Redcar Cleveland UK

this is another example of
if a government makes a mistake
'they double down'
scrap these stupid 'green' traffic signs
we expect somebody got a ten million quid contract to
review road signage
and they thought
we have to make at lest one recommendation
let's change
wait HERE
until green light shows
like all those cop who leave
showing on the back of their marked cars
and develop a crocodile...
people can be forced to disobey this sign if
the battery goes flat on the traffic signal

this is an attempt to explain why we have
text notices alongside temporary traffic lights
we don't paint a stop lne on the road
we put a sign where we want the head of the queue
this may be some distance back from the start of the
alternate direction of travel section
because of
the other sign we see rarely
joining traffic not signal controlled
like a bin wagon backing out of a back alley
the tex tsigns are not a reminder to obey traffic signals
they are an indication as to WHERE - HERE - to stop
and head the queue

Holy Mary - Mother of God
pray for me and our Bob
our Bob is very ill
Holy mary send him a pill

click here for 2022 this is a zero per cent compliant web site
that means
we don't have term and conditions
we don't have a privacy policy
we don't have a cookies policy
we get a regular blank traffic report
that is to say, we get told every month that
nobody has viewed this site
we may get shut down

my auntie says
when I grow up
I'm gonna be a proper little madam

so, a Sam
Inspector Peabody visits a local nick
he takes PC Plod aside and says
how's it going?
I notice you haven't arrested anybody in quite a while
I'll be back next week and I want to see your
charge sheets
and PC Plod goes out on patrol
a little later he brings a suspect to the
recepetion desk of the station
the desk sergeant asks
what's the charge?
what did he set fire to?
he didn't set fire to anything
he was just arsin' up and down the High Street

is it cos I's Black?

the excavations for Hotel majuba have hit the water table
for the nurds... thats an Allelys tractor in the background
like Train Truckers and that
it' parks up there quite often

so this is not an optical illusion
the left habd stack of turbine pylons are on the same barge - Voltaire
as the crane
it growed

19th April 2024

we've had a look at the barge Voltaire
from a distance
and we are happy to say that it MAY have had
a taller crane or a taller jib fitted
but it could be an optical illusion
the colour of the jib has not changed
so it looks the same as it did but now it seems to
tower over the turbine parts in a way it didn't used to

18th April 2024

we have noticed a trend or development in what is called
the aftermarket sector of the motor industry
people are trying to familiarise themselves with
hydrogen technology
you can now buy a kit that sits in the market slot
previously dominated by
there are kits which pump nitrous oxide into internal combustion engines
nitrous oxide known as NOS
is typically used during races because it has the capacity to provide the compoud does this by increasing the amount of oxygen present to the engine
in the intake gases
this is N2O not NO2
this is illegal for road use and invalidates insurance
looking at the other side of the equation...
here are kits available
that take electricity from the alternator
use it to eleectrolise water into
oxygen and hydrogen
and feed them into the inlet of the engine in a similar way to NOS
this is called
we are not clear whether bothe the hydrogen and the oxygen are fed into the
inlet of the engine
broadly speaking
it is considered that this will not give improved performance
partly because engine energy is sapped through the alternator
to run the electrolyser
partly because
hydrogen does tend to detonate
whereas petrol gas fumes have a kind of
tsunami wave pressure on the top of the piston
this latter is why hydrogen fuelled internal combustion engines
have to be built a little differently
the arguement being a bit like
petrol - hammer drill
hydrogen - impact driver
sofar as we know
people are not buying desktop electrolysers
and bottling their own hydrogen to run through a NOS system
but some probably are
if you have an electrolysr style - not the chemical sort above the
masks that drop down in an in flight emergency
feeding oxygen into the inlet may produce a better power boost than
njecting either NOS or hydrogen

this heap of used plastic is
the guts of the old TunedIn spetic tank or cess pit
so in future if you visit or stay in the
Majuba Hotel
you can be assured that there s no cess pit under the floor

we can say Voltaire arrived in the Tees at 11.11 am today
we have a theory about what will happen now
we think Voltaire will ferry part completed wind turbines from
Greythorp to
Strashnov on the Dogger Bank until there are none left there
and then perhaps further wind turbine parts will be delivered to South bank
and Strashnov will pick those up for itself by docking
at South bank Wharf
this is not a comprehensive picture of Secondary Education 11 tp 16
in Redcar and Cleveland but
Sacred Heart is a Roman Catholic Secondary in Redcar
we want to point out two significant stats
this is a non-selective - academic terms - school
and is the major Roman Catholic school in East Cleveland
in that regard three coaches brinhg pupils each day from
East Cleveland - Guisborough, Skeltons etcBR> the two stats are
80 percent occupancy - 886 places, 716 pupils
religious character - Roman catholic
Religeous ethos Does not apply
meaning - Roman Catholic-ish but not selective
on academic or religeous grounds
and the second stat
148 pupils, 20.7 per cent - eligible for free school meals
the same Trust runs St. Peter's in Eston within Redcar and Cleveland
540 places 543 pupils
275 - 50.6 per cent of pupils eligible for free school meals
one of the points of interest is the question
do renters move home more often than owner occupiers?
something in Redcar and Cleveland is causing medium sized secondary schools
to be marooned in a sea of housing that is not generating pupils
fairly central schools such as Sacred Heart
seem to need to have pupils bussed in to survive
three coach loads could amount to 120 ish
could be more
not likely the service would kept on if it were much less
is the decline - in numbers, not necessarily standards
of Sacred Heart due to
less children or
why go to a religious school?

17th April 2024

here's a different perspective on the
sewage in the rivers problem
it's supposed to be lack of investment....
shreholders creaming off dividends
consider this
unemployment in the Uk is around 4 per cent
there may be some more on long term sick
17 per cent of adults are
functionally illiterate
look at it either way
ten per cent of adults are both
functionally illiterate
in employment
and those people may well be in
intrastructure installation and maintainance
if a crew install a sewer
and they are all functionally illiterate
what are the chances that they will
make and file a plan of
where in God's name they have put it?
can't maintain drains if
people park over them
can't maintain drains and sewers if
people don't even know they exist
let alone where they are
and what exact form they take
and so the the Majuba Hotel project
they finally found what they were lookng for
a few decade ago the Department for Education
funded the building of TunedIn
as a sort of homework club venue...
they built a septic tank on the Swimming Baths site
and then more recently
a new larger septic tank was built a ltlle further away to serve both
TunedIn and the new hotel
so that the hotel could be built where the original TunedIn septic tank
so the site remediation contractor eventully found the 'old' tank
but smashed a clean water feed pipe in the process
there was a second day of a road tanker in attendance to
clean out the old tank
before it was ripped out
a bit of a worry if there were no plans for a septic tank
installed twenty years ago and in use until a couple of years ago
but then we are talking
Water Utilities in the UK
so they were looking for a septic tank and they were looking where
the swimming pool was
Great British Engineering
don't it make ya proud

16th April 2024

we may have given a slightly misleading impression about
the vessels working on the
Dogger Bank wind farm
in the sense that we may have implied that
something unexpected had happened
the whole reason why Voltaire was working on Dogger Bank was
Voltaire draft - height below the water line
is 7.5 metres
the depthe of water needed by Seaway Strashnov is
13.8 metres
a part of the new South Bank Wharf on the Tees has been commissioned
that involved dradging
and wharf edge hardening
and so we expect that Strashnov can now dock
in South Bank
and that is why it has been called up
we expect some ferrying of turbine parts
from Greythorpe Dock
South Bank Wharf
that could be a job for Voltaire
but we could be wrong
5,000 tonnes 102 metres Seaway Strashnov
Voltaire 3,000 tonne i62 metres
we have been looking at the two crane ships
it seems that perhaps it is Voltaire's
'jack up' system that is the problem
if there is less sand and silt on the Dogger Bank
than expected...
we have seen sand swept off Redcar beach by recent storms
perhaps they need
dynamic positioning system
if Voltaire can't get a grip on the Dogger Bank sea bed
with it's spud cans and jack up legs
we do wonder whether Strashnov has sufficent reach
is high enough, but time will tell

15th April 2024

the word of the day today is
involving a violation of moral or social boundaries
the poets have well erned reputations for transgressive behaviour
as well as verse
our Ricker kinda gave up on universities a dacade of so ago
but as he withdrew
he began to hear students saying such things as
'my dad says'
not so much
'our priest says'
the whole thing can be characterised as revolving around
back such a long long way
we should research
The Lunar Society
really clever, quite well set up people mostly men
meeting to discuss
the wonders of nature - mainly physics
and then
gradually as student numbers grew and grew
the marginalisation and mockery of people
at uni to study
uni became a combination of
cattle market for the females
seek a partner
follow the set course
stay away from the library and
get a desk job snaring qualification
for the boys
and a hint of the true origins of
don't confuse your mind with anything that
usn't in the set texts
it may lead to you writing something for assessment that
loses you marks
a world of lowest denominations where
not in your lecture notes
there was that artist colony
something along the lines
Bloomsbury group
Living in Squares
painting in circles
loving in triangles
Vanessa Bell, Virgnia Woolf
if we had time we'de research the parallel between
who's affraid of the big bad wolf?,BR> and
who's affraid of Virginia Woolf?
it's a lot of work trying to figure out
what new ideas are good and what are bad
people struggling to keep a roof over their head
and put food on the table
haven't got time for
social experimentation
even though they are
very firmly told
they should devote every holy day
Sunday in Christianity
to assessing their life's direction
and so it is
poverty of means
that justifies
from zeal
fanatical and uncompromising pursuit of
religious, political or other ideals
and in a way
zealotry is a sign of increasing wealth
a stage on the road to a comfortable life
people devoting their time and efforts to
how many angels can dance on the head of a pin?
are experiencing what we these days call
first world problems
people starving in Ethiopia
are not having mental breakdowns about
where best to source their family's
five a day fruit and veg
and just exactly what a super food is

we note - we got told
a ship or barge called
Seaway Strashnov
note Alfa Lift is actuall called Seaway Alfa Lift
Seaway Strashnov spent the winter
off Angola
and is due to start work on the
Dogger Bank wind farm - momentarially
another press release tells s that for now
MAN trucks will be restricting sale of
compressed hydrogen gas fuelled
internal combustion engined tractors
the front bit of an artic
to people doing really heavy work
sucha as
and wind turbine component transport
in short
people immune from
black listing by the fossil boys
you buya an H truck
we charge you double for spares for yer
diesel fleet
so that's MAN and Cummings
bypassing fuel cell technology

14th April 2024

so we have a
Two State Solution in Locke Park
the swans have a nest in the middle of the island
and the geese have a nest at the edge
and Ruffie is standing guard against people
and daddy goose is chasing ducks away
interestingly Daddy Goose is tollerating the
water hen
funny how Patrick Stewart's?
script for the Yorkshire Tea advert
has been - we sware - changed from
there's money behind the bar at the Dog and Trumpet
we're having a pint at the Dog and Trumpet
a nation divided by a common language....
we wonder what sort of training the Bbc does for
News and Current affairs broadcasters
there seems to be some confusion between the roles of
a producer on Bbc Beakfast produced in Salford
a neighbour of Manchester
seems to be to hang around out patients at some
local hospital toutng for some crip
in search of their 15 minutes of fame
as such
the missing link is an editor
who has the medical director of that hospital
on speed dial
to ask
is this story a goer?
in essence
where was the editor who decided to give screen time to a mum who
wanted to tell the nation
my 12 year old daughter wouldn'r have hit puberty
if she hadn't had a 'phone
somebody tell these women..
if you want to mother pre-pubescent females
go get a job in a primary school
don't put yer daughter on
puberty blockers
sometimes people put up confusing distinctions
they distinguish
in some sense
puberty is the time when the distrubution of hair growth
on the body changes from a childhood to and adult pattern
adolescence is more of a male thing
one measure of adolescence is the sudden arrival of
the ability to achieved an erection in the penis
in adolescence - puberty 11 years, adolescence 12 years??
same difference!
one way to say it is
females are man fxated from birth
males are female indifferent until they have the tools to
do the job for females
so we can say a female will hit puberty
and be pre-pubescent, pubescent, or post pubescent
but not really have much truck with
the male: pre-adolescent, adolescent, post adolescent journey
most women spent a lorra lorra time, money and effort shaving waxing etc. to maintain as far as possible
an appearance of a pre-pubescencnt hair growth distribution
most women deep down know
men prefer lttle girls to grown women
and try to look as child-like as possble
shaving yer pits and waxin' yer front door - essential!!
so where do these fuch wits on the court bench
get their ideas from?

12th April 2024

12th April 2024

what can we say about the attack in Sydney Australa?BR> the officer shot and killed the attacker
if she had Tazered him
he'd be in the nut house come Monday morning
and then he would be evicted from the nut house and get himself another knife for Christmas
when is there ever one of these offenders whoi is not
previously known to the authorities
are they sent out deliberately to
make headlines?
a female who may commit suicide is more important than
a male who may commit mass murder???
September 1969 to August 1983
a BBC Tv show called Nationwide
Co-operative Permanent Building Society
this is the story as embedded in the memory of our Ricker
in 1970 the Co-Operative Permanent Building Society
decided to demerge or
demutualise from the Co-Op movement
the British Co-Operative Union
it did not take the Co-Op bank with it
Co_Op bank Manchester
Co-Op building society Swindon
Co-Op bank is not a mutual but a business owned by - at times over this and perhaps other matters the Society got
endless flack from the BBC current affairs magazine TV show that the building society decided to
change it's name to
The Nationwide Building Society

11th April 2024

the real world is always more complicated than we would have it here
essentially - this site's most over used word
a judge such as a Crown Court Judge
may be a former barrister
or may be a barrister acting as a judge on the day
essentially it is really quite difficult to persuade barristers
to sit as judges in Crown Courts such as Teesside
not least because of the risk of baracking from the
peanut gallery it is the particular words we are focussing on
there comes a time in a trial when a judge changes role from
chair of a discussion forum
and begins to hand down some sort of
judgement, summing up, sentence etc
so if a judge says in sentencing or summing up
probably the former
this convict is warped
the message they are trying to impart is that
the complainant is not warped
the problem in these cases is
what occured was
recreational sex
not reproductive sex
and the message form the use of that form of words is
any female who volunteers to participate in,bR. recreational sex
is warped
and why would anybody say such a thing if they were not
closseted in a room with a rabble of
representtives of the underclass

10th April 2024

imagine a hotel chain says
we are going to spend 2 million on inproving
your town's branch of our chain
sounds good
in realty the hotel hires
one thousand people to cut the lawns
with nail scissors
these companies are getting tax breaks and kick backs for
spending tax payer money on
employing the 17 per cent of the adult population who are
functionally illiterate
ten million spent
90 percent of it spent on
living wage labouring pay packets
it's a bit like insurance
if you have comprehensive car insurance and you
get a wing miroe broken off
the insurance company will write the car off and give you
market value for the car
if you have home insurance
you may well get
new for old replacement of you lost appliances
we will spend ten million on
improving your town centre
but after we have gone
you won'r know we've been here because
we won't provide any EXTRA facilities
we'll just rip out the stuff you already have and
leave you without it for years on end
and then put it back
levelling up is
wages for morons
not facilities for locals
attractions for visitors
for the next several years
the space on Redcar Esplanade that has for years been the site of
seasonal kiddies' amusements
will be taken up by a brand new
temporary spa for 'construction workers'

why couldn't they put their workers spa hotel
here instead of on the Esplanade?

the word of the day is
one of the things that we do wonder about
Crown Court judges is
do they have daughters?
our Ricker at one time had two nieces
and this comment relates to the one who was killed by
a mental patient
the day he was released from custodial care
as it happens the chap involved probably had no idea wo he had killed
it's a long time ago but it happened in Reading
and it got next to no coverage
Annelise and her husband pulled up at the traffic lights
in what we many describe as a
Fiat 500 knockkoff -
a car similar to but not actually a Fiat 500 - very little car
and the chap in the car behind told police and lawyers etc
well I was having a great time
I was piloting the Starship enterprise and then there was a bang
and this like fireball in front of me
and this surviving driver would not be described by a
Crown Court judge as
even if he was travelling at warp speed
but the ting about this dead 40 something married mother of three
that should not surprise any
father of girls
'when you're the father of boys - you worry'
'when you're the father of girls - you pray'
any father of girls would recognise the comment of
Kari - Annelise's mum
about Annelise at age seven
'she goes for anything in trousers'
there is nothing whatsoever strange or
only ever likely to happen
excapt as the result of
in little girls wanting all sort of
attention from and activity with
any sort of male they can get their hands on
'lock up yer daughters'
'lock up yer grannies'
Elvis, the Beatles, the Stones
have rolled into town
hypocrisy and cant
seem to dominate the minds and activities of
men born in the UK in the 1960s

9th April 2024

when we look at Robertson's
hutment on the Esplanade for
the Markies and Woolies contract
you have to marvel that they have not actually
installed a diesel generator the size of a house to
run half a dozen lights great self restraint there boys
we have to accept thet the eectricity mains in the area
are too feeble to power
a temporary office block
and we ask
when the High Street end of the shops
that is to be a mega patio
is cleared of structures
will the hutment be moved to the vacant site?
or will we be having 'should have retired yearss ago'
site managers running the gauntlet of 20 mph traffic
on the Esplanade
so much for reconstructing the Dundas Street slipway
there's an office block in the way
probably be there for the next five years
or ten
Levelling Up amounts to turning redcar into a
Living Museum of 'modern day' construction
whilst on majuba Road
thousend of sand is eing fed through a crusher to
turn it into sand

8th April 2024

we have sadly concluded that
gilder Ruth Tappin's dog Luna
Salvage Hunters the Restorers has died between series
sad, but the quality of the work does not seem to have suffered
nd by the way
we vote Paul Cowland for fave UK infotainment starBR>

5th April 2024

so , progess?
Mum and Ruffie together on the 'hospital nest'

7th April 2024

without going into too much detail...
Hansard is the record of what is said in the chambers
Commons and Lords of the UK parliament
at this point we will attempt a laborious transcription of a
part of a speech made in 1955 in the House of Lords
Lord Cherwell
... no need to bore your Lordships with arguements about the vital need of
the country to keep ahead in science and technology
that I gather is generally accepted
But surely it must be clear that from a national point of view the
work of highly-trained scientists is more important than
carrying dishes from the kitchen to the serving tables in liners
end quote - paraphrase
some reference to liners - cruise ships
a suggestion referred to as
allowing science graduates to
teach scence in secondary schools for two years
insted of doing National Service
It is true that scientists working in Government establishments
or on certain Government contracts are exempt from military service
but that exemption does not apply to men doing really fundamental work
in the universities
later until recently, all young men - perhaps 12,00 a year -
were exempted entirely from military service
because they proposed to undertake agricultural work
end quote - paraphrase
despite some tightening up
we now have 8,000 men hoeing turnips and 50 doing high grade research
end quotes
the broad picture is one of a conflict between
elitism and inclusion
we won't take the time to follow the paper trail over how
at some point
during the First World War
Bob Robson was in a reserved occupation in a Tees Shipward as a
fitter turner, burner, welder, shipwright in Arkasses - forgotten how to spell that The United Alkali Company - ICI - in Billingham
but their brother Tommy was
'in retail' and got called up
there is another story from 'down south'
in the second world war
a chap turns up at a recruiting station and wants to
join the RAF and be a fighter pilot
and the recruiting officer asks him
what are you doing now?
I'm an apprentice at the aircraft factory
he thinking, I got an in here, knowing about 'planes
and the officer says
go home
you're more valuable to us
making 'planes than flying them
and there is this kind of cutoff in the populr mind whatever we may say about the dangers of
Nuclear War
exemption from National Service if involved in food production
exemption from National Service if involved in designing a
cheaper to make machine gun
funding for your research if you are Openheimer
funding for CERN, Cancer Research UK
more people can say
the turnips will rot in the fields if my boy is called up
than can say
my kid could advance the struggle against cancer
but what if the cancer researcher has to spend
half their working hours
tending their allotment and cooking and cleaning
because they should avoid being
out of touch
with real people's lives
it is easier to make the rich poor
than to make the poor rich
because there are few rich people and billions of poor people
instead we get token transformations
occasional rich people are broken by a scandal
and occasional poor people are enriched by
playing football or winning the lottery
but these are token - high profile - exceptions
not the end of poverty
and so to the
liberals in western society
all up in arms about
protecting the Palestinians from the Israelis
but very quite about protecting the Palestinians from
our Ricker is old enough to remember local media on Teesside
campaigning for charitable funds for
scanners whole body caomputer assisted tomography scanners for
local hospitals
tax payers pay for them now
tax payers pay paramedics and emergency doctors when they
fly on rescue helicopters
but the pilots and aircraft are paid for by charities
the NHS wll pay for a paramendic to get to you by road ambulance
but if you want to live because they got to you
in twenty minutes instead of several hours
you are dependent on charity
it is often the implementation phase that is the bottleneck
the NHS is like the caterpillar who looks up at the butterfly
and says to the other caterpillar
you'd never get me up in one of those

3rd April 2024

we're gonna try to understand the Gaza thing
there are two significant works called
eyeless in Gaza
one by Milton
one by Aldus Huxley
ask for this great deliver now, and find him
Eyeless n Gaza at the mill with slaves
so more a quote than a titled work
The Huley is a semi autobiographical novel
criticising the dearth of spiritual values
in contemporary society
Mlton - not the one in the Sompsons
is writing about the latter days of Samson
of Samson and Delilah fame
Milton depicts Samson the once mighty warrior as
blinded and a prisoner of the Phillistines
Gaza fell to Isrealite rule from the reign of
King David in the early 11th century
before the common era
otherwise known as BC
or 3,000 years ago
1994 the Israeli government sorta did a
devolution for wales stunt
handing powers to the Palestine Authority
when can we expect tunnels under Glostershire?
Gaza was supposed to have some autonomy
not to be turned into a base from which to
attack Mother Israel
so Israel has Gaza and The West Bank
as the British govenment has
Wales and Scotland
same sort of psychos
but nobody is currently arming
Plaed or the SNP
so why the hell is anybody - World Kitchen?
other than the Israel Defence Force
providing security in Gaza?

