments for him
it is always difficult to put yourself in the
mind set of the people who made advances and discoveries
one element of confusion that Pasteur was involved in was
when a substance or product made from that substance
is made and exposed to sun and air
a substance such as rubber
it will change it may loose its desirable qualities
we may say
it has 'perished'
eleastic bands that snap
that sort of thing
Pasteur was famous and well funded
and so he got involved is several aspects of
Life Sciences
as we have said befre is original fame came from
the heat reatment to extend shelf life of produce
his core experiments essentiallydestroyed the concept of
spontaneous generation
lfe springing up were there was no life before
as an aside we could mention
barnacle geese
back in the days before global travel
people who lived where some geese
OK this doesn't add up quite
as we see it
these geese breed in Iceland
and fly down to the UK to be warmer in the winter
but this must have happened on continental Europe too
there was a bit of the weird about this story
in the Roman Catholic Church
because Jesus was crucufied and died on a Friday
by tradition
Roman Catholics are not supposed to eat meat on Fridays
but they can eat fish
so you have a period of time when these geese are missing
becuse they are off in Iceland - breeding
when they re-appear having migrated to their UK wintering grounds
the smarty pants concept is
when they appear in September an October
they 'must have' hatched from barnacles because there are barncles when there are no geese
and because they have been deemed to have
hatched from barnales
despite being geese they are deemed
and being fish can be
eaten on a Friday
sowhen we see 'Estabished Religions'
objecting that
conflcts with 'dogma' 'scripture'
this is a classic case
and there is some vested interest at stake
such as being able to eat goose meat on a
piscatarian day
some changes - such as rubber perishing - are
it is 'pure chemistry' with no involvement of
life processes
and this is where Pasteur got into a rather pointless debacle
the essence of this was
some processes are in nature observed to
need the intervention of
and some are seen as being achievable by
non-living molecules such as enzymes
the point that makes this pointless is
the enzyme can only effect its designated chemical change
within the living framework of an appropriate microbe
and this arguement is at the core of
when are viruses viable?
as we've said
a virus can only operate within a living
preferably dying, cell
it's about
in vitro - in glass (laboratory apparatus)
in vivo - in life
as a note
Pasteur's original invention of the process we now call
parturisation but was originally
in 1863 at the request of
Napoleon the 3rd
Emporor of France
Pasteur studied wine contamination
he found that although using a very high heat
wine could be turned by distillation into
a spirit - gin, whiskey etc
that would not spoil
the heat destroyed the particular taste of the wine
he found that he could protect wine from spoilage
by the much milder process of heating it to
50 to 60 degrees C -120 - 140 F
and all sort of various similar treatments are all
lumped together under the term
in some cases the particular microbes that are responsible for
the off taste
are completely destroyed being very heat sensitive
those tht spoil milk for exampe
are more heat resistant and so
the pathogens in milk are
simply 'knocked back a bit'
extending shelf life - but not to infinity
and since he was about wine...
the basic idea was
for practical 19th century industrial processes
the best way to convert sugar
into alcohol and carbonic acid
was to dose the fruit juice with yeast
and not - as may be done today, if you like
by subjecting the fruit juice to the
raw naked enzyme
the carbon dioxide that bubbles out of a ferment
is not directly generted
first there id carbonic acid and them there is
such as high concentration of carbonic acid the it
breaks down into carbon dioxide and water
until you 'crack the can' or bottle of fizzy drink
the drink isn't fizzy
you make the drink fizzy by pouring it out
had you noticed that?
no? it's a commonplace
something that happens all the time
and we don't give it a second thought
and so
Pasteur or Lister?
Pastuer set a lot of balls rolling but one very important
divergence comes about
essentially you can't
Pasteurise a wound
the heat no matter how gentle would do
tissue damage
search diathermy
and so Joseph Lister
applied the Pasteur 'germ theory'
to surgery and
devloped the
antiseptics that lead to
and back in the day
people used
Carbolic Soap
because Lister started with operating under a
mist of carbolic acid
and then went of to painting it on wounds and bandages
so at one stage
carbolic saop was more famous than Pasteurisation
but it was called Carbolic Soap
Lister Soap
and somebody else
completely unknown to us
gave Lister the idea because they successfully used
creosote to treat sewage
and creosote contains carbolic acid
in the UK creosote
a kind of wood tar
will become illegal 31st October 2023
having been phased out due to
some concern that it may induce cancer
so, don't die next week from sepsis
die in ten years time from cancer
probably not
no need to chase around the country
destroying wooden fences that have been
treated with creosote
but working with it an a regular basis
has been associted with skin and particularly
and we think this very bizzare
scrotal skin cancer
srotal skin is very thin
but why forestry and lumber workers were
splashing it all over
regardng tousers and creosote
we haven't fathomed
and we certainly can't say that it is
the carbolic acid in the creosote that causes the problem
phenol or crbolic acid at room temperature is a white crystaline substane
the thing is
our Ricker's memories of phenol are
smelly in a not too disgusting way - aromatic
but the real bummer with phenol is
once you open a new jar
water vapour gets in
and instead of a free flowing
sugar like white chemical
you soom have a sticky solid lump
a bit like sugar that's got damp but
more like white molasses
this is called
;;l; if you use enough of something for long enough
you will find the down sides
when this material is derived from condensing the fumes from
charcoal burning it is called creosote
and when it is derived from coke ovens
it is called
coal tar
and so we also had coal tar soap
we have
aromatic carbon compounds
carbon compounds with an aroma
as opposed to
benzene was the first aromatic compound to be
shown to have a ring form
aliphatics don't 'smell' of nything
ethylene being aliphatic polythene is odourless
'gas' natural gasm methane, propane butane etc
being aliphatic shraight chains
have to have something aong the lines of
methyl mercaptan
added to make then stink to high heaven
please don't confuse
carbonic and carbolic acids
they are very different
in some sense the chemistry of solution is complex
oxygen dissolves in water but carbon dioxide combines with water
to form carbonic acid
the other little after thought...
original Pasteurisation involved
heating a liquid that is around 4 per cent alcohol
there is no alcohol in fresh milk
unless the cows got some fermented feed...
so True pasteurisation is
moderate heat in the presence of alcohol and is
lethal to mny microbes
other derived processes don't include the alcohol and
in their compromise between flavour loss and
extended shelf life will loose out
more to shelf life than to flavour
we say all sorts and types of beer
are made from
water barley and hops
but for the most part yeast is also added
what is significant is that
the first process is
that tricks the barley into
and usin its enzymes to convert
starch to sugar
and then later
yeast converts the sugar into alcohol
but have you ever thought
how do they get the chocolate coating onto the
soft centres in the likes of
Roses and Quality Street
this is a more modern technology
it is not exactly
because you don't want we just want the the centre to soften a microbe
we lace them with a enzyme
also used in industrial bakeries
to get direct chemical control of what
in an earlier era would have had to be

there's a significant issue with regards
road safety
motorsport safety
in motorsport - so far as we know
there are no forms of motorsport within which
on-coming traffic is built in
if you are driving at 60 mph 80 kph
you may hit a tree or lamp post at 60 mph
if you hton-coming trafficthe
impact speed wil be 120 mph
you are gettng nearer to the scenery at what itsays
on your speedometer
you are approaching on-oming trafficat
what YOUR speedometer says
what the speedometer of the
car you hit, says
if you rune into the back of the vehicle in front
the closing or impact speed is
your speed MINUS the speed of the vehicle you hit
if a wheel comes off a car doing 200 mph
the wheel is doing 200 mph
in the direction the car it came off was going
when it came off
and so once it is off
it no longer has an energy source and
air resistance and friction with the ground
and impacts with the scenery
slow it down
it slows down - little
if the following vehicle
does not brake
the loose wheel may
slow down faster then the following vehicle
the impact speed between the loose wheel and the
following vehicle
will be the amount by which the loose wheel slows
at a greater rate that the slowing of the following vehicle
maybe 5 to 10 miles per hour
although it will have residual ratational energy
and a kind of gyroscopic tendency to
keep going in a straight line
wheels are light, tyres tend to be heavy
but the weight of the combo is
the unsprung weight of the vehicle
and designers try to minimise that
we call it the unsprung weight but
tyre wall incorporates much of the spring effect
for the vehicle
one of the problems this season
is mostly due to the fact that
teams do not design their typres
they have to run standard issue tyres
and this means teams have much reduced influence over
suspension characteristics and performance
on the other hand
f you are Billy Mongerand
you run into a vehicle
stopped on the track
the impact speed is your speed
and if you don't have a
titanium cocoon
and cars in junior series such as that in which Billy was driving
don't have that cage
you are lucky to escape merely legless
drivers in F1 are saved byt safety features not seen by the
TV cameras

we will probably list a few factoids about
Tory leadership candidates and the race in general
Grant Shapps
is very Boris
very very Boris
right to the end
second jobs, Ponzi Schemes, failed companies
he gets quite lawyer happy about such suggestions
we feel the need to point out that
candidate or not
Nadhim Zahawi
is one of the two founders of the
polling company

thiking about the
Boris Johnson
reference to
Pepper Pig
when they make the movie about
Prime Minister Johnson
they amy do well the adapt the sript of the
Peter Sellers
Being There

it would appear that
The Law Commission
was set up in 1965 by the
Wilson labour Government
to suggest 'streamlining' of the legal system
to take a recently referred to example...
there was a barrister called
Vic Feather
we should write about him
but for the moment
that term we used
pecuniary advantage
the idea of The Law Commission was to
remove that sort of 'technical term' from
law enforcement and the law
we doubt the Law Commission was the origin of
but a part of that movement was
The Police and Criminal Evidence Act
a development in the same spirit
so we go back the the early 1960s
and a girl gets asked out on a date
and a datewould be a trip the the cinema
and the aim would be to get on
the back row
sittin' on the back row of the movies
on a Saturday night
and the aim was to get down to some
preferably some
heavy petting
four categories
top outside
top inside
bottom outside
bottom inside
and so the next day the girl would report to her friends
what stage they got to the night before
and so 2022
what do we have
and now the Law Commission propose a crime of
what we wonder is
when will the unemployment amongst junior barristers
press the Law Commission to target people with a
hand fetish
who take and collect pictures of
people's hands

we suppose we should point out that we have no idea what the difference is
between a
Kenyan Asia
and a
Ugandan Asian
but we suppose if you fled as a Kenyan Asian
you were avoiding
President Kenyata
not Uganda's President Amin
perhaps we will sort that out some day
did we describe The Twist as a BITlike Twerking?
or did we say something elase
we can't be bothered to check

what we seem to have with the UK Prime Minister gig
seems to be
Boris Johnson is the
best Prime Minister we've had in living memory
but that's not saying much
we forget whether Tory leaders were actually PM
so we'll talk about leaders or Top Tories
there's the reverse basball cap on a water flume chap
Cameron May
we certainly can't think of a Tory Leader who comes
anywhere near Johnson for quality
and so
he gets the
diamond in a goat's arse award
the problem with that is
we assume that all Tory MPs are
similarly dismal
we do want to discuss Rishi SUnak
perhaps he did find some sort of qualities
beyond cash
in his wife
so we will set his wife aside
from our perspective we can't see why he hasn't
in his extensive self promotion
latched onto the fact that he is
a genuine refugee
a genuine
Kenyan Asian
we would accept that his family emerged from the
Idi Ameen purge of
non-Africans living in the African state of Kenya
with most of the family assets intact
but the family seem to have invested wisely in
the future of number 1 son
and here is the kicker
in his case
we reckon Oxford Lincoln College?
didn't give him a first because he was a
rich moron who needed a psychological crutch
but because he was
a Kenyan Asian who deserved a break
but as always
these are impressions
not researched facts

we quite understand that in many things
the actual underlying tec is not very
an easy sell
and so
the FIA Formula 1 motor racing
want to put out
hivis safety features
and TcePro barriers and Halos are easy to see
and seat belt and
The Hans device
not so much
The HANS device is
a type of head restraint
Head And Neck Support
derived from NASCAR
available from Demon Tweeks
there are two aspets of to the Halo
1 it's useless
2 it's dangerous
but it is VISIBLE
so it promotes the idea that
1 F1 is dangerous
2 F1 takes safety seriously
notwithstanding that it would have
aerodynamic downsides -costs
better protection would be afforded by
front wheel fenders
as we say the problem with effective protection is
it's not very visible
the driver is protected by a titanium cage
but in terms of the halo
the main protection comes from the
roll over bar that is
burried in the bodywork behind the driver's head
on F1 cars the wheels are supposed to be teathered
they should not be flying around after an accident
a bash on the head from a wheel is the major hazard that
canot be completely mitigated by the roll over bar
VW used to make Beetles and the type 2 was a van
and the first VW vans were called
because the windscreen was bigger than
the biggest sheets of suitable glass that could be made at the time
so the windscreen was split into 2
one pane in front of the driver
and another in front of the front seat passenger
the halo presents a field of view to the F1 driver that is
in order to be legally licensed to drive on UK roads
you need a clear sweep of vision of
160 degrees
just to cope with commuter traffic and motorways
so if you put a
mechanical blind spot slat in the middle of anF1 driver's visual field
you are deliberately simulating
age related macular degeneration
retinitis pigmentosa
and of course that means more crashes and that means
F1 in the News as well as the Sports News
the ring part
being titanium
has no need of the vertical part
a road legal field of view is technically possible
it would reduce crash frequency
entertainment value
it's like hanging yer furry dice
mid way between yer rear view mirror - internal
and yer A pillar - door post
in the two risk scenarios
tlying loose wheel
one car driving over the top of another
the halo only needs to
cantilever out from the roll bar behind the driver's head 8 to 10 inches - 200 250 mm
the crushing force on the driver's helmet is related to
the other cars's weight
but the amount of damage that can be done is related to
how long that pressure is maintained
a drive over 'clip' is not a deadweight fall
the halo does not have to etend to the steering wheel
and the steering wheel is further protection from 'downwards'
as in towards the floor whatever the orientation
pressure on the contents of the cockpit

there is this perspective of late 20th century history
after the Second World War the Allies discovered
how into tec the Nazis were
and the UK government put loads of money into
grammar schools and elite universities to try to prepare
the yoof to provide tec backup in
the Cold War and a possible third world war
and this lasted throughoutthe 1950s
but from the beginning of the 1960s the idea became
The nazis are good at tec
people who are good at tec are Nazis
we should be
to convince the world that we are not Nazis
the challenge became
how can we be
National Socialists
without being Nazis?
at this time , for us, it is difficult to see
the countries where everybody is equal
but some people are more equal than others
Animal Farm George Orwell
to put it in money numbers
ignoring inflation
people look forwards not back
they don't say
we are earning �40,000 a year but our grandparents were
earning � 12,000 a year
hey say
we are earning �40,000 but those people
if they want to be on millions a year
they should be
playing football or in the movies
not running the coutry
in other words, perhaps
that form of the Lotto
wher eyou win �30,000 a month for life
instead of a multi million lump sum
top paying jobs should be
allocated in a lottery where
each pot or bowl is
all the people in one minrity group or another
it was easy when it was the world of Yes Minister
random idiots for politicins
smart poor boys from Oxford for the civil service
this is the puzzle
how did Jacob Ree-Mogg get to be a politician
with his background he should have been a civil servant
not poor enough and not smart enough
and hence the distinction between
idiot front men
and smart backromm boys
has been blurred
most recetly by
student loans
no longer do you
earn a grant by being good at exams
you simply put your name down for
a student loan
and one of the hundreds of
will take your money
like in the old days a father would
at his birth, put a son's name down for a public school
places at public school used to be at a premium because
some boys were entered at birth
and some had to do exams to compete for the left over places

we have a story here that may come from
The Other Victorians
but our Ricker isn't sure
somehow a girl - we will say she around 10 years old
gets to share a cab with an
elderly gentleman
they sit opposite in the cab
and they chat a bit
and the chap asks
would you show me under your skirt?
and she does and he gives her a sovereign
they part ways
some days later
they share another cab
and the gent asks
will you do that again?
but could you give me some 'smaller' coins
last time I had terrible trouble explaining to
them at home
how I came by a sovereign
and we can say
a child's need for bread
is far greater than
a man's need for sex
and that makes for an unbalanced relationship
but a man's need for a career and a reputation
is far greater than his need for sex
and so
offering him sex for a sovereign
and then
threatening to take away his entire life
is way more unfair in the opposite direction
man gives child bread
the man has parted with something REAL
that the child needs
we are drifting into a world where
for a lot of people
extending the concept of the NHS
if you can convince people that there is something you
then you should never have to pay for it
bread should be free
sex should cost
but there is another layer
or the other side
a vicar gets paid
the organist and choirmaster chorsisters, get paid
but the sidesmen, the various other people we serve on the altar
servers, altar boys
sacristans?,BR> the people who 'do the flowers'
endless other people are,BR> unpaid, volunteers
and at a further level
if you agina pecuniary advantage
by threatening to report a minor transgression
would you be doing your civic duty if you made that report
or would you be carrying out a threat related to extorsion?
a pecuniary advantage is where
although you have not taken money
you have saved yourself money by a criminal act

wthout much precision we could say
is the part of Cleveland that is
not in Redcar and Cleveland
but is in North Yorkshire
and it includes Northallerton
and that has a former jail site
and there is a proposal to install a
sculpture of a girl jailed for 3 weeks 150 years ago
for stealing bread
and although we still do have shop lifters arrested
eleven year olds, not so much
but it is interesting how
public opinion can say
shocking, jailing a child
and for something so trivial
but it comes down to
you get thirty years for robbin' a train
ten for murder
now that's insane
people these days are getting
serious sentences for serious crimes
and that is a positive trend
but did we say recently
no we didn't quite
what we are seeing is a thought process that runs
job, career, life chances selection
exams are 'unfair'
we must stop using the
education system to determine life and career paths
we must substitute
the criminal justice system
head teacher 'this will appear on your permanent record'
we must start this bit by saying thata very very long time ago
there was a dance craze called
doing the twist
it was a dance a BIT like flossing
and a bit later our ricker was at a disco and the
DJ played let's twist again like we did last summer had a go at doing the twist
and Ricker wasn't too fusssed
but the girl collapsed in floods of tears
and had to be consoled
and on a more serious level we're gonna put the lights out
and we'll all take all our lothes off and then put the lights back on
and the newbie is the only one naked when the lights do go on
this thesort of thing where a law is
not to suppress damaging behaviour
but to give a person or a group an opportunity to
destroy the life and career of a rival or stranger

we feel compelled to comment on
how well behaved the yoof of Middlesbrough
appear to be
we hear no reports of them
using the municipal climbing frame
Bottle of Notes
is a sculpture by Claes Oldenburg and
Coosje van Bruggen
and was unveiled on 24th September 1993
it is 9 metres high, made of steel and
painted white with polyurethane enamel
it s very old and so we are not sure it was
laser cut
but it looks like a bottle made from steel
that has been laser cut into a
lattice of words
and sometimes it gets written on
it was put up before
removed the word
from the municipal lexicon
and we're writing about it because
Redcar has the slightly larger
is comprised of
consists of
now, we would say 'consists of'
but we note the modern trend to say
'is comprised of'
a circular tower that on it's southern half
a stack of stair cases
and on it's north side consists of
a stack of cupboard sized offices with
sea views
and the wicked wicked yoof of Redcar
have taken to climbing the stairs
in a way that the
saintly and apparently non-existent
yoof of The Boro
have apparently failed to avail themselves of
their much posher climbing frame
consist -to be formed or made up of
breakfast consisted of cereal, fruit and orange juice
the farm comprises
ten cows, three horses, etc
we think consists is related to permanent
and comprises relates more to temporary
and them there is
is composed of
we guess it's a matter of what you are used to
compose is French
comprise comprendre to include French
consist is Latin from con sistre to stand
so we woz rite
consists means - as built
comprised means - as collected
build it
and in Redcar at least
buld it
and they will fence it off
we do marvel at how much money is
'invested' in Middlesbrough for the
non-existent local and visitors
there seem to be two routes to public investment
build a football stadium somewhere where
the local thugs can congregate
and accost visiting fans
like in Paris
we suppose that if you have a thousand
unemployed thugsin your arendisment
you think
let's build a 100 thousand seater stadium
and that will create a thousand jobs for the local thuffs
as ticket touts and drug pushers
like in the movie
build it
like Middlesbrough's Riverside and the Darlington stadium
in the middle of bloody nowhere
keep the local painting contractors in business
after all that
Queen's Baton
isn't a Jubilee Baton
it's a
Commonwealth Games Baton
so just the slightest tangential justification for calling it
'The Queen's'
rather than
let's be good hosts and
let the guests win all the party games

so far as we can tell
The Queen's Platinum Jubilee Baton
will process along
Redcar Sea Front
some time on
Thursday 14th July
we think t was the Olympic trorch that ame down
West Terrace
but we think this time the route is along
Newcommen Terrace
the Olympic flame avoided the
Ratty Old Regent
and the Baton will sweep past the new one
towards Marske and Saltburn??
Happy Independence Day
it's funny how Gru
doesn't take any of his Minions with him when he
appears on the BBC's Paper Review
Here is an example of Gru Aritheti,BR> children who share a home with
only one adult find
there is less
disposable income in that household
than in households where multiple adults live
therefore these children and starving
the solution is
if you are a lone adult in a home
you should be paid twice as much as
a member of a home share
given that halfthe women who share a home with a man
are dead from domestic violence within weeks...
clearly Mr Johnson should be putting his had in his pocket
or yours

w elove the fact that at the F1 meet
the TecPro barrier didn't stop the
aerobatic car
but it was brought to a half - qute safely by
a bog standard chain link fence
what nobody will ever understand is
these cars are essentially a human shaped space frame
inside an egg shell
the protection is
all around the driver
not just in front of their eyes