2nd April 2024

re the Dogger Bank Wind Farm
Alfa Lift is shuttling back and forth between
Rotterdam and The Dogger Bank
and Voltaire is still moored in 'Flushing'
we are beginning to wonder whether
Alfa Lift is going to set out as many
monopiles and transition pieces as it can
and leave them in place waiting for a replacement for
Voltaire to install the turbines when it gets here
the official line is that
Voltaire is undergoing
'scheduled maintenance'
and will return to work in May 2024

1st April 2024

OK so this isn't a April Fool
photograph the display on your gas and electric meters
and put some money on your key meter if you have one
eon next
key meterbefore top up from today
open access electricity 35.17 pence per unit
as soon as you top up the meter
with any amount, it will be reset to charge at
29.88 pence per unit
and on Economy 7 the change is from
14.61 pence to 10.18
as an example

31st March 2024

we've been having a bit of a think
about these quotes from scripture
human reproduction is not regular or certain
have sex, might get pregnant, might not
get pregnant, may produce healthy child, may not
however, when taking populations in the round
some of what they seem to be saying is
take a man
any number of women can make any number of children for him
on the other hand
excluding very recent developments such as
IVF in vitro fertilisation
any person can have only one
birth mother
there is a dudge here towards
if you are a woman
what you need is a son
not a husband
and you can take a sperm from another woman's husband
without taking the husband
and in time - less than a decade - you will have
a man to whole you have an inalienable link
and that we express as
tain't no big thing the diamond ring
t'aint not big thing the toll of the bell
when you are ready
go out and get a dose of the most impressive man you can
get your hands - all three of them - on
and you could be set for life
not through extorsion from the father
but through your link with the son

Genesis 3:1
To the woman he said
I will multiply your pain in childbearing
in pain you shall bring forth children
Your desire shall be contrary to your husband
and he shall rule over you
you will have sex when your husband wants it
not when you want it
but also, it is the basis of the concept
if getting the babe out is painful
surely getting it in will be painful too
stands to reason to the bloke who hasn't got a clue
one who stands opposite
in other words
doctors and that
watch women give birth
but they don't watch woman have sex
Then God remembered Rachael and God listened and opened her womb
magic innit? need to give birth yer birthcanal dilates??
takes a while sometimes
Corrintians 7:28
but if you do marryBR> you have not sinned
and if a betrothwoman marries
she has not sinned
yet, those who marry will have worldly troubles
and I would spare you that
need we say more?
1Peter 3:1
likewise wives
be subject to your own husbands
so even if some do not obey the word
they may be won without a word
by the conduct of their wives
the basis of the concept that
so long as wives are 'failthful'
husbands can put it about
Genesis 38.9
but Onan knew that the ofspring would not be his
so whenever he went to his brother's wife
he would waste the semen on the ground
so as not to give offsprng to his brother
and, if you fuck somebody who isn't yer wife
use contraception
in this case
coitus interuptus
lke all the porno videos show
don't pump it up her chuff
give her a cum facial
there's a lot of good stuff in The Bible
the likes of former UK PM May
don't take the trouble to read it
and another thing
Water privatisation
a Thatcher thing
Thatcher thought all 'Civil Servants' were Pinkos
lunch for the Cabinet
I'll have rump steak
and the vegetables?
they'll have the same as me
but she also - more importantly - thought
all people in business were
straight and honest as a die
like shopkeeper Mr Roberts, her father
speaking of dice...
this degrading of the phrase
in Spades
can become in spadefulls
in most card games
the black cards outrank the red ones
and spades out rake clubs
so you can have
a car
but the Rolls Royce has class
in Spades
different class

30th March 2024

the darkest hour is just before dawn
there isn't any doubt that the cohort of men who are
approaching retirement age and are in
positions of power in the UK
are probably the last or near the last 'generation' who
went to boys only boarding schools
there needs to be care over the distinction between
boarding schools
grammar schools
but 1986 1998 corporal punishment banned in UK state schools 1986
corporal punishment banned in prvate schools 1998
so perhaps we are being a bit optimistic
even the boys with sisters, mothers and aunts
being away at school most of the year
had not much experience of females as
friends without benefits as we may say
work coleagues? team mates?
all that sort of thing
not pan gender
so these men grew up
trying to
not trouble their wives too much
in pursit of an heir and spare
they conflated in their mind
sex with corporal punishment
they thought - believed deeply - that
for a female
being fucked would be like
being caned but to the max
and females who tried to explain how much they
craved penetrative attention
were regarded by these men as
not fully human, insensitive wanton whores
pretending they liked corporal punishment
for the financial benefits that came with it
and maybe
putting up with it in exchange for the
joys or motherhood
and they get - we assume - proper confused by
female enthusiasm for sex exhibited on the Internet
so many brides down the years
so disappointed that
'fate worse than death'
turned out to be
separate beds
something very odd about our Ricker's parents
they slept in separate single beds until he was in his 80s
and then they moved into a double bed
lmost as though he got so close to death he lost
the fear he would be seen as seeking to take advantage of his wife
so we can say that very few people in the UK now
who are under 40
have any experience of people being sent to the headmaster's office
to be caned or slippered
but it remains - particularly with that whole range of
men who went on from
boys only secondary schools to become
non-marrying Roman catholic priests
that a kiss on the lips can be
quite continental
as in the classic
Diamonds are a girl's best friend
continental in this context meaning for Americans...
French, or British, or Italian but not Spanish
Roman Catholicism? isn't Rome in Italy?
Roman Catholicism is more 'traditional' in countries
such as Spain
and there are conspiacy theories that
Marylyn Monroe was murdered because she was
too liberated
and just a little Locke Park swan comment
Mum is presently trying out for a nest
the location where some readers may remember
the Canada Geese
stood guard over Ruffie
whilst he got the bulk of the oil
off his feathers

28th March 2024

as we go with the swans of Locke Park
there has been some human involvement
as we reported earlier
Mum built a nest at the apparently vacant
Jaffa end of the pond
then a human chap decided that the 'bandstand' on
Jaffa Isand was a good place to play stott the football
and eventually Ruffie seems to have convinced Mum that
it's a better idea to build a nest on the island at
his end of the pond
that humans can only access by boat
we'll see how she settles in the context of
happy wife, happy life
but life involves being alive...

27th March 2024

Let the clarts plodging begin
first order of business on a new building site
remove the hard standing
so we can get at the clay beneath and spread it all over
the roads to
show the local who's boss
Majuba Road
if they weren't a bunck of cowboys...
first order of business
install a wheel washer
it's either contaminated land or it isn't
if it issn't there's no need for them to be there

we have to say there is no shipping in the River Tyne
but we do want to draw a parallel between the
Baltimore bridge collapse
and the Blinking Bridge
between Newcastle and Gateshead
that is a pedestrian bridge and
is sort of eye shaped and the eye
blinks shut to allow pedestrian use
and open to allow shipping to pass
it was the first and possibly still is
the only bridge of that design
the point about ships hitting bridges is
when it was installed
the authorities insisted that a set of
four Dolphins were set under it to
stop vessels from hitting it
low bridge style because it was only high enough mid stream
and in time public opinion - public pressure
determined that the dolphins or bollards
spoiled the look of and the concept of the
blinking eye concept
once a structure such as a bridge becomes
a local or national icon
it becomes difficult to retrofit improvements
planning permission and all that...

26th March 2024

there's a ting fishing village in Cornwall called
there's also a bigger port in the Netherlands called Flushing
but it is also called
and Voltaire
our Dogger Bank wind turbine installation friend
has been moored in Vlissingen since
20th march
either it's knackered
or the crew are getting a load of RandR
rest and recuperation

there's a lot of different bike sports
and some of them involve racing through a sort of
natural obstacle course
like trees and rocks on a hill
and in some of those
you loose points or get a time pnalty every time you
put a foot on the ground
the simple version of that is a
slow bicycle race
no obstacles just
how slowly cn you ride your bike without
wobbling and having to put foot down
and so ther eis a proper cycle race in satburn next month
but the Redcar slow bicycle race continues
except that it is for construction workers
how slowly can you progress the building - or demolition
project without
actually being turfed off site?
and we have a new contestant
and the site has a big hole in it because
when they removed the swimming pool - baths
they removed the concerete but they didn't fill the hole in
and the hotel site consistes of
the swimming pool site, the swimming baths car park
and the RKade car park
the actual RKade became the kiddies' play park
over the past couple of years
th clue is that the council swimming baths part of the site has
the continuation of the curvey sea wall that TunedIn has
the RKade site only hs the straight beach sea wall

there are a couple of facts that we don't have
in relation to the Baltimore bridge collapse
we would off the bat say
don't build a new bridge
dig a tunnel
then you can forget conflicts between
shipping and road traffic
there is some fairly hard rock under Maryland
that would make a sturdy tunnel
but it may need to be blasted out and not
produced by a TBM - tunnel boring machine
burrying a tunnel in the river bed
cut and cover
would depend on the
river being deep enough
all of which stands against the probable
di it quick, no expense spared
probable outcome
probably the best answer is a quick temporary bridge
and a long term plan for a tunnel
and of course
the less of the traffic that produces
hydrocarbon exhaust
the quicker, easier and cheaper
a tunnel would be
and so a mini channel tunnel TML
using electric traction to ferry
fossil fuelled traffic under the river
could - if the tunneling conditions are favourable
be a medium term option

25th March 2024

today the free car park at the
Old Swimming Baths site
on Majuba Road
and heavy palnt arrived
construction appears to be imminent
nothing we know indicates that
tht construction will be other than
a boutique hotel
next to TunedIn
if it goes anything like the other sites in Redcar
expect it to open in 2034

in history there is scope for a debate about
did Hitler seriously want to invade Britain?
Germany changed during the Second World War
at the beginning of the war
Hitlerites - people who thought as Hitler did
were pretty closely aligned to the idea of
rebuilding 'main land Europe' in the image of
19th century America
and honestly World War 2 changed both Germany and America
into something much more like 19th century Britain
19th century America was about
a steding s a small farm
homesteding is a lifestyle of selfsufficency
it was WW2 that brought genuine mass production and
mass motor vehicle ownership
Interstate Highways
and with all of that
leaving your own land daily and travelling to
someone else property and working for them for a wage
and spending that wage
hunter gathering in
malls, supermarkets and hypermarkets
the need for war materials drove this change and
then the capacity - in the US and parts of the UK
ws redundant and adapted to
peacetime use
not quite swords to ploughshares
more amunition factories to refrigerator factories
and tank factories to car factories
all well and good but
what was Hitler's original plan
it had to take some account in the 1930s of
tractors and small engines
taking over from human and horse power
that was the challenge
and the response was to
reduce the population and adjust the population size such that
every adult male left alive could be alloted a parcel of land
in mainland Europe on which to settle
a self reliant homestead
he wasn't interested too much with German industry
and like so many people the world over
it seeemed qute natural to import manufactured goods from
the UK
in a sense Hitler saw German industry in terms of
Birmingham and Sheffield in the UK
little meisters
people who sat at a bench and turned out
cutlery and cookoo clocks
'heavy end' industry was a british thing
steel works, coke ovens and that
the question became
we can't import manufactures from the UK if we are at war with them
so we must industrialise but that was not a part of the dream in the 1930s
returning to that dream
no matter hown much of Poland and Ukraine etc
Germany annexed
there would not be enough land in the German Empire
to provide a homestead for evey family
and so the name of the game was not
the name of the game was
take over this land in Europe but outside Germany
and eliminate the existing human population
and divide it up innto super allotments for Germans
but even so
still not enough land so
we must reduce the number of German citizens
and so
the extermination of all people in Europe that the Hitlerites thought
would not make a proper go of running a homestead
some people in the UK decided that they would rather like to have a war
because there was - by the standards of the day
overpopulation in the UK too
so the likes of Winston Churchill - half American
decided to convince the British people that
war with Germany was inevitable
and essentially
war aims change as war proceeds
Churchill decide to stamp on the lion's tail whilst it was devouring Europe
or more precisely
he deided to kick the bear's arse whilst it was devouring Europe
and of course
the UK and the USA
not only gatecrashed Hitler party but to amke it a genuine WORLD war
decided to take on Japan at the same time
China was an ally of 'The West' against Japan
and Russia was a part of the farm land Germany wanted
all of this is the basis of the
of current Russia President Putin
in some ways, approximately
Ukraine has about as much good agricultural land as Russia
even though Russia has a lorra lorra snow
one story in the mix is that President Putin wanted to
double agricultural production in 'Russia' by
making Ukraine part of Russia
the problem with this idea is that countries already in Europe
such as Poland
can produce all the food Europe needs
except for thinks such as coffee and bananas that
don't grow in Europe or Russia
bottm line Ukraine food surplus ends up in
The Horn of Africa
so why invade Ukraine
it was just a stunt
it's always been described by Russia as a stunt
a 'special military operation'
regieme change within a week and out
home for tea and medals
and a global profile as a
world policeman
what ails Russia now
alonside the USA Russia is a major
provider of oil and gas
Russia is
trying to be the plus in OPECplus
Orgnisation of Petroleum Exporting Countries
Organisation of Moslem oil and gas exporting countries
and Russia is undercuttin OPEC
and the Crocus massacre is
writng on the wall
for King Putin
back off and charge what we tell you to charge
but with sanctions
India won't buy Russia petroleum at OPEC rates
THAT's President Putin's real problem

24th March 2024

this is a bit difficult
we really are about to do what anybody with the
Princess od Wales information provided by the Bbc
should be able to do if they are
medically trained
we have facts
The Prncess of Wales has a cancer diagnosis
that diagnosis follows extensive and complex
abdominal surgery
that is now
skip back ten years or so
what previously prevented Princess Catherine from
carrying out a full range of public engagements? severe morning sickness during
all three of her pregnancies (that we know about, miscarriage? no info)
we put that lot all together and what does the
tripple A medical student say?
the patient is at high risk of having
mistaken symptoms of
stomach cancer
as morning sickness
if that is the case
we are NOT in the terretory of
early diagnosis
we are in the realm of having had the cancer for
at least ten years
there is very little we can say about prognosis excapt that
we cannot think that it is good

22nd March 2024

we like our little anecdotes
here's the story of a little knot of
7 year olds - mostly boys
and we are looking to
inate versus learned behaviour
something is happening
perhaps a game is being played
and something very frustrating happens to one of the boys
a goal is missed or a ball slips from a grasp
and the boy shouts
and the background is
these children have been raised
so protected from 'bad language'
that in their innate need for
in their discourse
that if they are NOT taught
when you are really pissed off you say
you're pissed off
what happens is the children scan adult conversation
and identify words that are spoken
sotto voce - a bit like whispered but not quite the same
and they pick up that these are
naughty words
even if they have no idea what they mean
and adopt them as their own particular expletives
and so to the immediate prospect of
The Labour
snatching defeat from the jaws of victory
shall we say, particularly amongst their natural supporters...
this latest smear campaign - the Diane Abbott issue
how many potential supporters are going to ask themselves
Christ, now often over my life have I said to
somebody ot nobody in particular
a'm gonna kill ya
if this lot get into power
I'll be jailed for life
you can't attack a 'professional rivl' in a particular way
and not have audience members
internalise the criticism
the thing being
if you can't find fault
don't invent fault
and don't criminalise routine, natural behaviour
and expect the mud to stick
only to the person you threw it at

special pleading is an arguement in which a speaker
deliberately ignores aspects that are unfavourable to
their point of view
an example someone breaks a rule or should be exempt from that rule
a student caught cheating in an exam
may argue that all the other candidates were doing it and
what made them different was that
they got caught
so, they would be being punished for
being caught
and not for cheatng
and so to WASPI women
women agitate for equality
at some stage men became eligible for the
State Pension at age 65
and at the same time women qualified when they reached
of course the government could have reduced retirement age for men to 60
but they chose to increase retirement ago for women to 65
in stages
the WASPI women are claiming that the change although
tending towards gender equality
was not sufficiently well publicised
essentially they are saying
we didn't get a personalised warning letter in the mail
so we didn't make suitable provision
plans to stay on at work to 65
so we went onto Universal Credit
not State Pension - for the first 5 years of our retirement
up until we reached 65 years of age
many of these women would have retired from
paid employment and been paid a 'works pension'
from the age of 60
if that was in their contract
we have no idea how this affected women who were widdowed before the age of 60
and were expecting a pension based on their late husbands' employment
we are farly sure that if you are widdowed before you reach
retirement age and you re-marry
you cannot claim a pension related to your late husband
but only on your own and your new husband's record of employment

we note that the Redcar cancer Research shop now has a new
concrete floor...
and we note the erection of a works compound
in preparation for the replacement of the
collapsed slipway on Redcar Esplanade

it was FDR - Roosevelt when running for US President who had
a Brains Trust
of advisors equivalent but more exclusive than
King Edward the 8th Pound Table
Frankline D Roosevelt set up his Brains Trust in 1924
so the UK Round Table derived from that
and later the Bbc developed a radio and then Tv show along the same lines

21st March 2024

in 1927 Edward Prince of Wales
who was to become king Edward the 8th
made a speech
that included the words
The young business and professional men (sic) adopt methods that have proved so sound in the past
adaprt them to the changing needs of the times
and wherever possible improve them
and so...
Adopt, Adapt, Improve
is the motto of
the Round Table
Tabler are suppored to be males aged 18 to 40
perhaps 45
as such they are a sort of commercial and industrial version of
Young Farmers
when we say males we mean
lives and self idetifies as male
and the matching Ladies Circle is for people
under 41 who live and identify as female
The Rotary Club is for - mainly - men kicked out of
the Round Table on age grounds
and both are kinda Free Masons Lite
but only one century old
we could say the organisations have lost the old King's focus
they are now not so much
developing ideas and techniques to improve life in general
in the country (and empire)
and more raising charitable funds to help individuals
and so the present king in waiting...
help rough sleepers
as opposed to
erdicate rough sleeping
in that sense
to avoid helping advise government
too political
compete with or undermine the
government orgaised welfare state
thta year louis Marchesi founded in Norwich
the now
Round Table International

20th March 2024

in the immediate post World War 2 era
starting with secondary educaton
people in the UK were settled into two groups
the ones who went to grammar schools and such
and the ones who went to 'modern schools'
people 'failed' an exam and were allocated a place at a Secondary Modern
the essential problem with this was that
families were relatively large
there could be four of five children of similar age
in the same household the exam was called the eleven plus
and some who failed the eleven plus took
a sort of twelve plus in their first year at te secondary modern
f they 'passed' they were transferred to the grammar school
and actually at Coatham in Redcar
we must note that boys went to Caotham Grammar
girls went ot Cleveland Grammar
those who failed - both boys and girls - went to Coatham West
or James Mckinley
so in Redcar the bll park split was
around 50-50
grammar - secondary modern
actually so many boys passed the twelve plus that
in the first year there were 1A 1B 1C
in the second year there were
2A 2B 2C 2X
X was an entire form - a quarter of the pupils
made up of boys who failed the 11plus and passed the 12plus
all of this preamble relates to the fact, idea, that
the main problem with the grammar school system was
the lack of a rule that said that if
any child in a household passed the 11plus
all the children in that household would go to the grammar
that was what was needed
instead we go
schools were every child in a catchment went to the same school
and then, once there, they were either streamed
grammar school 'quality' pupils taught in
separate classes from the rest
possibly in catchments with very few children
'worth investing in'
unstreamed - all mixed up together
all of which was probably an experiment
when talking of such things we are working towards a concept of
two different types of people in our one society
and in the UK we could say the population is one where
there was a complex split in the grammat
from year three of four - our Ricker forgets and can't be bothered to check
the forms or classes became even more complicated
4L, 4A 4B 4C
and AL took Latin
but what happened in the sixth form was and 5A was a class for puplis particularly suited to
rote leaning
5L pupils more suited to education - developemnt of
inate capabilities and skills
we are moving to a point, honest
in the modern era
shall we say
the authorities are of the opinion that people are not
getting enough exercise
they decide - this is not a health recommendation
it's an illustrative example
they decide people should take so the head of the grammar school is told to tell his pupils
you must take 6,000 steps a day
on the basis that if the raget is 6,000
most will achieve at least 5,000 - the target
the same message goes to the head of the modern school
in a spirit of fairness
you must take 6,00 steps a day
and if you take less
you will be sent to a
re-education centre
a Borstal or Young Offenders Institution
for a Short Sharp Shock
the result
grammar school pupils ta it in their stride
and modern school pupils get criminal records
and in the context of CoViD
you get VoxPops of women saying things like
my mam died 'cos Mr. Johnson
ate a slice of birthday cake
the magical breach of the arbitrary regulations
that were always set to be
just that bit
over severe
with the aim of getting public behaviour
in the round, across the piece, on average
about what was sought
and thought about right
those people totally incapable of understanding
the origin and logic of the rules set
believing that the slightest deviation
will bring down the Wrath of God
what you have is the smart involved in
'nudge government'
that means
we think it is a really bad idea for you to smoke
take drugs not presecribed for you
chase losses when betting
and the toffs the people indulging in nudge government
have lost track of the fact that
now they have
in pursuit of inclusivity
turned over all the professions in the country to
people who's grandparents went to
County Modern Schools
and they want nothing to do mith nudge management
they want
a specific crime of...
a specific crime of...
no nuiance
if you don't outlaw smoking
we won't believe it's harmful

19th March 2024

we see how in the short term
the National Grid operating company
has to maintain good reations with the fossil boys
and so they have just realsed a report about
offshore wind will need 1,000 miles of new pylon supported cable
here's the thing
electricity supply in the UK was essentially
based on coal fired power stations located on major rivers
and supplied with imported coal delivered by
ship or barge
the National Grid distributed this electricity from these locations
in one sense - perhaps not ideally
offshore wind power could be plugged into the national grid by
laying cables on the beds of those rivers and canals that brought in
imported coal
cheapest solution
little change to the existing grid
what will happen is that new cables will be installed
connecting wind farms fairly directly to a nearest point on the grid
and that will be overland not on riverbeds
the shortest route not being a river or canal
the factor that is not pubicised is
1,000 miles of pylon supported cable ADDED
but wht length of pylon supported cable will be
because it connects
muddy fields that used to host coal fired power stations
to the grid?
1,000 miles added
what length removed?

we accept that we may have added to confusion over
'local authority' green (garden0 waste collections
the bottom line is
Council Tax is - for those not getting a discount
around 2000 a year
and this charge is an extra 40 for one bin
and an extra 20 for each extra bin
and each bin registered could be emptied up to
16 times a year
hence, it is not financially significant for
people who are not on benefits or low incomes
the non-financial dimension is
the people who would be using this service
mainly the collection of grass clippings
are people who should have a compost heap and don't
what is to be collected is
compostable vegetable matter
grass clippings and hedge trimmings
the material will in all probability be collected by
an external contractor - not council direct labour
and the compost produced will probably find its way to being
sold back, at Garden Centres
to the people who paid for it to be taken away
a further small cost that perhaps could be offset by
employing somebody local to
cut the grass and tend the compost heap
along the lines of employing a window cleaner

18th March 2024

we've mentioned our Ricker's mum saying
I don't smack him because he enjoys it too much
that was a defence
an excuse
we hear these people Earl Spencer
some shock jock on the BBC mdid morning
trying to say
they had been sexually abused as a child
the whole thing revolves around the concept of
spare the rod and spoil the child
as a parent and teacher
you were guilty of dereliction of duty if you did not
'clatter' a child who stepped out of line
this whole thing is mass amnesia regarding what was the norm
and instead of saying
corporal punishment - punishment applied to the body not the mind
ws the norm and
take the example of the couple of parents recently convicted in the US
of manslaughter of the people their son shot
if anything srious happened
and it got out that the child was
allowed by parents or teachers to
hang as they grew
not be moulded by corporal punishment
then the parents and teachers would be held accountable
the child being under age and therefore not having a
functioning mind and brain
and so
to cloak this deletion of social norms in the a society still in
living memory
we get shite about
oh they must have gained sexual gratification from
the state sponsored 'sadism' they felt forced to apply
like National Service - particularly a secondary fear
if I don't get my boys used to this now
it will come as so much more of a shock to them
when they join the army
it's a nonsense
leave 'sex' out of it
and deal with the sadism

17th March 2024

we are really trying - but not too hard
to understand what the UK Conservative party is doing
Redcar should be a clear
Red Wall lesson for them
we have referred in the past to parts of Redcar and Cleveland
hving at one time been part of a Tory constituency
Mr Proudfoot's
Wilf Proudfoot owned a supermarket chain
that still exists but takes its stock from Nisa otherwise the C0-Op
we could research more detail but
what we are saying is
it's a long time since Redcar had a Tory MP
at the time that the steel works was shut
the MP was Anna Turley - Labour and Co-Operative
we think Labour and Co-Operative is supposed to be
One Nation Labour
as op[osed to
the Socialist labour of Andy MacDonald MP in nearby Middlesbrough
but that may be misleadingBR> The Tories faced with shutting down one of three steel plants
chose to shut Redcar because?
it was the one furthest away from London??
the gist being
the Tories shut Redcar steel works because they thought
they didn't have a hope in hell of ever winning in Redcar
beacuse it has a steel works
and completely ignoring the fact that the Redcar MP before
Anna was
Ian Swales for the LibDems
we have first hand knowledge that
in the election when
Sir Robert Goodwill stood for the Uk parliament for the first time
he stood in Redcar and central ofice instructed
Redcar Tory admin to shut down the campaign in Redcar
and re-deploy their efforts from Redcar to Langthingy
now Middlesbrough South and East Cleveland
to help now Lord Michael Bates
we imagine that each general election
a dozen or so people have a one hour meeting in central office and decide
which constituencies to fight
essentially they will fight enough sets to get a majority
and to hell with the rest
and what happened?
steel works closes
and the people of Redcar are so overjoyed
at being able to dry thei washing outside
they elect the the make weight Tory
and now we have a regional mayor
banging on about
carbon capture and storage
a system designed to prevent the people of
Billingham and great Stockton-on-Tees
from being able to dry their washing out doors
the Tories have not yet come to terms with
housewives having the vote
we should note that
Lord Bates was up against a steel works engineer called
Ashok Kumar
see Redcar wreathed in shit from the coke ovens
Middlesbrough South and East Cleveland
nestled in the green rolling Cleveland Hills
where the people who worked at the steel works actually worked
who the hell on steelworks wages would live within ten miles of the
actual works??
and yet
steel works shuts
untied Christian Churches set out to
bring relief to the
redundant steelworkers of Greater Eston
couldn't find any
didn't look in Guisborough
and on the other flank
Theresa May - a tax break for couples who actually marry
succeeded very very successfully by
Boris Johnson - if you want some, come and get it
and what next?
another Tory leader blathering on about
religion and family

16th March 2024

sometimes people seem to act like
moths drawn to a flame
like poltical dissent in Russia
but we have noted that
whenever something becomes the latest
bete noir - black beast
people stop doing that thing
and the people who had hoped to create a new
whipping boy - person you attack without justification
as a form of psychological release
find themselves having to trawl for evidence of
the latest high priority transgression
having been carried out
before anybody realised that anybody found it
nd what of the people who say
any criticism of a Black person is
criticism of ALL black people?
this is the
Benjamin Franklin
We must, indeed, all hang togetheror, most assuredly
w shall all hang separately
what we are seeing is one very rare example of
a difference between
Tory and Labour
the Consevative Party is presently seen as
tearing itself apart runing the risk of loosing credibility by
defending adherants no matter what they do
Diane Abbott is a figure in history becuse of
being the first Black female UK MP
who is Margaret Winteringham?
she was the first British born woman to be elected as
an MP in the UK parliament
and what is the most interesting side light on this story
the first woman to be elected to the Uk parliament
wasn't British-born
she was nancy Astor born in Danville Virginia and raised in
Greenwood Virginia
in the USA
some 'tropes' about the British hating foreigners
are easy to dispell
others not so much

15th March 2024

sometimes you may hear the term
universal adult sufferage
in theory it means that all adults in the UK are allowed to vote
in some juristictions people are required to vote - not the UK
ths is not true
Members of the House of Lords can't vote outside the house of Lords
detained convicted prisoners cannot vote
people convicted and held under the mental health act
and such people who are unlawfully at large
cannot vote
alongside this we have the provisions of
age of criminal responsibility
we have a concept of
young people do daft things
we should not let that blight the rest of their lives
so young offenders are given new identities on release
and a tabula raza - clean slate
Diane Abbott has had the Labour whip removed
is no longer - for the time being - a member of the
Parliamentary Labour Party
but like Andy Macdonald of Middlesbrough
she may be re-admitted
the point is
she was suspended for a reason
she wasn't the victim of entrapment or Newspaeak
she dd something wrong - by the account of The Labour
and the question is, is she capable of 'learning her lesson'?
many feel she is not
hence, thus and consequently
we say under 16s and for some elections under 18s
are too immature to have a vote
under 17 too young to hold a driving licence
etc. etc
this was the original arguement against
Votes for Women
too flighty
liable to make a rash decision
like kinda never reach full adulthood
lifelong teenagers
so far as we know - never checked
at no point did UK law state that
people of certain ethnicities were - like teenagers - too immture
having too severe learning difficulties
to be allowed to vote
but it was probably just an assumption that
because there were conditions - even for males
to be for instance a property owner, in order to qualify to vote
then people of slave ethnicities would never qualify for the vote
in simple terms
a some stage we will not research today
if you were not the actual bill payer
in terms of Council Tax
you would not have a vote
but these things have been very fluid
the problem is not with
too many people having the vote
the problem is with too many people being
excused adulthood
constantly having the slate wiped clean
so that they can 'try again'
Summertime Blues
I called my congressman and he said 'quote'
I'd love to help you son but you're too young to vote
and we have not researched the whole issue of
tourists, visitors, students all sorts
in the USA legal aliens
it is by no means simple whether a person can vote
in the country where they areat the time of the election
in a country they are 'from' but not 'in'
at the time of the election
in practice these complications are simplified by
you can't vote if you are not registered to vote
and of course illegal immigrants are quite unlikely to
register to vote
as are tourists, but students may
so now a change
Northern Ireland used to be famous for the slogan
vote early and vote often
people would turn up to vote and find
somebody else had already voted using their name
so now in the UK photo ID is required when voting in person

14th March 2024

we thought we would tabulate some Voltaire dates whilst we have them
in Teesport 18th January to 29th January 2024
in Teesport 5th March to 12 March 2024
so the turn around in port is getting shorter
down from 10 days to 7 days
the round trip including loading and transporting and installing
around a dozen 14 megawatt turbines took
from 18th January to 5th March
from 5th March to ... we shall see
it can be said that there is more daylight, the crew are more experienced
essentially, on site, each turbine should go up in 3 days
so a months for a ship load
so the question will be
will the entire cycle get down to 6 weeks
in future

our Ricker's fave TV prog is
The Bad Skin Clinic
it has - in a recently aired episode - introduced
and in some ways it may be said that
melasma is the opposite of vitilygo
in theory melasma is extra pigmentation of the skin
and vitulygo is loss of pigmentation of the skin
both in a starkly patchy way
in a sense the problem is made worse because a patient
can have both at the same time
the basic problem is
infection - probably a virus - escapes from a nerve into the skin
and the immune system reacts and attacks the cells making melanin
on the nerve's patch and this inhibits melanin production
the body detects the fall off in vitamin B 12 availability and
stimlatesthe unaffected melanocytes to compensate
and the unaffected patches darken to compensate

14th March 2024

so, Locke Park Swans
Mum is making a nest
and she seems to only have one string to her beau
beau is 'bestie' but of the opposite gender??
pun , init
we now have the details of the change to
local authority collection of green waste
from homes
14 to 16 collections by appointemnt froM
April to November
for fourty pounds 40
for one bin
each extra bin for the season 20
it has to be said that
in the case of Redcar and Cleveland
if you are planning one spring clean
and one autumn tidy up
a trip to the Dunsdale recycling depot
makes more sense, if you have or even cn hire, a vehicle
for dead heading a few plants in a flower bed in between
putting a small anount of green waste
veg from the kitchen or veg from the garden??
would seem to be the order of the day
we can see a future where the coulcil says
too few people have subscribed
we are terminating the service
and really, thsi seems to be the turning of the tide
in terms of recycling
take food containers..
what would you prefer
wah them and put them in the recycling
put them in the general rubbish
have them go through an incinerator
sorry - waste to energy plant
and get picked out all shinny and new from the ashes by a magnet???
the energy waste in putting the recycling through the dish washer
wot the point?
just about the only thing that's easy to recycle is
telephone directories and Kay's or Littlwoods catalogues
who the hell has those??

13th March 2024

it seems nobody has been sent a press release about the
current temporary closure - to road traffic - of
West Dyke Road level crossing on West Dyke Road in Redcar
since trains are running normally we assume that
the West Dyke Road signal box
has been de-commissioned
and when the crossing re-opens it will be controlled from
honestly, we haven't checked to see what is happening at
Church Lane level crossing on Redcar Lane
we wanted to add a little about
Halifax bank of Scotland in Redcar
still open
a few decades ago it got expanded and it may have been
some sort of data centre
or dicument repository??
it is BIG

12th March 2024

little tom-tit in The Mikado Gilbert and Sullivan
willio iti willow , tit-willow
is it weakness of intellect birdie I cried
or a rather tough worm in your little inside
is this guy being misinterpreted due to
all leftists being complete dumb asses
or are they deliberately misconstruing the text
in other words the text means
if your only experience of balck women was
expeeience of Diane Abbott
you'd be inclined to hate the bleedin' lot
and so
three groups of UK residents
black people in all black communities
black people in mixed communities
communities where black people are
rare a hens' teeth
if you lived in the last of those and your only
experience of black woman was
'er on the telly, Diane Abbott
you would be fed up to the back teeth with
black women
that's what he was saying
not I hate black women and you should too
fro Christ's sake can't the black community
find a better ambassador than
Diane Abbott?

wot kanya saa
in theis post literate era of society
what is a figure of speech?
twelve types? seven types?
alongside simile, metaphore, pun, and others
hyperbole - exaggerated statements or claims not meant to be
taken literally
e.g. mile high ice cream cone
I'm gonna kill ya
in the 21st century in the UK
that's a threat to kill and intimidation
and a malicious communication
in other words
'the law ' has climbed aboard
the autistic spectrum
the new rule of thumb is
whaever you say, whoever you say it to
the law asks
how would somebody around a third of the way along the autistic spectrum
react to that?
and so what to make of Grauniad and Labour reaction to the recent words of
Diane Abbott
to paraphrase
she has said that somebody saying to a group
not known to have any connection to her
that she should be shot
is a threat of incitement to kill
and her response was along the lines of
this makes me feel frightened to mingle with
ordinary people
we had been under the impression that
Diane Abbott was in her job and getting her side gigs
as a personification of
Ordinary People
this does beg the question
have we lost contact with the concept of
Oxford University
selects and trains the nation's - the world's
finest brains for
and local electorates choose
from amongst their own number
a representatve to
clue in the egg heads about everyday life

we are a little puzzled by recent constant references to
the Miners' Strike
one comment from a participant summs up the whole matter
shutting the coal mines at the time it happened was nothing to do with
putting an end to coal burning
in light of the availability of North Sea oil and gas
coal burning continued for decades
the reason that UK coal mines were shut
three decades early
and their product replaced by imported coal
an overreach by mining union leaders
exemplified during times of
The Labour in government as
beer and sandwiches at Number 10
blackmail and extorsion are crimes in the UK
but when committed by
Organised Labour
must be countered with
Special Measures

11th March 2024

we often assume people know more than they do about so many things
this tree has been
trees that repond well to pollarding inlude
ash, lime, elm oak, beech, poplar, elder
it's quite a list
and sycamore is on that list
mostly, pollarding is seen as the opposite of
limbing up
limbing up removing low and overhanging branches
pollarding is restricting height
this form of extreme pollarding is called
and sycamore respond well to this too
what wil have to be decided is
how many stems and hence trunks
can the roots sustain

if you are in Redcar at the moment
the weather you are experiencing is described as
dreich is the opposite of
close as in close to you
not shut that door
so, dreich dr ee sh
chilly foggy misty
essentially - cold humid
and close is
bright and sunny and very humid
to the point where cooling off by sweating
is virtually impossible
so do be careful with
be sure Sure
that you are not overheating if you use them
because they stop you loosing heat when they stop you loosing water
you'll need to pant like a dog
whether it's dreich or close
it is important to note that
being short of breath - er a heart attack
and panting due to overheating need to be distinguished carefully
we like the Australian 'reality' series
Outback farm
showing currently in the UK on Quest
but it is the most log jamed example of an
inventory of
synthetic jeopardy
we can recall
there's a point where you just loose trust
the big tractor needs a controller
that's exactly the same as the one on the little tractor it is replacing
so instead of saying
we didn't need two controllers because there is only one person who can drive
either of the tractors
the story line is
we cn't use the big new tractor because
somebody 'forget' to pack a new controller along with the new tractor

regarding the swans in Locke Park
at the moment we can only see two of the three swans
Mum and Ruffie
that doesn't mean Jaffa is far away but it is interesting to watch
mum wants to nest at jaffa's end of the pond
Ruffie is too scarred to move from his end of the pond to Jaffa's end
in case Jaffa returns
Mum keeps swanning up to Ruffie's end
but he won't follow her down to Jaffa's end
all that pairing for life...
they are a bit more pragmatic
and it's terretory not mates that matter most

8th March 2024

it's been a bit foggy around here of late
we can say that
Voltaire the wind turbine installation barge
arrived back at Greythorpe on or near the Tees
on 5th March at 10.19 pm
so it was away from the last Monday in January
to the first Tuesday in March
but we will wait for its loaded departure to measure one cycle
last time it took 11 days to load a dozen turbines
so maybe it will go out again around
16th March
we shall see

7th March 2024

we forget whether this is a story about
Groucho Marx
some Golden Age movie star
at something like the Oscars
chatting to an equally famous female actor at his table
would you sleep with me for five thousand dollars?
I might
would you sleep with me for ten dollars?
what do you take me for?
oh, we've established your profession
we're now simply negotiating the fee
we don't know the details of the Emma Caldwell case
about which there will be so we will sy that what we are about to say is
people have put quite a bit of effort into campaigns such as
period poverty
there is much progress in opening up the whole business of
the human female condition
this first bit is definitely not about Emma Caldwell
so one day one of the lads at Coatham Grammar School
we will say in the sixth form
and so
16 to 18
he gets taken to one of the pubs in the Woolie Back
that is sort of Skelton, Loftus or on the moors
so we're saying whether due to him having a birthday or not
this is some sort of
first visit to a proper pub
not a restaurant with an alcohol licence
and after a bit one of the regulars says to the bartender
Hey Flossie, show young Dave your trick
so Flossie puts a fifty pence piece down on the bar
she parts her skirt
and picks up the 50p with her piss flaps
we will now write a story for the
Emma Notherealname character
let us say that living in a close but not wealthy family
Emma is devastated by the death from cancer of her sister
not getting professional help
she turn to illegal drugs
and not having money for the drugs she turns to sex work
first of all
a whole range of institutions and services have failed to
prepare her to cope with grief and loss
but there is a significant
elephant in the room
that is being ignored
even if you do not - like politicians - think that the answer to everything is
maw monay
you may well think that the answer to everything is
more drugs - beyond what your GP will prescribe
to say this - prescribed - amount of drugs will do the trick
and then if it doesn't
say 'no more drugs'
invites the search for illegal drugs
and then the need for more money and the obvious conclusion
sex work will get me drugs the NHS will not supply
what's missing?
grief councelling?
but the room with the elephant has burying your head in the sand when the elephant becomes
your only companion in the room
what do you think is the effect of not teaching
little girls about periods and the link with babies
are you hoping that one morning the little girl will
wake up a trans boy?
what is missing is
a GCSE General Certificate in Secondary Education
or replacement
in Safe Provision of Sexual Services
most females have accepted something
a drink or a meal in expectation that some sort of
expectation of delivery of sexual services will follow
even if it's a royal snogg
so why are females not clearly taught how to manage these stuations
as it stands
although around twce a week in the UK population of
60 million
some female comes to a sticky end
most sex work transactions pass off without major hitch
clear guidelins and proper training are the best route to
greater safety
and the Rubicon to cross is to end
victim blaming
not, if she wasn't a sex worker this wouldn't have happened
if everybody knew the rules
this would be less likely to happen
over and over again we hear about
what shouldn't happen
we never hear
that's the way to do it
Punch and Judy reference
we don't have ststs for
hospital admissions resulting from
mishaps ina beauty parlour
but we kinda think if there were the same amount of effort
put into actual sex work training as
beauty therapy training
the one or two cases of death during sex work per year
could all but disappear
two females a week murdered in the UK
almost none of them by a stranger
bearing in mind
if you're off your head on drugs, is that the only circumstance
under which you would consent to sex with a psychopathic stranger?
and so
where is public policy here?
do we have a public inquiry over one of maybe one or two
death by starnger incidents
to reduce death by stranger incidents
or to
discourage females from
going out on the pull?
becue we want them to only have sex withing
neat and tidy
arranged marriages?
and the male dimension
in the future will the police take the same view of you and your case
whatever sort of female you have upset?
in reality the public inquiry will probably boil down to
should the police concentrate on 'dangerous men' in society whom
heretofore we have 'tolerated' in order to
psychologically, lock up people's daughters?
keep them
off the pull
even as enthusiastic amateurs
and to what extent did the police
keep Cousins on the force to do
social duty
delibertely to scare the girlies off the streets?
go out at night and a man will kill you
any man would like to kill you, even a police officer
and so you say
Ok I'll see whether I can meet the man of my dreams at work
and they say
no BR> that would be an inappropriate relationship
and we want to preserve the cast system
of only breeding within your own class
married or not
sober and at work
that still has you on the pull and
liable to undermine the
arranged marriage plans of your family

just for a wider audience..
a pic of the strange 'bridge structure' of
Cancer Research UK's Redcar High Street store
we did a little item about the
AngloAmerican Woodsmith Mine Tunnel
and it seems The Sun have caught up
they are now saying - quite sensibly
if you dig a 26 mile tunnel under the North York Moors
to avoid harming the environment
you don't truck materials in and spoil out
you use the tunnel to service the tunnel as you build
there cannot be a 26 mile conveyor belt
trains take in tunnel sections and bring out spoil
and this means....
in a year or two
Wilton International in Redcar
will have a Channel Tunnel style link to
Whitby in North Yorkshire
there wouldn't be much of a view for tourists
but how should we say
the Redcar - Whitby link
will be smoother - for indurstry at least - than
the Whitby to Scarborough link
this means companies could set up in Whitby to
service industry in Redcar and around Teesside
and perhaps a 26 mile commute from glorious North Yorkshire
to industrial Teesside
becomes worthwhile and beyond the remit of
the South Tees Development Corporation
bunch of wankers

5th March 2024

we have no idea how long this arrangement will last but
as of now Tesco are continuing to run
Tesco bank ATMs
the current state of affairs being
if you got Mini Statements from
NatWest on the High Street until it closed
Halifax and Morrisons ATMs will give you a current balance
Tesco bank ATMs will give you a mini statement
This should also apply to Barclays customers???