it's a function of our Ricker's extreme age that
when he was at school there was little chance of his being
a walking enyclopaedia
he had access to many many books but not the internet
his role amongst 'chums' was that
they would 'run a idea past him'
tosee whether in the light of his considerble knowledge
something or other sounded sensibel or likely
and one such idea was that one oftheir number claimed that
their dad had been
Mont'y Double
during the war
Riker is scratching his head to try to remember his name
it certainly wasn't Clifton-James
and another actor died in a 'plane crash because
The Germans mistook him for Churchill
Churchill - in the Second World War in particular
and the US President at the time Rooseveldt
were sick old men
they had people write speeches for them
in that it was a time of radio
they are purported to have had people
read speeches for them
what we're getting at is
these days journalists demand 24/7 access to those who are
public property
what now is the job description of a national leader
the onl national leader currently getting
'good ypress'
is the Ukrainian president
who is 100 per cent
playing the role of president
he is saying
my job is to
front up my nation
not to run it
I will tell you - press and public
what I believe from the advice I have been given
and that is not far away from
I shall recite whilst the hacks do their
reading out loud
in the early days of the CoViD debacle in the UK
we had live broadcasts of press conferences and
to - perhaps - pay lip service to
levelling up
journalists from the provinces and from
on-line media were included
and allocated a question slot
and so often
three or four times a succession of hacks would ask
the identical question and get the identical answer
what we were seeing was public access to the routine process whereby
whtever the event
but mainly movie of show premieres
a range of hacks dozens, scores, get
two or three minutes to
record a personalised version of
the question of the day
for transmission to their own personal audience
it brings to mind the linguistic slant
a press 'conference' is not
a public debate
questions may or may not be
as in parliament
'previously submitted'
hence the notes the responder carries
but doyou send along
a familiar face or voice
or somebody who can
on the fly construct a question that would never
have been asked
if the previous answer had not been given?
there is a sort of hlf way house where
questioners are allowed unscripted 'supplimentaries'
that responders are free to avoid
al of this does beg the question
what sort of preparation did
EITHE SIDE do for the infamous
Prince Andrew interview?
but then we have for many years suffered to
disdain of certain presenters for
gentile - non-Jewish - boys

we wonder about the concept of
'trickle down'
we wonder how many MPs will have to loose their seats
before police drop the idea of
licence to kill secret agent style
and accept that their first responsibility is to
set a good example
we don't know where Cleveland police get their recruits from
but we do recall that they once recruited a
chief constable from South Wales
we wonder whether he would have described an incident at
having happened
somewhere near Swansea

we got to thinking about China
them owning our loocal steelworks and that...
often people who get very powerful positions get
what is sometimes referred to as
imposter syndrome
a king or queen knows why they are king or queen
but being president can come along a bit like
a lottery win
and that can go one of two ways
I have no idea how I got here
Jungle Book ain't it
I've reached the top
and had to stop
and that's what's botherin' me
there is that story of the two letters
new president finds a letter on his desk
on the outside it says
do not open except in case of complete disaster
so he goes along with that and them disaster strikes
he opens the letter
inside there is a letter and a second envelope
the letter reads
Blame it all on me
and so he does
and gets away with it
then disaster strikes again
and he opens the second envelope
and the letter in that says
write two letters
one you have the top job
there's nowhere else to go
the most difficult thing about any job is
getting it
to get the top job???
your main skill has to have been
gaining promotion
when you have the top job
your main skill set is
so, as with the current Russian and China presidents
they have to switch to
keeping the job
because that is all there is to do
and that's not what they're 'good at'
and suddenly doing something they are not good at
they panic and over react
and most of all
they can't 'move on' and leave it for somebody else to
clear up the mess they made of their previous job
people with an 'appropriate back story'
will often be
'kicked upstairs'
in Japan, appointed 'window men'
a window man in Japan is an employee who is so
absolutely useless at everything they have tried that
they are given a desk next to a window
and paid to stare out of it
all day long
10 May 2009
hence, the window zombies
it explains why, even after almost two deades of
lackluster eonomic growth,
Japan has the second-lowest jobless rate
thisis not to be confused with the
person called a window person
a window person of a
project co-ordinator
the person who is the point of contact
as in a ticket window
not a window on the world
brand ambassador
is the current jargon
this gets deeper
if you put all the people with double firsts from Oxford
in a room
they could spend an entire lifetime
trying to determine
which of them has the brain cell
people who get to the top of an orgnisation
have been steered away from
real work
their entire careers
so if you are president of China
you think all Chinese people are
complete idiots
and if anything needs doing
you hire in
consultants or contractors
and so
the present president of China thinks
Chinese people are morons
and they would completely trash the country if we allowed them
and so
One nation - Two Systems
worked when Hong kong was initially handed back to China
loads of British people stayed behind to manage the province
but over tme the British drifted away and
the people in the capital city of mainland China
we can't let those idiots loose without supervision
we will have to fill the vacuum left by the departure of The British
if Hong Kong looses it's British supervision
and that supervision is not replaced by supervision from the
main land capital
and things don't go
tits up
perhaps on the mainland we could cope with a form of
democracy that means
the leadership is
accountable to the people
and the skill set required to
get and retain the top jobs
would change
and different people would have those skills
and we the incumbant toffs might well
get turfed out

we do wonder what the two major political parties in the UK
stand for
some would say
The Labour Party is
The Political Wing of Organised Labour
but leftist are split between
advocating for a switch from
The church of England is the Tory Party at prayer
to The Church of England is the Labour Movement at prayer
if the Labour Party represents organised labour
their emphasis has to be on
in work poverty
in a sense the left is divided between
in work poverty
a VOICE for the Littel People
the much more important division is the division in the
ruling party - the Tories
their existential engst relates to
Party of Business
Party of Tradition
and whenever we hear the word
we thing of
Fiddler on the Roof
an American Musical of the 1960s and 1970s
set in russia in 1905
bsed on the works of Sholem Aleichem
the fiddler isn't a fiddler he's a milkman
but he escapes family life by climbing onto
the roof of his house to play his fiddle
they are living in
The Pale of Settlement of Imperial Russia
there are elements of
Kiss me Kate
Taming of the Shrew
essentially trying to
'Marry off'
three daughters who are holding out for the opportunity to
Marry for Love
and in this case each girl is looking for a suitable man
but one could say
musical theatre being
so camp
the underlying message for 1960s America
may have been
why can't a woman have a wife?,BR. or a man have a husband
there was a short phase when women would say
what I need is a wife
but then they were probably saying
these men I'm competing with in business
they have their
attack wife
to get their back
I need that sort of help
when we get reviews of social history
such a sthe 50th anniversary of
gay rights organisations
section 28 - a Tory thing
Thatcher defending it
Thatcher, science trained
wanting to keep her job
conflicted over
science v tradition
it's simpler to back peddal the tradition and try to be
the party of business
but then some people whoown and control big businesses
are 'socially conservative'
and if you can't be bothered to read about Fiddler on the Roof
the Tsar eventually turfs the Jews off the Pale
in other words at one time -19th century
Jews in Russia had ancestral lands within a fence alled the Pale
sometimes a fence today - perhaps around a park or cemetary
are referred to as
palling or a palling wall
and we have things that can only happen
outside the reservation as
Beyond the Pale
and then
the Jews were transported to ghettoes
and we have said
Tsar Putin
appear to want
Ukraine for a pale or reservation for
Russian Jews

we're gonna go on one of our excursions
what we want to do is draw together
the hostilities on Ukraine and
the battle with CoViD 19
this is one of those where a person has to check the spelling
the concept is
The Pyric Victory
but it's spelt
Pyrric Victory
after King Prrhus of Epirus
The Battle of Bunker Hill
was fought on Saturday
June 17 1775
during the
Siege of Boston
at an early stage of the
American Revolutionary War
essentially the British won and the revolutionaries lost
the revolutionaries were the colonies of
Connecticut, Massachusetts, New Hampshire and Rhode Island
who remembers the movie
A Connecticut Yankie in the COurt of King Arthur?
we remember is as a kind of
Time Travelling McGuiver
Yankie losses 450 135 dead
British losses 1,054 including 19 officers amongst the 226 dead
the British won but at great loss and in a way
you see the Yanks like the Ukrainians having
heart and spirit
and the British not
and just as currently with the Russians
the British after that
hired in mercenaries
and it became an accounting exercise
tax reciepts from the colonies
cost of keeping order and extracting those taxes
Ukraine really is a re-run of the American Revolutionary War
but we wanted to bring in CoViD
there is a parallel
some people - the people who die and the people with
long CoViD
are fighting a Pyric or Pyrric battle
the people who decline the vaccine are
declining the mercenaries
fighting on on their own
but the fascinating thing is
the competition between the various strains of virus
in a sense you could say
there was something of an imbalance between
using what became the USA as a
Penal COlony
and developing it as a branch of an economic empire
it was probably because the British regarded the colonists as
that they showed insufficent respect and,BR> lost the colonies
the British still regard Australians as
descendents of convicts
but to the point of CoViD
we have seen that a handful of versions have existed
across the world over many years
and the thing is
if the omega version had go to 'The West' first
the more troublesome versions
wouldn't have got a look in
say omicron was endemic in the UK and USA
it would have out competed the versions we were hit with earlier
in a way that is unlucky
alpha or delta or whatever the early versions were called
infecting a population living in harmony with omicron
whould not have got a foothold
and the cases where they did prove lethal would have been
Pyrric Victories because
eventually Omicron would come along and turf them out
of the population in general
loss to some families but the war
did not work out well for the variants we first encountered

in this special jubilee year
re. Queen Elizabeth
we want to notesomething about her
work day
at the peak of her activity
what we would like to say is that she
would have been very keen to fit
time with her horses into a schedule of
very posh events
and so over the years
press and people have grown accustomed to,BR> lots of pictures of her
at the wheel of some Land Rover or Range Rover
windswept and interesting
and sporting
a headscarf
the alternative name for headscarf is
what we note is
if - and we very much dounbt it
Islam requires women to over their hair
why do British Moslem women not
celebrate their joint cultural identity
as Northern-European Moslem women
by adopting the babushka rather than clinging to something
more appropriate to
desert lands?
windblown sand and all that
the failure to do this demonstrates
downright exceptionalism
not we have traditions
we're not lke you
we're special
and that brings in
American Exceptionalism
if you research Webster's Dictionary
you find lists of words in English
that have been randomly altered
without logic
to be a aprt of
a distinct
American English
and with so many people around the world so
admiring of all things American alter International English
to match American English
and that rather defeats the object
babushka is the word for headscarf
and so in some North European countries
babushka has come to mean
the women who wear headscarves
and we have said
in those countries - paticularly Russia
half the men don't live beyond 65 and so there are always a lorra lorra
60 to 90 year old widows in headscarves
so when we say
people in these countries prefer
a strong leader
an accountable leader
that profile is squewed by
them babushkas
and we can predict that
life expectancy for men in those regions will increase
and the proportion of the electorate who are
ancient AND widows
will fall
notwithstanding, despite all efforts
the populations of these zones will become
better educated

a little bit of a cath up on gull dancing
there are videos on the internet
we're gonna tell a different story about
Ricker and the flounder
so Ricker is walkingalong the beach near the line of
the breaking waves
and he has his interlude with the flounder
and as he is busy a woman comes up behind him
and overtakes him on a similar line
and as he watches her disappear intothe distance
he notes that all is calm
the gulls are ignoring her
but behind our Ricker
all the gulls have taken to the water
thatis a mystery for now
speaking again to the question of
the health of marine communities
more than half the gulls are
you can tell from plumage and bill colour
so they are breeding well
and very occasionally we do see a handler walking a raptor
a well miniature eagle, kite, whatever so they are not
TOO MUCH of a nuisance
standing in the breaking waves
two of the jeuveniles are dancing
flounders and gulls and beaches and waves are
time immemorial
football pitches - not so much
we conjecture
gulls dance at the water's edge to
con the flounders into thinkng the time is higher than it is
and this is
innate behaviour
dancing for worms on football pitches we rate as
learned or adaptive behaviour

water fowl disappearing
they - ducks, geese, swans - as social animals
they pair for a season although for life, not so much
the females are ffamily orientated
the males terretorial
they will swim in formation
but one individual may take exception to some other
individual 'tagging along'
ducks in particular
geese not so much
swans hardly at all
can swim considerable distances under water
you get this thing like a cat
you look at a cat
it feels threatened
it will suddently stab a glance in nowhere
you look where it look and
by the time you look back
the cat is gone water fowl can do that too
and they only need to put up a tiny head to be able to breathe
we're kinda assuming this is the origin of the verb
to duck
Old English to dive
and the compound verb
to duck out
ducking and diving

there was a book
in the 1960s
it was called
The Joy of Sex
and women - wives - at the hairdressers
and such plaes would chuckle and compare notes
on what page their individual husbands had reached
in the book
Alex sombody
illustrated, large format
Alex Comfort
updated 2008
Epstein and Maxwell
blowing the gaff for some marriages
what we have at the top this list of images
are pictures of a flat fish that our Ricker caught
and released in Coatham Bay today
all the set of pictures with sand
have a flounder in them
if you want to know whether there are healthy fish in the bay
don't go fishing
just go down the the low tide mark
and look for tea plate sized depressions in the sand
there will be a healthy flounder a couple of inches under the surface

the other pcw are of today's version of
Redcar coke works
two chimneys and some coal charging elevators have been brought down
this thing about 'toxic' blue-green' algae
all seaweeds are algae
not blue-green
we have a couple of shots included
from a distance some seaweed may look like
'blanket weed'
but on closer inspection this is just regular seaweed

we suppose that in the USA
a part of compensating for
economic inequality
is to occasionally pick out some
very rich person and
accuse them of having had sex
this guy who lst his seat in parliament in the UK
because he watched some sex on his 'phone
it's hard to see why these people get so upset
you want me to resign
there is this underlying narative
nobody ever gets a job they can't do
nobody ever gets ill in post and has to retire
everybody in work is perfect
some of them have discovered sex
it's kind of
we won't admit we appointed a complete dork
the bloke who inspired Billy Eliot
the chancellor of Durham University
Sir Thomas Allen
is leaving after over a decade as
Bill Bryson'r replacment
what we don't understand is how come this
member of the Scottish Parliament
has got in trouble of a
gay chat up attempt
regarding Maxwell
we suppose there are two lines of thought
when a person - a couple - get married
sometimes one of the wedding gifts is
a wedding night in the bridal suite of a posh hotel
and supposedly this is to give positive memories of
'first sex'
and we suppose the contrast of that is
what the eyes don't see
the heart don't grieve
in other words
have you ever had sex?
not really, I've been given a poke a couple of times
is the arguement that if your first or early experience of sex is
a fabulous massage in gorgeous surroundings....
that is something no future husband is ever going to be able to
live up to
do people like Epstein and Maxwell
and the producers of sex videos
set the bar too high
is that the gripe?
and that brings us back to
he won't trouble you much
the gold standard marriage
gay man, perfunctory sex with the wife
purely for reproductive purposes
so the people who have been prosecuting Maxwell are the sort of people who thing that the
only sex a woman should experience is the sex
her husband offers to her
and so
we turn to the Emma Thompson comedy
Good Lucktoyou,
Leo Grande
and the child or objective observer may conclude that
the thrust of current jusitce industry activity is
that a man should not begin his sex life
until after his retirement
for fear any sort of sex
including grading colleaguesas fantasy partners
may prejudice their work time decisions
essentially the Emma Thompson movie is about an
early retired, widowed Religious Studies teacher
I'll pay for one genuine sexual experience
for educational reasons...

yesterday, Monday 27th June
8.08 pm UK British Summer Time
well our radio controlled clock keeps loosing time???
so it could have been 8,10 pm
the chimnies
east and west
at Redcar coke oven were
blown up, demolished
they were concrete
they were not steel pipes to be felled
it took quite a lot of explosives and there was quite a big bang
but we doubt our Ricker will be going over to see
or get pics

sometimes a story comes to mind and
thinking: I'll just check that on t'internet
you come up blank
or near blank
so we will have to leave this unchecked
there is a story about a French boy-king
that's about as far as we can go
except to assume it's about Louis 14th
he being the major French boy-king
so one morning as the staff get the lad out of bed
the chief chamberlain feel delighted to note
that overnight
a stain in the shape of a map of France
had developed on the bedsheet
a nocturnal emission
our Ricker has a couple of embarassing stories to tell about those
the male sexual response has three parts
we haven't made any mention of Sam for quite a while
for some reason Sam set herself up as a sex therapist to our Ricker
and he hit a bit of a wall trying to explain these three elements
and the specific relationships they have
it is supposedly a truism - a thing completely true
that - no erection, no ejaculation
the male plumbing won't allow it
but erection and ejaculation without orgasm?
that's a bit of a tickler
the whole thing about the king and the map is about
the ability of a king to father or sire heirs
and the reason for the concern over Louis 14th was
he was such a mummy's boy
there were fears that he may be gay
so at least the mechanism was in order
even if he could not be induced to
kiss the girls and make them cry
they do this thing with horses
they have a teaser
if a stallion can't get it up for some
daft young filly
they offer him a right mare
and st the crucial moment
make the substitution
we have made reference to the
post war UK policy of offering some sort of
financial incentive to
useful well thought of husbands to give their wives
4 rather than 2 children
it was probably some sort of experiment
the question was
is it nature or nurture
are clever people
born clever
or do they devlop cleverness by being
raised by clever people?
the thing there was
it didn't matter because
clever children were raised in grammar schools
so you take a proper clever chap
Alan Turing
and you ask
do you induce a really clever gay man to
somehow get a couple of dozen women pregnant
or do you drive him to suicide to
extinguish the gay gene?
we need to remind peope at this point that there is no gay gene
you get gay due to your mother's hormones
and that would be normal hormoes at an
unfortunate point in her cycle
not differnt hormones or abnormal hormone levels
in short
woman has sex when she's not up for it - randy
she is more likely to produce a gay child
we'll just quickly run over the Waghorne triplets
Mrs W gives birth to triplets in her 30s in the 1950s
and one wants to be an engineer
and the other two want to be
fashion designers
all boys
you get into your late 30s and your cycle gets a bit out of kilter
and you shed an egg
and then another one comes along and
prevents the period that would normally wash away the first egg
the ovary is sealed against hormonal influences
so you have one egg swimming around in mum's hormones for
much longer than the other
before they are both fertilised because
tonight's the night
a rare opportunity for sex for a husband who is
away from home for work a lot of the time
so the first egg gets to statr developing
even gets to split into two
but develops well
starts developing into two girls and then
wham the two little girls get hit with
tan tan tarah
a Y chromosome
and there ain't no going back
Y chromosome means boy bits
the question is and always is
in the absence of a Y chromosome and boy bits
can a female ever stick at anything for more than
a day or two
or is it always
the other girl's grass is always greener
for instance
can females play
test cricket
can they engage in
attritional activities/
whenever our Ricker has ever tried to get to know a female
she always naffs off, real quick
like I can'r wait six months
I might get pre-mature menopause
the laugh about somebody setting up Sam as our Rcker's
sex therapist
we can't waste a paid job on a bloke with no kids
she was qute convincing in her portrayal of a virgin
just put him in a bedroom with a female
he's bound to jump her
even IF he IS gay
reminds a person of the breeding of slaves
two slave girls
time to breed off them
get two slave boys
one slave girl pretties herself up for the occasion
and the other turns the scene into a rape
that raises another thing we don't think has been researched
how often DOES rape lead to conception?
if she's REALLY not up for it...
will it take?
wouldn't with a horse
would with a cat
many female animals have to be
in season
in order to get pregnant
that is not supposed to be the case with cats
were insemination triggers ovulation
territorial animals are less likely to have
a season
than heard or colony animals

if we only track the history of Redcar back
around half a century
the Job Centre has not been where it is now
for all that time
immediately before it came to be where it is now
it was upstairs at a building long demolished and now
a car park at the junction of Milbank terrace and West Terrace
or more obviously at the traffic lights at the end of Coatham Road
at the turn for West Dyke Road
that downstairs was the Kwik Save supermarket
it was upstairs in Craighton House
on West Terrace
and the thing we want to remind people about is
you didn't sign on at a desk
this was
The Labour Exchange
we seem to remember a young chap called
michael Portillo was the minister of Labour
you signed on at a window
like a railway station ticket booth
and when you went in
half the windows were off limits
there would be a big hand written notice in those that read
and what are we saying?
the inshore fishery has always been
somewhat precarious

well we do seem to have lost focus over the weekend
and there's only one bottle of wine less in the cellar...
perhaps what we were saying was
football - soccer - in the UK has become like
vintage car colleting
certainly so far as the media are concerned
coverage of football is almost entirely about
what famous players do you have in your squad
what matches, trophies, competitions can you win
and we conclude that this is because
the hacks involved
and all this sport I don't understand
it's just my job five days a week
rocket mannn
and all this politics I don't understand
it's just my job three days a week
wheel on the criple
at least weather presenters try to give
impression that they know what they are talking about
upcoming wedding, etc,

we've carried some discussion of Freud
and for our Ricker the concept of the
Freudian Slip is very significant
in the past he has tried talking to people
he has tried emailing people
this has caused grief
the reason for this web site is that
when we say something
and somebody
due to their internal turmoil or predispositions
thinks they have read something that has not been written
they will not attempt to
point this out to us
but to somebody they know and trust
who may be able to put them straight
sometimes it is simpy a case of pure misinterpretation
that is they have read what was there but
interpret it inappropriately
sometimes they thin something is there that isn't
a classc exampe of misinterpretation is the term
criminal solicitor or attorney
it means lawyer who specialises in representing clients who
have been charged with a criminal offence
as opposed to a help with civil cases
or a solicitor keeping home purchases on the straight and narrow
but sometimes a criminal lawyer when hearing themselves
described as such will interpret the terminology as an inferrence of
criminality of their own
so, in an ideal world there would be no need to
distinguish a police officer as
a criminal investigator
because the police should but out of anything that
does not involve a breach or potential breach of
the criminal law
but lawyers have a wider brief and some distinction
sometimes needs to be made