we should note that the boat in the frieze
is not a fishing boat
it's the world's oldest lifeboat
The Zetland
and it lives in its own museum on the sea front
not that we care much since they took the lifeboat from
the South Gare
we've got dingies these days
none of yer 'ocean going'
mainly because ships, rigs etc. have their own on board lifeboat service
aside from that
and the miner hiding behind a lamp post
there is should we say
plenty of space for something commemorating
the steel works
we assume they have heard of steel works in Bradford
not that we know what Bradford is famous for
apart from the

a long long time ago when
morrisons supermarket was still
just hanging on to the status of
family firm
by its fingertips
they built a supermarket in Redcar
and our ricker had the honour of a little interview with
the sculpter who created the art work that runs along the boundary
between the car park and West Dyke Road.
and he was supposed to be doing homage to the hitory of Redcar
so we suppose there was a meeting in Bradford, Yorkshire
about what is Redcar famous for?
so they came up with
horse racing, mining and sea fishing
there was a reason for this
if they had asked the local council or the local people
the old motto was
Mare et Ferro
sea and iron
so you produce a wonderful wonderful wall sculpture for Redcar
that has no reference to iron and steel
as we said there was a reason for that
they chose a very gifted sculptor who was
a miner's son
so a an art work dedicated to Redcar
turned out to be a sculpture dedicated to the sculptor's father
in essence what we did was
shame about the lack of a blast furnace but let's say
that's not a coal miner
he's a ironstone miner
the North East of England is a many splendoured thing
but Bradford doesn't qualify as North East
Northern but not North East
and when people speak of the North East they speak of
Northumberland and Durham
when we speak of coal mining
we may speak of Sunderland
and in the Sunderland venacular...
there is a term
impeddent fond
and this is a version of the universal
fond is a term of particular significance
languages devlop in strange ways
I have become very fond of you
you can say that without registering that you are saying
my affection now runs deep within me
to be impudent fond
is to take a sort of
'a cat may look at a king'
approach to life cocky youth regards all authority figures with
deep disdane
all of which feeds into
all sorts of social discord
the thing about what we may call
left behind communities is that
impudent fond
giving the finger to police officers and such
ignorant fond
the deeply rooted opposition to
knowledge, skills and experience
and so we have two groups of
the human zoo detritus of the
keep my baby alive at any cost
and the perfectly formed youth
pmplacably resistant to
education and training
and as such
burning coal is a filthy habit but
what can you say to people who will
spend fortunes
destroying their own lungs
by smaoking
in an impudent demonstration of their
inalieanable human rights to freedom
smoking in the light of medical advice is an example of being
impudent fond
but being the government and refusing to ban smoking
is an example of a government being
impudent fond
in defence of
and thus you find UK Prime Ministers
Mr Johnson in particualar
so obsessed with being
that they lead a nation astray

3rd March 2024

this is the deal we have been gven
there s a date for the beginning of
Ramadan a Middle Eastern religious festival
consider the gap between
Shrove Tuesday and Easter
same thing
eat up all your perishable food on
Pancake Day and
Old Clays and Porritch
until easter Sunday
OK same difference
we'll have what you have but we'll call it something different
in the Christian Calendar
Ramadan is called
and Christians are supposed to eat frugally during Lent
no meat
as for the present Prime Minstaer fasting one day a week
Christians - no meat Fridays
a fish supper on Friday - fish not being livestock and so not 'meat'
Roman catholics werr obsessive about no meat Friday
particularly the Friday of Easter
within living memory
but time of day is not specified
in detail
back in the day our Ricker was on some sort of forum about
medical school entry and some Moslem member said
we Moslems should be set lower pass rates in our exams because
of all this fasting and doing exams
and in detail
we are being told F1 wanted to get a couple of
Middle Eastern Grand Prix out of the way
before Ramadan
and then naff off to Japan and Australia during Ramadan
the conceit being that
it's about Ramadan and not about
Sunday being the first day of the working week
for the people with the money
there was a mountaineer called
Chris Bonninbton
it took a long long time to realise that he wasn't
Christopher Bonnington
Christian Bonnington
and so to Christian Horner Fi team principal
will the few raw about his HR human resources
outlast it's utility as a distraction for the media from
the fact that F1 has changed the calendar
for the sake of Ramadan?
it does make you sit up and ask
why do all this medical research and such
and have the powers that be turn around and say

it is interesting how the two groups with the most to loose
from the closing of the coal mines
the miners wives
Arthr Scargill - union leader
are the ones 'celebrating ' the fight to
keep them open
we've mentioned this slightly at a tangent
the miners were people who did a mucjy dangerous job
and provided
leverage over government to union leaders
and fat pay packets to their wives
for the record
during some of the miners' stikes
1973 76
our Ricker lived in a village in Durham
that housed some of the striking miners
and the nearest lived a couple of houses away
the miners were under pressure to keep their jobs
from the people who didn't do a job anything like mining
the wives not only had miner husband pay packets to spend
but they had jobs in
the Co-Op and other businesses that would feel the chill
when the pits closed
miners died young
some died in accidents
most died from
the widows got tht pensions
but to be fair the wives of some mine workers died young from from washing their husbands' work clothes
all that wealth in minding communities was
danger money
shut the coalhouse door, there's blood inside
danger money, not a skills premium

2nd March 2024

this could get tedious
we've checked up on
Cancer Research UK's Redcar shop
if we go back a decade or more
the first thing that is odd about that shop is
it has a three phase electrical supply
but only one phase is wired up
our conclusion from that is that
at some stage it was a part of
The now defunct
Clarendon Hotel next door
the second thing is
there is a chunk of the sales floor walled off
on the opposite side
in effect there is a corridor in the shop that is
not accessible to the shop - no door nothing opening into the shop
and this exists to provide access to the rear of the
csh machines ATMs automatic teller machines
in the Halifax - bank of Scotland next door
in that sense it is a bit of space between two buildings
with a roof and a front door
we won't even get started about the at the same time
that Imperial at 84 was closed
it had just had a refurb - we suspect it belonged/belongs to
The Co-Op
nearest tranding store Marske-by-the-Sea
new concrete floors set becuse
next door 82 was
Co-Op opticians - closed soon after
Jhn Reece was the dispenser andour Ricker was signed up to be
the preregistration optometrist
two weeks before it closed
spin one a decade or two
one day working in number 6
our Ricker and Kevin discovered that
the stairs were collapsing
Kevin rang the appropriate number and
some bloke came out and put a handful of screws into ti
and naffed off
the reason for the closure of Cancer Reserch Uk Redcar is that
the stairs are now colapsing into the basement/undercroft,
disused coal bunker, whatever
as such the shop could stay open becuse the floor of the sales floor
well it should be Ok because the carpet tiles were taken up
and vinyl put down a decade or so ago
meaning the floor is rotten but only rotten enough to be
uable to support the stairs
and so the salesfloor could be reduced to provide a small
stock preparation space on the Halifax side
it would be difficult to trade profitably in so small a space
it worked well enough with all of the ground floor for sales and
the other two floors for stock preparation
so we could give a shout out for volunteers to fix the stairs
but it would be
sticking plaster on the Titanic

we guess we could say the collapsing slipway on Redcar Esplanade has collapsed
this is where you get
this hit about
highly skilled, time served etc
have you ever seen a sheared off - snapped - scaffolding pole
some time sererved fuckwit decided that when building the sewer
diversion away from the new Regent Cinema
insted of installing a rebar cage
a steel reinforcing structure to engineering specifications
they'd use
cardboard assisted design
and buried some scaffolding poles in the concrete
instead of rebar reinforcing bar
no foundations and no rebarBR>

thiss is a ball breaker for our Ricker
and Mark Knofler on the telly has reminded him
mad cow disease
bovine spongy encephalopathy
it is a prion mediated disease
deeply complicated
on the hieracrchy od
It's life Jim, but not as we know it
Start Trek reference
a prion is the next step down from
bacteria, viruses, prions, enzymes
there was this bloke whom our Ricker used to know
his name seems to have dropped out of mass circualtion but we get it
Christopher Higgins
Christopher Higgins was Greyman when our Ricker was in Cuths
Christopher Higgins played the violin
Christopher carried his violin around campus like a tablet or 'phone
Christopher Higgins studied violin at
The Royal College of Music
and dropped out sharpish and went to Durham Uni
same cohort as our Ricker
and you know what
at the end of their first year...
they were split up
our Ricker to do joint animal ecology anf physiology
young Higgins to do joint plant ecology and physiologyBR> so Ricker's background - Newcastle med school
Higgins's background - Royal College of Music, London
at some point the Higgins sets himself up in a broom cupboard
at the university of Edinburgh
and sticks a BSE research Institute sign on the door
you see the chattering classes being able to relate to
a violinist
that's really clever that
so this is the point the epiphany
the damascus Road experience for our Ricker
what a bunch of wankers listening his drivvel about
BSE being an infestion...
the realisation that
Christ hat guy is regrded as God's gift to medicine
and I'm way smarter than him...
that's a big responsibility
and that's where Mark Knopfler came in
our Ricker just had to keep saying to himself
I may be the world's greatest living bio-medical scientist
but I'm not Mark knopfler

we're trying to figure out why the United States is
making food drops to
HAMAS troops
perhaps they think if the get fat enough
they'll get stuck fast in their tunels...
the whole deal is
if you want to give food aid to Palestinians...
how do you get it DIRECT to women and children
and not have it ytaxed by terrorists
bearing in mind
almost everybody living in Gaza
is a child
by modern definitions
how many 'children' in Gaza are grandparents?
it's a bit like the disqualified
oldest living dog
in reverse
'I've been a child these past thirty years'
gets you anything, anywhere
but there is a serious dimension
if the men of Gaza have had a crimp put in their
they need a role
go down the chippy and pick up a fish supper will you

1st March 2024

here is the question of the day
which picture have been
the ones of starvation in Gaza
the ones of starvation in Brgen-Belsen concentration camp?
hijacking trucks orBR> building The Bridge over thr River Kwai?

29th February 2024

looking at the Couzens case..
what was not available to the justce industry was
a charge ofBR> agravated manslaughter
carrying a mandatory life sentence
it would be applied where the actions of the defendent could edecsribed as
beyond reckless
and it could be 'non-contact' in the sense of
causing death by dangerous driving
he drove a car into a crowd of pedestrians and we see
no eidence of a medical event in the driver
that could be murder
the flat inevitability that some would be hurt
some fatality very plausible is clear
he drove down a twisting country road with high hedges...
he's playing Russian roulette with other people's lives
if somebody does die
agravated manslaughter
becaue he was doing something he should not have done
because of the high probability of fatality

we suppose that over time many soldiers
and far less non-military people and for a long tme that would be bare knuckle fighting
so we have the boxing ring
we assume that essentially, boxing had rules before it had
and we also assume that many bare knucle fights were
between people who did not
very much
and so to have a fight between two contestants
the fight would happen in some sort of shallow pit with the
crowd expected to stay outside the pit
so that it was a fight and not a brawl
so that a victor could be declared
and that would be important for betting
we are imagineing that when this boxing became more organised
and people wanted more rules to keep their bets fairer
people would want to train
when they weren't fighting as
prize Fighters
they would want some consistency between
training conditions and fighting conditions
and in training there would be no crowd to
define the edges of the ring
to standardise training and fighting conditions
we assume that the ropes were introduced to stand in for the crowd
and they had to be ropes not railings
so that they would not injure the athletes
and so that they could be easily set up and taken down
hence the 'ring' would become oblong, rectangular so that
it would only take 4 trainers to hold the ring
one in each corner
and so despite the trainers being replaced by
inanimate padded posts
at least in that part of their duties
we have the minimum practicable number of corners - 4
and from this we have the idiom in UK English of
the poilce were able to hold the ring
the idea behind that is that
even if the fight becomes a brawl
there is a police line between
the combatants and passers by
and so we see two functions of authority in the case of
public disorder
a police line to contain the action
and what were once referred to as
snatch squads
to act a referees and
send off participants who
went too far...
brought in weapons, set about islating individuals for
extreme attacks
but the referees would also be able to sanction the removal of
individuals or groups who
committed criminal damage
or surged in a way to
push out the police line so that
a public nuisance - blocking of the highway etc - occured
and the deal is all this wthout
stopping the fight
a joint responsibility of
referees and trainers

27th February 2024

Saint Ambrose had a more famous pen pal Saint Augustine
Saint Ambrose is credited with being the first to write
When in Rome, do as the Romans do
and this is a take on Jesus' saying
Render onto Caesar that which is Ceasar's
relating to Roman taxation
in countries where this is the core belief
there can be tensions with people seeking to set up
reservations within an established society
the point being
when First nations people were driven into reservations
it was the immigrants being colonists
constraining the activities of the
people who were there first
when AfroCaribbeans came to the UK
on the Windrush
they were concentrated into limited areas
but it is a different thing when immigrants
take over a district and dominate it
and expect rather like Americans
wanting US law to apply on military bases in the UK
the woman who claimed diplomatic immunity after
driving on the right in the UK and killing a local lad
that sort of immigrant behaviour
when it comes from people not so rich as Amerians
will eventually lead to tensions...

most people in the UK right now are probably too young to
remember the days when throughout the UK there was a running joke
used in Faulty Towers
if ever there was any prospect of a Brit
meeting a German
the reminder was given
'don't mention the war'
and it is difficult to see how the people of the Uk can
gain an understanding of immigration if
a whole list of things are
'not up for debate'
but are gaining the quality of blasphemy
not just don't mention the war -
because it may be embarrassing
but the requirement that
that may be
plain as a pikestaff
there is some sort of quote from a husband who is supposed to have
may by now have been convicted of
throwing his wife off a cliff in Edinburgh
you may be in Britain
but you are not a British (style) wife
and I will kill you for not behaving as you would have done back home
be blurred out of discourse
verbal or tele-published
it is quite a while since people stopped saying
'an Englishman's home is his castle'
but there does seem to be some evidence that
the home of a male immigrant into England
is his castle
even if in broad terms his street may not be
a no-go area for the authorities
it appears to us that the Bbc are under the impression that
somebody important
and probably royal
is about to die
we would not be surprised if this were
The Princess of Wales

it seems inevitable that the
First Nations People
ot the British Isles
will wither on the vine
not least due to official opposition to their
having sex
but in their twilight years
what should their approach be towards
the new owners?
should they regard them as
an occupying power?
that seems to be the essential political debate of the present
when the Britsh invade Spain
they do so as customers on package holdays
and they bring their culture with them
and to some extent they take it back home with them
at the end of the holiday season
but then in bothe Spain and France they may
a few years later
settle smi permanently for the
healthier years of their retirement
they represent - in cultural terms
a splinter group CofE, Anglican, Methodist etc.
of the established church of
France and Spain - Roman Catholicism
despite this splinter status there is an overall
the schism between
Christianity and Islam is broader and deeper
beause so many Moslems arrive in the UK
for work not recreation
it is hard to know how long the intend staying
broadly speaking the
Natural Resources of the British isles
are not all that impressive
and so the case is not as in
sould we say Africa where settlers may arrive
strip the mineral resources and leave
it is easy to conclude that one of the main reasons for
immigration into the UK is a nostalgia for the
social stability that worldwide communities experienced
when so amny of these homelads were colonies
a new trend is developing in world politics
this is to say that in pre-colonial days
places that became colonies were harmonious
and it was the British who
set one sect against another
and that the process of decolonisation involves
dissolving the artificial conflicts between 'native' sects
that were set up by the colonists
since there is often little objective written history of
pre-colonial conditions
this is difficult to evaluate
as a counter to this
there is anthropology that records ancient myths and traditions that
clearly became quite elaborately evolved in the absence of
the input of techicologically derive informtion
what does it take to develop and end such concepts as
the Earth is flat?
moving from a flat to a spherical Earth is real
in terms of saling off into the sunset and
not falling off the edge AND arriving back where you started
other questions such as
does the Earth revolve around the Sun
does the Sun revolve around the Earth?
rely on
trust in experts
because despit all..
people on Earth experience
movemant of the SUn
as a useful extra note from anthropology
down the years it has always been the majority assumption that
when human remains are found and they person was obviously
deliberately killed
that this was some sort of expulsion of an undesirable
or threatening person from the community
what is developing is a slightly different concept and it
toes in with Islamist fighters being keen to
die in battle
or in the venacular of the UK
if not in battle at least 'at work'
in the phrase
to die with your boots on
and this is that communities in stress would
make human sacrifice of their most precious colleagues
perhaps braves warriors or prettiest young females
sby way of sending them
urgently and prematurely
as emisarries to their Gods
for help NOW and not when the Gods chose to take them
this plays into the idea that
when things go wrong - disaster strikes
it is because The Gods have forgotten about the mortals
and need a message to remind them of their

26th February 2024

as we understand it
a Professor Clare McGlynn
a professor of Law at Durham University
gave evidence to a
House of Commons committee on 21st February 2024
whatever the committee called itself
it was collecting evidence of
non-contact sexual offences
another Professor - from Lancaster University
was doing the standard uni thing
'I'd love to answer tht question but we've been turned down for
research funding in that area
we assume that a Durham university professor would not intentionally lie to
a committee of MPs
the gist of what she said was
we have not found convincing evidence of
escallation of offending
many people have said and we had a recent case report in a newspaper
this woman killed a person and a bit back
she live screened the killing of a cat
and there is something there
killing a cat to get views is a serious offence even if it is regarded as
criminal damage
that has benn or is in process of being changed
we need to step back from some of the assertions
on that same day that same committee had taken
rather a lot of rather repetitive evidence from a woman who's daughter had
been murdered
the law is what the law is
but we consider that
murder follows after
I want that person dead
and there are a load of other crimes that cover
I was there and she died and I had something to do with it
I want that person dead comes in two categories
he/she was in my way or I was mad with him/her
it was important to me to experience killing somebody
there are clearly cases where the facts support
manslaughter due to gross negligence/recklessness
where the verdict - at the behest of the jury is murder
because the jury took considerable account of
a witness impact statement
echniclly victim impact statements relate to sentencing but
victims get the chance to give evidence before verdict
what Professor McGlynn said was
'we've' kinda failed to make a strong case for escallation of behaviour
and so we should take lesser offences more seriously
and this is where the change in emphasis in court proceedings is important
in a civil case it may be
Gradgrind versus Gradgrind
but in a criminal case it is supposed to be
The Crown versus Bloggs
to reduce
legal aid costs
in broad terms
civil legal aid - government funding of people suing other people
has been replaced by
no win no fee
case funding
the gap this leaves is where the plaintif wants revenge
but there is little hope of there being any compensation for the
no win no fee lawyers to take a cut of
this gap has been filled by
legislators undoing their efforts to cut costs by
making matters that would have been civil matters
into criminal matters
thus returning those matters to be
legal aid cases
destroying the funding saving
and packing the prisons
if a chap has consensual sex with a female and both keep it secret
so long as no pregnancy results
no harm done
but if he runs around the town singing
I 'ad 'er, I 'ad 'er and then...
her family may consider that he has
damaged her reputation and marriage prospects
the point being
at one extreme sax could result in death
manual strangulation causeing an unsurvivable fracture of the hyoid bone
at the other extreme
a text asking a person out on a date
could constitute an affront if
came from a Capulet
Romeo and Juliet
the question is
should the significant others of the
survivor of the incident
chose the charge
we already have them influencing the sentence
justic is not so much about
words and deeds
but about family traditions and honour

26th February 2024

the brick building beyond the town clock was the NatWest
and the rendered block near was
The Clarendon pub/hotel

25th February 2024

we are utteryly fed up of hearing about
big Russia and little Ukraine
estinated miltary soldiers
Russia 141,698.923......Ukraine 43,306,477
active soldiers
Russia 1,320,000.....Ukraine 900,000
this is not parity
but not far off, and
in theory the Ukrainians are in an existential conflict
and the Russians are fighing for glory
in theory that should give the Ukrainians
more then the edge
in the context of
Ukraine plaeding for more support
they would be expected to exaggerate casualties
in defence of pride Russia would be expected to
downplay losses
around 40 percent of the Russian economy is dedicated to
refurbishing stored military equipment such as tanks
they remain of early design no matter how much they are
tinkered with
Rusia GDP $13,000 per capita
Ukraine GDP per capita $4,835
about 6 million people live in the bricks in Ukraine
roughly 6 cities with a population of round one million each
that is out of 43.79 people
so we have La Ukraine profonde as well
Ukraine is the poorest country in Europe
and so in light of the 'failed' spring counter offensive in 2023
Ukraine does stand accused of
'Te Mouse that Roared' status
picking a fight with a neighbour rather than rolling over
in hopes of a Marshall Plan of reconstruction
essentially Ukraine has not put up enough of a fight
to deserve trillion dollr reconstruction funding
whatever the actual casualty figures
what we see looks a lot like a
snowball fight
looks like none of the munitions - shells, etc
are actually being targeted at anything
just a load of soviet era brutalist tower blocks
we - Ukraine - do the demolition
you - the west - build us Los Angeles

it don't say National provincial bank on the NatWest building
i says
National Provincial Bank of England
created in 1833
and because it became
National Provincial and Union Bank of England
in 1918
the bank has been in that building since before the
First World War
it was probably the 1962 merger that
our Pete wrote forMaxwell Batley
and they would probably also did the final 1970
merger that finalised the name as NatWest

half a century ago in the UK
culture wars were represented by BR> first nations yoofBR> going out of a night
Paki Bashing
Queer Bashing
spot of off pitch training for rugby teams
the essence being
no real concept of what a Paki or Queer were
there was just a role for a group of people
it was ligitimate to harass and assault
things have moved on a tiny bit
in the sense that more recent generations
kinda think that is not quite right
but it is the nature of the change tht matters
essentially, for some people - probably not rugby players these days
and in the detail it was probably the people who were
suppressed by the 'jocks' the rugby players
who handed the punishment down the line to the
super weedy Pakies and Queers
we say no persecution of ethnic minorities or
any sort of neurodivergent - for instance autistic
trans, homosexual
a whole range of people
now protected by law
a work in progress
the significant glitch is
we have a justice industry that
by example doesn't sentence the vioent to
sessions in a boxing or martial arts venue
the thing that isn't happening is
divert frustration and energy towards a regulated sport
and what is happening is
a search for
ligitimate targets
and so we actually have police officers
paid to paedophile hunt
and this is in response to a belief that
the frustrated need a ligitimate outlet
and so lonely fat fifty year old males
can ligitimately be entrapped into the role
of public punch bag
survivors of all sortd of abuse complain that
the justice industry concentrates of the perps
not the survivors
perhaps they are correct
but they would not be correct if the advice to a violent man was
leave your partner along and go beat up her dad
because we've seen him doing the school run

24th February 2024

we've checked...
the French would say
the war in Eastern Europe
is being fought in
La Russie Profond
we had guessed it would have been
La Russe profond
apparently Russe or Russie can be either male of female
so on a bas day it could be
Le Russie Profond
and this is the dilemma for the President Putin media machine
there are three cities in Russia but also some
silly cities the like of City of Sunderland
more than half the population of Russia live in
three cites
Mock bar in American, moss cow 13 million
Saint Pertesberg 5.6 millon
Samara, never heard of it 1.2 million
Novosibirsk 1.6 million
that's the sum of Russians living
in the bricks
the remainder live in the sticks
143.4 million total
so about 130 million Russians dispersed
in rural poverty across a vast landscape
and what do the peasants want
a strong leader to protect them from
the monster over the hill
the problem for Russian media is
since Ukraine has over the past two years
proved to be a paper tiger
in the peasant mind won't it be easy to begin to think
we are surrounded in the east and west by America
President Putin has failed to set fire to
Ukraine's paper tiger
perhaps we need protection against America from Europe
America and Europe are both in OTAN
but they are fighting like rats in a sack

Saltburn Cliff Lift or tramway
is out of action again
our impression is that whenever
Redcar and Cleveland Council
up work on the lift out to tender
they allow or even encourage contractors to
'put the apprentices on the job'
so they can put something iconic on their CVs
it would make a person spit feathers
it it weren't so routine
if you use an installation as a training aid
it will never be safe and reliable
this mechanism
couldn't be simpler
it takes great ingenuity to
fuck it up

this is like the sheet piling under the regent Cinema
so relax

this is just to show how quickly the sand could return

these two show how timber has been driven into the sand to
hold up shuttering to contain concrete poured to
reinforce - widen - the slipway

and this one is to show how the slipway concrete was
plastic filament reinforced
as the sewer concrete wasn't
which is why despite concerns the slipway is
still whole and the sewer has collagsed
in this case the concrete has been laid
not on the sand or wooden shuttering
or peat
but on the red boulder clay that contributes the
red to the name Redcar
famous but it is like
unfired clay, soft as, well almost

22nd February 2024

the big square grid is the out flow for what is effectively
mainly the surface water from the Esplanade

the pipe that runs down the beach is the black water drain
taking sewage from the Esplanade Newcommen Terrace area
out across the rocks

essentially there are two problems here
the massive surface water outlet has no foundations
and it has been built on top of three layers
peat from the drowned forest
do not be concerned
the foundations of the cinema were sunk into the shale
the 'rock' that is exposed as the Scars on the beach
Northumbrian Water hired some 'old gaffer and his sons'
with a transit van to build the surface water drain
and they had no gear to dg foundations in the sea with
they just shuved up some shuttering and filled it with readymix concrete
same idea that has lead to the nearest slipway being closed
when you treat the beach like it was some farmer's field
you get thes results

this week the NatWest bank branch on Redcar High Street
permanently closed
in a world with different priorities it could get a
Blue Plaque on the wall
to commemorate
Peter Robson
who lived for a while on Corporation Road
and attended Coatham Grammar - Sir William Turner's
for a little while and aftet time at Oxford University and in the Royal Navy
navigating destroyers in the Russia Convoys
became a commercial layer in a
now gone
London City law firm called
Maxwell Batley
and as such did the contract work that created
The NatWest out of
The National Provincial Bank and the Westminster Bank
the Redcar branch building still has
national Provincial carved into its stonework
but we live in the worl we live in

this is where we do a bit of public gaming
or wargaming
wargaming the coming decade in geoploitics
Trident Nuclear weapons are made for the UK by America
it has long been in our minds that if the UK every took
anywhere near the USA and tried to deploy it
it would automaically abort
any of the people who assassinate people for
President Putin
could more easily assassinate President Putin
we think there is a good chance that a year from now
America will have
a more full throated President Trump
it is very much on the cards that
when President Putin is assassinated
he is replaced by a pro-European Russian President
the bottom line is
the UK should right now or sooner be
going through anything military in its arsenal
that has an American connection
with a fine tooth comb
to check for
bugs, cookies, whatever that my hamper the UK if they
find themselves in armed conflict with
The United States of America
however, briefly

21st February 2024

the inspection chamber lids are the clue that
this is a sewer and not foundations

we can't give a full acccount of
Les versus CRUK
Ang was the paid manager and she was off sick a lot
Kevin was the paid duty manager
our Ricker was the volunteer duty manager
when neither Ang not Kevin were there
so redundant steel worker turns up to volunteer
and even after reputedly starting mini cab or taxi driving
we do doubt the taxi licence but
who knows what RCBC - Redcar and Cleveland Borough Council
would do for a redundant steel worker
after a while
of Les having the run of the store
Ang approaches our Ricker and asks
would you (like to be) the staff union rep
our Ricker declines
soon after he is asked to leave
the assuming bit is
we assume that it was Les who suggested
a charity shop should have a union rep
we assume that Les was made union rep
probably not USDAW
we assume it was as union rep that Les
required that our Ricker leave
we think it may extend beyond Les leaving???
that Kevin was removed
it does seem that Les rather fancied beng the only
male post holder in the shop
even perhaps the only male staff member in the shop
and perhaps
Sharyn was made of the stuff to put a flea in Les's ear
all way too late for Ang
and one issue she should have been concerned about was
Les was 'PAT testing' electrcal items for sale in the shop
and he had no qualifiacations in
PAT testing, electrical contracting or
weel as we understand it his idea of
PAT testing was to plug it in and it it didn't blow the fuse
he slapped a sticker on it
he definitely wasn't doing a functional test
checking that it worked
it's across the board
all sorts of
blue colar workers are being 'trained on the job'
in safety critical roles and if
qualified people raise objections
well all sorts mainly
harassment, malicious communication, stalking, paedo
to get the
'by the book' people out of the workplace
and when you look into it
what influence doe the NUJ
national Union of Journaists
have on representing
coal miners and steel workers as the
only working people worthy of a good press

there is a root and branch underlying problem with the NHS
the UK national Health Service
There was a chap called Beveridge who was working in
actually the government offices
not the Whitehall theatre where the
Brian Rix farces were played
at the beginning of the Second World War
Beveridge was tasked with assessing
leading an inquiry into Social Services
and he came up with what he called
what's that coming over the hill is it a monster?
no he didn't
he came up with a list of five giants
idlesness, ignorance, disease, squalor and want
never took off as Punk Band
the essence of Beveridge was
that these could be eradicated
destroyed, eliminated
essentially if you provide good education and training
a minimum wage - conditional on doing a fair day's work
for a fair day's pay
and you provide social housing and adequate utilities
clean water and effective sewage and rubbish disposal
disease will evapourate
and so
although it is often said that politicians
don't spend money on the NHS because
projects in the NHS don't bear fruit before the next election
the whole concept was that the NHS would be
temporary because
why invest n fighting diseae when it's days were numbered
as the war against the other 4 giants began to work?
the NHS has always been seen as a stop gap
tiding the nation over until general wealth
lead to general health
maw monay
not more science

20th February 2024

these massive lumps of concrete on Redcar beach
have nothing direct to do with
the foundations of the cinema
a sewer used to run under the pier
then the cinema was developed on the pier
so the sewer was under the cinema
and building the new cinema
it couldn't be built with a sewer running under it
so this lot is to protect a
12 inch sewer as it swerves around the cinema
but it could sink and fracture the sewer
but it couldn't harm the cinma

these igloos were not a part of the original design of
The Beacon
they are not bespoke
they are a commercially available design
they are just little one table dining pods
and you can see the sea as well from them as from the
now closed viewing platform
perhaps one day
taller glass screens will be installed on the roof
so that the terrace can be re-opened
but this is your mitigation for now

back in the third quarter of the 20th century in the UK
there was an organisation called
The Observer Corps
they were kinda post war Dad's Army
and they had to sign the Official Secrets Act
and essentially they were a bit of a sop to
thwarted ambitions
young lads who wanted to join the Air Force
and were medically unfit - poor eyesight
this is kicker
eyesight too poor to be pilot
volunteer to
keep an eye out for enemy aircraft
al of the emergency services are becoming
building on fire?
Fire and Rescue will turn up and get some
great shots for their X account
but this morning we had a magnificent example of
police brass neck
PC Plod turns up on Bbc breakfast
to tell us
seein' as cos' there is no
drug dealing, cable theft, robbery or burglary
on our patch
we have time to attend
Monster Truck shows within private arenas
to make sure
everybody is safe
since we clearly have no takers for
actual police work
we have to assume that the watchword regarding
actual crime
as opposed to neighbourhood disputes over land use is
give ghem enough rope
and they'll hang themselves
fascinating how
every time some drug dealing tyke is
the filth come out with a line about
mistaken identity
he had it coming to him
and another thing
Faenheit 451 style
mums in parliament whinging on about
there should be a law against
my daughter knowing more than I do

19th February 2024

this is a small example of the
baleful influence of the media on
there were three generations of
one family of strong women associated with
6 High Street Cancer Research Shop
the midle generation was
Sharyn Clarkson
married mother of two
retired psychiatric nurse
52 in 2005
to quote the Northern Echo
Redcar had and stil has a
Boxing Day dip
so this was a summer time event specifically for CRUK
in one period of six year the Pink Dip raised
Ang - Angela - the shop manager was having some difficultiesBR> and having had our Ricker removed from the staff...
she went on to attempt to resign herself and claim some
disability benefits
but the rules changed at that moment
and instead of being on disability
she ended up on
Job Seekers' Allowance
and Sharyn was appointed as the new manager of the shop
and Kevin was for a while retained to open the shop
on Sundays
and then CRUK said they wanted to shut on SUndays
and so Kevin had to leave
and then CRUK resumed Sunday opening
and then one of Sharyn's children got pregnant
and she lost interest in the shop
and a young lad got the job of manager andkept it until recently
all along the watchtowers...
what we are getting at here is that
decent hard working professionals can find their
world turned upside down by the whim of somebody whom
the media regard and a
bankable human interest story
charity shop, medical research - not very interesting
cancer surviver, pink dip, redundant steelworker
oh yes, part of the stress that Ang suffered was
Les one of the blokes who drove the
high lift shovel that cleared slag from the
foot of the Big Blast
decided that volunteering in CRUK would be a break from his
taxi driving
it all gets twisted up in
what will sell newspapers and generate web site clicks
our Ricker got invited to Manchester to visit
CRUK's labs
but then somehow his invite to
the Newcastle labs got diverted to
Sharyn and her mum
and when they got there the area manager asked
what are you doing here?
the best laid plans of mice and men
can often gang a'glie
have blown charity shops out of the water
by the poverty platoons
at one level it is a case of
cheap versus free
the charities have to move to their three remaing
charity sources - discounting the 'charities' that are actually
NGOs - unofficial arms of government
legacies, cash gifts
sell it on ebay or vinted and send us the profits
at another level charity shops collected locally and spent
at The Christy or GOSH were the money would do most good
it's not
heat versus eat
it's evry thing's free in America - or the UK
versus medical research
and everybody in the UK is poor
if Tony and Cherie Blair are your benchmark

18th February 2024

we forgot something
our Ricker's shop was 6 High Street Redcar
no forgtting Kevin and Ang and a whole lot more
but our Ricker did work the odd day in the other shop
he forgets what the actual address was but
at one time CRUK hd two shops on Redcar Hgh Street
the other shop was something like 32
There's vape shop in that unit now
we checked it's 84 the Festival shop
and so
we don't know whether 84 got a certificate...
but it got shut down
nd the reason there were two Cancer Research UK shops
on Redcar High Street?
because Cancer Research Uk and
Imperial Cancer Research
and for a while after the merger the two shops were kept on
so our Ricker and his crew made that
even though they weren't even the only
CRUK charity shop in the street
just sayin'
when we look at factual entertainment shows on Tv
there do seem to be two approaches
there is always a dork
be sometimes it is an employee such as in Bitchin' Rides
but mostly it is the boss as in
Henry Cole and Mike Brewer
the character presently attracting our attention is
Guy or Skiddler Woolason in the Henry Cole show
we have puzzed over whom he reminds us of
and the answer we now havee is the
Carry On era actor
Peter Butterworth
all of which begs the question
when will President Putin dig out the
hat and cane
and bust out into a song and dance routine?
how does he hold together the image of
strong protector
a fool like us
that modern electorates seem to desire
unless Henry Cole has had a stroke or similar
he is flat out acting
if you recall his
World's Greatest Motorcycle Ride series
on the other hand
perhaps it is just
pre and during marriage
decisive and then
wrong about everything
if you take the physique - build - of
President Trump
and the demenour - bearing - of President Putin
you have
Les Dawson
a late lamented standup and comic actor who would
walk majestically on stage
in tails - a step up from black tie
sit down at a grand piano
play chopsticks - an elementary tutorial piece
played with two finders and mainly playing
the same notes repeatedly for different durations

all the references...
to paraphrase Churchill...
not so much
an Iron Curtain is falling across Europe
a Golden Curtain is falling across the Kremlin
it must be very strang to be Russian these days
there are around 200 'countries around the world
billions of people but only
a 'handful' of people in power
what the world does not need at this time is
someone in Russia
brave enough and strong enough to
topple Putin
if the world hs learned anything about international relatons
in the past half century it is that two concepts lead to disaster
regieme change
boots on the ground
this Ukraine joker is doing everything he can to
get OTAN boots on Ukrainian ground
from a distance it would appear that he may be doing that
on behalf of President Putin
perhaps the movie reference is a bit off target but it is
Peter Sellers in Being There
the overall impression is of
Russians stupid enough or cowed enough to
in the spirit of the
Pals Battalions
in the UK army in the First World war
whistling popular songs of the day as they
proudly marched towards
the meat grinder
of the Trenches
versus the somewhat more savvy Ukrainians
enthused to various extents to go play with
massive and high tech kit
but without getting too close to their
more brutish cousins the other side of
a rather artificial front line
all the things we have, endless
from Gore-Tex clothing to
haute cuisine food rathions and personal video 'phones
one side on a massive camping trip
the other at the end of life's jouney's end
Russia will come out of this changed
but it is both the decimation of the criminal class
and the decimation of dissent
that will constitute that change
what is the new paradigm for
after care of a failed state
clearly the new Russia should be
more like the New germany or the New Japan
than the New Libya
there are people who will espouse any cause you can think of
there is a case for repaeting
it was the ultimate
no boots on the ground solution
it's all very British to be
embarassed to win
but we don't much haver over taking drastic action
against a patient's cancer
we don't much haver over
amputating a limb to save the patient
is there a
drive these people to come to their senses
solution that does not involve a
long term clean up?
can we separate
the short sharp shock
from the long term consequences?
so our advice at present is
don't attack President Putin
just quietly remove something
inaneamate, iconic and collossal from
Russia's back yard
if we are playing James Bond here
don't remove a city from Russia
remove a remote but possibly touristy
mountain from the map of Russia

17th February 2024

the saga of Locke Road, Redcar continues
wehad a small scale new telecom duct installed a few months ago
this week new plastic liner for cast iron gas pipes on the
southern enbankment
note the actual bridge was built so recently that the deck
already has a plastic gas pipe
we suppose the next thing will be plastic inside
the cast iron gas pipe along the northern embankment
and thence up Trafalgar Terrace to Coatham Road??
the question now is
is that it
or are these all preparatory works for some sort of
road re-alignment?
the show goes on?
or are these

16th February 2024

we don't follow F1 motor racing these days
back in the day
our Ricker used to have the live covererage on the TV
because it soothed him and he got a useful nap
because for an hour or so he knew
exactly what was going to happen - relaxing
we note a change?
the first two race meeting will be held over
Thursday to Saturday
most are Friday to Sunday
shows you where the money is
at a different level
this is symptomatic of a move to
a three day weekend
so that some people can have
SUnday on a Sunday
and some people can have
Sunday on a Saturday
those people have the problem that at present
leisure things happen on a Sunday but for them
Sunday is a Monday and they are back at work
the wealth of nations is such that
a three day weekend is viable

15th February 2024

you see things from time to time and they leave an impression
and when you check it out
it seems not quite supported
quite a long time ago
our Ricker shared a train compartment on the Middlesbrough - Saltburn run with
what looked like a young man transitioning
she was carrying an Accessorize shopping bag
as far as we can tell there is no Accessorize in Middlesbrough
but there may have been way back then
62 Linthorpe permanantly closed
we started out this little piece thinking of
Body Shop
and being out of touch
if you are Body Shop in particular and perhaps Accessorize
your whole business depends on
hooking your customers young
and keeping them for life
so why in God's name make youngsters too young to drive
treck from their home town Redcar
on the train, on the bus
to enter the wonderland that is your store
never mind no fast food outlets outside schools
why would you put Accessorize or Body Shop
in a child free zone such as
central Middlesbrough
and not on redcar High Street where a slight diversion
would allow any kids walk home
pass an enticing store
no grip
and Cancer Research UK Redcar shop is closed
for the foreseeable
it was re-branded as a pound store
and people didn't want their donated items
given away for a quid
2009/2010 that store made 115,000
mainly because our Ricker was working there but
substantially because it was there to make money for
cancer Research UK
not to be a clothing bank

we wanted to tell about permission to marry and we got distracted
we wanted to say
neither of our Ricker's aunties had children because
Auntie Eunice was a hobbledehoy
and Auntie Mabel was past having babies by the time
her boyfriend Wilf's mother died
and then we looked up hobbledehoy and decided the internet concept didn't fit
Auntie Eunice
awkward bad manner adolescent boy
Auntie Eunice
drank beer and was bald as a coot under her
Carter Bequest wig
not amaking babies sort of a woman
so to the point of Mabel and Wilf
it was quite interesting to casually talk to young women in the 1980s
and drop the fact that
Mabel, Eunice and Wilf
had a house share
and Mabel had had polio and
although she was the postmistress at Portrack
she wasn'r strong enough to do housework
so - before our Ricker's time
Wilf ws hs mother's carer
and Eunice was Mabel's carer
then Wilf's mother died and the remaining three set up
home together in Junction Rd in Norton, Stockton-on-Tees
and hence to make the point that a marriage is normally the
transfer of ownership of a carer from
her parent or parents to her husband
sometimes the committed carer is male or maleish
out of fairness we should say Uncle Wilf was
his mother's carer but also
the transport manager at the cement works on the
north bank of the river Tees
that moved to Weardale around the time he retired
quite a lot of the Robson clan were Methodists
our Ricker's Uncle Wilf was
like our Ricker fter him CofE Church of England
but our Ricker never went into his Uncle wilf's church
it was St John's in Marton Road
in the very heart of The Boro
and he was some sort of
Church Warden
he was actually
Wilfred Scollick
but he and Mabel went by
booking restaurants and such
Mr & Mrs Robson
because it was easier to spell

we want to produce some words about
economic growth
take two shop owners
each starts out with one shop
one runs her shop very profitably and buys
nice things
a nice home and toys and
shares in other people's businesses
in this case the shop owner's wealth grows over time
but the business does not grow
the other shop owner starts with one shop
and takes every opportunity to open more shops
but that may involved renting shops and
borrowing money
the business shows growth
but the operator can only gain significant wealth
by selling the business for more than they have borrowed
a stagnant economy may be coining it in
and although a government can borrow money
it can't sell the country to pay it's debts
which is why
as wth Russia at present
the obvious answer is to
confiscate a neighbouring country such as Ukrain
confiscating a neighbouring country to avoid the chaos of economic decline
is not quite the same thing as being
mega flush and investing in a navy and deciding that the best way to
secure trande with a far away country that has
something particular such as sugar, coffee, chocolate, tea
is to govern that country
you don't collonse Ceylon - now Sri Lanka - in order to sell it
but in order to buy it's tea in a regulated market, accrding to law

we just want to put down a small marker about
what we are hearing about the energy transition
the term that seems to be being settled on is
electrolizer or electroliser
in 'local terms' meaning Europe including the UK
ThessenKrup a German company with some pressence on Teesside
has floated off a division to manufacture
electrlisers - the plant that splits water into
hydrogen and oxygen
they have a dseigen and they are having it made in
South East Asia
could be Vietnam
they are delivering these around the world but
not quite as fast as they had hoped a year or two ago
there's been a lull a hiatus but things seem to be back on track
the point is
they are dedicated to shifting production from
South East Asia to 'Europe' and since this is
manufacturing of big things for worldwide distribution
Redcar has to be in the frame
just so long as
representatives of major players
don't get hassled by
police and security guards as they go about their business
at some time you may have heard somebody say
never in a month of Sundays
and perhaps wondered what a month of Sundays is
all down the days these days
they may be cute
they may make life worth living...
give life a purpose
but they are not seen as an asset
be nice to your kids because
they will choose your nursing home
it was not always so
when, up to around one to two hundred years ago in the UK
most people made their living in some sort of
farm work
the more children you had
the more land you could manage
and hence
going to the father and
asking for the daughter's hand in marriage
the father of the bride giving her away
at the start of the marriage ceremony
and a month of Sundays?
a father would agree to the marriage on condition
the son-in-law worked a month of Sundays
tht's 30 Sundays there being around 30 days in a month
on the father-in-law's land
as a form of compensation for the loss of the daughter's labour
and so
in a time when one may say the daughter's father
approved of the marriage but had not consented to it
the couple would be granted a form of
courtly love relationship
a not contact relationship
a story about Tommy Robson
1916 Tommy Robson goes off to war and he
is in a rush and he hasn't time to buy his girlfriend a gift
to remember him by
so he gives Milcie Sinton
a little cash
a little later Tommy's mum writes to him asking
do you know Milcie Sinton used that money you gave her to
buy a ring
and she's flouncing around town
Haverton Hill and Posrt Clarence - Stockton-on-Tees
Tommy Wopson's gonna mawwy me
he didn't
even though he came back from the war

14th February 2024

Courtley Love
a highly conventionalised
medieval tradition of love between
a knight and a married noblewoman
The love of the knight for his lady was regarded as an
ennobling passion and the lelationship was typically
unconsumated - non-tactile
some would contrast
courtley love - marriage not an issue
romantic love - love between marriage partners
but perhaps in some ways it was a compensation for the necessity to
make marriages to cement alliances between kingdoms and estates
in a sense
marriages of convienience
what we now have is some sort of
mass group think where
agencies - especially the police
seem wrapped up in a sort of
courtly love affair with women
hey that's a woman
I can't fuck it but
I can mount my charger and defend her
person and her honour
like the knights of old
whatever she is actully like and has actually done
most famously..
Sir Lancelot
prancing around at the beck and call of
who was married to
King Arthur
in a slightly more modern context
1966 in the UK
no opportunity for a woman on the pull to be
on the pill
what is at question here is a possible link between
courtly love and courting
and in the ancient case - Sir Lancelot, mythical
woman married to much older man
no touch physical support now for her
possible widow for him in the future
Valentines day so we direct you to a song about
courting in a pre contraception era
notwithstanding Madness and House of Fun
The Hollies
Bus Stop
Bus stop, wet day
She's there, I say
please share my umbrella
Bus stops bus goes
she stays, love grows
Under my umbrella

all the summer we enjoyed it
wind and rain and shine
That umbrella we empolyed it
by August she was mine
Graham Gouldman