we do from time to time try to understand
UK politics
and the role of the BBC
people seem to be reluctant to
bet on the horses
they seem to want to et on just about anything else
as far as we know it's 'illegal' for
professionals within football to bet on
any sort of match stat
not only wins, goals etc
but yellow ards, substitutions etc
imagine that the only thing in football that football professionals
were allowed to bet on were
e don't remember when
'transfer windows' came in
but they were a response to
constant CHURN within playing staffs
we have said before that
commentating on school sports can be a
way in
to journalism
it can be the commentating and neither
the playing nor the management of the game
that future journalists specialise in
and so we have journalists who
feel banned from expressing opinions on policy
like a proper commentary should be neutral
political commentary should be
neutral in terms of policy
and so
journalists seem to feel they can use their platform to
speculate and have opinions about
political churn
commenting as in betting on
when will this or that person be sacked
it's like
sports news that is all about
who has been selected for England?
how do we go about beating Germany
and sometimes it gets a bit like golf
from time to time we get golf in the sport
and in the run up to a competition
we hear a load of stuff about the usual suspects
Tiger Woods, Rory McIlroy whoever
and then somebody we have never heard of wins
in essence
coverage of sport and politics is about
develop personalities who will
make this or that 'minority'
for which read group who are useless at this
feel 'included'
and so
the fat blonds have had their turn at being told
see, you too could be Prime Minister
now what group is next on the list for
the inclusion treatment?
so it's not a case of
this Prime Ministaer has
had a stroke
and is now brain dead
it's a case of
time to make way so we can
tick another architype off the list
the list of the first xxx Prime Minister

regarding abortion
we have a pet peeve
as an aside we can say that it is not possible for
identical twins to have children together
identical twins are ALWAYS
and so
in terms of both of a child's persents being
identical genetically
so even if that was a risk
it couldn't happen
and so our pet peeve is about people who say
incest is grounds for abortion
this is simply not so
if you had a great night out and then
yeah but I don't want to be pregnant
morning after pill
the problem is
got pregnant
time to get to know the father a lot better
takes weeks or even months to discover
Huntington's Disease runs in his family
didn't know that
changed my mind about having this baby
and at another level
Huntington's runs in my family
I need to find somebody who is free of that
to make babies with
and even so
I will need to have my embryo tested
if I am to avoid perpetuating this problem
so it is not
having very similar genetics that is the risk factor
it is having defective genetics
not incest justifies abortion
major genetic defect justifies abortion
or Not

sometimes it takes a while to crystalise a thought
and perhaps this is an advance in the question of
a general duty to avoid causing distress to others
what we are trying to say - perhaps - is
it is more important to protect a person who diagnosed as autistic
or has a proven genetic susceptibility to being bipolar
from becoming distressed
tht to protect a person who has some African ethnic origin
or some Moslem belief
or is in isolation - not being autistic or bipolar
simply gay or female
but it's more complicated than that
what we need to avoid is having such large groups that are declared
that we run into
if everybody is special then nobody is special
and so
as we become more wealthy we can stop saying
people with mobility problems need special help at
transport interchanges
and say
all our tube and railway stations have
step free access
the target is to have nobody in a special protected category
beause everybody is treated well
to make a local reference
not a lot of people know this but
there are pedestrian bridges either side of the
West Dyke Road level crossing at Redcar Central
one has steps and liks platform 1 and platform 2 within the station
the other has ramps
all ramps
and essentially connects
Morrison's goods yard with Soppet Street

there are two saying regarding teaching that we want to
quote today
a picture tells a thousand words
chalk and talk
so far as we can tell
viewing from afar
the predominant concept in educaton these days seems to be
adjusting the self esteem of the students
we would question the value or point of
exams and revision
by definition
a lesson that needs to be revised shortly before an exam
is a lesson that is assumed to have lodged in
short term memory
and at the extreme
itis a test of or model of
where was that enemy fighter 'plane
3 milliseconds ago?
where will it be by the time my bullets reach its area?
tyhesethings that were called
Attainment Tests
the 11plus
there is this UKCAT
UK Clinical Aptitude Test
for medical and dental students
presented with a text for a short period of time
what questions can they answer about it shortly afterwards
is a section in that test
the point being/
medical science advances so fast
we want peoplewho
lve in the moment
not people who spent hours and hours reciting standard texts
like , sorry to say, Moslems chanting excerpts from the Koran
it is, by the bye, very difficult to see what
cultural enhancement
Modern Day Islam
provides or encourages
but to return to
chalk and talk
the techology from the 1950s onwards
tended to replace chalk wth
audio-visual aids
the idea being that
different parts of the brain are dedicated to
say, hearing and vision
and other senses such as touch
and with touch,BR> hands on experience...
the idea being the more parts of the brain involved in the
the more thorough the learning

we will now hijack a commercial made not so long ago for
women to join the RAF Royal Air Force
and the young woman is standing in front of
two of three very different aeroplanes
and somebody motions towads the trainer
and asks
do you fly that?
and she says no
i fly that
motioning towands the fighter jet
it is quite psssible to do
aerobatics in a passenger airliner
but commercial pilots are told
even though a passenger having a flying experience in
say, a restored Spitfire
would be very unhappy if the trip did not include some aerobatics
the difficulty is
say you need cutting edge surgery
what 'we' want to do is
use the Air Ambulance to take the operating theatre to
the scene of the road crash
this is in conflict with the
scoop and scoot
concept of are in London
the idea that LOCATION defines permission
because we can't decode the myriad of
qualification that are not like
labels on a tin
but devices to
adjust the self esteem of students
the likes of
Callme Dave - ex=PM David Cameron
are not capable of doing
what it says on the tin
and people behind the black door of
10 Downing Street
are not necessarily capable of doing what it says on
the Brass plaque outside
if there still is a plaque saying
First Lord of the reasury

is ther a quote
By their works shall ye know them
not quite
Matthew 7 15-20
Wherefore, by their fruits ye shall know them
we've been wih this
Islam, great thing
concept for a long time now
but nothing except
transgression of unspoken laws justifies execution
has as yet filtered through to
the everyday in the UK
our Ricker aced exams until they involved revision
he found revision confusing and distracting because it was
all about vision, reading
because both his parents left school aged 14
and couldn't talk the exams and the subject matter through with him

we have seen something disappointing on local TV today
a chap pulling dead lobsters out of a pot
lobsters can't get inside a pot unless they actively crawl in
so the bog old lobsters entered the pot
and stayed there so long that they starved to death
then the lad agrees to go out get his pots for the TV
expecting them to be empty
what we are beginning to suspect is that some
young crew members got a scare during the storms
the record serious storms and
they found safer ways to make a living
and the crewless dads...
looking for some governmemt compensation for
packing in
not because there is no catch but
because there is no crew

Sigmund Freud
was an Austrian neurologist and founder of
a 'talking' method for evaluating and treating
pathologies in the psyche
through dialogue between patient and therapist
Mr and Mrs Virginia Woolf
were a heterosexual couple who
loved each other but
we know he was determined she could not cope with
and so we assume with the lack of contreption??
they were never to
try for a baby
Mr and Mrs Woolf set up a printing press
and eventually they published Dr Freud's book
without Mrs Woolf reading it until much later
Dr Freud died in 1939 a couple of years before Mrs Woolf
Dr Freud was born in Czechia
funny how tGoogle can get that right but
arsehole creeping BBC feel the need to sya
Check Republic
given a lack of much to go on
Dr Freud made a worthwhile contribution to neuroscience
we have remarked before that the human brain is
more like a hemisphere than a sphere
but it is conventional to refer to the two
quarter spheres as hemispheres
people have two major parts to thier brain
with some extra bits below
perhaps with something a bit more scientific than
chats for a fee
Freud decided that the mind was made up of
the Ego, the id, and the super ego
we ill not at this point seek stats on how average people
are arranged but say...
the right hemisphere contains the conscious mind - the ego
the left hemisphere houses the unconscious mind - the id
and when they get together they operate as the super ego
now then? what connects them?
it may be the corpus callosum
we don't care
one theory of bipolar disorder is
the right hemisphere is responsible and serious
and the left hemisphere is care fre and creative
and sometimes the corpus callosum looses control
and one side gets too much of an upper hand
in other words
the physical consequences of the genetic propensity to being
bipolar is a faulty corpus callosum
a white matter bridge between the two hemispheres
which can of course be damaged by trauma or deliberately
one of the Kennedy clan had her brain trashed by somebody trying to cut the
corpus callosum to shut the id out of the equasion
this is related to ECT
electro convulsive therapy
which our Ricker's nutty 'siste-in-law had
we are not CERTAIN that ECT is no longer done
so it wa Rosemary Kennedy who had a
ompletely random attempt at a
prefrontal lobotomy
if your brain is in trumoil
remove part of it
in her case they destroyed way too much
the corpus callosum is a bundle of more than 200 million
myelinated nerve fibers
sheathed nerve fibres
connecting the two brain hemispheres
permitting communication between the
right and left hemispheres of the brain
you can see abnormalities in the corpus callosum of
children who have been identified as maltreated
but here we have a classic
chicken and egg dilemma
if a child is bipolar because they have a disfunctional
corpus callosum
will they be more likey to
get into scrapes
send their carers off the deep end
and only relatively recently has anybody been able to ask
bipolar, corpus callosum malformation, apparent maltreatment
a link? if so, what link?
you might say
you kick a child in the head
you could damage their corpus callosum
you feel a child up
mechanism for damage to the corpus callosum??
not so much
oh and Kari..
ECT and smoked like a beagle
and on MAOI
and died a long long time ago
after the smoking had taken
was it one or both legs?
sometimes you simply
perhaps given our Ricker's experiences with his
you can see why at the slightest sign of
instability in a woman
or any of her family and friends
he runs a mile, very fast
and as his one time friend Mr Davey
used to say about traveling alone on a train
why do i always get the nutter
sitting next to me
the nutter is the woman who has realised that if she can't get a man
she won't have children
and if she regards a date as
a ride on a roller coaster that hasn't been servied in
half a century
and he wants to stay out of jail
baby ain't happening

it may be that later today our Ricker will take a wander
down onto Redcar Beach to photograph
what you should expect to see of the activity of
razor clams
you see a little funnel shaped indentation in the sand
and around 15 cm away a little pile of sand in the shape of
a spoonful of spaghetti
and depending on the state of the tide you would be able to see
seabirds feedig on the shore
you will see evidence of
razor clams feeding in the sand
and razor clam shells
discarded by the feeding sea birds
all is right with the world
in those respects at least
predating razor clams is a very spaecialist activity
if you want to eat razor clams you need to
have a very long thin beak or bill
and be very light on your feet because
razor clams are very very sensitive to
vibrations in the sand around them
candidates include
sanderlings, redshanks
bar-tailed godwits
gotta get that name in when yu can
think of Graham Megson of
there was a Dennis Megson at school with our Ricker

that brings up another bit of feeding behaviour
we said that if you want to catch razer clams
you need to be very light footed
in contrast
in the winter time the sea gulls need to
switch from fish and chips to worms
and they can be seen dancing on playing fields because?
nobody is sure but it is thought that
if they dance on the surface
the worms think it is raining
and surface to avoid drowning
and get caught
it is definitely a thing in Redcar
how widespread it is we don't know

every moment in time is
a moment in time
but some moments in time are in some ways
end points
not simply word endings but
sentence, paragraph, chapter endings
and in a book we are - most often
informed - at or before the moment of reading
of this extra significance
and so one moment in the present time is
that we describe some people as
earlier they would have been described as
manic depressive
and we think there s little difference here because
the change is mainly related to
a less descriptive terminology
rather than a radically different meaning
however, what we have in earlier moments in time are
on this issue
much more significant paradigm shifts
a person who is in any way well connected
whether by wealth or by noteriety
has a platform
and the works of a person with a platform
are very likely to be studied in many ways
by many people, over an extended period of time
and so to two people with a platform and in all probability with, of
a bipolar disposition
Virginia Woolf
Stephen Fry
there is a passage somewhere in Virginia Woolf about
there was a slab in the hallway
used for the setting down of dishes
some man - named
picked me up and set me on that slab
and began to
explore my body
it is supposed that in very early life
Virginia Woolf's half brothers were in the habit of
showing her a good time of a night
we might consider in this the fact that her elder sister
who died very young
had wat we may call
more ligitimate access to that body
since she had 'maternal care' of Virginia
sister exploring my body necessary
brother exploring my body somehow wrong
if we take the two elements of Virginia's life
a lot of deaths in the family when she was quite young and an extensive lifestyle of
assumed unconsumated heterosexual marriage and
extensive lesbian relationships
it is easy to ask questions such as
Stephen Fry
O' levels at 14, not allowed to take A' levels
rusticated from at least 2 schools
two very able people
two bipolar people
two homosexual people
are these things linked?
or was there some triggering event or circumstance
such as Virginia being the
household bike
that triggered a psychological or physical abnormality
that was not present at birth?
we can say, at this moment in time
bipolar disorder is frequently inherited with
genetic factors accounting for approximately,BR> 80 per cent of the cause of the condition
no other psychiatic disorder is more heritable
but most people are raised in their early years
in the presence of their natural parents
and that statement needs clarificaton
how many people born of bipolars become bipolars
do bipolars foster oe adopt children with no
family line of bipolar
and do those children develop bipolar
despite those misgivings over the stats
it is probably not
putting the cart before the horse to suggest that
it starts with genetics and not
night time activities
we are at that moment in time where a person can
do a home genetic test for the prime genetic marker for bipolar
but the test although 100 per cent acurate for the genetics
only identifies those 'at risk'
it does not accurately predict a bipolar outcome
and so people with a positive test may be advised to avoid
potential triggers
is it true that
a person with the genetics associated with bipolar
is more likely to be homosexual?
and is that a direct link
or is it that a bipolar person is more likely to
experiment with, shall we say
sex and drugs and rock and roll?
Stephen Fry has a documented relationship with cocaine
and Virginia Woolf was probably prescribed all sorts a rock
however much one wants to dramatise the story of
19th and 20th century female emancipation..
however stark the starting position
it is probably not appropriate to decide that
you need to be bipolar in order to
get things done
and it is probably wise to distinguish - separate in the mind
female emancipation and lesbianism
for the most part and we will not explore the origins of anorexia here
you do not starve yourself because your mother's cooking is
you eat takeaways
and so
the concept of
starting your sex life before you could express preferences??
do it the way i like it or I'll scweem and scweem and scweem
is a little threadbare
overall we tend towards the belief that it is unhelpful to
bundle together - concatinate - events that share a very
broad timescale
the main theme is
you can revell in Stephen Fry
and revere Virginia Woolf
but don't throw the baby out with the bathwater

the old stock exchange addage goes
sell in May
and go away
the reason being
in the summer months we have
thin trading
low turnover
and so early in June the price of
North Sea Gas Futures fell
and now it has risen
it fell because the buyers went on holiday
it has now risen because the sellers have
gone on holiday
the 'inflation rate' has been published
the nex publication - for June - will be 20th July
in the detail we can read that
in May 2021 the month on month inflation rate was
0,6 per cent
in May 2022 the month on month inflation rate was
0.5 per cent
inflation has not ust peaked
it has fallen
but we'll keep that quiet in
silly season
currently Boris Bashing Bonanza
speaking of which
editors on BBC breakfast
oh bck in the day
crotchless panties
there is a deep deep mind set in BBC editorial galeries
notwithstanding the Cleveland Child Abuse hangover in which
sex makes you ill
and photography steals your soul...
take a picture of a person in a swim suit
the crotch of the swm suit will likely show up...
take a picture of the same person when they have
not yet removed thir skirt
and the picture moves into the category
quite the game
going commando
and waiting to see whether anybody will
upskirt you
we assume you go commando - no panties
in a skirt
when you intend flashing somebody...

it's a thing we have done along with most other people
refer to small pox as the only virus to have been eradicated
as we get more and more social mixing
things pop up
the disease comes first and then
that looks like xxx
then perhaps xxx has not been eradicated?
but then perhaps we find that the new patients have
something quite different
one aspect of this is like the
passenger Pigeon in the US
people hunted it to extinction
and then expected it to pop up again
bescuse it was a part of God's creation
and it didn't
and so
although we do now see some cases of
acute flacid myelitis
and it looks a lot like
we have grounds to think that the
3 strains of polio virus may now be extinct
we are not sure about this
as opposed to
rapid onset
does tend to be associated with
and polio was not temporary
these days we have cerebral palsy
but at one time
children in
leg irons
were more likely to be polio victims
you guessed it
this is one of those slow build up stories
when people want charitable support
they tend to emphasise the effect of the problem on
there is a famous polio story that does not involve children
up until he was around 26
Frankline Delanose Roosevelt
was the happy healthy father of 4?
anyway normal
and then he got ill and became paralysed
in the sense of having little use of his legs
because this happened when he was already
'rich, powerful and famous
he chose to hide his disability
rather than play on it for sympathy as
would more likely be the case with a child
a lot of people regard
literally bringng out 'the best' or potential in children
as the same things as
rote learning of a routine or series of 'facts'
and so it is with most school subjects
in the UK a lot of people think they have
cracked history
if they know the names of the sequence of kings and queens
in the US it may be a sequence of Presidents and battles
other people study the subject in more depth
and so
President Putin has made much of a 'study' of history
and people who remember history as a series of people or events
tend to seek simple patterns and expect
History to repeat itself
in essence
people who remember history are 'doomed' to see it repeat itself
but people who study history can escape the
Groundhog Day Syndrome
by the time of the Second World War
FDR - that Rooseveldt
had had 'polio' for many years
and there were three 'world leaders' standing against
The Nazis
Rooseveldt, Churchill, and Stallin
and at the time
in many ways
Churchill was more in the mould of Boris Johnson
a man desperatley hiding a serious physical disability
would look to
Churchill and Stallin
and it is not too surprising that
Rooseveldt chose Stallin and took to a kind of
hero worship
he was hiding his disability
he saw Churchill as weak and defective
it was not surprising that FDR thought
I wish I could stride around like Stallin
and what we are gettin at here is
there was
very personal chemistry between Stallin a FDR
and the
I expect histroy to repeat itself
President Putin
has no doubt encouraged by some small hero worship from the
soon to no longer be
Prime Minister of Israel
Mr Benett
had assumed that if Russia invaded Ukraine
America would support Russia
As Of Old
and so
Mr Benett
is on his way out
the guy who denied Ukraine the Iron Dome
what of President Putin
a President Putin without the expected support of
Israel and the USA?
and with dwindling co-operation even from Belarussia
we shall see

a small poin of clarification here - guidance
if you search lackenby steelworks
you will be told about the BOS plant being shut down
if, on the other hand you search
Lackenby Mills
you can discover that
Lackenby Mills currently employ around 400 people
who run a
beam mill
that has a capacity of 1 million tonnes a year
and that the 'same size' strip mill was taken off to China
some time ago
and that the steel for the beam mill and Skinningrove comes by rail from
Redcar blast furnace alone was capable of making
3 million tonnes of iron a year
using the 70,000 tonnes of sinter a week produced by the sinter plant
1 million for the beam mill
1 million for the strip mill - car bodies, washing machines
and 1 million for
? hartlepool pipe mill, Skinningrove, export
Scunthorpe is a rod and wire mill
is there room in lackenby mills for
a beam mill AND a strip mill AND a wire/rod mill
we are not sure
it's a long while since our Ricker was in there..
Redcar has the capacity to make all the steel the UK needs
ploitics can be a tanagled web
and honestly Rishi Sunak is way to posh to attract the
working class Uk Asian vote...
to protect Port Talbot
on the basis of my enemy's enemy is my friend
use invetment in Scunthorpe to
keep the foot on the neck of Redcar

one thing we may be able to say about
Redcar Steelworks is
in the minds of some in government it appears that it is
dead but it won't lie down
we can't believe that it was 2015 when it closed
7 not 5 years ago
we know that demented pre Europe woman had a hand in it
the closure
but we will concentrate on the figure head
about 6 months before the closure
Sajid Javid
currently the first Secretary of State for Health
not to pretend he knows all there is to know about medsun
after Hunt and that other guy who clearly thought they did
President of the Board of Trade
Secretary of State for
Business, Innovation and Skills
and it may be said that he turned down 'help' for
we suspect that he decided not to allow
steel produced in Redcar by the new
innovative method
to be sold into British
and referening the female nut job side kick
that lead to the closure
hs pro European stance probably derived from him
having been Deutsche Bank
it is entirely without evidence tht we suggest that,BR> the department wanted to hand Redcar over to
obviously he was a certain Asian appearance
and that could lead us astray regarding
his anti-Redcar sentiments
in actuality
he was raised in quite ordinary circumstances in
and that would give him a pro-Port Talbot perspective
rather than a pro-Tata perspective
Javid pro Port Talbot
Johnson 'needs' Asian support
what can I do for you Mr Javid
hey boss, just look after Port Talbot
and I'll be a king
MP for Bromsgrove?
he has residences listed as
Bristol, England
Chelsea, London
Fulham, London
note not Chelsea, England
London is creeping towards being
a City State
Bromsgrove is a town in Worcestershire, England
13 miles south-west of Birmingham
oh and he's a graduate of the Univerity of Exeter
Devon, South west England
opposite side of the Bristol channel from Port Talbot
by the way
Secretary of State means Chief Minister in a ministry

we just thought
after reading
large buildings at the former Redcar steelworks site
have been demolished in a controlled explosion
The Bunker Bay and Screenhouse at the former
Sinter Plant were brought down by 100kg of explosives
on Thursday 16th
so we thought we'd publish a picture taken on Saturday18th
what's the opposite of
you were just supposed to blow the bloody doors off/
a panel at eah end of one of the two filter boxes
has been blown off
there are a number of issues here
there is a shoratge of skills
there is a shortage of labour
these things show no sign of penetrating
the corridors of power
the fact that may get some traction is
when you have
shall we say
if you have a structure that is redundant and
contains 5,000 tonnes of scrap steel
and you want to sell thqt scrap
you don't want to release it too
suddenly, quickly
because that could
cause the price of scrap to plummet
there is no rush to dismantle the
Sinter Plant
from time to time there will be
small explosions when the demolishers are
not sure about either the structural integrity
of the building
or they are unsure about possible toxic hazards
The Sinter Plnt will come down
but it will take time

yesterday parts - including the filter box
or screenhouse
of the Redcar Sinter plant were blown up
as expected
we have taken a bit of trouble to check out
they are
Electrical Data Security
they essentially design and install
what they have done for Network Rail is devleop a
cantilever gate
these are gates that don't need a track across the road
do not touch the roadway
so much is positive
the mechanics are very successful
but the drive mechanism is inadequate
this is on two grounds
Network Rail engineers note that there are no brakes
the gates set off and a huge microswitch
switches them off as they engage with the target latch
they have no brakes and no RADAR to stop if they encounter an obstacle
on the basis that if they move slowly anybody
including a child or a pet such as a dog
will move out of the way in time to avoid injury
the defect that affects the town is that
perhaps because those controls are not in place
the drive motors are
woefully underpowered
if the company can control a turnstile in terms of
a valid ticket etc.
should be able to act under the same control as
every office or mall lift in service
there should be a pressure plate on the leading edge
that can stop the gate
we have to suspect that Network Rail would perfer a bridge
and we think former MP for Redcar Ian Swales
was not on board with this
perhaps Network Rail wish the people of Redcar to get so
fed up with the gates that they will
demand a bridge...

2 bullet points
The current MP for Corby
a former steelworks town in Northnts is a Tory
if the governmet want to have steelworks in
Scunthorpe and Port Talbot
they're gonna have to build them
because what is there is knackered
it's like the line about Liverpool
you want a cathedral?
we've got one to spare
Roman Catholic and Anglican
IF the domestic market fo stell is
3 to 6 million tonnes a year
do you put your brand new electric car on bricks
and run the Mini Metro
or do you do that ever so foreign thing
get with the programme
adopt the new technologies
we need to put down some basic markers regarding
the UK steel industry
despite the loss of many centres of the steel industry
Consett, Motherwell in Scotland, Corby in Northants
all lost so long ago we forget the detals
Cleveland was a UK parliamentary constituency
from 1885 to 1974
it was a county constituency in the Langbaurgh Wapentake
in the North Riding of Yorkshire
in essence the name was later re-used
to denote the metropolitan district of Langbaurgh
later Langbaurgh-0n-Tees
created in 1974
it covered the eastern division of
County Cleveland
and has been known as
the unitary authority of Redcar and Clevalnnd
since 1996
the parliamentary constituency had one MP
it was created from a part of
North Riding of Yorkshire
and replaced by the constituency of
Cleveland and Whitby
the first MP was Henry Fell Pease 1885
second Alfred Pease 1897 Liberal
Herbert Samuel 1902Liberal
1959 Wilfred Proudfoot Conservative
1964 James Tinn Labour
abolished 1974
Cleveland was Labour from 1945 to 1959
as a result of the post war Labour landslide
Tory from 1959 to 1964 and then
Labour 1964 to abolition in 1974
1974 it was replaced by
the now Lord Bates lost Langbaurgh for the Conservatives
it was
Guisborough, Loftus, Saltburn, Marske-by-the-Sea
Skelton and Brotton, Whitby and Whitby rural district
from a current perspective
as Langthingy it was Cleveland minus
Greater Eston and Redcar
and so
the unitary authority
Redcar and Cleveland
a bit of a mouthful
Greater Eston, Redcar, and Cleveland
minus Whitby
From 1974 to abolition in 1983 it was the constituency of Leon Brittan conservative
in broad terms would you expect students at
the university of Teesside to live in
Cleveland? so Leon Brittan was chancellor of the University of Teesside
Redcar constituency was created as
Redcar and Greater Eston
greater Eston includes townships such as
Grangetown and SOuth Bank
but it is hard to distinguish any boundaries
and so
That Little Bit of South Teesside
Eston and Redcar
was labour from creation in 1974 to
when it became Tory
the thoroughly adequate
Anna Turley lost out because of
nearby Middlesbrough had Corbyn fan
Andy Mcdonald
so the people of Redcar said
sorry Anna
you have not protected us from
Corbyn and Mcdonald, bye
and we don't see a similar appellation for Redcar
but Corby was once known locally as
because of the number of people from Scotland
moving there to
work in the steelworks
build a steelworks and they will come
steelworks are generally built where there is either
and not where there is a workforce
returning to the main theme
at some point around the turn of the 21st century
there were three steelworks in the UK
Port Talbot in South Wales
Scunthorpe n Linolnshire
and Redcar on Teesside
and all the while since the 1970s and before
industry leaders had been endeavouring to
consolidate UK steel production in Redcar
and politicians had been trying to
gain favour by
saving the jobs of people in redundant steelworks
what the politicians cna never grasp is that the corollary to
build it and they will come
shut it and they will go
in other words
very other words
pre-Second World War
6 million inhabitants
post war 3 million
now 6 million
where did they go?
Harlow in Essex
Milton Keynes
all sorts of places
to avoid the bombing
and now half the population are
first and second generation immigrants
the English didn't return to London
it beame a World City
not a National Capital
the lesson here is
Elect a Corbyn style leader to the Labour Party and
people will vote Tory
shut a steelworks and
it will not affect voting decisions
one jot
the people of Redcar didn't vote Labour because
the steelworks was closed
they voted Tory because the local Labour party
in Middlesbrough selected Andy Mcdonald as their candidate
and knew if Redcar wasn't qa Women Only Short List
somebody similar would be
put up in Redcar
for the next five years
Cumberland County Council
in the Lake District
North West England
will have a Labour council
the Tories kept
banging on about opening a coal mine in the area
the people of Northern England are not swine
they are not happy to be
pigs living in shit
they don't want a patched up old school steelworks in Scunthorpe
they want a state of the art steelworks like Redcar
and remember
Redcar was shut down because of lack of market
it is still quite unbelievable that SSI were only
alowed to re-start Redcar so long as all it's production was
when the whole k steel industry would have been set right by
shutting the completely knockered Scunthorpe works
Scunthorpe makes 3million tonnes a year
same as Redcar did
simple substitution
and then a Tory won in Scunthorpe in 2019...
and still that
mindless belief that she could keep her seat
despite having voted against the Tory government on
free school meals in holidays
if the povery sustaining shit factory was kept open

we have been having a little think about Russia
we have this image in mind of a drug adict
who is given money for a
season ticket for his favourite sports team
and spends the money on drugs
that is
The World arranged for President Putin to
get a re-set by
blaming it all on the olgarchs - plutocrats
and making a fresh start by
cutting his coat according to hs cloth
and he goes out a tries to
thieve somebody else's wardrobe

regarding 'The Old Sage' in Gateshead
I doubt the original architects will admit it but
there seems little doubt that
consciously or not
the form of the outer coat
is inspired by
a queen ant
in a sense
if The New Sage were included in a matching extension
the ensemble would look even more the part
to be more commercial...
regarding a more attractive evolution of the name
we would choose
Gateshead Silk
to reference a silk work cocoon
then there would be The Sage and the Silk

British Steel was bought by China's Jingye Group in 2020
they are now waying that Scunthorpe needs
�48million for a new concast unit
and �32million for rod mill improvements
we understand that some investment in what used to be the
CAT plant at Skinningrove
hs been announced
things change and we can't report on things that have been kept
our understanding is that as at when China took over British Steel
they were making steel in Scunthorpe and processing some of that
as a product of the concast - continuous caster
in Scunthorpe
to Lackenby Mills in Redcar and Skinningrove
we have no information about the condition or even the continued existence of
the concast at Lackenby
but to some extent
one calcualtion is
does China build a new concast in Scunthorpe or
has it the option of taking the Lackenby concast out of mothballs?
Lackenby Mills has spare 'lanes' within the sheds
to put a new rod mills in there instead of
building a new rod mill in Scunthorpe
we did suggest that the Thai company SSI
could be a front for China
if china deides to move everything from Scunthorpe to Redcar
a Tata obsessed Britush government will have little say in the matter
Skinningrove is no longer branded as CAT
but it is one of a handfull of plants worldwide specialising in
making caterpillar tracks
essentially Scunthorpe is knackered and Redcar is part mothballed

we misremembered? slightly

we just added in, there is a lifeguard station on Redcar sands

sometimes the objetive observer gets really quite frustrated
the Russian People 'brought in' President Putin to
act as a counterbalance to the precieved power of the
lottery winning plutocrats
essentially when oil was 20 dollars a barrel
the Russian government
sold the shop to pay the bills
and a few people with access to credit bought up
the Russian oil industry at rock bottom prices
then the 'oligarchs' got the blame for all the woes of Russia
and President Putin was supposed to redress the balance
between lottery winners and people
this lead to this
series of publicity stunts regarding
lukury yachts
in other words
President Putin nvaded Ukraine
and 'The West' sought to
1bolster his position by
helping him to humiliate oligarchs
and 2 at the same time
NOT provide military assistance to Ukraine
at this point the strategy is under review

one man's meat is another man's poison
we recognise that a change is as good as a rest
and that
British people holiday in France
French people - well a few anyway - holiday in England
why do so many Britush people think
France is super cool
and so many tinted people thin it's the pits?
shouldn't 'thinking France is cool'
be a requirement for British citizenship?

we are the oppressed people of Redcar
we are oppressed by the
level crossing gates on West Dyke Road
they are Eurostar standard
they are like a pair of
summo wrestlers
with not a single knacker between them
massively built from steel box sections
and with the motors out of a toy train set to shift them
take the contract off Hornby
and get some real world engineers on the job
the other day one bloke spent 5 hours at a stretch
putting his foot behind one of them
every time they needed to open
like grab the gte with yer hand and
lever yer foot against the gate post
they are massive
designed to protect a Eurostar from a hurtling fifty tonne truck
and while we're on
the slip points just down line of
Locke Road Railbridge
are nor designated
Redcar Junction
all they do is link the Darlington to Saltburn
down line to the up line
and speaking of rail
those points are designated as being
22miles and 59 chains from Darlington
that is from the East Caost main line
we ain't gone Imperial yet
but in the 1970s
London Underground went metric
not Britsh Rail
80 chains in a mile

apparently a body can't refer to
Blackpool and Birmingham as
but one can refer to
as worse
it is quite ineresting to note that
although there are some threats of
industrial action
support for Russia in the current conflict is
in the UK as in Ukraine
is muted at best

we have had a little thought for
the UK Government's minster for the 17th century
Mr Reece-Mogg
now, William Reese-Mogg
editor of The Times
he married a lorry driver and car salesman's dughter
so we suppose he was Jacob Rees-Mogg's grandad??
we were contemplating Louis 14th of France
and although he began being 'king' much younger that
Queen Elzabeth took on her duties
he did make some changes in later life
interesting that he was very much in partnership with
his mother who was his Regent when he was really young
Just like President Macron and his
wife old enough to be his mother...
we have remarked on
la France Profond
Louis 14th was the one
the Sun King and that
who forced the nobility to live in
Louis' palace to counteract
we wonder whether Jacob the Rees-Mogg requiring
civil servants to
be at their desks
is an attempt to counteract a
new feudalism
or to counteract
levelling up

what we have in Redcar is
Redcar iron works being demolished next to
the site of the already long demolished
Warrenby iron works
and back in the day
fly tipping was not so simple
before the Transit van
what people tipped was
garden waste
and there is an interesting combination of
plants that have come in because
an abandoned iron works leaves a typical
volcanic landscape
and plants that have arrived from gardens
because of low level fly tipping
and that columnnar blue job?
it's a special orchid
a hybrid of
common spotted orchid
Northern marsh orchid
they've definitely slowed down on the demolition
they've got around a dozen people on site
half of them are sorting and grading slag deposits

people say that the Tory party is divided between
high tax ad low tax
this isn't quite what is at the heart of things
the British conclusions after
The Seond World War
are a mystery
after having spend so much on propping up
Russia and having defeated the Nazis
why did the British government adopt
the policies that had been such a problem to
the people they had just defeated?
the idea was very common in the early 20th century
In the United States in was called
The New Deal
essentially, all the great powers went into
The Seond World War with
Command Economies
Central Planning
and in a way the British had a hybrid system
that we still have today
everybody should get vaccinated
but anybody can put up a vaccine for trials
in a command economy
the government devlops the vaccine and says verybody should get it
so the 'command economy' peope say
we should have coal and gas
the Free Market people say
we should have energy
it is a case of stepping back from
this is what we need and this is how we will get it
simplyBR> this is what we need
and so
post war in the UK
Dr Beeching
reduces the scale of the railways
says, we have coal mines, so
we will keep steam trains
if his response to transport problems had been
switch to diesel
not cut the number of routes
things would have been different
war time supply difficulties had lead to
a self sufficiency culture
coal is local
oil is imported
and so
from being a Trading Nation
Britain sought to be isolationist
and so
if you feel, at heart, that submarines
are the end to
world trade
you can't get rid of your Empire
fast enough
in other words
Germany said
we muct be self sufficient
but to be self sufficient we must be
Britain said
so long as the rest of England can
supply London with all the
coal and food it needs
let's not build any more ships
just for them to be sunk by
however, there is a problem here
Dr Beeching could have said
we don't want to import oil but
we can
electrify the railways
and use coal to generate the electricity
t is difficult to see why that ws
only done in the London area
It is quite interesting to consider
what is an MP
we mean a member of the House of Commons
when we say MP
beause members of the House of Lords are also
Members of Parliament
in a way we ask oursleves fairly often
are the right sort of people
getting to be MPs?
we could consider they pay of members of the House of Lords
last time we checked
a long time ago
member of the Lords were paid a daily alloance
around � 300 per day
or a lower rate �150 a day if they wish to
avoid close scrutiny of what they actually do
if they 'clocked on'
they have to attend
they can't just
'phone it in
hence some Lords' opposition to
working from home
so if they lived and worked near
Chelsea Football Club
sorry - the River Thames
Parliament whatever
they would pop in to sign for the daily allowance
in the manner of
popping into the newsagents' to pick up the morning paper
these days it may not be that simple
but as to the House of Commons...BR> back in
MPs began to get paid
on the basis that if they were going to allow
working class people to have the vote and even
get elected
they would look frightfully scruffy in the precincts
if their
day job
didn't yield enough pay for them to
attend in a presentable fashion
and over time they ended up with pay linked to that of
senior civil servants
however, that was all aside from the fact that
froum a lot earlier???
MPs got paid if they WORKED rather than
played politics
that is minister 'in the government'
to this day referred to as
the payroll vote
got paid
so now
ministers get double bubble
they get paid for being MPs
and they get paid for being ministers
if they are ministers
and of course opposition MPs are not ministers
and so,
anjd so in the case of Mr. Prime Minister Johnson
his inentive is to appoint as ministers
MPs who would be kicked out of their
second jobs
by any replacement Prime Minister
and in effect
you have a combination
why own a dag and bark yourself
expressed as
in the style of
Yes Minister
why appoint competent ministers if
departments are being run by competent civil servants
so use ministerial posts as
guarantees that you will win votes of confidence if
more than half your MPs - the MPs in your governing party
have mnisterial posts that they would loose
if you were no longer Prime Minister
in a sense trying to generate 'de facto'
unofficially, a system like the one in the USA
where new President means new administration
rather lke a new football manager
bringing in a complete new
back room team
this is Mr Johnson's particular problem
because he has an 85 seat majority - approx
the number of MPs with a vote in a confidence vote
is very high
and finding sufficient people who would loose their
second jobs if he lost his
justifying having so many
second jobs for MPs - as ministers etc
is more difficult
if he had a majority of 30
he would get legislation through
and he would need
less vote in a confidence vote
in order to have a majority
in other words
if he called a general election and
threw away the
Red Wall Seats
that would stengthen his position within the Tory party
hence the talk of
thaose people have just lent us their votes
and the foot dragging over
Levellng Up
a phase has been reached in UK politics where
there are no vital issues requiring
wins in Parliamentary Votes
for society to function
we have already got a lorra lorra laws
and new ones are almost all of the
Private Memebers Bill variety
memorial tweeking to
it is illegal to kill somebody without justifiction
in memory of this or that daft lass
we'll make a specific law outlawing
killing somebody in a particualr way
and so for a Prime Minister
winnng votes of confidence within their own party
becomes muc more important that winning votes
in the House of Commons
or the House of Lords
there used to be a concept referred to as
Money Bills
the idea was that
The House of Lords could ammend general legislation
they could not ammend anything relating to
the government spending money
in effect this meant that
The Prime Minister had to
carry the House of Lords
but the Finance Minister
The Chancellor of the Exchequer
could ignore the House of Lords
things change but this is still broadly true
The Speaker of the House of Commons
decides whether the bill
is amoney bill
a Bill is a proposal put to Parliament
an Act is legislation voted into law by Parliament
The Chancellor runs the Government
and the Prime Minister runs the Justice Industry
ans hence
wise Chancellors do not rush to get the 'Top Job'

it is interesting that the peoples of the
Asian Sub-continent
Indian Sub-continent
despite a massive history of association with Britain
generally point to a single incident as justification for
the Masacer of Amritza
Amritsar massacre
ma hat, ma ganzie
English translation
my hat and my jumper
so there is this guy
wants to be as English as possible
despite being south asian
trains as a layer, joins the army
decides he isn't making satisfactory progress
sort of 'glass ceiling for Asians' style
he - Ma hat Ma ganzie
develops this concept of
passive resistance
so it's like
get a whole load of people to congregate and
provoke the authorities to
beat them up and arrest them
so like he is an expert on
English law and British military
thinks he has developed a neat trick
so there are these two guys in the British military
Dyer and Dwyer
so in Amritsar a whole bunch of people start with the
congregating and the chanting and that
and the British under the diredct command of Dyer
seek to disperse them
two problems of miscommunication
essentially the 'Indians' have essentially
'kettled ' themselves
byt choosing an open space that is actually only
open on one side
and the British don't realise that
and advance on the open side to disperse the crowd
and instead compress them
and then instead of gettin off their horses to
beat the crowd up
as the crowd expected they
st there and fire off their
rapid fire Lee-Enfield rifles
causing two or three hundred deaths
and thousands of injuries
imagine the French police with American kit
our Ricker has a Dyer story
now this Dyer died in the 1920s
and this is about a lad called Dyer who was born
in the 1950s
all in all he was a not particularly popular
but not bullied pupil at Coatham
the boys' grammar school in
Coatham, in Redcar
also called Sir William Turner's School
and in this time of
it seems beyond belief
but he had the distinction of being
the only boy in the school who had ever seen
people actually having sex
they had been at it one day
right outside Dyer's front door
'in India'
so we have a fairly good idea that
'our Dyer'
was a great grandson of the one in the Amrisar Massacre

our Ricker has been doing that
thinking outside the box
the question about why one virus affects
different groups or sub species of a species
squirrels are teretorial but they do
car for their young
what we are about to do is consider squirrels that may be
occupying a parallel universe
or perhaps this one
this because so far as we know
what we are about to suggest has never been observed
take squirrel pox
greys seem largely unaffected
reds seem to die readily from it
what if
first we should say that in the known world
although squirrels are territorial they are also social
they quarrel about territory all the time
however, the males make less effort to
gain territory than to access mates
we have no data about squirrel parenting
things like does the father help?
do they mate 'for life'
probably no, no
the other thing we know is that
squirrels mini behaviours
somebody got two populations of squirrels and
keeping them separate
offered them a type of food - a type of nut type thing
one group they offered the cachews
the other group they offered the food type
and introduced an individual accustomed to
eating cachews
the group with the mentor got into the new food by
copying the expert
the other were a bit confused
we know that virus infections spread by close contact
we suppose that the spots they get with squirrel pox
and so we suppose they scratch
what if
what if grey squirrels itch their spots on
tree bark - like a bear
and red squirrels
we know squirrels - especially the females
respond to parasite presence by
self grooming
mutul grooming?
just suppose
the greys respond to apox infection by
tree rubbing
and the reds respond with mutual grooming
we wouldn't expect the males to indulge in mutual grooming
but it is a concept to explain
how the same virus has a different effect in
different colonies of the same spicies
so the differnce is not due to
different physiology or immunity
not due to different inate behaviour
but due to different learned behaviour
returning to this universe
the proliferation of greys is due to a greater willingness
of greys to exploit humans
in broad behavioural terms
reds behave like cats
greys behave like dogs

two singer songwriters
of almost identical, indistinguishable output
both very popular
Ed Shearan - super cool
James Blunt - not the least bit cool
what's the difference?
we don't know but one of them works for a
Black music publisher

it seems like a long time ago when
Redcar lost out on the tail end of
the glory years of bicycling in the UK
as far as we can remember just when
Redcar was about to host
Le Tour de Yorkshire
it folded
so now it's
amateur times
The Tour of Britain
is coming to Redcar
stage 4 Wednesday 7th September 2022
Redcar to Helmsley
we're guessing not much TV coverage
there is little chance of any coverage of
the start in Redcar
what coverage there will be wil be of Helmsley
However, the organisers will get some
exposure to the North Yorkshire Coast
The sponsors A J Bell are some sort of
finance comapny
Redcar, Marske-by-the-Sea,New Marske,
Saltburn-by-the-Sea - including
down to the front and back up the bank
a Cat Nab
Brotton, Carlin How, that's on the main road
A 174 ABOVE Skinningrove
above Boulby and Staithes
going DOWN Lythe Bank
through Whitby
down as far as Robin Hood's Bay
then back up to Ruswarp
Grosmont, up the bank
Danby, Commondale
Battersby, Captain Cook's Monument
Chop Yat B125

how many of you, out there
are familiar with
The White Blindness
we think every environemtal health professional should
learn about the white blindness as part of their studies
irresoective of the characters involved
the story is of the
Merlin and Arthur variety
vets and such refer to the white blindness as
it's another one of those
pox viruses that
affects differnt host species differently
and so in
Richard Adam's
Watership Down
you know
Bright Eyes
Richard Briers as Fiver
to mix movies...
Darth Vader - General Woundwort - decides that
all rabbits with the white blindness must be
expelled from the community
and the main bult of the book and movie is
a quest for a new home
but it starts from
an major error in
environmental health
the boss of the warren expells rabbits with symptoms
and young Fiver is advised by the Merlin character that
the disease is not spread by rabbits
but by fleas in the ears of rabbits
your enemy s the virus
their enabler is the flea
don't ostracise rabbt victims
tackle the fleas
but that is not mainstream to the plot
the virus and the fleas just do their thing
it is up to the rabbits to use rabbit friendly methods to overcome the problem
it is a rather grim as in Grimms' fairytales
lesson to children that
1 nature is wonderful
2 life throws up problems
brute force and ignorance
are not the best policy in face of adversity
Richard Adams died in 2016
aged around 96

so we wanted to say...
Queen Elzabeth II's father was
George VI
and he was king between
1936 and 1952
and QE2 was 25 when she ascended to the throne
we we guess she was born
21 April 1926
so she was
ten years before her dad got the job
and had
15 years to get used to the idea
not exactly DROPPED IN IT
and she has two years to go to be the
longest ever recorded monarch of a
sovereign nation - not a district such as
Yorkshire or Wales
Louis 14th of France the only other one
72 years and 110 days
just overhauling
Rama 9th Thailand - 70 years 126 days
so one more week to be second longest ever

we're beginning to wonder whether the motivation for
President Macron's
mentoring of
President Putin
denotes a plan on the part of
President Macron to set a precident
so that he can launch and
invasion of Algeria
before his second term ends
and he's appropriated
UK illegal immgrant
Paddington Bear
to infiltrate The Palace
and take a French
production team
from French TV giant
with him
is it Putin or Macron
bidding for world domination?