13th February 2024

I'm a union man
amazed at what I am
I'm not very hard
but the sight of my card
makes me some kind of Superman
pretty much the only people in the UK
of working age at present who believe that are
police officers
n the USA it was mainly
teemsters - dockers
ironworkers - construction workers
you don't get me I'm part of the union
you don't get me I'm part of the union
you don't get me I'm part of the union
'til the day I die
and that to some extent is the source of
some bitterness
ninty year olds saying to The Labour
I paid my dues, I went out on strike for you
where is my gold plated retirement?

the most blatant use of
is the whole debacle around
flamable - flame proof
inflammable - capable of being set alight by a spark or similar
flammable with the same meaning
and enflammable same as inflmmable
non-flammable non-inflammable, non-enflammable
the entire point
coming from the fossil boys in the USA...
was to put a 'warning label' on petroleum products that
nobody understood and so would ignore
twe warned them and they took no notice
we have no liability
that is a way od example 1970s
the one that really grates these days is,BR> unique
if you use unique to mean
rare or in a different construction few
what do you use for unique?
unique isn't
rare as unicorns
it is
the one and only
a unique set of circumstances
somethng that happens every day but
nobody bothers to report it
not in English but in Newspeak

we've never heard of
Yevgeni Preobrazhensky
well if we have we've forgotten what we do remember is what he said
or something similar to what he said
he said
control over the commanding heights of the
would ensure primitive socialist accumulation
then somebody we have heard of
Vladimir Lenin
started to use the phrase
seize the commanding heights of the economy
in speeches
a little more recently UK union leaders
such as the NUM National Miners Union leader
Arthur Scargill
clarified the concept
it is somewhere between
shocking and hilarious to see
especially in a UK election season
journalists - probably retired and independent journalists
flock 'Up North'
to get some 'vox pops' vox populae, voice of the people
people in the street, and the working mens' clubs
to talk about the desirability of bringing back
real jobs
like coal mining
they turn up and discover that
the only people with the slightest interst in
real jobs
are in their 80s and 90s
the whole point of real jobs is that they
commanded the pivotal elements within the economy
coal mining wasn't sexy because you got
hot seweaty and filthy
although grimy miners did look lush
the attraction of
Primary Industry was that you could
leverage the threat of depriving the nation of
coal and hence energy
by calling a strike
the problem is not so much
killing the goose that lays the golden eggs
starving the goose that lays the golden eggs
the logistics of this elude many
for the most part it took a long time for the concept and reality of
the Big Pit
to emerge
for a long long time
caol came out of small pits
dotted all over the green and pleasant land
the people who dug the coal
burned very little of it
they sent most of it off by rail to
industrial conurbations
for really quite early on
women and children were not allowed down the pit
men = males over the age of 14
worked down the pit and in the pit yard
what resulted was a concept of economics where
the 'coal owners'
were mythical creatures who owned the coal
and all the money
somebody once asked a miner
what do you think of
Lord Suchandsuch?
he's a very fine chap
he buils libraries and such
he's Ok
it's then coal owners we hate
and of course Lord Suchandsuch was the local coal owner
except that
the coal owners didn't own the coal
thye held coal extraction licesnes from the
owners of the local mineral rights
and in Durham
that would be
The Bishop of Durham
the for the time being incumbant being
the Bishop Palatinate
A Prince Bishop
when you bought coal from a pit in Durham
it was the bishop's coal
and the coal owners and the railway bosses and all of them people
just added a bit to the price
and some of them added a bit to the price of
a lot of coal
but none of them
owned a gold mine
and so
coal owners such as the father of
Gertrude Bell who lived t red Barns in kirkleatham Street in Redcar
had a habbit of
going bust
because the miners thought that all the price of the coal as delivered to
the people who paid for their coal because they
weren't coal miners who got their coal for free
went to the coal owners and so
they could afford to pay higher wages
in short
the sincere belief of the miners was
no matter how hig our wages
the coal owners will be able to afford them
from their
mythical gold mines???
and then
alongside the miners who believed in the
endless wealth of the coal owners
there were the miners' union leaders who thought
we don't need to limit ourselves to improving
wages and conditions
which will ensure our endless
re-election as miners' union leaders
but we can put any demand we can dream up
to government
and if you don't do ths
like ationalise the coal iron and steel industries
we will ensure that there is no coal for the nation
bread and circuse for the workers
world domination for union leaders
and hence
by 1948
a chap called Blair writing as George Orwell
was writing in his
chldren's version of 1984
Animal Farm
all animals are equal
but some animals are more equal than others
and through the years the language of the book
where familiar words suddenly take on new meanings
partially for partly is Newspeak
decimate for devastate
flammable for enflammable
if politicians didn't read 1984
the public Relations departments of
Major Corporations - did
in short, it is said
New Labour in the Uk
took the cautionary tales of
1984, Animal Farm, Farenheit 451
and turned tthem into
and when we see people trying to control the internet
and citing protecting children from
knowing about sex - fail
and suicide - jury out
we look to Farenheit 451 where
everything is made of
New Brutalist concrete and
there is no combustible cladding or anything else
on or in buildings
and so
with no fires to fight
are people who roam the streets and burn any
they find
451 Farenheit if the temperature at which
paper catches fire
again a book written befor
Room 101 is a 1984 spin off
room 101 is where you meet your deepest fear
and the point being to break down personal loyalites
the only loyalty being
loyalty to Big Brother
and they would take
couples into custardy and into room 101
and terorise them until tehy cried
do it to her
I am so afrad of what you propose to do to me
I beg you to do it to my lover
rather than to me

12th February 2024

at this point in time we may help by offering some further commentary on
the Clapham incident
it is assumed that at the critical moment there were
two adults and two younger females
in the car
without prejudce we can say
one of the adults knew what was in the bottle and the other didn't
leaping forwards to CCTV
we can assume that the man may have caught sight of himself
reflected in shop windows etc.
but given his relaxed style
it is reasonable to assume that he may not have know
how badly inured he was
consider you are in a car and it catches fire
it is almost stationary and you stop it because you are the driver
you know there is a child in the back seat
would you consider
opening the rear car door and throwing the child as far away from the vehicle
as you could?
we can imagine a woman in the front passenger seat
with a bottle of liquid she is squiring all around the inside of the car
why would she be doing that if
she had just wrested the bottle from the grip of the driving driver?
maybe she gripped it so tight that the top flew off
it still sounds likely that she was the occupant who
broadly 'knew the score'
knew what was happening
if you were in a car and a passenger started
spraying liquid around
would your first thought not be to assume t was
a fire accelerant not a caustic

it seems to us that
within a generation
schools - in the UK and perhaps elsewhere will revert to
respite careBR> and not education
any child who shows 'tallent' for anything vaguely positive
is seen as
an embarrassment
by schools
a problem for uniformity and inclusiveness
Zager and Evans
in the year 2525 if man is still alive
if woman can survive
they may find
in the year 3525
aint't gonna need to tell no truth tell no lie
everything you think do and say
is in the pill you took today

now it's been ten thousand years
man has cried a billion tears
for what he never knew, now man's reign is through
but through eternal night
the twnkling of starlight
so very far away, maybe it's only yesterday
number 1 album in UK and USA 1969
it appears that this is about
mankind on Earth being on a course that leads to
but that there may be other planets where
the dominant lifeform makes a better fist of
managing their planet
and so in a way this vision is a little along the lines of
Bleeding Heart Liberals
so as not to upset
vulnerable people
will arrange to have not just
Stepford Wives
but an entire world population
men women and children
to eliminate conflict and
it reflects an era when
mass medication
and not
mass communiction
was seen as the
unifying force
it is a little like the politics of Teesside in northern England
a ritual public self decapitation of the society
nobody who knows their arse from their elbow
is allowed any kind of prominant role within society
like you earn your place on the council by
clearing blocked drains for at least ten years
because then you can represent
real salt of the earth people
anybody offering even the slightest insight into
effective governance will be
locked up for
malicious communication
one 'verse' may bee seen as inspiring the movie
but to us...
you won't need no husband, won't need no wife
you'll pick your son, pick your daughter too
from the bottom of a long glass tube
which - probably without much sense of the details
probably presages
gene editing
and the rather farcical belief of the generation who
fought the second world war
that they could come home and
knock Nobel prize winning kids out of
anything that had a womb
Grammar school boys - the next generation - were told
they've all got one you know
in other words
if you've got the right stuff
which as grammar school boys you obviously have
don't matter what you marry
get on with your career and
the school system will take care of your
burgeoning Einsteins
frankly since he was 'German'and you're British...

we think we should set out the most likely scenario
for Clapham
the core to this is that the woman has been described as
under sedation rather than intensive care
the police have a direct and fairly reliable witness
in the form of the elder of two girls
what in God's name persuades the Bbc to hire
'journalists' who don't know it is
elder of two, eldest of more then two etc.
we understand that King Charles has two sons
an elder and a younger
what is this Bbc campaigb to butcher the English language?
this means that what with that and loads of CCTV
they know what happened
and the description of the condition of the woman is
consistent with
sedated AND sectioned
the younger females are apparently
in care
not at their mother's bedside
and she would not need to be in bed even if
her injuries were twice as bad as the man's

10th February 2024

a company called Clover make an
oven cleaner called
it has a ph of 13.5
as far as we know the scale only goes up to 14
it is a devastatingly caustic liquid
it is supposed to be diluted
ince it is supposed to be diluted
it cannot be used without
decanting it
we want our fast food outlets to be
spic and span, gleaming
and so professionals need access to products such as this
most people familiar with oven cleaning
expect to use a
hand sprayer
to apply the material which in the case of
domestic, supermarket sourced cleaners will probably be
acidic - like lemon juice
from time to time
cleaners decide to mix up their own formulations and
that can result in evacualtions of sports facilties
swimming baths in particular
where chlorine based products are mixed with
something else that s readly available
if the Clapham guy was driving when sprayed
he must have been the first person to be sprayed

there are two ways of looking at the police handling of
the Clapham incident
on the one hand we could say
they are being thorough
on the other hand they have female perp
and we need to build a case against the nearest male
custic soda in a semi industrial cleaning agent
we suppose that the wman was not employed but may have had access to
the kitchens in some hostle or other
we understand the incident happened outside a refuge
we have a male with a caustic wound
on greeing to meet with the male
instead of taking a knife for protection did the woman
take some cleaner in a squeezy bottle
and did she squirt first?
hence the scrabbling around in home and workplace of the male to
find some evidence that the male had access to
caustic cleaner
we might say
at one time a wife could not be forced to
give evidence against her husband - now abandoned
nobody would expect a child's evdence against her mother
to see the light of day
reference the kid dobbing mum over
stealing from friends
in the current ad for a computer game
so the scenario to scotch is
woman squirts man
he wrestles the bottle from her and squirts back
never gonna get to court
even worse if the child took the caustic into the car
without the knowledge of either adult
how does a 'blinded woman' manage to
squirt caustic into the man's face?
did he attack the woman and the child wrestled the
bottle from him and attacked him?
none of these questions will ever be answered

we have had a thought about the Labour U turn on
Green Investment
massive investment promised on the basis that
the carbon free transition will be
'very expensive'
if you do your due dilligence and discover
the transition will be dirt cheap..
it's one of those have you stopped beating your wife
why did we think that investment would be necessary?
because the fossil boys told us
so cut the spending
because it isn't needed?
or because we can't afford it?

7th February 2024

it's very easy to take the same small set of facts
and weave very different stories
we can say that for a range of reasons
our Ricker's mum never bonded well with him
and as she declined she appeared to react to him along the lines
oh there's a very handsome young man in my house
oh, is that my son?
but this message is about earlier times
the core quote here is
I never used to smack you because
you enjoyed it too much
on the one hand
you could say she neglected discipline
and let her son
hang as he grew
on the other hand
we are looking at a coping mechanism by
a little boy with a clueless carer
perhaps his mum just wasn't doing it right and he really did enjoy it
but the lesson is
if confronted by
unlooked for behaviour
from for instatnce a work colleague
the first thing you should do is
not confront the behaviour but seek to discover
what reaction the behaviour was intended to elicit
the major distinction to discover is
have you devloped a reputation for being
the office bike
the person everybody turns to for
tension relief through sexual activity
or is htis
sexualised contact the human equivalent of animal
classically little towers of dog poo in prominent locations
but also weeing on lamp posts
in essence is this sex for sex sake
or a signification of ownership
I 'ad 'er, I 'ad 'er
and then
I 'ad 'er and ad' 'er and ad' 'er again
' to show who is boss not for sexual gratification
the worst thing anybody can do is
have sex, enjoy it
and then pretend it was horid
the main problem being
a woman with a non sexual relationship with a
low grade authority figure
like a woman relating her sexual experience to a sister or mother
and the story reaching the father
who then seeks to assert that it was ether
the daughter's or the daughter's partner who was
responsible for
a breach of the father's arbitrary limits to
socio-sexual behaviour
by people whom he had no sexual relationship with but
considered he had ownership rights over the woman
you toucha my car I smasha yer face
or even
I won't drive a car that has been messed with by mechanics
and thereby the keeping of children
away from school and medical services....
in the one sense
a man regards his car the way a woman regards her own body
but before there were cars...
a man regards the bodies of his wives and daughters
the way a woman regards her own body
and the baby is sick in the car
the dad sells the car because it is dirty
and so
the daughter does something forbidden
and there is a 'honour killing'
and all the while
females are suffering over
'objectification' sex
thou shalt not objectify women and children
thou shlalt not have sex with women and children
even with their wholehearted consent
to that extent
the scenario is
if you don't make a statement of complaint
there's an honour killing in the offing
to react to this by introducing
wholesale bang to rights prohibitions is kinda
throwing the baby out with the bathwater
there may be a disagrement about
but the official response is
way too close to the cultural norm
in other words
two people happily have sex
somebody finds that abhorant
how close to an honour killing do we
want the response of the court to be?
a lot of people around the world think
even in a devout Roman Catholic country such as Spain
that a little overenthusiasm in a
moment of glory
should result in more than
a bit of a ticking off
a few points on the licence
two things here
the darkest hour is just before dawn
and there is this problem of
when a theory of regulation seems to fail
some people say
nothing wrong with our traditional response
when it fails it will be
because it hasn't been enforced
rigourously enough
back to Draco
and his Daconian responses
and again
simple (minded) law enforcement officers
demand simple laws
and if fuckwits like Sir Tony Blair go saying to
law enforcement
what laws would you like?
they will sure as hell break out Draco's playbook
we are not referrng to Draco Malfoy
Draco Athenian Ancient Greek Legislator
7th century BC or BCE if you appease the rabble
Before Draco Athens' laws were not written down and
essentially, if you were annoying you were dragged before
all the citizens of Athens
and they decided whether you needed to be punished
not whether you had broken any laws
because there weren' any laws written down
tody we call that
tried in the court of public opinion
like a cross between a Grand Jury
and a football crowd
today's UK courts tend to
get the complainant off their backs
rather than take much notice of the accused
but many complainants never give up whinging that
they have not had justice
the general rule is
don't upset the nutters
because the courts will concentrate on
nutter apeasement
not law or justice

6th February 2024

we have the impression that there was a time when
archers were an army's most deadly weapon
most people are right handed and so if you captured an archer
you would guess they were right handed
so in order the neutralise them as an
enemy weapon you could
enslave them or simple burden their tribe with a
defunct asset
by removing the two middle fingers from their right hand
or to be safe from both hands
and so
giving somebody the finger is
I'm still a viable military asset
I still have the fingers to operate a bow
and that degenerates into
up yours Delors
a sexual reference
and so to
indecent exposure
most people today would read
male genital exposure as either
an invitation to sex
a demand for sexual services
in the primitive state of the drunken mind...
the message of exposure of male genitals is
look, I've got boy bits
I am not female, I am not a eunuch
I have not been castrated
I am a man
an intact man
and that entitles me to respect
to the services - domestic services
food, cleaning etc
of somebody who does not have
boy bits

4th February 2024

get out in that kitchen and
rattle those pots and pans
the more I work the faster my money goes
Shake Rattle and Roll
Bill Haley
roll my breakfast 'cos
I'm a hungry man
we do know that fast food outlets use
turkey instead of ham or pork
but a man with fastideous eting habits
may want a life-in chef
the lyrics prefigure
Ruby - don't take your love to town

it's difficult to know sometimes how
people see themselves and what they
think is epected of them
we have a justic/reigious axis of evil
who assume that a man's interest in a woman is
purely sexual
what they miss in their obsession with
sex is that many men with little or no interest in sex
regard themselves as entitled to
a personal slave
a general factotum
and they expect this person to be female
and when a male sees their
dogsbody slipping away from them
they do seek to disfigure that person to
make it difficult for them to find another mate
hence the chemical, and less pubicised knife attacks
on female faces
and to some extent the lower level
insistance on complete face covering in public
short of actual disfigurement
to suppress any facilitation of
in the Western World
infidelity is still a dog whistle term
the essence being we still have a
justice industry that believes that
female infidelity should be a crime
not to mention a
what the eye don't see, the heart won't grieve
approach to
indecent exposure and child access to the internet

on a slightly different track...
if you have a hit list of
five people you intend torturing to death
and you wander away from the first incident
without a care in the world
to plan your next attack
we suspect that people in the
get out of jail free card
female, minority ethnic, neurodiverse, card
while we are 'at it'
are schoolboys who discard their school (neck) ties
in the street
but those who 'get away with medium to serious crimes
because of their age
or whatever
are being messaged that
no matter what they do
t will garner them a little attenton - even fame
but no real hardship
or disruption to their plans

we're going to take some information about the
Clapham chemical attack
and build a scenario beyond the published facts
we don't know how we had images that appeared to show
the man wrenching a child out of a car
if it was his car
why was the child in it? in a context where he wanted her out
we are working with a suggestion that htis chap bought
two cans of drain cleaner and decanted them into a
different container with no warning labels
we conclude from htis?
he planned and meant to disfigure the woman
but he did not plan to attack the children
he cast them aside to gain access to the woman?
we do want to comment on the grief in the media
tht this was an asylum seeker
and a huge collective sigh of relief when they found out
they could stop referring to him as an asylum seeker
and refer to him as a sex offender
we want to consider the medicine regarding the major victim
across time she has been described as
under sedation
that has not been repeated more recently
being hypothetical about a similar fictional case..
cuastic soda breaks down fat deposits in drains
and we assume that any product marketed as drain cleaner
has suitable warning labels
we would expect an image of the back of a hand with
outstretched fingers and a chunk missing
onto which a liquid is being dripped
the fact that we are talking about
life changing injuries and sedation
suggests a particular scenario
chemical injuries to the eye can be various but
strong alkali is a particular threat to the window of the eye
the cornea
short of complete destruction of the eye...
essentially a caustic chemical burn to the cornea
will tend to change the window of the eye to
in whole or in part
take on the appearance and properties of
the white of the eye
quite a bit like the transformation of
the white of an egg going from
transparent to opaque
when heated
we have no idea how bad the injury ti each eye is
but it is a reasonable scenario that
the patient is at least being considered for
one or both eyes to have
a corneal transplant
it would be quite reasonable to sedate the patient
from admission and assessment until
after the transplant has been done
to reduce her panic over being
temporarily or permanently
in the wash if things go well
this MAY turn into a story to
encourage people to donate their corneas after their death

3rd February 2024

we have a bit of informtion about hydrogen that
you can check out
we are going to do our
we read something somewhere and we may have misunderstood
or misremembered
it revolves around a make and model of car called a
we don't index our snaps so if we don't use them straight away
we don't keep track of them
and so
we will have probably published a pic of a BMWiX5
because it was parked outside the
hydrogen trial showroom on Redcar High Street
a few times
these cars were made in a smalll batch and leased to
preferential customers
and they were on the road throughout 2023
the essence is that they were powered by
hydrogen/atmospheric oxygen fuel cells as
self charging hybrids
no warranty with these details look them up for yourself
if interested
they were and possibly still are
fuelled with
1.9 kilos of very cold compressed hydrogen
and had around 300 bhp - horse power
and around 330 miles range of a fill
this was a trial
for 2023
the crux of this is
it was a spin off from a trial by
Toyota in Australia
BMW had these cars fitted with
Toyota hydrogen fuel cell technology
as far as we can tell the outcome of the trial was
thanks but no thanks
so far as we can tell
BMW have decided that
they still intend rolling out a hydrogen powered car
for consumer use
in the second half of the present decade
we have referred proviously to Cummins developing a
hydrogen fuelled internal combustion heavy truck engine
but there is no sign tht the BMW hydrogen car will use
fuel cell technology
and we simply repeat
if you can run a petrol (gas) engined vehicle on
LNG liquified natural gas
you can run it on hydrogen in almost exactly the same way
LNG conversions do not use fuel cells