our Ricker's battered old AA road atlas lists
10 locations beginning with
one on Humberside and one in Cumbria
the rest in Redcar and Claveland
and the one, of the 8 in Redcar And Clevalnd
that is actually called Skelton
is described by the AtoZ as being in
Saltburn-by-the Sea
but true to form
the BBC have it in their latest news report as
near Middlesbrough
they should run a sweep
like weather forecasters insereting puns and
'naughty words' into buletins
each month
a free BBC Breakfast mug
for the hack describing the place
most distant from Middlesbrough as
'near Middlesbrough'

we just want to add a little note about
mutilated shellfish on the beaches of North East England
one factor that may be small but is not mentioned is
there be seals out there
common and harbour seals...
don't swallow crabs and lobsters whole
just sayin'
seals are a bit of a problem
a bit like squirells
the sort of UK seals are called
common or harbour seals and they are seals
then there are
grey seals
and some suggest that
grey seals are doing to harbour seals what
grey squirrels are doing to red squirrels
added to that
seals pup at times determined not by
but by colony
the mums in a particular colony will
give birth at the same time - roughly
but that won't necessarily be the same time that
mums of the same species give birth in another colony
they are adapting to local conditions
it is said that
in Redcar greys pup in summer and harbour or common
pup in winter
clearly food demande will be greatest just before pupping
and that may cause something of a switch from
pelagic to shell fish
swimming fish to shell fish
a combination of
heavier that expected storms
polyphospates in the water softening shells
and extra predation from pregnant seals
may have come together to whack Redcar shelfish stocks
autumn 2021
blue-green algal blooms
typital government new speak
the only place government departments research is in
their press cuttings
what did we say last time?

regarding The Ukraine
there is a term in French that has been
imported into English
and t sort of links
CoViD and Ukraine
the term is
cordon sanitaire
and initially in French it was a term for
barrier nursing
a gap or space or barrier or
a DMZ is a demilitarised zone
a cordon sanitaire is
a semipermanent version of
the nomansland between the trenches of the
First World War
the option here is to have say
the eastern half of the Donbass
become in some sense
soverign territory of The United Nations
a strip of land with
no citizens, under the control of
UN peacekeepers

consider two sisters
one day they have a squabble and the elder says
go get yourself fucked
and couple of months little sister turns up
she did what she was told...
but then consider two female love rivals
they both want to be the partner of the same man
one goes to the length of allowing
in the current climate
public heavy petting
this may impress the target man
but his family may say
we're not having a slut like that as a daughter-in-law
really the tightrope a prospective bride has to walk is
I really really love him
but I'm not a girl like that
so the whole point of
rape and indecent assault is
I love, I love I love him
to the point that once we're married I
may let him touch me
for the sake of being able to
make babies for him
and further
if we are living in the 1950s
if something does happen that should only ever happen
on the wedding night
the court is asked to declare
in public
that whever happened
it wasn't the woman's idea
and she either put up a fight
or was paralised with fear
the concept of
I want grankids
more than want a son-in-law
is entirely 21st century
well the people who push for more
rape and indecent assault convictions
probably not the people who will
re-mortgage their home to
pay for their lesbian daughter's
IVF or surrogacy

for the benefit of people who were born in the 21st century...
this stuff about checking women's 'phones
when they complaine about men
in the Uk in the 21st century parents worry about
their children's eduation and job prospects
children not just boys
but people in the Uk still living in the 1950s
and thinking
marriage prospects
not for companionship and family
for economic security
girl you'll be a woman soon
soon you'll need a man
and so when a woman approaches the police over some
tiff, or anything more serious
the first question they police ask is
is this woman married
if not what are her marriage prospects
since they are living in the 1950s they do not recognise
all these crimes are seen by the police and the
justice industry in terms of
is the woamn married, if so
she's made her bed, she should lie in it
if she is not married
what are her marriage prospects
if she is the
office bike
she is seen as having zero marriage prospects
and so
to the crunch question
has this man damaged this woman's marriage prospects?
if she didn't have any beause
she is divorced or known to sleep around
then the man is seen as
having done no harm
by helping her to indulge in her
favourite passtime
it is absolutely beyond the comprehension of
the denizens - inhabitants - of the justice industry
that 'time of the month' may influence a female's
response to suggested intemacy
they have no sympathy for
I was having a bad day
I wish to withdraw my complaint
these things are the issues for female emancipation
scrub marriage
but particularly scrub
The concept of the
virgin bride
accept the concept of a
woman's - particularly a menstruating woman's - prorogative to
change her mind
don't use bad day outbursts to
destroy relationships and careers

a coupe of things here
Majuba Road
closure - demolition - of publc convieniences
from today
Portaloos behind the nearby Tuned-in
and then Pacitto
King Boris had a Lemon Top
NOT at Picitto on the High Street
at Pacitto on Pybus Place
off the Esplanade - sea front
Christ will anybody at the Get Wet ever get out of the office??

we are interested in this parade of
exotic infections that mostly seem to come from
sub Saharan Africa
what is interesting is that there seem to be
of various infections in these areas
but that when they are exported to the rest of the world
and more specifically The Western World
they fizzle out
there are two lines of thought here
the frst is this idea that once species can
tollerate and regard as a nuisance parasite
a pathogen that is lethl to a very similar species
the prime example being
squirrel pox 'kills reds stone dead
and happily co-exists with greys'
we're not sure how much evidence
apart from pics of very ill reds
there is for this
but in the case of these
monkey pox style infections
nobody much seems to be badly affected
the disease is simply 'detected'
a second line of thought
specifically on
why do Western outbreaks fizzle out?
is that
very few people in the Western World
are ill - have underlying illness
and those you are
1 don't travel much
and 2 are quite well cared for
in contrast to some of these reservoir populations
where many people are malnourished and generally debilitated
and there is this
middle seam of humans
when 'an animal in the wild'
gets even a bit sick or injured
that will be the one that falls victim
very quickly
to predators
sick humans are protected from predation by healthy humans
nd clearly in very different ways
in The Bush to In Shepherds Bush - a London district
so this means that
justlike bacteria flourishing on
meat past its sell by date
these pathogens flourish in and on
people who are being kept alive but are very sick
and this chimes with our earlier 'revelation' that
although viruses need living cells to reproduce
they do it better in dying cells
and tht comes down, not to, general hygiene
but more focussed
barrier nursing
of the sick, injured, feeble and disabled
there is barrier nursing and reverse barrier nursing
PPE that either protects the sick from
things 'going around'
as opposed to isolating people who are infected
from the general population
both are clearly important

we don't want to pick a fight with the NRA
National Rifle Association of America
in the UK we don't have a lot of gun crime
we have way too much
knife crime
the first thing we say about that is
don't carry a knife 'for protection'
because somebody may take it away from you and
use t to kill you
in the NRA's magic kingdom
those two teachers would be
have been
tooled up to the nines
and some nutter waltzes into their classroom
completely unarmed
and takes their gun and shoots their class
if you distribute submachine guns like
fire extinguishers
or defib machines
UK public de-fibs are locked and you have to get a code
by dialing the ambulance service but
even if you knew the code, unlocking the gun would take too long
so it would be 'like fire extinguishers'
and anybody can set one of those off
it pretty solidly blocks the
more guns - less shooting theory
so the nutter has no need, even if they have a deep urge
to own a gun
in order to shoot people in that scenario
the other problem is
friendly fire
law enforcement don't shoot
because they are not in the words of
Elanor Bron - God that's a way old cultural reference
a dead eye shot shooting
law enforcement with guns?
like fly spray
squeeze and hope
most cops don't even know whether they have
a gun or a Tazer in their hand

we haven't seen so much of President
not Yeltzin, Gorbachof
yes it's coming back
President Putin
there are obviously three main groups
fghting for Russia in Ukraine
Russian troops
people who speak Russian and not Ukrainian
at this distance
when something is reported
it is hard to tell which of these groups are being
referred to
when it is said
The russians are advancing
Russian speaking Ukrainians may be defecting
evenin this day and age there is
the fog of war
we are always aware of spelling difficulties in
foreign affairs
Donbas Dombass
it's probably Donbass

Kourtage for Kingship

somebody self important
like three times as many cars as
Charlie Boy when he visits
is Boris scarred of heckleopters
or was it just to double the passenger numbers at
Teesside Airport

we recognise the dilemma over
confidentiality - medical in particular
is important, and not simple
we have a couple of ideas about
Prime Minister Johnson
we understand that until
either Eton or Oxford he was known by his first name
the change to Boris seemed to be a bit of an attempt to become
more outgoing, less bookish, more like
Call me Dave - David Cameron
whom he met at this time, approx
on a more medical line
we refer with some justification to
a clownish persona
clown like
we understand that in earlier youth he had
the infamous grommets fitted several time into his ears
on the one hand that would indicate
glue ear
and some deafness
repeated insertions - they fall out after about 6 weeks
indicate a general question of
deafness or daydreaming?
but the other elements of the clown
the famous zip wire in particular
indicated more serious infection related damage
and the loss of balance called Meniere's disease
not just stopped up ears but
damage to the ear nerves associated with balance

during the Giro d'Italia
our Ricker looks forward to a glimpse of
on Quest
it don't take much to make an old man happy
anybody who doesn't threaten
there are difficult days and tody was a difficult day
for our Ricker
sliding doors
it is often seen that
democracy is in a way the oposite of
oligarchy and plutocracy
but there is a question over
does democracy involve being
but is
we won't let you work, unless it is in London
it is true that our Ricker's interest on optics was started by
a Co-Op recruitment leaflet
but he really got into it because
his mam wanted a hairdressers
but said she would settle for and optician's
so she sponsored his training
but then she died when he was two years through his degree
but actulaay he lost interest when he and a
researcher from Cmabridge called Liz Pimm-Smith
were both told they had to repeat their
end of first year exams
and our Ricker had to juggle
resits in London with taking his dying mother to
a family wedding in Reading
arrogant bastards
city uni. didrespecting a Durham and a Cambridge grad
so our Ricker was half way out of the door
before his mother died and he didn't have to
open an optician's shop to keep her happy
so he switched to computing at Teesside University
and that went a little better
but with universities
once you get qualified
they start with the
you're upsetting the other staff - harassment stuff
what universities are interested in s 2 things
1 recruiting students and how much they will get in fees
2 first destination of graduates
look what jobs we got for our students
the less likely a student is to
'walk into a job'
the more likely they are to get a
top ranking qualification
and so if they want to actually EMPLOY a student
at the end of their course
since in the eyes of the uni
the only purpose of that degree is to get that first job
why waste a qualification on staff?
keep the likes of professorship, readership, Doctor of Science
as a poaching or anti-poaching ploy
because if you don't actually give a decent qualification
you just give a licence to practice
what other uni is gonna poach you?
but if patients and hacks check out
the qualifications of
people who are telling them what to do
they may be lead astray by
numpties with lots of letters front and back of their names
putting that another way
when a student joins a vocational course that
leads to a job they are not 'cut out for'
they are the ones who get a Double First
and possibly a PhD Doctorate
to help them get job at something else
but that can confuse the public

our Ricker has been havng a think
about Marietta Higgs and her being married to
Mr Higgs who was not a doctor
there appear to be
official files about her that are
for fredom of information purposes
it has lead our Ricker to have wider thoughts
about the 1980s
but on this we assume that if she is or was a doctor
some registration details should be
on file, on line, we won't search for them
what we will assume
quite without evidence is that
with a name such as Marietta
she could be of some sort of
German extraction
and so taking 1980s and German...
we look to somebody our Ricker knew better at that time
Ronald Douglas is a biologist specialising in the visual system
who joined City University London in 1984.
he was previously a Royal Society post doctoral fellow
at the Unversity of Ulm (Genrmany)
and a researh assistant at the University of Sussex
Ron granduated with a BSc in Biological Sciences
from the University of Sussex in 1977
and got a PhD from Sussex in
spectral sensitivity and visual abaption in the raindow trout
now, our Ricker isn't quite sure about that
he thought Strathclide Uni came into it somewhere??
any way yes
work on teliost visual syatems
he had a tank with live fish in it in a broom closet
on the top floor of The Dame Alice Owen Building
in Islington
wasn't Strathclyde it was
PhD from university of Stirling, Scotland
he published papers in 2014
here is the story
our Ricker was accepted onto the optometry course
at City around 1984
now, during the summer before he arrived
the two tutors who were teaching
biological elements within
the optometry and visual sciences degree
that's to say lecturers - not the Professor
profesor Ruskell
the two juniors, that summer, married
each other, together, and
abruptly decided to leave
one replacement appointment was easy
Terri Grifiths
her photo was in the deprtmental promo leaflet
the other was
Ron Douglas
and so but how
both of them were taken on at very very short notice
and given
3 year contracts
and so
our Ricker with his medial school background and
Durham University degree
was due to graduate in
Optometry and Visual Science
at the very moment that
the contracts of the newbie
biology lecturers contracts were due to expire
Terri married a dentist...
and she was an optometrist anyway
Sanderson if you're interested,
and the Head of Department
had a word with our Ricker
don't upset Ron
he has a serious mental health diagnosis
and then the HOD had a heart attack
having campaigned for a defibrulator for the department...
and died
in this inter regnum
first it was decided that
our Ricker would not do Honours
not do a research project
but spend extra time in the
public clinic
The London Refraction Hospital
and then that he should withdraw from the degree altogether
and so our Ricker decided to retire
and the link?
well Ron didn't go to Germany by chance
his mother was German
so we're thinking about the end of the war
and the mid 80s not being all that long after
if you are a chid doctor and you have no idea
how to care for children
blame the parents as a distracor
if you are a fish biologist teaching optometrists about biology
and your contract comes up for renewal just as somebody with
a more suitable background becomes joint graduate in
what you're qualified in
what you're teaching...
you gonna want to discredit your rival
if you don't want to be sent back to
still with the Berlin wall 1961 - 1989
times was hard in the 1980s

once upon a time
there were iron smelters on Teesside
mainly because ironstone was discovered in
The Eston Hills
as time went on iron continued to be smelted on Teesside
but but not from ironstone from the Eston Hills
the process stayed but the raw material had to be imported
initially from the west coast of England
and then from around the world
the importation was required because
Eston Hills ironstone was found to contain
too much phosphorous
sulphur and phosphorous in the raw materials for
iron and steel making is a bad thing
and so to
a new mine for
'coking coal' from the Whitehaven area of
North West England
the geology of the North West is
less 'contaminated' with sulphur and phosphorous
so just as the iron ore was once desirable
the coal is too
but it is not tht the coal is
good for making coke
t is good for making iron and steel
making metalurgical coke
as opposed to making a form of coke we may think of as
smokeless fuel
in other words
you take coal with high sulphur and phosphorous
or any other coal and you make coke
the coke will be metalurgical
in terms of the sulphur with be burned off but the phosphorous
not so much
but if you cycle the fumes from your iron works coke ovens
through your blast furnace
you are using
all of the coal and not just the coke element
in your smelting process
in that sense
you don't need 'special metalurgical coal'
if your coke ovens 'filter out' the sulphur and phosphorous
we are kinda thinking
how much sulphur and phosphorous is there in
sewage sludge?
we see adverts for
household chemicals - washing products
and they end
always keep away from children
all aw sewage contains phosphorous
up to 17mg/litre
thousndths of a gramme per litre
as a result of the high phosphate content in
most detergents and leaning products
about 40 per cent is digested by bacteria
in sewage works
whatever phosphate you by the the
household chemical aisle at the supermarket
plus whatever you ingest from the food aisles
a bit lees than half ends up in
sewage sludge
and a bit more than half ends up in the
water the swage works returns to rivers and seas
and then there is this other great experiment
because of the military activity in Ukraine
farmers in Ukraine may have to put less fertilizer
than normal
on their crops this year
will this result in
less run-off into rivers
or lower crop yields
neither or both?
on balance we don't think
'British Steel' - not the current company of that name
would have had
Northumbrian Water
build bran Sands sewage sludge de-watering plant
if they thought there was
too much phosphorous and sulphur in sewage
for it to be a carbon source for
iron smelting

you know...
there is an element of
National Pride
in the Partygate Debacle
people are beginning to become alive to
The nation's 'stength in depth'
having been able to
'muddle through' a number of crises
despite having
such a Bunch of Clowns
for a government
better a baffoon than a bastard for a boss
the nation begins to think

we love the way that hacks live in the past
the latest suggestion is that
if railway workers go on strike
Drax will not be able to generate the nation's electricity
last year - 2021 we assume - coal contributed
1.6 per ent of the nation's elecricity mix
that was down from 25 per cent five years earlier
Drax generated 6 per cent of the nation's electricity
because it now burns wood pellets
as well as coal and
petroleum coke
back in the day
every now and again a motorist would have to take their vehicle
to a garage to have
the engine de-coked
coke is what you get when you bake coal
petroeleum coke is what builds up in anything that
heats petroleum
rail is involved in biomass
60 per cent of the biomass comes from
south eastern USA
22 per cent from Canada
Brazil and Belaruss feature but
not the UK
and so Drax gets the majority of its fuel
by sea
but how easy it would be to run road transport
from Immingham to Drax we can't say
or Goole
West Burton A, Drax, and Ratcliffe-on-Soar
what is not clear is
has Drax switched to biomass with the same kit
or has it built new kit to burn biomass?
big power stations have generally been built
on river banks so as not to need rail for deliveries
Drax and Goole are on the River Ouse
not a lot of rail transport involved in
natural gas and nuclear routine operations

today's linguistic concept is
by proxy
one of the essential fats of the lives of
The Chattering Classes
is that they have never had to
take a job that was
beneath their skill level
out of economic necessity
partly because their support network is so good
and mainly because their
skill levels are so low
and so
because a community was set up
a couple of hundred years ago
as a Mining Village
the chattering classes believe that
unemployment levels in that area
can only be improved by
skill free manual labour in that area
the variety of 'by proxy' we want to point out today relates to
a member of any of the bands of English workers who
destroyed machinery
especially in cotton and woollen mills
that they believed ws threatening their jobs
1811 - 16
yes we are referring to
the Luddism by proxy of the chattering classes in London
London Luddites
across the piece
climate change deniers are
Luddites by Proxy
and this is almost identicl to the once famous
Munchausen's Syndrome by proxy
when it arrived it was big newss
now it is a foundation level tool in
applications for funding
reference neo Luddites
Munchausen's syndrome is a
psychological disorder where someone
pretends to be ill
deliberately produces symptoms of illness in themseleves
by proxy was associated with
Dame Marriettta Higgs at Queen Elizabeth Hospital, Gateshead
children were turning up apparently ill
but may have been abuse victims
The Cleveland Child Abuse scandal
refers toa wave of suspected child sexual abuse cases
in 1987
in Cleveland, England
many of which were later discredited
we believe Dr Wyatt still works at James Cook
and Dr Higgs is perhaps based in Kent
the whole thing is about a concept
re-echoed not so long ago by
The childless female First Minister of Scotland that
all children are born equal and any
developing defects are the result of abuse
the pop song probably has it better
not written as an anthem to Hemlington
we smoke and drink and screw
'cos there's nothing else to do
in essence
precocious sexuality was seen as
something that would not happen without
adult encouragement
and this was a distraction from the concept that
industrial pollution and social isolation
were stunting the development of children
and putting the focus on child abuse
nd social workers and others in the
justice industry lived their
formative and training years during
a time when these ideas held sway
the Higgs effect
will take a couple of more generations to
be retired

one of these three shows Redcar Coke Works
with Tar Tanks
and another shows them
without Tar Tanks
and the pic with the low cream coloured shed...
that shed is the Turbine Hall
or compressor Shed
3 turbines one for each blast furnace
only one turbine used because
the gutless politicos wouldn't close down
Port Talbot
and Sunny Scunny - Scunthorpe
so Redcar was left one third built

and the Direct Injectio Plant
IS Now
being dismantled
it has probably been overtaken by German technology where
hydrogen is used instead of carbon
to shift the oxygen of iron oxide to
never say never
they may just be re-arranging the plumbing
time will tell
imagine a T piece in plumbing
people who know about
old cars
have heard of
carburetters and the venturi effect
you spray petrol into an air flow
and the petrol gets dragged along and mixes with the air
between the Direct injection plant and the blast furnace
there is a T piece
air from the number 2 ompressor
enters a pipe at the bottom of the Direct Plant
and drags pulverised coal along
like it was dragging petrol
the plant itself just pulverises the coal
in the Redar form
the injected coal is regarded as
auxiliary fuel for the furnace
in other words
as an experiment
SSI were retaining compressor 1 to provide the conventional blast
and using compressor 2 and the Direc Plant
to swith in and out to see the effect of the direct injection
on the process, on the performance of the furnace
we won't chase up references but there are
published engineering papers on
substituting de-watered sewage sludge of pulverised coal
di SSi ever get to 100 per cent 'auxiliary fuel'?
we don't know but we suspect
success or failure
experment over
time for a purpose built plant
not so sure about that but
we said
they may have plans for the hearth of the big blast at Redcar

wil ya lookie here
donkey rides on Redcar Sands

Christianity is not associated with
extreme poverty
Christianity is not even
it is European
it is a religion of
The West
we don't want to explore the question
what is the religion of people who carry out
FGM female genital mutilation
we do want to say that
there are essentially two sorts of
female genital transgression
one is the obsession with
and that leads to
hymenoplasty - 'restoration' of virginity
and the other is
depends upon
an acceptance of the existence of
female sexuality
and various attempts to remove it
by surgery
no clitoris - no sex drive - no babies
FGM is associated with cultures developed in
areas of extreme poverty where
there will be high starvation related child mortality
and well
there's not much on a female to cut off
but FGM is a form of
SYMBOLIC female castration
if this one has no clit
she will be accepting of sex free and childless life
oh dear Germain Gree again
the Female Eunuch
in a more modern world
where abdominal surgery is more survivable
the females society does not
want to breed from with have their
'tubes tied'
and so FGM betrays two inmportant facts about the
beliefs of the cultures where it is done
1 a belief that the female provdes at least half the
genetic contribution to the child by providing
the egg
2 women get pregnant because they - at times
throw themselves at men
because they have a sex drive
and here we see a bit of a problem
the clitoris is the female penis
the ovaries are the female testacles
it would not be normal to
remove a boys penis and leave him with his balls
and so to the other feminist theme
the g spot, the vaginal orgasm
push on I nearly came
size matters
the basic problem
FGM does not reduce female sex drive
but does reduce options
and leave mainly options to achieve sexual satisfaction
that are MORE likely to lead to pregnancy
but FGM is not associted with cultures where
high reproductive rates are
encouraged and admired

at the conclusion of yet another dreary
Division 1 Season with all the other clubs
under instructions to
let the Mackums score
next season we assume the Boor will be told to let
The Macums win at least twice in the season
'coz we don't want them toffs back in division 1
since Boro have no ambition whatsoever
having a target of
preventing Sunderland from getting relegated - again
is SOMETHING to aim at
it must be absolute hell for
Division 1 clubs to have to visit
The Stadium of Shite
now that Newcastle has a football club
Tyneside's hopes don't rest on
The Heed - Gateshead
but nice to see they have a rising alternative
and not Saudi owned?
but what a relief to see
finally get their arses into gear
and such as shame
Marske United are the only club
suth of the Tees with an ounce of ambition

what do you keep in your back yard?
Redcar and Cleveland College
keep, amongst other things
a wind turbine nacell
they used to call them nacells
we forget what they call them now
but it's the generator that goes between
the blades and the mast
and just 'cos we woz there
the entrance canopy, portico of
t' 'ospital
just in case you thought we woz too shy to
treck to James Cook

we have heard about a compensation claim from
a former employee of a former MP for Hartlepool
so we looked up
how many employees do MPS have
our researches confirmed our assumption that on average
an MP has around 5 employees
but with that came the unexpected added information that
they tend on average to stay in that job for
between one and two years
and this combines with the revelation that
the one working for the Hartlepool MP was awarded funding to
re-train as a
and you begin to get a picture of why
politiians and hacks spend so much time
no continuity
no expertise
instead of offering
guidance to the nation
our elected representatives are
offering the nation
challenge after challenge
herding cats
running a pre-school
seem to be the only appropriate way to describe
the way the UK is governed

we have heard a lot about
energy price caps
we have heard that prices are going up
because the cap has gone up
we don't have or want dada from a lorra lorra people
we have one meter to consider
the thing about
pre-payment meters - electricity at least - is
every time you put money on the key
your supplier has the opportunity to
re-programme your key
and every time you transfer credit from your key
to your meter
the key has the opportunity to re-programme your meter
nd so we can say that over this period
of the April price hike
this one meter we can report on has raised
standard tariff from 20 to 21 pence per KwH
killowatt hour
off peak Economy 7 power from
10 p to 11p
as things go
if you are paying by Direct Debit
it looks like you are going to have enough
excess credit on your account by Christmas
to afford a ski-ing holiday
we assume you will get your Direct Debit reduced
oh what shall we say
just in time for the next General Election
energy companies are taking a massive loan from
customers at this time
and so how so many of them went out of business recently
is a significant puzzle
we suspect that the answer is
they were paying 'spot prices' and not 'hedging'
to be clear
we are saying
energy costs have gone up around
10 per cent
Direct Debits have gone up 50 to 100 per cent
energy companies will be slow to
adjust their Direct Debits down
retail energy companies could
over the coming 18 months be
vying with pension funds
for opportunities to park or store
vast amonts of money they will
eventually have to refund

this past week has seen...
well as far as we can see
the removal of the tar tanks at
Redcar coke ovens
but we can't be bothered to go get pics

yesterday 18th May 22
some Trans PennineExpress trains
began to run from Saltburn
this is all very tricky
all to do with driver familiarisation
3 coach rakes of TPE stock have been running
through Redcar central with Not In Service
on the headboard
our guess is
over time with enough trained drivers
TPE sevices will all run
Saltburn - Manchester
picking up and setting down in Redcar?
we don't know
but what we anticipate is
this will free up the Redcar central goods loop
so that
Middlesbrough to London direct trains can
extend and become
Redcar Central to London KingsX

in the modern context it is difficult to
get a feel for how
The Allies
particularly the USA and the UK
regarded Germany during the Second World War
there were no mobile 'phones
no drones, no satellites
some aerial photography
an soBR> towards the end of the war a number of things combined
at a point when the nuclear weapons were not yet quite ready
The battle of the Bulge cost massive US losses
17,000 in a day kind of ball park
US troops broke into
concentration camps and
for the first time discovered that they were in fact
Death Camps
people with diret authority got very very angry
and although there was nothing much
Military - in terms of troops and armament
in Dresden
it was a major logistical hub
and so it was decided to
End This Now
by removing Dresden from the map
as not much later Japanese cities would be
removed using nuclear armaments
if there had not been a constant drip feed of news about
Russian atrocities during the current confilct
a similar moment of outright shock
some time later this year
could have lead to the removal of
Moscow from the map
it is 'touristy' but no more that
Old Dresden was
a decision to remove it in order to
end Soviet Style Agression
could be on the cards
but is less likely due to the
fore-warning and drip feed of
tales from liberated land

The darkest hour is
just before dawn
if we go back a couple of years
at that time, a lot of people had had a
CoViD vaccination
not the 50 million in the UK alone of today but
a lorra lorra people
and yet the BBC and other news outlets were
scurrying around thrying to find people
who had had a vaccination and later died
this in their quest for
their quest for evidence that the chance of
dying from the vaccine were
around fifty fifty
we do recognise that the Great British Public
have trouble distinguishing
for the most part the authorities don't bring prosecutions if they
don't think there is a good the excellent prospect of conviction
that disguises the normal balance of evidence in
the investigative phase
in the eary stages of any case
exept where the perp is
bang to rights
there will be
shall we say, more evidence for the defence
than comes to light in court
whatever the balance of the evidence
it is the court that decides
guilt or innocence
and the media take it upon themselves to orchestrate
trials in the court of public opinion
where the rules of evidence are not
as in a court of law
evidence is not proof
evidence is material that can be used to
build a case
and that case may eventually be proven
take the parallel world of
police incitement to crime
the police contact an individual offering
child sex
in an out of the box world
the person approached may believe that a real child is
going off the rails
and may seek more details in order to
be able to provide
evidence of a willingness to participate
so that the child can be referred to the
appropriate authorities
this is a scenario never considered
because we are dealing with
AIDS and HIV represented the
last hurrah of the UK Taliban
in their fight against adult gays
it is remarkable that in the current effort to
deny the concept of child sexuality
the idea seems to be that
children too young to reproduce
have no appetite for intemacy
unless perverted by elders
what we are saying here is that
HIV was the tool of the last hurrah of the UK Taliban
but there appears to be no such crutch to the current
crusade against child sexuality
they have become so emboldened by???
events in Afghanistan?
that they just steam on without
evidence of harm let alone proof
and in this context
we observe the BBC and other media
in their treatment of the Ukraine situation
the BBC seem to be
asleep at the wheel in terms of
where is your famed BALANCE
why do we not have the propaganda machine
feeding us with the case FOR the actions of Russia
is there no equivalent of
anti-vax DEFRA
in Whitehall to push Russia's case?
the darkest hour is just before dawn
calcualte back to
and calculate forwards to
a campaign in support of
a child's right to
have a sex life
just for now, in the UK
the state of play
gay men and gay women have the right to a sex life
straight women?
not so much
the concept of
a straight female sexuality
and since most child sexuality is
if you feel sex is something grown women
tollerate for financial reasons...
an acceptance of child sexuality
seems way off
but then, in evolution, we see
punctuated equilibrium
paradigm shifts

one of the things we say is
if your town doesn't have
it wasn't part of the
first wave of the Industrial Revolution
for example
North East England hasn't got canals
by the time it was industrialised
it was in a position to
invent the railways
thye say
trains can't climb steep hills
water can't climb at all
Russia has canals
very big ones
we are going to invent a word here
we are defining perieuropean Russia as
Russia west of Caspian Sea
not just opposite the Caspian but
any part of Russia to the west of a line from
The Caspian Sea to The North Pole
that's the part of Russia that could be described as
Mother Russia
Russia, China, United states of America, Australia
these are countries that got massive big because
most of the land they claimed was at the time
empty, barren, desert or tundra
and nobody argued with a nerby country taking some sort of
responsibility for them
America bought Alaska from Russia
at one time Russia extended as far south as
but there was nothing there
nothing as yet discovered and deemed useful
it's a bit like a little village or small school
theoretically having a whole rosta of
sports teams
but only a couple of dozen players
you can't play in the under 19s and the under 17s and
the under 11s all at the same time
even if you are under 11
and so
before there were roads there were railways
and before there were railways there were
and before there were canals there were
rivers and coastal waters
and so
what human population there was on the Earth
didn't get out much
didn't travel far from home
and urban dwellers lived in what we may call
City States
and we still have a few
Monaco, The vatican
and back in the mists of time
one city state was called
and that was Moscow and 'hinterland'
surrounding and dominated countryside
but as transportation improved
the amount of countryside
a city coud dominate
and this is the basis of the separation of
into two categories
a dispersed Empire
and a
Contiguous Empire
The Russia Empire grew like an
ink blot
the British, Portugese, Dutch, Spanish, French, Empires
grew like sprinkled pepper on a stew
beause they depended on
Sea Power
navigation, exploration
from the historical perspective
in a lot of cases the non-contiguous empires
were established on the basis of some sort of
Grand and Imperfect concept of
Squatters Rights
Squatters Rights as opposed to
Military Conquest
but now we have descendents of
First Nations people
Europeans weren't squatters
they drove the indiginous people off the land
and it all gets a bit like
you can't build here
we've found newts in that pond
we've got squatters rights even though our
population density was
six people per thousand square miles
like if you're the only human in
you own the entire continent
almost universally
perhaps we should call them
latter day explorers
claimed continents and such
on behalf of a sponsoring nation
not themselves as individuals
and now boundaries change by
or some other
device of democracy
unless you are talkng
comunist or something
where there is a
command economy
and the one thing you never do is
consult the little people

The Duke of Wellington
once said of his soldiers
I don't know if they frighten the enemy
but they scare the hell out of me
and he also said
tnext to a battle lost
(although he never actually lost a major battle)
is a battle won
in tht sense he was promoted as a war hero
not a war monger
it's very easy to characterise
President Putin as a
snivening little snitch
using his military as
a cat's paw
in his machinations
in what may be seen as a potential
parallel universe
it could be considered that
President Putin is using
The Ukraine and NATO in a sort of
Grand Version of
Who will rid me of this turbulent priest
come, slaughter my armies
so that I can modernise my country

on 16 May 1703
Tsar Peter the Great
looked out over a section of
Sweden that he had just annexed to Russia
sparse marshlands at the mouth of
The Baltic Sea
and said
let there be a city here
between 30,000 and 100,000 peope died
many of them Swedish prisoners of war
in the effort to build it, St Petersburg
the city was and was intended to be
an exercise in which Russia would
'hack a window to Europe'
a city to
look like a European city
and to be a port on the Baltic
with all that Lenin stuff...
it was seen as a bad idea all around
but it was not destroyed
it had its name Welshed
it was called
for a while
we've decided to use
Welshed and not Tureyed
for any pointless name change on a map
every time a Russian refers to a city in Russia as
Russia aligns itself more closely with
North Korea
Peter the Great - raproshement with Europe
President Putin - backslider
who wouldn't expect Russia to be Communist?

we are going to have a little go at the question
should females be given advice on anything...
no that wasn't ti
should females be given advice on
how to be street safe?
at the base line
the question is
why should a female have to
pay for a cab or taxi
when a man can walk home for free?
and if you look at that
how many females are randomly stabbed in the street
how many males are randomly stabbed in the street?
and so you could say
the only reason females aren't stabbing victims is
they all run around in cabs
there is some truth in that
so really females are not being
discriminated against in the case of this advice
if you are drunk and incapable
get somebody to pour you into a taxi home
is advice for males and femles
no distinction
femles get preferential treatment because
there are more likely to be people
looking out for them and
making sure they have the cab fare home
but that is
1 getting home from work
2 out to socialise with friends
it is different from being
out on the pull
say you are female and you fancy one particualr bloke
the standard method is
wear a split skirt and make sure it only
falls open when you have your target's attention
all well and good
but that may have worked well up to around
twenty years ago
realistically, these days
1 keep out of debt
2 keep out of pain
3 keep out of jail
this basic tactic of
look good and position yourself so as to
give your target the opportunity to
jump you
is likely to end in frustration
more and more a bloke is gonna be thinking
how is this gonna sound in court?
at a slight tangent
surveying the trend in the
definition of sexual activity
and this crime of
indulging in sexual activity in the
presence of a child
there is no doubt that
mum and dad kissing goodbye at the breakfast table
falls within indulging ij sexual activity
in the presence of a child
if they
kiss on the lips
and the whole idea of consent
is washed away by
I only consented because I was too frightened to object
more and more females are going to have to
come across to males
in a way that will stand up in court
if they hope to
get any action

it is so easy for any orgaisation
a national government for instance
to be so complex that it pursues projects that
directly conflict
and again the exact words have a bearing
on the one hand
levelling up
and on the other hand
work from home
work in an office
work in THE offfice
in other words
you centrlise - geographically
power and wealth if you say
this is THE place
and no matter how wonderful anything is
if it wasn't started and developed HERE
it has no relevance
this is called
not invented here syndrome
only work done in an office 'counts'
easily becomes
only work done in THIS office counts
obviously remote working is a great boost to
levelling up if you are a government minister
with six kids
who has no truck with
you want to spend as much time out of the house as possible

we know that the only major country wanting to see
Russia win in Ukraine
is Greece
but the rest seem to want a stalemate
they have a major problem
the whole thing is geared to
one side or the other winning
the reason for this is
there is not one scrap of
military hardware or materielle in general
that is available to
UK, US Europe, NATO who or whatever
that is not
a world away superior to the
heap of shit the Russians have
there is no practical way to
dumb down or de-range the equipment so that
Russian and Ukrainian artillery - for example
can stand, say, twenty miles apart
and hit each other
if the Russians fire from twnty miles away
and say that is the limit of their range
the Ukrainians can simply move back
five miles and still hit the Russians
you get the idea

we have a couple of bits of
Redcar High Street news
the TSB bank has gone and we think the unit will be a
Tesco Daily or Express or whatever they call them
we hope that in time
perhaps immediately
it will expand into the derelict bit of
department store tht wasn't included in the
pub develpment
the other news is not so
'hot off the press'
have gone from
Redcar High Street to
Roseberry Road
which puts them near the
little ASDA
as one of the units on the site of the
earlier long gone
filling station
petrol filling station
and homas Cook travel will be
a solicitors
and Bright House
an Estate Agents
and there was talk..
the Salvation Army
were to move from the High Street to
where Carpet Right was
next to Kwikfit
on Corporation Road

hold on tight to nurse
for fear of something worse
nurse being a nanny
this is the thing with energy supplies
the word of the day today is
bak in the day there was
blotting paper
now there are kitchen paper towels
jam jar, full with paper
keep the paper wet
slip big butter beans
live ones - seed ones
between the glass and th paper
the beans will germinate
take 2
leae one as is
wrap the other - just around, not over the top
in something black
as the seed geminates
the shoot will make its way up
in one case it is just up
in the other case it is
up towards the light
even without light
plants 'know' up is for light
the non-wrapped seeds have light all around
but they grow upwards anyway
the embryo - the growing plant is
taking energy from the starchy - white - parts of the seed
the bit we always eat
not the bran we sometimes eat
and just as a baby lamb switches from
mother's milk to grass
the seedling switches from
energy stored in the seed
energy from sunlight
and to capture that energy is has
chemicals and structures in its
leaves and stems
that it doesn't have in it's roots
and they make the leaves and stems
so if you are doing this with
clear plastics drinks bottles
not jam jars
you can put the seeds at fifferent depths from
the top of the container
and in the black wrapped examples
kinda no matter how deep you bury the seeds
there will be
no green in the bits that are in the dark
this is an experiment to show that
whatever makes plants green
is there and only there to
capture energy from light
if you have a skip parked on your front lawn
and it's there for a week
when they take it away
the grass and the dandilions will not be green
they will be yellow
that's eliolation
plants capture energy from the sun
there is enery within the earth
left over like heat in an
Economy 7
night storage heater
from the time of the creation of the Earth
we call that geothermal energy
just rocks remaining hot
but there is also
energy burried in the earth or The Earth
that was long ago captured from sunlight
by plants
and by a quirk of geology
that energy was stored in the earth
like energy in the starchy part of seeds
but as coal, oil and gas
these petroleum deposits are
but is will take eions of time
to put them back 'where they belong'
extracting fossil fuels is
'acting the seedling'
not being grown up and respnsible
and capturing our own sunlight
letting the crops rot in the field
whilst we live on the corn in the barn
there's some scripture about
seven fat years and seven lean years
if you have a good year
you don't just harvest enough crop for
this year's needs
and let the rest rot in the field
you harvest what is there and
store the surplus
against the possibility that
next year - or the next seven years
may bring inadequate harvests
to have proper grown up control over
the energy system
the energy industry
we have moved on from
growning plants to be able to store them as
fuel to burn in the night and
in the winter
to having more direct control over
exactly the same process
except that we now can
that's a real word not a misprint for
insolation - energy coming 'in' from
sol - the sun
now instead of having to
keep plants alive
fertilizer, heat, storm protection etc
we can capture insolation with
photovoltaics and wind trubines
and all that good stuff
that works more reliably than a
crop in a field
and instead of storing that energy in the form of
wood, and straw, and seeds
we can store it
without risk of spolage through rot
water split using electricity into
hydrogen and oxygen
ready at a moment's notice to be
to release the energy we have stored by this process

and then we bring in the second concept
the concept of
seed corn
as a population decends into famine
and stage is
they eat the seed corn
this winter we will eat 'a little' of tht corn and in that context
there are
mineral resources
things underground
that we should be
making into things
not burning
do you chop down trees to
build a cabin
or do you
live in a tent
and chop down trees to
keep the camp fires burning?

sometimes there is a fine line between
leaping to our own defence
clarifying something we have said
we said
and referring back to earlier similar comments
a defibrulator is
way smarter than an epipen
and more recently
having a defibrulator on every street corner
is more valuable than having
fast and faster ambulances
we said
faster and faster ambulances
shorter and shorter ambulance response times
you ring for an ambulance...
you wait ten hours for a ambulance to be
allocated to your job
and it crashes on the way to you and
you have to wait a further 12 hours for
a replacement
what we are saying is
speeding on the road is
NEVER going to compensate for
delayed alloation
it just makes matters worse
if you are three years old...
wanting to be a fire fighter may
revolve entirely around dashing around under
blues and twos
blue lights and two tine horns
given the amount of
pre-treatment given in ambulances
as opposed to
scoop and scoot
the complet abandonment of
blues and twos
would have almost zero effect on
patient outcomes
and some positive effect on
road safety
the reason for queues of ambuances at A and E
is that
these days
you don't go to hospital
the hospital comes to you
inevitably, there will be some delay in
developing a culture of getting
every reported casualty into a
Zoom call
so that the virtual hospital will come to you
in milliseonds but that will come

we want to point out
Redcar Regent
on the west, river, entrance
the path down the side is mich wider than the
path on the eastern, Saltburn, side
'cos for that's the side for access to
the new pier
if it ever gets built

we have previously made passing reference to
'the grid'
it is about how central government manage the release of
data and other information
at best to brovide a steady flow of political news stories
what we have noticed this week is
the March inflation figures were released on
13 April
the April inflation figures are not due to be published
until 18th May
on the fae of it, that may be because they don't want them
released before the conclusion of the debate on
The Queen's Speech
that s due to last 6 sitting days...
so it fits

we are wondering about a few things
we are wondering whether a reason for not
updating best practice in health care is
because of a suicide risk amongst practitioners who have
innocently been doing their thing
doing it 'wrong'

we were asking about the differential mortality of
males and females in Ukraine and Russia
to reprise - females like into their 90s
half of males ae dead before their early 60s
we read that younger people in those countries are
switching from
wodka to wine and beer
we suspect that over the ages it has been the men
and not the women drinking the wodka

we may try later to determine whether late dagnosis of
bowel cancer is more a female than a male problem
if it is...
perhaps this is because female periods mean that females are
accustomed to blood in their urine???
and so don't react with the shock a man would experience
if he found blood in either urine or poo
blood in poo has absolutely NOTHING to do with periods

we picked up a couple of other stats about Ireland
thinking the population of Southern ireland went from
1 million to 2 million between the first and second World Wars
not exact just ball park
in the First World War there were
irish Regiments in the British Army
and around 50,000 people out of around 1,000,000
irish people died in WW1
in WW2 Ireland South was non-combatant or neutral
but around 10,000 people out of around 2,000,000 Died
as a result of that war
a further distancing was thought appropriate