2nd February 2024

this is a public message for the people who
train senior police officers in public relations
you should know that precision of expression as well as
clear diction are important
it may be that in this day and age
few people will say of an evening
I think, now, I'll turn in for the night
what they will not say is
I think it's time for me to hand myself over to the bedroom
when they mean
time to climb the wooden hill to Bedfordshire
the major concern here is that a statement thatincludes the phrase
hand in
could be interpreted as an incitement to
an attempt at a
citizen's arrest
and this is absolutely what we do not want in so many of these cases

we are trying to drill down into this persistent problem over
if you want to torture and kill somebody
do it before you are 18
we've had a think
and what we've thought
thinking about the mum in the USA
on trial for involuntary manslaughter over the
murders her son has been convicted of
we are starting to think of
the age of consent
as being the age after which your parents are
no longer to be held responsible for your actions
and hence, anonimity for
peoploe under 18 is to protect the parents and siblings
not because it is assumed that anybody who is
naughty before they are 18
can be starightened out and
after a seond chance
behave in an exemplorary fashion

we have a little story to illustrate why it is
difficult to attract investment to
North East England
many many years ago our Ricker tarted up his mam''s house a bit
he fitted a new kitchen and that included a new kitchen work top
the work top had been made in Shildon, County Durham
by a company owned by a chap called George Reynolds
he was another DeLaurean style character
as the business grew George nvested in more equipment
and one day set somebody on to operate a particularly
large and expensive machine
a few days later George visited the shop floor to see
how his new baby was working
and he saw it installed and working but
the operator had rattle canned - spray painted
on one of the panels
so George took the manager into the car park
and asked
which is Kevin's car
haing identified it
George spray painted
onto it

we don't have any inside information on F1 and
Lewis Hamilton
but we recognise two possible scenarios
alongside the apparent need to put a fictional bomb under the arse of
the demented owner of INIOS....
we could believe that the deal is
if I win the drivers championship with Petronas this year
Petronas are the owners
Mercedes are the name sponsors
i will retire at the end of this 2024 season
but if you don't get your arses into gear
you will have blown your last chance
and I'm off to do horse prancing
the other deeper conspiracy theory is
because Red Bull were the only
non-fossil boy sponsored team
the FIA will always seek to arrange for
Red Bull to win
we do note that Lewis Hamilton has been on TV recently
apparently 'working out' some promotional responsibilities to
his sponsor Petronas
we do not know about any other link between
Petronas and INEOS
we have developed the idea that the INEOS
the EOS bit of that used to stand for
ethylene oxide specialists
we are beginning to see the motor as a bit of a latter day
this Grenadier
features mostly in push bike racing
and that brings us to another INEOS superstar
Garaint Thomas supposed to be riding in
the Tour de France this year for INEOS
what we had in Redcar when ICI went tits up
was mainly a company called Huntsman bought it
and they still run some of it
INEOS seems o be
the long long tale of the
managed decline of ICI
Imperial Chemical Industries
we have made some mention of
Cleveland Bridge and Engineering and
the almost total lack of interest by the media in it's demise
a coke works can be a cause celebre
but them at Cleveland Bridge
load of toffs
hell loads of 'em knew ho to wield a welding torch
far too middle class for a wave of public sympathy
and that brings us to a particular line in the media about
steel works
people in perhaps the unions talk about
a highly skilled workforce
our somewhat more local perspective was that
the reason for the final closure of Redcar steel works was that
the highly skilled workforce were
resistant to the point of
to accepting new methods of working
not related to job or wage cuts
but to a range of little bits of
21st century technology
rather aas back in the day
steam engine drivers did not adapt to driving diesels
even thouth the pay was the same and the work
much easier

1st February 2024

our Ricker is ten years old and is
sitting in the top class at Newcommen School
Mr Fox's class
and he's trying to prepare for his 11plus
and Mr Fox hands out these entry forms to some of the girls
they are single sheets around A5 - not invented yet
with a blue printed border
and they are entry forms fora
hqndwriting competition
and our Ricker has to sit quiet and not make any disturbance
like asking a question
because there are a limited number of entry forms
and if the girls are distracted they will maybe make a smudge
and have to start again
so each year had three streamed classes
and it could be that this was before
the reorganisation when some of Mr Fox's class were
swapped for some of the second stream class
and MrFox concentrated - probably in the final term
on 11plus prep
because of the non entry in the handwriting competition??
our Ricker's dad
partly because he was confusing our Ricke with his older brother Gordon
got the impression that our Ricker was a numpty and likely to
fail his 11plus - grammar school entry
he hired Harry Hindle's head of English
name will come back eventually
for extra tutoring and
the tutor - lived on Redcar Lane
get back to Mr Fox and sez
this lad will ace thisBR> why he gettin' extra tuition?
and Mr Fox gets livid and
tackles our Ricker over it in front of the whole class
and makes our Ricker cry
if Mr Fox had been honest with our Ricker's parents
about our Ricker's potential
he could have had the glory of the excellent performances of his
star pupil
and we are not familiar with modern goings on at school
but in those days
each class had to do PE once a week
and the girls had to come to school that day
wearing PE - physical education - knickers
and they would 'change' in the classwroom at their desks
for PE by
tucking their skirts into their PE knickers
so the woman sitting next to our Ricker would say
perhaps only said once
in a loud voice
to our Ricker
'go on them have a good look'

this is a tricky one
we wrote somthing that made perfect sense to us
to our Ricker
but on reflection
we cn see how it may ahve seemed a bit odd
it was along the lines of
in his med school anatomy exam he was asked
is that the ureter or the urethra?
didn't cross our Ricker's mind that
a morbid anatomy exam was at the time
the first viva a medical student would experience live voice
med school exams are mostly
candidate goes before a board of one, two, half a dozen
people who fire questions at them
ad it brings up a different 'problem'
our Ricker has only the one God child
and so a little bit of concern there
we can run through a little of the lad's Cv
he's always been healthy without being sporty
he went to Surrey university and met his wife there
did goes 'up' to Surrey university to read some maths orientated course repeat the year
half way through repeating the year he is
required to withdraw from the course
retains his links because of the girlfriend who mostly because she didn't do her placement at Harwell
with the afore mentioned Gwynneth
in his role of Godfather our Ricker contacted some guy called
Peter Beardsley
asking if there was any help he could offer
he got no reply
having done a work experience in the technical department of
the Bbc
the lad went off to be a lighting engineer with
touring rock bands and such
did that for a bit
then his boss decided to go staffer at the Bbc
so the lad did an accountancy appreticship
as it goes
he travels the world
setting up clinical trails
on the back of his accountancy qualifications
all sorts of places for a company you may have heard of
long ago his wife gave up her career to
raise their three children
what a farce fo athe universities to
spot potential and seek to crush it at every opportunity
but there's another dimension to this
if Jacob Rees-Mogg
wrote a Ph.D. thesis
it would probably be hand written on velum
however it seems a significant question
how many Ph.D. theses are handwritten?
given the need for multiple copies we gusee not many
in a traditional unversity
a Ph.D. student has to go before a board and in person
defend their thesis
what can we tell you about the chap who
'got into medicine' through accountancy
is handwriting is shockingly bad
so we have people teaching premeds and medical ancilliaries
who are not medics
and are failing candidates because
all this science, I don't understand - rocket man
but I can spot neat handwriting at ten yards
lke Mr Warne and his emerit for science for our Ricker
don't draw what you see, make a technical drawing of what
it could idealally be
expressed as annotating a drawing of a deflagrating spoon with
use a straight edge
and there you have it
people in the top jobs because of the top marks
for neat presentation
indulge in
fantasy medicne
and why do the best mnds have terrible handwriting/
becaue teachers put the worst pupils next to the best
so the worst ones can copy
nd the plagerism victims
begin to write
'in code'
or cypher

31st January 2024

there is a strain of feminism that will not converse with other than voluntary lenght of heair on the head
between genders
but despite them
there are major differences between the male and female
urinogenital anatomy of the male and female
however there is one common factor and that is
the presence and location of the
urinary sphincter
there is a tube on each kidney clled the ureter
it drains urine into the bladder
our Ricker got asked in his anatomy exam
is this the ureter or the urethra
he had to guess, he may have guessed wrong
the term ureter is for the piss pipe between kindey and bladder
we don't know why but after the bladder it is called
the urethra
and the female has a urethra between clitoris and birth canal
anf that has a tap with a sphincter -tap
straight no nonsense pipe and tap
but there is a bladder neck sphincter that is
purely automatic
the one outside - in the garden wall
is part automatic, part voluntary
line for a hose pipe in the garden
being as the tap is essentially
an outside tap
a urine collects in the bladder
it collects in the urethra
and against the tap
and so people spending quite a time
as other animals spend most of their time horizontal
on all fours
sediment can settle from the bladder into the urethra
th thing is
for the male
not so simple
not remotely so simple
the male has a prostate prostatic urethra and a penil urethra
stacked in line
if you are male you can have a urthral cuff
in place of your penile sphincter with a pump in yer scrotum
if allowed by the bladder neck sphincter
urine can stack up in the urethra
but because the male urethra runs through the body of the
prostate and the penis
and the sphincter is
between the prostate and the penis
urine and sediment in the urine and if it has a toxic element...
and so
you want your urine to be as dilute as possible
drink often and well
we are supposing that with age
the bladder neck sphincter - the automatic one
begins to fail
and the urethral one gets more responsibility
dribbling after voluntary urination is a
communications fault between the two sphincters
usually, once you start you can't stop
because you consciously decided to start and you shouldn't stop
before your baldder is empty but sometmes you don't know
that is a whole load of urinary symptoms that are
nerve related
and sorry about the broken record
but nerve problems in old age - shingles
not so much cancer
logically an enlarged prostate shouldn't put pressure on the
prostetic urethra
it should grow outwards
it will hit obstacles eventually and perhaps press on the urethra
that brings in all sorts about
how independent is urination from defacation
if you are madly constipated
there is no ironclad wall to protect your bladder from compromise
it's always the same
if you have disease x, you will have symptoms a b c etc
but you can have those symptoms from other
often benign even trivial causes
so here's the rub
female simple uncomplicated urogenital anatomy
clitoris a vestigial penis
like Hartlepool
a port but no river running through it
external meatus of the urethra - urine evacuation
birth canal
various baby making related items evacuated here
redundant womb wall tissue - period
after birth - placenta
no urine
and then anus for discrded foodstuffs
all very logical
on the other hand
the male
the male ejects both urine and
baby making juice
through the same urethra
to avoid pissing up a person's chuff
you can't as a male
urinate through an erect penis
a male can get
piss proud
the thing goes wrong
and a chap can be so
bustin' for a piss
he gets an erection and he can't piss
because he's got an erection
this is a minor medical emergency
it's important to
take a piss when you need one
in extreme you could, otherwise, rupture your bladder
a male may find that a few beers get him an erection
but that is not beer goggles - females suddenly looking lush
however, as a revers to what we said proviously
little boy story
pack the car
go have a wee before we set off
so we don't have to stop
never mind first spotting - of blood - in female panties
I can't get a wee
it's gone hard
an erection can be a response to
quite a range of exciting situations
not just a glimpse of stocking
mot males will experience their first erection in
far from sexual situations
this is the origin of many
a fetish
we got distracted a bit there
to the prostate
it is like a mixer tap in reverse
there are several things that can get into the
penile urethra
urine, seminal fluid, semen
and part of the prostate's role is to make and add some of those things
and part is only to release both the inputs
and the locally generated material
into the penile urethra
that are appropriate for the time, situation
and to some extent
the symptoms of prostate cancer or a more low level
prostate related problem is
the prostate gets confused or overwhealmed and ends up
not letting anything into to penile urethra

30th January 2024

we may trawl back to find the previous
eon next key meter electricity charges but
probably not
to current ones are
24/7 35.17
off peak economy 7 14.61
we are expecting a reduction from these numbers
from 1st April
and we're expecting the announcement of the new numbers
in a few weeks time
the standing charge is over 4 at present
the lower number would be 8 if we were
back to normal
but given overall inflation 10 would be a target
12 is more likely
for price per killowatt hour for heating electricity

29th January 2024

our understanding is that
Andy McDounald MP for Middlesbrough has
attende parliament today for his big day
on the Teesworks scandal
he was able to give an interview to
Bbc North East and Cumbria
it was misty on the Tees today and so
we could not be sure whether
Voltaire was still in port although we couldn't see it
the tracker says it left at around 5.00 am
stop the clock
time from previous sailing
15th November to 29th January
start the clock
when will it be back
a dozen turbines took 10 weeks to install
around one a week
except they probably went in in one or two weeks and
the ship has been arsin' around ever since we'll see how long it is until the next shipload set off

this is a bit complcated
we'll start with one of our Ricker's friends
we won't go into a lot of detail - just the relavant
our Ricker's friend's dad
was told that he had and was dying from
bladder cancer
towards the end the nurses came to his home to regularly
stick a tube up his dick
to drain his bladder
see the thing
males and females can get bladder cancer
only males can get prostate cancer
relivant stat
half of bladder cancers in the USA each year are
attributed to
the base load of symptoms in both bladder and prostate cancer
are the same
blood in urine more likely to be bladder
no blood in urine more likely to be prostate
it's kinda likely that if the route from smoking toxins to
cancer in the bladder
will deliver the same cancer inducing toxins to the prostate
we know a guy who's father died of prostate cancer
but he is not showing any symptoms
but the father's wife was a chain smoker
we mean SERIOUS, she had at least one leg amputated
nobody is putting forward a
cause of prostate cancer
but smoking - including 'passive' smoking
being in the frame for bladder cancer
could well be in there too for prostate

well girls
that rather nice young man who hangs around
Majuba Road car park
says he's not homeless
he goes home at night he says
so might be worth a chat up if he's getting paid to be there
perhaps he's a key holder for contractors who
don't have mobile 'phones
si if he's working is he working for
the council
the land agents
the contractors
time to go home Mr Seymor before people start confusing you with
Mr Swweny (Todd the BArber

28th January 2024

sometimes things happen in family life that
go right over the heads of the little people
our Ricker has a half sister who lived in the same home
until she married when he was nine
his sister is married and so topics of conversation can be
so far as we know there is still a soap brand called
we never see it promoted but so suppose it has its devotees
there is a family tradition that
presumably when our Ricker was a todler
his dad had some expenses over his daughter
he had various including clobber to pay for because
his daughter entered a beauty contest called
Mss Camay
the issue here is
it is said that she was declared
runner up to the winner
and when her dad enquired as to why she had not won
he was told
she was too old
she wouod have been in her early twenties
and naturally we would expect that the winner would have been
a teenager
how much courage and self belief does a twenty something
who is not trans or a drag artist
need to enter in a beauty pageant?
the issue perhaps is
if your youth is your only asset
should you listen to those who advise you to squander it?
from a societal perspective
from a genetic perspective
should we encourage young scrubbers to
catch a dose of somebody worthwhile
whilst the are still cute enough to pull it off?
like the scheme to encourage people like
Mr Scott at Cleveland Bridge
to breed a little more
we are making some progress in terms of the demise of
the blunder bus
a blunder bus is a form of shotgun
and the transport in which girls who had
fallen pregnant out of wedlock
were carted off to some religious institution to
carry the latter part of their pregnancy and give birth
was in some quaters called
the blunder bus
any way
these days in the UK and although the fathers may get pursued for child support
that is not emphasised as much as previously
when we talk about
in work poverty
we are obviously talking about
inequality not poverty
the fact that a twenty something got to
runner up to Miss Camay in the 1950s
was probably motivated by a concept of
with Camay a raddled old hag can look stunning
but how that got twisted into
the older you are before you first get pregnant - the better
we can't figure out

we have had a little more of a look at the pics of
E Jean Carroll
and we forget the date of the incident
it must be a generational issue but
we - in the position of President Trump
would say
this is news to me
this woman mut have been very attractive in her day
for me to take so much trouble over her
however, I don't remember this incident
this matter remins us of the Prince Andrew debacle
if we sit back we understand that there may be
no win , no fee lawyers involved here
but concentrating on the principals
the first and second parties
we asked regarding the Prince Andrew case
was the woman's initial motivation to bring the case
simply the wish to say
I've had that Prince Andrew up me you know
and then somebody says
how old were you
and then sombody say kerching
there was - we haven't quoted
The Other Victorians
for a long time now
in that there is discussion of middle aged and elderly men
seeking help from sex workers
but basically insisting that they
get the opportunity to fuck some female but
only if she was
still dripping with spunk from some
handsome, athletic young man
is a middle aged woman more attractive if she can
list some notable sex partners from her youth?
perhaps so
whether or not she has been fucked by Trunp or Andrew
where's the harm in letting her say so
so long as she does not suggest it was non-consensual
there still seems to be a culture of the norm being that
except by wedding vows
a female is never assumed to have consented to sex
regrding the specifics of the incident
we may have this wrong but we gather that the sex
took place in a fitting booth in a department store
perhaps this is a solution to the relative demise of
High Streets
perhaps if more often a person could wander into a department store
pull back the curtain of a fitting booth and get a free sex show
people would return to in person retail

27th January 2024

the wish to have or do two good things at the same time
when this is impossible
to have your cake and eat it too
you can't be the president's daughter
and an advisor
at the same time
so we have
E Jean Carroll
expecting to be accepted as a thoroughly professional
newspaper? columnist
an independent and professional person
but at the same time
claiming to be 'vulnerable'
because a former president who
as the orange man baby that E jean Carroll is not?

we do feel the need to point out that our
food mixer analogy of weather is not a complete picture
as an example of other causes of weather onshore and offshore winds
when it is the appropriate time of year
what we have to take into account is
the temperature of seas and coastal waters
varies more slowly than the temperature of adjacted solid land
the solid land does not generally churn
and so not far below the surface the temperature of the strata
rocks, sand mud layers
is affected much less by the insolation
and heat from the sun penetrates much deeper but not to the bottom of
seas and oceans
thus in the sunny times - even a sunny spell in the more wintery months
the land surface heats up much more quickly that the sea surface
thus the air above the sea - shall we say an hour or two into a sunny spell
will be colder than the air above the nearby land
and that relatively warmer air above the land will tend to rise
and draw colder air in from above the sea to replace it
an onshore breeze
sudden cloud cover or the fall of night will cause the land to cool
and with it the air above it
and to a lesser extend by really
the air above the sea will be warmer than the air above the land and air from above the land will flow out to replace it
giving an offshore breeze
these things matter to sailors
but not to the operators of motor boats

we have been looking at doctors and access to med school
we used to have two groups of doctors
when mainly looking at hospital doctors in the NHS
doctors who became medical students in
South Asia - india and Pakistan
we have no idea how these are chosen or trained but
we trust they can do the job when they get to the UK
this group is around a third of UK hospital doctors
what has changed the NHS is that the other two thirds have been split
essentially, the home educated doctors are
the ones who started traning less than 20 years ago
had their selection influenced by the UKCAT
those who started their training more than 20 years ago
were selected by A' leval exam results
and to a greater or less extent by a variety of
entryism activity
by the likes of religious groups
which affects both UK home grown groups
essentially, the motor mechanic generations will tend to refer to
the hernia in bed 6
and the more recent intake
may refer to
Glays in bed 9 who is fretting over the care of her pet at home
in other words
motor mechnic
good bedside manner
this leads to a differnt sort of conflict
two other groups converging
nurses who say
I'm a graduate, don't do sick
and doctors who amy well say
oh I'll get that cleared up for you
junior doctors are beginning to be
out teced by the supposedly subordinate nurses
that is not doing much for their morale
and it is the doctors who feel sidelined by
the likes of nurse practitioners

26th January 2024

from time to time our Ricker catches sight of
Stephen N Pearson
in Redcar Tessco
we thnk he was one-time finance director at
The University of Teesside
can't find him on Google
his dad was
Tom G Pearson
one time our Ricker's physics teacher
our Ricker put
TP on the tutor line of his exercise book
book came back marked with
a G inserted betwen and above the T and P
one day TP asked in class
how did you get into this school?
are you related to a member of staff or something?
our Ricker explained - to the class - that he was
the thing about Tom Person was
he got really good results with slightly dimmer pupils
mainly because in his spare time he was
an A' level examiner in physics
and taught ridgidly 'to the test'
the idea of the UKCAT
the clue is in the name - aptitude
was to short circuit cramming
and not to let the universities administer the test
imagine given the universities obsession with
rigging exam results
if the universities administered
driving tests
wel Mr Nijinsky
you did crash three times during the practical test but
a person from your ethnic background is allowed
three major errors and so
you have passed
the thing about London is
in the provinces if you enter a graduate profession
you will get a moron for a boss
if you enter a graduate profession in London
you get a chippy moron for a boss
chippy meaning arrogant
not I'm God's gift because I'm FROM London
I'm God's gift because I'm IN London
we looked it up
shortly after our Ricker stopped doing the UKCAT
the 'out of' number chnged to 900
and 650 is considered a good result
and so a 60 year old Ricker was scoring good against
18 year olds
five years later he COULD have tried again and could perhaps
as a pensioner
been able to do the course livng off his pensions
instead of from optometry session fees

this is one of those
law of unintended consequences
we will try to integrte something about the UKCAT
UK Clinical Aptitude Test
but the main idea here is about the clash of
schools pushing maths because it is cheap to teach
and people with straight A's in
physics, chemistry, maths and further maths
dominating med school entry
the UKCAT is a test that was
the usual disclaimer about being out of date in our knowledge
this s quite a departure from maths
in the sense that to do some of it you would need to instinctively know that
speed s distance over time
but an important element was
perhaps still is
flashing up a text
giving a limited length of time to read it and then
asking questions about what the text said
this is quite important
we know that as we go on
AI Artificial Intelligence
will be able to do this
except that
AI has the problem that in essence it would look for patterns and
although it cn very quckly make comparisons
it is a bit of a problem knowing what data to harvest
before you are given the question
if the golden nugget in the dat and the
history given by the patient
does not seem important until after the consultation
will the computer have made a not of it?
in our example
the computer may routinesly measure and record
intra ocular pressure
but just to take an example we are pretty sure is
not clinically significant and so the computer may not record
does the patient have
heterochromia irides
heterochromia irides is not a known symptom of any illness
but a human examiner would not forget it if they saw it
what we are saying is
three medical practitioner types
computer using or not using AI
motor mechanic
if you are a maths, maths and more maths kind of a guy
nobody remembers the dominance in the CoViD 19 panic of the
guy with the algorhythm
my statistical model sez...
so if you take a reading of IOP
the motor mechanic medic says
slam dunk, the patient is
out of tollerance
treatment prescribed
the medic who can cope with
who was the third wife of Henry the 8th
twenty seconds after having seen that information
flashed up for ten seconds in a 300 word text about
The Tudors
may think
it's a bit high, but what else do we know about this patient?
full disclosure...
our Ricker did the UKCAT several times
the score is out of 800
in these cases at least and
you could do it without consent of your school
without indeed telling your school
but you could only do it once a year
4 sections at that time
verbal, quantative, abstract, decision analysis
and an overall score
in that order
we have not dug out the actual scores
we have read them off a graph
2006 525, 550, 550, 480 550
2007 660, 660, 540, 400, 575
2008 680, 710, 520, 500, 600
2009 600, 680, 550, 690, 630
our Ricker is better at sums than anything else
his problem with
too much maths is not thaat he's not good at it
what may be surprising is that he gets the hang of
deision analysis by 2009
no indication here of any sort of
and we are kinda guessing 2009 was the year he was offered
a med lab tech course as a sort of
1st MB - as previsously referred to - at Hull med school
we forget the number but when it started
Newcastle med school decided to base the whole of the entrance decision on
the UKCAT and not A' level grades
goes without saying
UNCAT is for medics and dentals
something for nurses to do if they feel
stuck in a rut
just to clarify about how official this test was/is
every time our Ricker did the UKCAT
he went to the place where you did the
Driving licence theory test
and took your passport with you for ID