regarding metoo
and wives expecting to inherit their husbands
work roles
there has been at least one case come to court
but there will have been many more, where
elderly dentist marries dental nurse
he becomes incapable of carrying out procedures
and so his nurse operates for him
it's a little like that GP who was supposed to have
ended a good number of patient's lives early
because his far less intellectually gifted
nurse/wife said it would be OK
so in a sense
and is a mechanism to prevent
untrained and unskilled operatives
gaining control of professional practice
because they have 'legal rights' as a spouse or partner
it is very difficult if
a professional can either
be struck off for incompetance
or jailed for
upsetting unqualified assistant staff
in a sense
if you run a religion
and there is suddenly a high mortality rate
amongst your flock
suddenly ordaining a legion of lay-clergy
to ensure the dying get their
last rights and a decent funeral
is way different from
the NHS is under a lot of pressure
let's bung a few tens of thousands of
young lasses through a virtual reality course
on how to have a good bedside manner
at the local polytechnic
we do seem to be a bit lost between
the pure decency of proper religious rites
and real fact based medicine
there does seem to be a significant element of
Auntie may has had a good run
time she popped off but
we need 'the doctor's' OK
there was a point in history
around 50 years ago when
there were more 'sientists' alive and working
than had ever died
in the past
not so distant past
there was a tendency to think
if the patient arrived at hospital alive
they should leave alive
and that spawned the concept of
'blue lighting' people right left and centre
she's just a bit dead
the hospital may be able to bring her round
we need more help in the health service becomes
we're done if we
put somebody in front of the patient
our Ricker used to know an elderly woman who had
lost her only child, a daughter, to cancer
at an early age wthout grandchildren
and she dedicated her life
a little to volunteering in
Cancer Research UK charity shops
but mainly to
sitting in vigil at the bedsides of
people in the final stages of dying from cancer
it made her very experienced in matters related to dying
didn't make her a 'cancer expert'
a lorra lora professionals have
a routine
a process they are supposed to go through with every
in order to avoid being
struck off
there is no point whatever in doing
medical research
if the law enforcement industry does not accept that
'best practice' changes with time
as a result of that research
and any regulatory framework is
bad if it is 'time honoured'
and good if it is 'fact based'
and in practical terms
not faster and faster ambulances
defibrulators on every street corner
this is not a paid for presentation for particular
but at this point in time we believe it should be
a requirement to be
registered as an optometrist
that you have the scope and insist on having
every patient scanned with a
Topcon Maestro2 scanner
or equivalent
before you begin your examination
in simple terms if tells you whether the patient has
glaucoma or the opposite...
age related macular degeneration
and the treatment is so different
the scan should be mandatory
it seems to us...
that an awful lot of people with
Age related macular degeneration
are being pointlessley put on
glaucoma meds
and just as a driving licence note
we said the peripheral vision
has to be
along a horizontal axis through the
vanishing point - the place where you are going and these scanners
scan along that axis in particular
so to put it is extreme terms
to drive on a road
you don't need to be able to notice a
potential bird strike
coming from a different plane
as you perhaps should if you wish to
fly a 'plane

we did a bit more reading aout Ireland
Ireland, Southern Ireland, The Irish Republic, whatever
was a self declared independent nation between
joined the European Union in 1973 after a
referendum in which one and a quarter million people voted
just over 1 million to join
the declaration of independence came
as a repudiation of
Dominion Status
alongside a lot of other
Dominions and Protectorates
but with the difference that it did not join
The Commonwealth
like the Faulkland Islands
if you get invaded we'll come and liberate you
lots of contries gave that up because
the price was
mutual aid
all around the world young men were 'called up'
to fight against Germany or Japan
because they lived somewhere that was
within the British Empire
and Europe, the European Union
wasn't gonna have an army so
get all the other benefits without the
military service jeapordy
and some of that was to do with
nuclear weapons
no need tom fight if you can just
bomb the bastards

we are always open to the idea that we have made a mistake
and we said President Putin was showing signs of
in the context of this appearing a few weeks after his
latest war turned bad on him
we have to consider that he may ahave
suddenly got serious
and cut down on his
put that another way
increased the blood content in his
alcohol stream
we have a technical problem when we mention
blood doping
people tend to think we are referrng to
drug taking
blood doping is having a blood transfusion
when you have not recently had a sudden loss of blood
a haemorrage
and don't have anaemia
if President Putin has recently
cut down his alcohol consumption
had blood transfusions
he could suffer
the DTs
Delirium Tremens
the most severe form of ethanol (alchohol) withdrawal
that could easily look like Parkinsonism

we were discussing Eamon Devalera and Ireland
just in passing we noted two things
he was American
and 'he'
Irish Free State
as the name of his creation
although later Irish politicians secured
Membership of the European Union for
Southern Ireland and changed the name to
Republic of Ireland
we was thinkin'
rather like Australia and Israel being in
The Eurovision Song Contest
did DeVAalera see Southern Ireland
and a United Ireland
as a state within the United States of America?

as so often happens we will begin this section
from way outside the box
Dame Margaret Barbour
married a bloke who owned and ran a
wax jacket manufactury
and after one daughter and a handfull of years
he dies and decades later the mother and daughter are
still running the company
still in Shields
that be
South Shields, Tyne and Wear, UK
all fine and dandy
and so to our list of suspects regarding the
Ricker stitch up
Tory Bliar
Janice Webster
Vera Baird - sometime labour MP for Redcar
Janice Webster - if she is still alive is now
80 years old
and living in
well was in 2014 living in
Yarm, Cleveland TS15 England
on 8th October 2014
she resigned as
a Director of
Baltic Contemporary Visual Arts Trading Limited
wher eshe was described as
Enterprise Consultant
having become a director in 2007
she had been a director of
a company dissolved at some date
a director of
Baltic Flour Mills Visual Arts Trust 03589539
wher she had been
Director Vr Centre
so we have a slight confusion
three companies run from a private residence
the Dance one dissolved
the other two still 'active'
indicating that the director(s) are still
alive, at least
we always limit our enquiries and so we have no
but we suspect there are no substantive accounts

we didn't try very hard but her
Linkedin page seems to be missing
we have a little more about the story of
Janice Webster
we don't know how she came to be
the wife of Dr Webster
what we can say is more about him
at some point in history
he was Director Designate of Teesside Polytechnic
and at the same time was
something like, titlewise
Director of Visualisation
The Teesside Development Corporation
and his approach to visualisation was based on the use of
his idea of fractals - probably not current
was that
everything in the world is made up of smaller versions of
the whole
and so in computer graphics you
build a fir tree by defining a sprig of foliage
and you repeat that thousnads of times
and you attach those sprigs to mega sprigs to
represent branches
and you attach mega sprigs to make a tree
and you set trees around your visualisation
etc. etc
so here's the thing
he employed his wife Janice at the poly
we don't know that he married somebody already working there??
and we don't know wht happened to Dr Webster
but our Ricker does recall
Janice one day shepherding him in or out of,BR> the polytechnic building in rather the manner of
caring for
what shall we say
looked like an alcoholic but could have had any number of things
Parknson's, Motor Neurone Disease, Dementia
and across the time
whenever anybody at the Devlopment Corporation of
the Polytechnic
asked where he was
Janie would tell them he was
'at the other job'
and eventually The Polytechnic sent him
a dismissal notice or similar
and a severance cheque
and the next bit leans towards the alcoholic??
his wife being at work, at the polytechnic
he at home opens the post and
nips out to bank the severence cheque
and when janice finds out
she is
incandescent livid
and through a series of options she becomes
Director of a Spin off Virtual reality company
within the University of Teesside
and she's running masters degrees
but she's recruiting
London based students
because she wants them to naff off back to London
when they complete
and hence
Tanya on Teesside
but Tanya has an agenda for wanting to stay on Teesside
The Ricker man
and Janice not knowing this
takes Tanya onto the staff of her spin off company
so Tanya want Ricker
University of Teesside want Ricker
Janice wants The University of Teesside
and felt she had it and needed to keep it
she would interview masters cadidates
in the Board Room of The University
and allow candidates to smoke
a genuine belief that she had
inherited her husbands
vice chalcellor designate status
and we assume that Janice recruited the likes of
Vera Baird
to the cause of
it's the wimin who should have the top jobs???
by hook or by crook
and it plays into the leftist concept
the people should enslave the intellectuals
French Collony
Pol POt
set the intellectuals to work in the paddy fields
and it sits with the leftist views of
British Universities
that tutors should have
a job for life
and researchers should be on
fixed term contracts
hence the plan
Ricker under the thumb
Ricker out the door

Tony Blair is recorded as having, as Prime Minister
changed the UK political and judicial system to be
more American in nature some nonsense about having a
Supreme Court
rather than Law Lords
scrapping Tuesday and Thursday Prime Minister's Questions
and replacing them with Wednesday Questions to the Prime Minister
what he did was
make The Labour more electable
try to turn the office of Prime Minister into something
More Presidential
relying on Her Madj to keep stum in public
and staying away from the House of Commons as much as possible
he carved out this niche for himself as a sort of
de facto president
but that was it
and with no policies
no intention to govern
he turned to
one of those Presidents Bush for
direction on what to do
rather than simply
polish his smile
so we now want to do a bit more on the case against
our Ricker
we have to say that Craig Beer died many years ago with his dementia
his firm is now called BBNM
Brown Beer Nixon Mallon
soo PC Hinchcliff interviews our Ricker about these emails
in the presence of a responsible adult but no lawyer
and comes back and says
we've decided to charge you
released on police bail pending appearance at
Guisborough magistrates'
now long since closed down
and then we get there
Ricker and his demented brief
and there's no mention of emails
but now it's the t shirt
prosecuton can't produce the T shirt
prosecution can't produce a photo of the T shirt
there was at least one 'old biddie' on the bench
Ricker can't remember the two blokes
so ya see
the prosecution have no case
but the demented brief tells our Ricker to
plead guilty
so he does because he's joined the bench in the
hands in the air, a plague on all your houses spirit
and lovely though Tanya was???
she obviously had connections who were
out and out nutters so
good riddence
bring on the restraining order
'cos it cuts both ways
and to hell with the University of Teesside
tried to recruit him to do another course
sent somebody to accost him in Redcar Library
bame cheek
this kind of carve up was what Blair used to call
getting all your ducks in a row

you know how rubbish our fact checking is...
we think Chris Whiteside
BT Open Reach executive and
prime advocate of the proposed
Whitehaven coal mine
has lost his seat in this week's local elections
and Cumbria is where the Tories did worst
up North
when will they ever learn?

we thought we would explore the concept of
geography by football stadium
but we soon realised that
explaining the secrets of the universe is
a lot easier than explaining sporting regulations
as far as we can tell most Premier League clubs have to
set aside 3,000 seats for visiting fans
and most - one level down - championship clubs are supposed to
set aside 8,000 seats for visiting fans
but we probably have that wrong
on average
each match day, and Saturday is not so often match day now
30,000 people visit the stadium of a rival Premiereship club
so 60,000 people regularly travel to visit
football stadia
and so 1 in a thousand people
actually know where these stadia are...
perhaps, a very big perhaps, a similar number
know where Championship stadia are
for the general public not as useful as
Turn right at the Green Frog

not a lot to take from the local government elections except
The Labour entrench their reputation as
The party of Character Assassination

Sidi - the female presenting partner on
Secrets of the London Underground
has 'had work' between series 1 and series 2
pretty enough but, makes her more 'ordinary looking'
speaking of which
we have kept back some details of the
Tanya Nelson story
at the end of our Ricker's first involvement with her
she was a pretty little elf cut blonde of around
20 years old
and when she re-appeared she was around 32
with longer darker hair and a bit more
thick set - just a touch
but more importantly she had acquried a
brocken nose
and the expalanation was
back in the day one day
Tanya turned up to class with a palm sized section of
glittery purple glass fibre that was
all that was left of her canoe
kyack probably
so our Ricker lives in Redcar and as far as we know
Tanya never has
we will come back to that
sooo, this completely unbelievable story about
tanya died in a canoe accident...
not least because it was in the news and
it wasn't Tanya
so the family had obviously lifted a handy story fro the news
and so our Ricker concluded that
Tanya had had a less newsworthy accident
and had had her family tell our Ricker she was dead because
she dodn't want him to see her new face
this much seems sad but sensible
so we reels on about ten years
and Ricker and Tanya are getting re-acquainted
and then Ricker gets arrested on account of
three 'personal' phrases in course work communiations
added to in court by a story about
a T shirt in a parcel opened in the
Post Room at Teesside Uni
and paraded around to Tanya's embarassment by post room workers???
taking one consideration with another
and being represented at Guisborough Magistarates Court by
later to be diagnosed with dementia solicitor
Craig Beer
our Ricker pleads guilty and
the 'penalty' imposed is - alone
a lifetime restraining order for
our Ricker never to contact Tanya
in other words our Ricker was
'bound over' to refrain from further contact
for ever
here's the kicker
we said Tanya never lived in Redcar
a short time after the case
Tanya turns up walking the streets of Redcar
with her mum in tow
and with a huge dressing on her nose
and she gets ignored by - blanked by in accordance with the order
our Ricker as she passes where
Morrissons petrol station is but then was the gas works
on the corner of
Corporation Road and West Dyke Road
there are three options here
if she thought she would get her nose fixed and
surprise our Rcker with the results
she would have waited to heal before she approached him
1 wanted to impress him with nose repair - don't think so
2 had another accident,going for sympathy?
probably not
3 the person who broke her nose the first time
had done it again and
Tanya and her mum had come to Redcar straight from the hospital
hoping they can chat him up and get her some protection from her abuser
so why would her abuser be cross with her following the court case?
perhaps it had gone wrong
perhaps the magistrates had said
a plague on both your houses
instead of saying
you must marry this woman
and if you upset her or any of her connections
family, workmates etc.
you will be back in court
perhaps somebody was unhappy with what Tanya had done
and they get into a fight over it
and for Ricker the suspects were
Officer Nelson and her boss at teesside Uni, Janice Webster
but despite mummy Robertson having been willing to
lie in writing
she had not been willing to tell the truth in writing
we should note Tanya Nelson was not a court witness
in the case
there was no confrontation at any time
the case did not include a
victim impact statement
it is always supposed that a victim or survivor will have
'pressed charges'
so afr as our Ricker could tell this case was not
Robson V Nelson
The Crown v Robson
the line seemed to be
you did this
that would have upset her
you did this and it upset her
the essence being
'she's not complaining, but we don't think you're treating her right'
are your intentions towards my daughter honourable?
and then they have the nerve to say
this relationship has
stopped her from pursuing other men
she fancies someone we don't approve of
but she's tending her light for him so
we want to convince her that
he's a wrongun

we are interested in the commercial psychology of
projects such as the new Redcar Regent
this is quit small but
extremely well appointed and located
in the past - during construction
Redcar and Cleveland council have tried to
let a lease to run the property
'off plan' - no completed building just impressions
two factors arise now that we have completion
this may be described as a
boutique cinema
and make Redcar a destination for cineiasts
people who want to watch
'art house movies'
this will make the operators of all sorts of
cinema venues think
'we were told Redcar was tumbleweed and soup kitckens
if there is a new high class boutique cinema there
it may attract audiences away from
our tiny, shed-like art houses
for miles and miles around
perhaps we should get in on that action'
the second like of thought is
if, no, since, New Redcar Regent has set such a
high new benchmark for local
architectural standards
do we want to build a
Holiday Inn rip off on Majuba Road
or a Gateshead Arena rip off on Newcommen Terrace?
perhaps the new normal for Redcar is
Go big, or go home
why would you spend �6 mllion to own
the trashiest venue in Redcar

we appear to have fallen down the rabbit hole
regarding Irish history...
anybody seriously interested in the topic should do two things
recognise the
if I can't win, I'm taking my ball home
mentality of a lot of people in Ireland
essentially, people in Northern reland can vote
for independence
but if they elect a nationalist MP to Westminster
that MP will not take up ther seat because
paying lip service or not
MPs have to swear aliegence to the Crown
etc. etc.
the second thing a body should do is George de Valero
well don't bother
you won't get far
this fella was born on 14 October 1882
in New York City, USA
the son of Catherine Coll
a first generation Irish immigrant from
Bruree County Limerick, Ireland
and a chap called
Juan Vivion de Valera
a 'Spanish' artist born in 1853
who may have been born in Cuba
in a home for destitute abandoned orphans
on Lexington Avenue
our main man became
a prime mover in
Irish Independence
later known as
Eamon de Valera
in all of this we have a
Classic Case of
a person blaming the British, London, government
for having had a harsh early life in
the American diaspora - exiled community of his supposed
native community
in America
we get this with Black Americans blaming the British for
segregation in the US etc etc
what can you say?
if you want the truth
perhaps you should consider
outsiders with chips on their shoulders
meddling in British Affairs
for a lot of agitation within the UK

when we try to track what we may call
traditions or ethnic traits
over several centuries
as on the island of Ireland
it is very hard not to get confused
we think there will be relevant elections this week
in Northen Ireland
and the power balane may shift a little
as at present it could be said that
Southern or The Republic of, Ireland is
happy to be free
in a sort of way
'The Irish' have chosen not to be
but to be independent of the UK
choosing, rather, to be a part of
The European Union
and so the UK is in some rspects
dealing with ROI is also dealing with the USA
because a lot of important people
do this double standards thing
we are of British descent when
it means
from the best stock in the world
but we do not toady to london because
our ancestors were
Scottish and or Irish
at this point we will say
the population of ROI is increasing
from about 2 to about 5 million since 1960
the populations of Scotland and Northern Ireland are steady
Scotland 5 million - more than ROI but not much
and Ulster or Northern ireland around 2 million
in the broadest of terms we can say
5 million people in ROI braodly wish to continue their
independence from London
and in Northern Ireland
around half a million want to remain a part of the UK The United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland
and half a million people want
and All Ireland republian government
it is not clear how many republicans object to
The British Monarchy
and how many object to
involvement of the UK Parliament in Irish affairs
if what is now the ROI had had the
devolution options available for the past couple of decades
to Scotland and Wales
a whole load of conflict may have been avoided
there is absolutely no doubt that
The Troubles
were made worse by factions simply cashing n on
tensions to excuse anti-social behaviour
in other words there were and are
decent, honourable republicans who had their cause
hiJacked by the usual suspects
what we are getting to is the fact that
1 the Irish Plantations were universal and involved
confiscating land from 'gentry' and not
the poor as in the Highland Clearances in Scotland
the aim was to civilise the people
not to de-populate the island
2 this was universal. it was not an invasion that
started in Belfast
and didn't get very far
in historical terms
the London government divided the island of Ireland
in around 1921 into two
devolved provinces
Northern Ireland and Southern Ireland
but the people of Southern Ireland
rebelled against mere devolution
and declared
Southern Ireland to be
The Republic of Ireland
The Irish Free State
in other words a peaceful solution was
on the table
but rejected by some influential individuals
the isalnd of Ireland has several settlements
some of which may be regarded as cities
Dublin ROI 1,173,179 population
Belfast NI 483,418
Cork ROI 208,669
Limerick ROI 94,192
Derry NI 93,512
Galway ROI 79,934
Newtownabbey NI 65,646
Bangor NI 61,011
lots of other places
famous from news reports but with populations
at or under 50,000
what is not so often emphasised is that
as with us always - broadly
Northern Ireland is industrial or post industrial
and ROI is rural - agricultural
and 'these days'
rural - agricultural has added 'hi-tech'
Roi is booming because it is peaceful and attractive to
next generation industries
what if
what if five years from now M. LePenn
takes France
out of Europe
it could happen that
ROI seeks links with the UK that
by-pass rust belt Belfast
people have to consider these things
but returning to?
Mo Mowlam and Tony Blair
The tTroubles and the Irish Problem
had long been very difficult and nobody would have
the Good Friday would be possible
and so Blair hands that
poison chalice to Redcar's then MP Mo Mowlam
and in a classic
tell yer mother I saved ya
muscles in when unpredicted success is
clearly on the cards
and that may have something to do with
our Ricker
we - if we are Tony Blair - can discount
Mo Mowlam's achievements because
she's got a brain tumour
but just to be safe
let's have prominant Redcar citizen
our Ricker
certified insane...

we tried searching age profile Russia
age profile Ukraine
and the patterns seemed very simlar
not many very young people
and within sort of young adult to
60 or so
roughly equal numbers of males and females
but over 60...
the number of males kinda halves
from the age of 60 or so
in both countries
we know that a lot of man from Russia and Ukraine died
during the Second World War
but those people woud noe be over 90 not over 60
omething else has killed off a load of men in those areas
in the most recent half century
our Ricker can't quite get over the idea of
medical students being taught anatomy by
computer screen
do they get haptic feedback on how it feels
to operate on people?
he was one of six students who dissected the
Mortal remains of a chap called Walter
who had donated his body to science
a couple of stories about that
the pre-clins building was a 9 to 5 building
and one Saturday morning some chap was found
hammering on the front door
when asked what he wanted he said he wanted to
donate his body to science
the second story is the lecturer who described
and drew in chalk
the male genitalia
and then said
and we'll treat the female genilalia
some times found in student nurse leture notes spelt
Jenny Taylor
as a hole
kinda saying
this is medicine
not midwifery

when it comes to 16plus exam content
studying so many subjects
each subject is going to get a
quick run through
and so to History
and today
The Irish Plantations
never 'erd of 'em
something to do with potatoes?
love the stock French GCSE question
moi aussie
translant into English
I am an Australian
what the issue with the Irish Plantations?
Plantations in 16th and 17th Century
Kingdom of Ireland
involved the confiscation of Irish-owned land by the
English Crown
and the colonisation of this land with settlers
it took place - mainly - between 1550s and 1620s
so we introduce a term in fairly widespread use even today
this Irish Plantation occured at around the same time as
the colonistion of North America
but it had a different purpose or motivation
people went to America to seek
freedom, and fortune
a lot of that was religious freedom
in contrast
people were sent to Ireland with the intention that they
civilise the entire island
and to some extent it worked???
in the sense that a lot of 'English' people and families
assimilted into Irish culture
and to that extent proctically nowhere on the island is
as it was before the plantations
but some did not assimilate and in a concept similar to
Offa's Dyke or Hadrian's Wall
some of the country became perhaps a characterature of
the England these families left
rather as areas of Patagonia in South America are now
more 'Welsh' than Wales
and the line on the island of Ireland equivalent to
Hadrian's Wall
was called
The Pale
as in a palling fence
and hence any activity not
just so
was referred to as
Beyond the Pale
we could obviously go on for ever about
Irish politics and history and religion
but one thing we should say now is that there were
three parties to a lot of this
various 'English' invaders and overlords
The Roman catholic Church
The Irish Catholic Church
Christianity started in?
The Middle East, Palestine?, whatever
it spread through the Holy Roman Empire as
'soft power'
but it also spread through a much less
organised and militaristic
to the Celtic Fringe
Northumberland in England
and eventually Roamn Catholicism
Overpowered Irish Catholicism
and then you need to think about
St. Hilda and the 'diet' of Whitby
and a whole lorra rock...
anybody can join
many religions are 'catholic'
is not
it is possible but difficult to
convert to Jewdeism if you are not
ethnically Jewish
but tribal identity s important to Jews
and so
when the majority religion in an area is
technically 'catholic' - small c cactholic
people who want to roll ethnicity into religion
do the thing we so much about in Islam
they say
everybody should be Moslem
but only our sect essentially our genetic tribe
are the chosen ones of God
Shia Islam versus
Sunni Islam
and a bunch of smaller branches
and conflict between branches of a religion
can become more important than conflict with

we did say previously...
that DEFRA
Department for Environment Food (Farming) and Rural Affairs
was cruising for a bruising
we do note that
Tractor Porn MP Neil Parish
is the chair of the relevant committee of the
House of Commons
it may be very handy to have him say googbye
at let someone a bit more, shall we say
get a grip on DEFRA

it is a matter of little consequence to most people...
we have had our attention diverted to
the question
what are Fred Karno's Army up too right now
under their current name
it appears that they did actually use helicopters to
refurbish Emley Moor transmitter
and it took four years
it's like using chop sticks to put ice in yer drink
but they are apparently
a law unto themselves
so maybe
maybe they will be dusting off the
Big Book of Egyptian Pyramid Building
to replace Bilsdale Transmitter and
go for providing over a decade of 'work' for
the thousands of people they reckon to employ
with the Platinum Jubilee upon us
the Corranation Flag Salesmen may have to get out of bed
on a few occasions over the coming few months oh, by the way
Kirkleatham Hall...
the patriarch of
Scott Bros
the hauliers responsible for
site clearance as subs for Tolent
recently died
so that explains exerything
like he was responsible for
producing artist's impressions of the project
to hang on the hoardings???
but we do have some signal, some of the time
that is
on a clear day we get around three quarters of channels
with continual dropouts
would you want a company like that to
fit out an Intensive Care Unit
at your local hospital?
good enough for government work?
good enough for government work in the 1950s
a load of blokes shnning up a scaf with
buckets of concrete

there is a saying
give them an inch and they'll take a mile
so far as Russia and Ukraine are concerned it appears
the new version is
give them a mile
and see if they choke on it
this is causing a loss of patience
if it is Rusian, and military and in Ukraine
this is a bit like
Russian Lives Matter
don't upset the poor Ruskies
you might be a Ruskie yourself some day

there are around 200 countries in the world
some are run in a so-so way
some are run worse
is there ant country other than Russia that has citiens who can
do what they like
especially cheat at interntional sport
and just make a slight change to the
spelling of the name of the country they represent
and carry on regardless?
what do 'they' know about Russia that 'we' don't
that makes this OK
Half past dead
How long is it since the Korean War?
it is long past the time when we should be using
that as our yardstick
and sestablishing
Russia and North Korea
Ukraine as South Korea
and encouraging Russians to emgrate to Ukraine
not Uxbridge
and don't say nuclear weapons
China, France, India, Israel
North Korea, Pakistan, Russia
United Kingdom, United States of America
have between them
13,000 nuclear warheads
which country do you think has the most
that won't work?
if you watch the mens sheds shows
you will know that
all the rubber bits in a car that has been
in a shed for twenty years
will have disintegrated
it's not a matter of
how many have you got
it's a question of
how recently were they
if President Putin wanted to be
North Korea Class
in Sabre Rattling
he would be testing nukes
not making comments that the world
could interpret as referring to nuclear weapons

one of the things that does sometimes get
under the skin
is the
Considerate COnstrutors Scheme
contractors do tend to remove everything from site
before they start work
and that means they are
in vernacular terms
clarts plodging
playing in the mud like littl tiny boys
for the next couple of years
and dragging mud onto local roads in the process
there should be a rule
build the car park first
and work from that - in the plans - hard standing
not from the mud bath you have created
Kirkleatham Hall Shool
is a Special Educational Needs state school
for 2 to 19 year olds with
Autistic Spectrum Disorder
Hearing Imparement
SPeech Language and Communication Needs
Visual Imparement
155 pupils
in November 2021 Tolent Engineering
began a �2million extension- remodelling project
at Kirkleatham Hall School
their management of the site
leaves a lot to be desired
signage directing pedestrians
no signage explaining what they are doing
signage directing pedestrians aross a
spoil tip

we may return to this next topic but for now
you remember The Beatles
you remember Ringo Star
you may not remember that he did
voice-over work on Kids Tv
Thomas the Tank...
and you probably don't ask yourself
what's it like to be
our Ricker?
our Ricker identifies with
Wreckit Ralf
but more colsely with
in Chorlton and the Wheelies
one of Ringo's
what is plaguing th minor characters
is, in a way, stting the bleedin' obvious to Chorlton
he addresses to
the terrorising witch with
hello, lickle lady

we are gonna have another go at explaining
about fossil fuels
it's quite a simple analogy
grandad dies
so you sell the house and
use the money to build a
granny flat extension on your house and
you use granny's pensions to cover the
extra costs of running the extended property
and grandad dying is the demise of the
coal industry
and building the extension is
exploiting North Sea oil and gas
and granny dies and you loose her pensions
but the kids grow up and start earning
and pat their share towards the household bills
but then they leave home
after you have spent money on re-doing the granny flat
to suit their taste
and then you retire and you are alone
trying to run a mansion on your pension
the point here is
government wants to invest in
economic stimulus, growth, employment
to take the Tory route
if the couple in question were well enough
at the point of abandonment
they may be able to rescue themselves by
turning their over developed property into a
bed and breakfast
but perhaps they should have done what is in the adverts
and used equity release to help
set up these short term dependents
in suitable homes of ther own
in other words
you have taxpayers' money
you have planning powers
invest in new technologies
not in
a naetwork of care homes for the obsolete
like our Ricker's dad
spent his pension lump sum on
oil fired central heating
despite having an electricity and gas supply
because he had had
diesel tanks at all the quarries and similar
when he was at work
it neaver worked properly and
neighbours with breathing difficulties
complained about the fumes and the smell

and now the Wedding Car analogy
three scenarios
1 you have no daughters but you think there is a
business you could run in
wedding car hire
2 you have a daughter and you think
I like cars, maybe I could run a car suitable for use as a wedding car
3 you have two sets of daughter twins
all born within a couple of years of each other
4 wedding car hires versus buying and selling a wedding car
in the case of
fossil fuels
you are in senario 2
if you don't already have the fossil fuel exploitation kit
ther smart money
hires to tide over to the next era
to try again...
think of energy as
music or music videos
energy is music
coal fired power stations are
Betamax video recorders
gas fired power stations are
Sony Walkmans
nuclear driven power stations are
ghetto blasters
we don't need LESS carbon dioxide
and we don't need MORE
there is no problem whatever
releasing carbon dioxide that has been
captured from the atmosphere
there is a problem releasing carbon from
fossil material
some people are showing signs of
psychosis not prejudice over not accepting this
fossil energy is not dead
borders on
my boy will one day come home from the war
people should be
moving on

we like to follow up on things we have not got quite right
the technical term for the sort of
friends and family appointments we see with
The UK government - mainly Downing Street
Despite Marxist-Lennist notions of a classless society
the Soviet Union had a pawerful ruling class
the nomenklatura
which consisted of party officials and key personnel
in the government and other important sectors
such as heavy industry
and so to become a memeber of the UK government
First Division Association
you have always had to be
somebody 'we' know
somebody we know to be
too stupid to rock the boat
rather than somebody with
a CV packed with achievements
and so
the first problem Pesident Putin has is
that he has no contact with his
he only has contact with his
but now
he seems to be pretty closely closseted with his
or perhaps his Rasputin
his Russian Orthadox Christian Patriarch
Patriarch Kiril
a young man - 75 years old
and presumably in better health than President Putin
it is very plausible that President Putin is in some sort of promise
that if he extends the reach of
The Russian Orthodox Church
Patriarch Kiril will have a word with God
a cure for President Putins aliments

it is quite interesting that when
Cleveland Police arrested our Ricker in round 2001
the idea was that
what PC Hnchcliff had been told to do was to go through
all of or Ricker's communications with anybody at
The University of Teesside
to see whether any of it broke any of the new laws against
two things stand out
the police completely disregarded the soon to be abandoned
provision in law at the time
in order to bring a complaint
a complainant had to clearly inform the perpetrator
at least twice
that they did not wish to receive any further communications
from the defendant
PC Hinchcliffe went through around 86 emails
amounting to 134 'pages'
that in the main consisted of our Ricker's
course work for his masters degree in multimedia
and in his mind transposed the need for
three warnings not to continue
three instances where a note or comment could be
construed as personal
as in not
'strictly business'
the other element of this was that
in the context of
PC Hinchcliff and his immediate superiors
first examined by the police surgeon
and then in interview
not represented by the duty solcitor but
chaperoned by
a resposible adult
the gist of that being that
this was being considered as a
mental health case
this is about two MPs
vera Baird at that time
and the libDem guy later
I don't wish to know that
plausible ignorance
in more classic terms
we, the government have
sanctioned Tholidomide
and we wish to claim that we heard nothing about
it being harmful
ecept from certified nutters
whom we were entitled to ignore
it was quite nteresting because
politicians at a certain level expect
run of the mill Civil Servants
at all pay grades
to assist politicians in implementing their
policical agendas
and at some point they run into
other agencies
it was quite musing to see
the frustration - in this case
of the Probation Service
unable to get onfirmation from
our Ricker's consultant Dr Green
that he was suffereing from any mental health defect
and at a later date having a
Crown Court Judge decline to agree that our Ricker had
broken the law
in other words
we should not be surprised that
within the Kremlin
hang on every word of President Putin
there appear to be no external checks
if the UN is to have any meaningful agency
it must focus on ensuring that nations have
appropriate institutions in place
it i a first order task of the UN to
protect nations from other nations
but it is a vital second order duty fot the UN to
ensure that nation states are run and organised along
nternationally approved lines
and so to clarify
our Ricker's adventures in Wonderland were the result of his being
the chair of the Friends of the Earth Teesside Project

Peter Gary Tatchell
is a British human rights campaigner
originally from Australia
best known for his work with LGBT social movements
in his youth the press set up a meme
a little bit of Tatchell on my shoe
and now we are devastated to have to report that the little bit of
Glen Owen on the shoe of
the Mother of Parliaments
is a greyman a Grey Man
a graduate of Grey College, Durham, England

we've written about two related issues
at different times and we should bring them together
technology moves on
acetylene headlights werre replaced with electrical ones
and so electromechanical electrics
were replaced with electronics
you can take an abrasive sheet to refurbish
electrical 'points' in a distributor in a vehicle ignition
and so the alternator replaced the generator
if you bring a magnet close to a suitable metal
iron, steel, nickel, cobalt
well, iron or steel anyway
at some point they will snap together
but that's it, end of proceedings
to get the pair to do anything else
you will have to pull them apart
bar magnets have a north and a south pole
if you let a north and a south pole to
get near to each other
they will move as a result of a
magnetic force, similar in a vague way to
snap together
but if you put two north or two south poles
near ech other
they will try to get away from each other
opposites attract, similars repel
those are permanent magnets
suitable metals can be
magnetised and demagnetised
either permanently or temporarily
but more intriguingly...
a bar of iron can be magnetised
by hammering in earth's magnetic field or
by simply putting into a much stronger magnetic field
a very temporary magnet can be created by
psaang an electric urrent through a coil of suitable
conductive material such as copper
electrical motors and generators act by
putting permanent and temporary magnets together
in a suitable structure
it is interesting that the
linear motor is easier to understand but was a
bit of an Eric Laithwaite flash in the pan this is not exactly how maglev works
imagine a track where the track in front of the train
is temporaily made into a south pole
and a shoe on the train is made a north pole
the magnetic force will drag the train forwards
to have the south and north as close as possible
but then you are stuck
so you swap things areound so that the bit of trak under the train becomes
a north pole and the bit of track just in front of the train
becomes a south pole
the train will be dragged forwards again
you only have two poles so it is quite easy to switch
each section of track
back and forth between north and south pole
this can be done mechanically or electronically
if you MOVE the train and one of the magnets is
a copper coil or such
the movement of the magnet near it will cause
an electrical current to flow through the coil
so then you wrap the track around the train
and you turn your
Linear Electric Motor
into a rotary motor
when you are Monsieur Ampere
and this is all new
you suggest that the switching can be done by
wrapping a set of coils around
a rotor
and containing that in a sleeve made up of permanent magnets
to skip out of sequence
this why you are not supposed to hammer a sticking starter motor
beause hammering the permanent magnets
will tend to demagnetise them
with a pair of 'brushes' that are in contact with a coil
in the armateur
and as soon as the rotor turns
the brushes loose contact with that coil
and come into contact with
the next coil
a commutator
and then somebody invents the
diode and the diode bridge and the bridge rectifier
and you can simplify the whole thing
you can
make the permanent magnets the rotor
and electronically switch the current in the
wraped around temporary magnet coils
a brushless motor or a brushless alternator
colis spin in a generator
permanent magnets spin in an alternator
but not all motors are
some work by oppsing two sets of temporary magnet coils
long long time ago
some sad sacks sucha s our Ricker
lusted over
a Magimix
because they were food processors with
an induction motor
not a permanent magnet motor
we will stop soon...
an induction motor has it's startor windings
the coils that don't move
excited - powered - by an AC source
a synchronous motor
has its armature windings energised from an AC source
and its field windings powereed by a DC source
a synchronous motor has to be 'run up to speed'
by an auxiliary motor, before it will work
that's more than enough

when we get a mament we like to follow up on things we
have previously referred to
we mentioned a speed limit on the part of the Darlington to Saltburn up line
running over Coatham Marsh
it has now been removed after
a couple of dozen sleepers were replaced
the 'heavy' traffic on that part of the line is from
the mineral traffic from Boulby salt mines to Middlesbrough
we have not recently had an upadte of the progress of the
for the new mine
it's called the
Woodsmith Mine Tunnel
and it is supposed to be 23 miles 37 km long and
with a clearance of 20 feet 6 metres
it was due to open in 2021
at present it is an
Anglo American project
there may be a bit of a gap
what it is due to produce
is currently imported from
those Belaruss sort of places...
and of the projected length of the tunnel
17 miles should be completed by the end of 2022
and that leaves us thinking at least
5 more years before production starts
as far as we know, at present, spoil from the tunnelling
is being removed by one of the world's longest conveyor belts
but if you build the tunnel with a 20 foot clearance
you have the option of putting in a rail line???
for the moment
it is thought that Michigan will supply replacement for
Russian potash
US farmers
and perhaps UK markets too...
but Woodsmith should make the UK self sufficient in
potash and polyhalite
within 5 years???
and to the specific
potash tarins run empty on the down line
and full on the up line
so only one track was sinking
just a bit
good enough for mineral traffic but
not for Eurostar
although we seem to see Boulby Potash mine
at full capacity
we are not aware of any increase in capacity at present
we suspect they are honouring existing contracts
and not selling on the open market
the depot fo for the Boulby mine is in the sort of
Forty Foot Road area of Middlesbrough
Ayrton Works
but the shipping depot for
Woodsmith Mine is we assume that Anglo American
could speed up devlopment of Woodsmith
if they thought
shipping from Belaruss to Europe proper
would eb compromised for a significant lenght of time
in broad terms
potash is the other half of fertilizer
the other half being nitrogen
nitrogen is available from
in South Bank, Redcar

we had to watch the repeat , just to check
Wheeler Dealers S16/EP11
Triumph TR4
first why the hell waste your time on a TR4
when there are TR4As out there?
BUT the big problem is
Generator versus Alternator
the clue is in the name
an alternator produces AC
Alternating Current
a generator
the 'back end of an alternator containsa
bridge diode
to convert AC to DC
it's a bit like a sheep sorting pen
take zero voltage
AC fluctuates from going positive
to going negative
to rectify the current and make DC
diodes only let current flow one way through them
when the alternator is producing
over zero
the electrons go one way
and when the alternator pulls the electrons back
the diodes send them the opposite way
we may explain that further later
the difference between an alternator
the clue is in the name
and a generator or dynamo
is the way the power is picked up from the coils
slip ring commutators
there is NOT RECTIFICATION in the electrical control box
of a car with a dynamo or generator
it is there to disconnect the dynamo from the battery etc
if it produces less than , say, 12 volts
it reacts to voltage and current but it does not rectify
a diode bridge is an arangement of 4 diodes
in a bridge circuit configuration that provides
the same polarity of output for either polarity of input
generllly referred to as a
bridge rectifier
a commutator is a specialised slip ring typically used
on direct current motors and generators
to transfre electrical power between the stationary
housing and the rotating armature
with the added purpose of reversing the electrical current direction
the slip ring commutator retifies the current n a generator
but the alternator needs a diode bridge to achiee that
so dynamo - electro-mechannical control
altenator - electronic control
if you can find a classic car that is running a generator
not an altenator
put you multimeter on the generator output and see
you get DC
even with the control box disconnected

we have been set to wondering
what was King Boris doing in India?
there is no official announcement of progress in getting
Tata to upgrade Port Talbot steel works to
Redcar standards
a small investment in the chemicals division is all
we still don't know why SSI pulled out of Redcar
but we do know that Thailand is the sort of place where on a whim
it's quite difficult to know sometimes
why the Uk thinks it needs
inward investment
but the UK Royals are having some trouble with
visits to Commonwealth Countries
we don't know the details but it appears that
people in some of these countries have a vague grasp of
the concept of
they seem to think that
after independence they will continue to get the sort of
Block Grant
that UK local authorities have had
it's kinda turning
no taxation without representation
on its head
we want the money but we don't want any guidance on
how to spend it
and so that concept of
this isn't levelling up funding
this isn't build bak better
because that would have
efficiency and anti-corruption strings attached
this is
compensation and reparation for
the fact that some people who died hundreds of years ago
may have been brought here
by people who may have lived where you do now
such that
third and 4th generation immigrants to the UK
would pay taxes to be handed over
to people living in places that were once
how shall we say?
People from the Indian Sub-continent
paying reparations to people living in the Caribbean
India and the UK have thriving economies
and some Caribbean Islands do not
they are asking for money from people who are not the same people
who were involved in the Slave Trade
but are not in the remotest descended from
people who were involved in the Slave Trade

we think it's now official
the long conference table
the grip on the table edge
we have no doubt that
President Putin has Parkinson'r disease
and as a part of that he is
we doubt anybody will carry out any of his future orders

we do face this problem of
'the pneumonia in bed 5'
in other words
two problems with medicine
1 problems with resistance to
fact based medicine
2 this idea that
a we can get more people into practice quicker if
they specialise really thoroughly
from the start of their careers
leading to the idea that
if the initial diagnosis is a bit off target
the patient will get
what the first practitioner normally does
the patient will be written off as
untretable beause their allotted treatment team
don't do that
tht being whatever they actually need
but underlying thi is the idea that if you have A you can't possibly have anything else
and so we recently had a case in North yorkshire where
a woman killed herself because
her autism was diagnosed as personality disorder
largely it is down to
politicians and their obsession
because a lot of them 'come from business'
obsession with TARGETS
hence vote for me because I got
thousnads of people qualified as
doctors, nurses etc
if you are the guy - lke our Ricker - whose 'box'
is to look for causes and linkages
they will be stamped on for
sloing progress towards achievement of
and so to today's
today's link fctor is
oral plaque bacteria
and so
you know that tooth decay is painful
pain involves nerves
so rotten teeth have a connection with
the brain
we have plaque bacteria with a route to
breats through breast feeding
and the brain through tooth decay
and so
PLEASE look for plaque bacteria in
brain tumour tissue
our Ricker
he's the guy who is trained to see
links connections
you need to divert a little effort away from
random targets
into investigations of links within illness
the concept is
the voter is always right
so we close down
the pre-med school at Durham University
and open medical schools in the likes of
University of Sunderland
because public spending is about
pleasing the punters
not solving the problems

in order to qualify for
charitable status
an organsation in the UK has to have
stated aims
and show that it is dedicating its income to those aims
hence we all assume that
stands for
National Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Children
and we do not expect the organisation to operate in a way dedicated to being
The National Society for the Prevention of the Creation of Children
the impression we have of the NSPCC is that its corporate idea of
an asprin
clenched tightly between the knees

there is going to be a problem here
our Ricker's brain is these days
somewhat absent
the thing is he's forgotten the structure of
technically it involves a re-direct
from where to where??
this files is getting too big
so he need to direct readers to a new file
so there could be a situation where this lot is
available at
but not at
that will still be there but may not be updated

to business...
we want to add a bit of detail to the chemistry of steel making
North Sea Gas and other varieties of
Natural Gas
replaced coal gas or Town gas in the UK
and elsewhere around the 1970s
Town Gas was made by baking coal
and collecting the fumes
The thing is
with adjustments of emphasis
Gas Workd and Coke Ovens
produce the same things
gas and coke
and we have said before that because of the
significant amounts of carbon monoxide in Town Gas
desperate housewives committed suicide
and drunken housewives died by accident
by turning on the gas and not lighting it
and so
the fumes from coke ovens contain a lot of lethal
canbon monoxide
and as we said this is fed to the stoves
and when the blast furnaces were removed from
South Bank but the coke ovens were retained
the fumes had to be piped to Redcar to be fed into
the Redcar stoves
and as to the chemistry
if you burn canbon monoxide in air
you reduce the oxygen content
carbon monoxide plus oxygen = carbon dioxide
and so the stoves not only
heated the blast to 1,000 degree C
they depleted the oxygen
getting neared to a stream of
hot nitrogen
but at the same time at those temperatures
oxygen and nitrogen combine
and you get nitrogen oxides instead of nitrogen
and thus the blast gas was
nirtogen plus oxides of nitrogen
and that acidic mixture would be a major contributor to
the need for periodic re-lines of blast furnaces
in theory, perhaps
when you split air into
oxygen for the BOS plant and nitrogen
you could feed oxygen to the BOS plant and nitrogrn to
the blast furnace stoves
to provide the furnace with a hot nitrogen blast
as opposed to a hot air blast
but we don't know if that was ever done

University of East Anglia medical school have made
an important breakthrough in prostate cancer research
what they are saying is
people with certain rare some previously unknown
bacterial infections
get prostat cancer real bad
we need to explain this
we have said that in breat cancer and prostate cancer
you get contact inhibition cancer because of
spicules of calcium depaoits
that act - for a better explanation - like
asbestos fibres act in asbestosis style lung cancer
we like bacteria with calcification and what do we get?
if you don't brush your teeth
bacteria in the mouth grown
and full gaps between your teeth
and those plaques of bacteria get calcified
and calcified plaque id called tartar
perhaps people who have a big tartar and plaque problem
get more
breast and or prostate cancer
this gives
oral plaque research impetus
we say