24th January 2024

the people who are going to make the
full size monopod foundations
in South Bank
have been building the factory nd they are now looking
to hire staff
you won't need to be a
time served boiler maker
but the work involves
rolling some really quite steel sheet to
make tubular legs
there will be a number of
jobs fairs across Teesside

you may ask yourself
why is it so bleedin' windy?
we will try to explain
imagine a simple version of a
Kenwood food mixer
imagine it sngle speed and without planetary gears
imagine it fixed and not mobile like a hand mixer
the beaters are the Earth
the bowl is the universe
we always have trouble getting our Ricker to remember
Gulf Stream - Jet Stream
he mixes them up
says gulf when he means jet...
poor old sod
jet stream is in the air like a jet 'plane
gulf stream in in the ocean
you switch on the mixer
that's the Earth spinning on it's axis
you put water or gin in the bowl and the beaters
whip the liqud up into a vortexBR> our problem with weather presenter speak about the
jet stream
they talk about the speed of the jet stream
a it flows across the Earth
relativity dear boy
the 'speed' of the jet stream is a measure of the extent of the
lag of the air as the Earth - friction and gravittional attraction
between the atmosphere and the planet
we say the jet stream is travelling 200 miles per hour
west to east
actually the atmosphere is travelling
east to west 200 mph more slowly than the planet is
and so why is it suddenly so bleedin' windy?
you add a load of solids - flour that sort of thing to
the water in the mixer bowl it slows down and the bit inside the beater spins at the speed of the beater
but the stuff near the wall od the bowl
hardly moves at all
that is why 'quality' food mixers have planetary gears to move the beaters but what is happening in the weather/ it can hold more water
and there's a lot of water and quite a lot of atmosphere
so the lag between the spinning planet the relative speed difference gets more
and the catch up speed of the wind gets greater
do we get a gold star or a lollipop?
every action has an equal and opposite re-action
and so
although global warming won't alter the length of a year
it will slow the speed of rotation of the planet
so that days get longer and
the planet won't be able to fit
365 and a quarter days into a year
global warming could
kill the leap year
but probably not
the change will be hard to measure
just imagine being a constituant and trying to discuss with
former Cabinet minister
Sir Simon Clarke
when and if there should be a
leap second in universal time to
keep GPS working properly
but the dea of a leap second informs us that the
Earth spins ever so slightly irratically
NOW do we get a gold star?

there used to be a jobbing steel erection company in Darlington
called Cleveland Bridge and Engineering
they did a few jobs before they went bust
The Victoria falls Bridge Zimbabwe
The Wembly Stadium Arch
The Sydney Harbour Bridge
The Shard in London
trinkets like that
Trafalgar House bought it in 1982
and also bought
Redpath Dorman Long
last known identity Kvaerner Cleveland Bridge
and one of the bosses there was a Mr Scott
he lived in saltburn
we are kinda thinking Mr Scott was involved therefore in
Spit bridge Sydney, Auckland Harbour Bridge
Tamar Bridge, Forth road Bridge, Severn Bridge
Wye bridge, Bosphorus Bridge, Rio-Niteroi Bridge
Ballachulish Bridge, Humber Bridge, Kessock Bridge
Queen Elizabeth II Bridge, Tsing Ma Bridge
some others later including some time in around the late 1940s - early 50s
there was some sort of
tax break scheme that
if an important engineer or similar
produced four sons
they would get some kind of reward
because of on account of 'im livin' in Saltburn
when he produced 4 sons
and they were a National Asset
they went to school at
Sir William Turner's School
and our Ricker ws there to witness
the pressure these lads were under to
each and every one of them get into
Oxford or Cambridge
one of them, born around 1950 was the 'softest of the lot'
and he was to go to Oxford to read medicine
the thing was
that was a bit of a change of plan
Ian was the same age as our Ricker
and the putative medic was the nest one up in age
a year older
the thing was all the complications and that
there would have been some confusion over
A' levels and 'Common Entrance'
which of them did what we are not sure but we think
they may have done both
thing was
they all did Physics, chemistry, maths, further maths
and the place Ian's slightly older brother got at med school
was dependent on him getting A' level biology
in his gap year was to tutor the medic through A' level biology
it seems that although they othe stayed in uniform at Coatham
most of the deal was arranged by their mothers
people may say from time to time
why doesn't Teesside Uni have a med school?
they had a joint venture with Durham and shut it down
what was the cmotto of the NHS in the 1960s? whether or not you think Teesside is dominated by the Roman Catholic Church
it was more so in the 1950s
there are two considerations on Teesside regarding biology
ecology costs jobs
any mention of unmentionables is
the NHS was fine when fully clothed doctors sat near fully clothed patients
and wrote
sick notes
drug prescriptions
pain kllers, antidepressants, tranquillisers
no mention of anybody's 'insides'
and so
anycomunication regarding
insides or bodily functions is to this day
regarded as a malicious and obscene communication by
Cleveland Police
so the paedophile hunters have banned
public events - bike races, batton tours et
from central Teesside so if they happen they have to happen in
Saltburn and Guisborough nd Brottn and that

23rd January 2024

energy 'backfire' chapter 2
a little while ago
probably 18 months
the people who operate gas fired electricity generating stations
got a weather forecast for a prolonged period of
calm - no wind
and decided
were instructed by government??
to take a bunch of gas fired electricity plant
off line
summer, demand low right time?
if choosing a shut down period BR> perhaps you would chose a time of low demand but not
a period when wind turbines would struggle to cover you
and at that stage of wind generation devlopmentBR> some effect on supply was caused
and so to chapter 2
over the past few weeks there has been a sort of
product recall on some ancilliary at some nuclear power stations
in the depths of winter - mid january
it has taken quite a lot of nuclear electricity off line
both Hartlepool reactors and
not a flicker
Calder Hall - Sellafield
shut down
because of the bad weather
still not a flicker
we conclude
18 months ago
see what would happen if we can natural gas
see what would happen f we don't build more nuclear reactors
backfired more this time than lastBR> just sayin'

at this point we want to introduce the concept of
plauslible deniability
it is nort an official legal term but leglese
In a sense
somebody please rid me of this turbulent priest
Henry II says
who will rid me of theis turbulent priest?
or he could have said
will anybody kill this man/
the utterance is not a direct order but a suggestion
rght now it matters a lot in terms of
was that action
the problem often lies with a third party observer
seeing an action and classifying it as sexual
when the parties involved
either see it as social
or both intended it to be sexual
however that is not the point we want to explore here
since there were five or six uiversities in the UK
offering optometry courses in our Ricker's day
and there are now 16
optometry seems to have ridden the trough that caused
the Co-Op
to lose all their optician shops in the 1980
we don't have figures for how many
students the five
and the 16 had and have in total
The University of Teesside has
provisional consent to run an optometry course
so they an put it on their web site
but will it run
is it running?
the rather separate notion of plausible denyability
relating to medical courses in general is
I had full attendance at my course
and we didn't cover that topic or skill
so i can't be expected to know about it
or perform t
so the fact that I failed to do what the patient needed
was due to that being
above my pay grade
not on the course that I did
going back to our Ricker's time at DandA
he was told - out of the blue....
the only director of DandA who is not registered optometrists
is the finance director
and so you have rival factions
the ones who want to limt the medical content of their training course
to limit their liability
the ones who want to do as much medicine as possible
to cement their individual identityBR> vis a vee, for instance, pharmacists
and the universities who want to employ
staff with limited expertise
so ifyou have been taught optometry at Teesside uni
you point to the 1989 Optician Act that says
only a doctor or an optometrist can legally
examine a patient's - a person's - eyes and
produce a prescription for specs
but as to pathology
glaucoma, trauma, macular degeneration, diabetic retiopathy
these are the only pathologies an optometrist can diagnose
and record in tht pathology box on the form
so the pressure is on
if you are not a doctor and you see something is wrong
you don't really have a
something but none of the above
so when City presented our Ricker with a patient they knew
had keratocornus
he could diagnose that but he couldn't report that diagnosis
so he should withdraw from the optometry course 'cos
he wastoo clever by half
and the optometry profession would be
under pressure to diagnose keratocornus routinely
no chance
so how do peope with
retinitis pigmentosa
get referred to hospital?
nudeg nudge hint from the optometrist to the GP
in other words for most purposes
ptometrists don't refer patients with pathology t the hospital
they refer them to their GP General Practitioner - family doctor
which is why we say they are
nurse practitioner grade
and if the GP's eye medicine training was
45 minutes on a computer running through a
progrmmed text
a text where like a security guard pressing buttons around a museum at night
you click on boxes to show you've seen taht page of the text
is the GP going to have any idea what the difference is between
a subconjunctival haemorage
and makeup?
or a splash of tabasco sauce
we should just point out
f you are not on the general medical register
or the general optical register
by law you should not offer any assistance to
a customer in choosing
the power of the lenses in a pair of
ready readers

22nd January 2024

of all the unreliabilities we suffer from
being an unrelaiable source of info on
the Bilsdale transmitter and Arquiva
is the worst
our current theory is
the mast is fine and good to go but
it is constantly being
powered down
for safety as
equipment related to 5G 'phones is
added to the mast

to clarify
when our Ricker dropped out of
medical/dental school
his dad was 75
and his mam was 56
the local authority were aware that they needed care
and so they wrote off their costs in the med school year
in those days university grants were a matter for local government
and set their contribution back to zero
for the course at Durham University
this was not a personal individual
drop out decision on the part of our Ricker
and the plan would have been to go back to med school
when Tommy died
Tommy died at 84
Maisie died at 68
not a drop out or burn out situation
absolutely no hard feelings but
Tommy's other sons and his daughter
lived hundreds of miles away
Gwynneth Dakers perferred to
go work at Harwell
rather than be a dentist's wife so
our Ricker took a medium term view
and got hammered by an optometry department that...
wth his medical background and zoology degree
our Ricker fetches up ay City University
and sets about the optometry and Visual Science degree
a three year course
at the same time
Ron Douglas and Terri Griffiths were taken on to
help Professor Ruskell the professor of anatomy
in the department
they were bothe taken on on three year contracts that would
end as our Ricker graduated
Ron Douglas was know to have mental health problems and
it could be that Ron decided that he would be replaced
by our Ricker after the three years
this may be why - probably was why
our Ricker was
required to withdraw from the course
first the suggstion was that our Ricker
not do the honours module - a research project that
Ron would have been expected to supervise
but use the time in clinic
at the London Refraction Hospital
but that suggestion was short lived and replaced by the
requirement to withdraw
by this time Ricker has decided that
no deal he had would ever hold
and despite visits - Keith Davey and his sister Jackaline included
coming up from London
she being the PA of the boss at
nothing that made sense to our Ricker was
hammered out
it's all about not upsetting
vulnerable people the likes of Ron Douglas
now an Emeritus Professor at City
rather than providing facilities for
capable people such as our Ricker
I want tat genius but I want him
nailed down
and so our Ricker learned how to build
web sites
driving a capable person into
internal exile
is proferable to having
a vulnerable person driven to suicide because
they wanted their
interim role
converted to tenure
Ron and Terri got tenure
not so long after Terri married a dentist
so she was probably OK

21st January 2024

and today's question is
why is UNICEF buying advertising space
asking people to donate to UNICEF to
Feed the WOrld
the United Nations is
not a charity
it is a supragovernmental authority
we suspect that it is using arms such as
High Commission for Refugees
to buy media coverage for its political views
it may not be a direct UN clone but
Water Aid
'dirty water'
a lot of people drink and use water from
rain falls in the mountains and soaks into the rocks
and seeps downwards through the rocks to
rocks or sand or mud just below ground level in the valley
people dig wells and collect the water
and if the ground where they dig their well is
chosen because it is soft and easy to dig
sand and mud will come out of the well with the water
this water fell as mountain rain
seeped through rocks that have no life - not harmful
pathogens, bacteria mould, viruses
in them
and is drawn from the well as
dirty water
the people draw up dired - muddy - water
and let it stand for a while and then they can
draw off from the top
water as clear and pure as any other spring water

as we see it
the UN is trying to be
The Roman Empire of the 21st century
bread and circuses
shove endless mountains of food into these refugee camps
and hire some of the young men to be
to provide the circus action
this is why the authorities
even in the UK
don't 'crack down on'
anti-social behaviour
Cleveland Police have 6 officers dedicated to
not eradicating anti-social behaviour
because anti-social behaviour
is even in the UK
the circuses element of
bread and circuses for the lower orders
they would say
we police by consent
by consent of the thugerati
in essence
different strokes for different folkes
if people stay in their goulags
their mad house behaviour will
pass for normal
on a medical record
normal for Norfolk

20th January 2024

hammered out agreement
called for tighter restrictions
words rarely if ever used outside journalism
axe, bid, clash, revellers, slam, mercy dash
there was a time in the USA when
any white male in uniform and wielding a deadly weapon and
a bull horn
was described as a
good ole boy
around the wold the term has morphed into
any sort of
blue collar activist
a working class male set in their ways
it sort of softens the edges of
people who may become unpredictable due to
age related dementia
and there is a version that relates to
historical figues who may in small numbers be still alive
the term we are thinking of is
a creator and distributor of
distilled alcohol made under two provisions
tax evasion
prohibition evasion
and moonshiners have become
in jounalese
as well as fictional entertainment
plucky little fellas standing up to
over weening authority
people defying a ban on
feeding the ducks in the local park
we could get technical but
moonshining illustrates how the appropriate level of
regulation is necessary
for the most part
wine making an be done very easily and successfully
as a process hard to distunguish from
to dip a toe into the technical
if you try to make wine you will either get
wine or vinegar
and the same applies to home brewed beer
beer and wine - alcohol
vinegar - acetic acid
no acute medical risk there
chronic over use, a different matter
and so in essence home brew is not regulated in the UK
not actively at least
a bit of tax avoided but no big deal
the problem lies if a person or business decides to
distill wine or beer or similar into spirit
still not essentially for the lost tax but because of
the nature and effects of the distillation process
when you brew - not as in tea or coffee
but as in wine and beer
if you get it right
you get alcohol and not vinegar
the thing is the sort of alcohol you get
almost every version of brewing produces
at least two sorts of alcohol
a mixture of ethanol and methanol
distillation in essence separates
all the alcohols in the brew from the rest
the bits, dross, flavour and water
wine and beer will probably contain traces of methanol
in that sense - probably - gin is safer to drink than wine or beer
it can be used to separate the
methanol from the ethanol
what happens is that
the methanol 'comes over' before
is more volatile than
the ethanol
any responsible distiller discards the first part of the product
because it is methanol and
methanol can make you blind or kill you
moonshiners would just as happily sell you
methanol or ethanol
they weren't going to throw any of their product away
and they weren't going to
the early product with the main flow
so a bit or Russian Roulette
is the bottle you've bought early and main product?
and so it is with drugs
prescription medicines have been produced under controlled conditions
street drugs could be anything
and the point of journalese we are aiming for is
them god ole boys with their moonshine
is being replaced right here and now by
those plucky vulnerable young lads
on the County Lines
county lines is the moonshine of the 21st century
Disnefying drug trafficing

19th January 2024

we think we've made another mistake
at newcastle the 'vets' weren't called vets
they were called
so we suppose that they were studying agriculture
not vetinarary science
not studying pet care
we are completely at a loss to follow current
qualification structures in medicine
but we can offer a little about our Ricker's CV
we can't track all the certs he has had like being
a registered Electrical Test Engineer
but aside from O' levels and A' levels
Physics, chemistry biology
just the one A grade - biology
2nd MB
there are in particular universities three
'medical' courses
they are
medicine, dentistry and vetenary science
some 'proper' UK med schools offer
either or both of dental and vet
back in the day
Newcastle-uopn-Tyne Uk university had
and still has all three
does not refer to a second class honours degree in this context
in our Ricker's day
medics and dentals did their
same lectures, same exams
and so Newcastle med students would
normally start with a 2nd MB - medical bachelor
but some people - especially those converting from
arts A' levels to medicine
would do a 1st MB
and what our Ricker did at newcastle was a
2nd BDS
a pre-clinical course in medicine for potential dentists
we have no idea what a medical student of today
studying at the University of Sunderland does,BR. but at Newcastle in the 70s
medics and dentals worked together on
for example
morbid human anatomy
that is six students to a gurney
spent a year of session
gradually dismantling somebody who had
donated their body to science
a lot of pre-clins probably including Sunderland
perhaps now even including Newcastle
do pre-clins on line and in virtual reality
our Ricker kinda got to know Walter
inside out
to help with care for his elderly parents
kept them out of care
our Ricker switched to
zoology at Durham
in essence
pre=clins was normal uni timetable
clins was nine to five 48 weeks a year and
our Ricker couldn't keep an eye on his parents in Redcar
and do a full time 'job' in Newcastle
as it's turned out
he has been able to help a lot more people through
research and more generally public education
than he could have done in clinic
if he had been a slam dunk fast track
London consultant he may have had similar 'influence'
but we have seen that
Secretaries of State for Health
believe they out rank
consultants and professors of medicine so
and they call it democracy
Sliding Doors
our Ricker's dad had seen his first wife die of
laryngeal cancer
and had fought in the First World War
so he wouldn't 'allow' anything about
war or surgery on the Tv at home
so with a mum who wanted him to be an architect
and a dad who wanted him to be
an industrial chemist - like his son-in-law
Smith and Nephew, and Unibond
Martin got a company car at Unibond
just like his father-in-la had had at Hodsmans -
most famously, later, a part of Ready Mixed Concrete
Tommy was very disrespectful of the fact that
one of his sons named his daughter
Catherine Mary Clare
Cement Marketing Company
Katie didn't get the LAST laugh but she did marry a
maths whizz from clare College Cambridge
For the Record, Nial Teskey
our Ricker met Nial for the first time about a year ago
didn't talk to him he's 'well deaf'
and some
and so
afer his father died our Ricker being older now
and optician's shop second best to a
for his mum
she probably regretted getting pregnant
definitely had post natal depression
and almost certainly - what a weirdo
would have preferred a daughter
see, almost every profession, in our Ricker's day was
do good if you
didn't like difficult sums
in honesty
maths is just about the cheapest subject to teach
chalk and talk courses
don't even have to buy footballs
so kids were and still are encourage to
take up the frugal courses
through virtual reality
medicine - not dentistry
switches from
the most expensive course to offer
one of the cheapest

17th January 2024

there was this old fella who
lived in Turner Street
on his own except for his dog
you can tell what generation he was from because
he named his dog
after Tara Palmer-Tomkinson
and they strolled the streets of Redcar for many a year
then one November Tara died - either two or three years ago
the old man knew he was old
I'm too old for another dog
so he took to feeding peanuts to the wildlife in Locke Park
and then the
decided to ban the feeding of wildlife in Locke Park
so we knew what would happen next
that was around August 2023
in January 2024 the old man died
probably in hospital because a herse brought him home and
there was nobody in so
we gess he didn't get home
we absolutely KNEW this would happen but
whatever we did
the damage was done
the notices said it loud and clear
time you snuffed it you old nuisance

this is the toes anecdote
so whether it be true or not
say there was a little Irish fella called Garry
running glaucoma clinics at James Cook
and whether or not he had
32 letters after his name
mostly made up of masters degrees
the efective element being that he was
working as an optometrist at an optician's shop in County Durham
and doing sessions as a hospital optometrist at james Cook
on the basis that the appointed consultant eye surgeon was on
long term sick leave
a patient turns up at the clinic and is seen by Garry
and is diagnosed with glaucoma
some time down the road
the consultant reaches retirement age or
accepts early retirement
and the scene is clear to appoint a new consultant
and a very nice young local lad then currently
working as a registrar at Moorfields eye hospital in London
is persuaded to come home to take up the consultant post
he specialises in
the laser oblation of the trabecular meshwork
the immune system
within the eye
saves having all those eye drops
he is to quite an extent a well meaning
one trick poney
aka pony
so Garry goes back to Ireland
a patient with some medical background
our Ricker
has a little chat with the new consultant
our Ricker says I know it's not your specialism but
see these spots?
I've got shingles
so the follows a dance
consultant says
I can't step on other people's toes
where are the days when consultants were Gods?
I can't step on other people's toes and you have been diagnosed
with glaucoma
so that will stay on your record
but he did not actually say what follows, but
'I will have a quiet word and
make sure you get an invitation for a shingles vaccination'
so the patient 'gets the correct treatment'
without the NHS admitting that a wrong diagnosis was initially made
the NHS motto
we'll do our best for the patient
short of admitting anybody who works for us
throw the private medics under the bus
short of admitting that anybody working for the NHS
made a mistake

you may know that
the BMA
is the British Medical Association
and it is the main union for doctors in the UK
you probably don't know that
the AOP
is the main union for optometrists
and it is
the The Association of Optometrists
go figure...
it was, of course, previously the
Association of Optometric Practitioners
and they stuck with AOP despite the full version name change
and at about the same time
the General Secretary of the AOP was told
his title had to be changed to
Secretary General
like NATO being OTAN in Europe
as far as we know the structure of the profession
has stayed much the same for half a century
half a century go you did three years at uni and
a pre-registration year normally in an optician's shop
now it seems all four years are done in university but
we have not untangled UK and US regulations
so we will dive back in time to the 1980s
so we are talking about London City University
doing the three year bachelor degree in
Optometry and Visual Science
at one level the university saw a vocational
degree such as optometry
as an opportunity to provide a little part time employment
for 'academics' with no full time job
the tutors for mandatory further maths
a man beyond retirement age and a woman who was doing a bit of work
to avoid being a stay at home mum
to nail the era down
our Ricker remembers a class in arts
where the lyrics
and the ban of those lyrics on the Bbc
'relax, don't do it'
relax don't do it, if you want to come'
that was a nuisance but more important was
a mass of stuff about optics
the essence being
to divert a little
the Dean or Head of Department was
during our Ricker's second and final year
in process of dying from heart faiure
he had had a heart attack
and he had the timerity to introduce
a short demonstration of
some sort of CPR into one of his lectures
cardio pulminory resuscitation
we are assuming that the 4th year of the course of today
has devloped out of the
The London Refraction Hospital
and at one stage it was proposed that our Ricker do most of his third year
in clinics in the LRH
anyhow, retruning to the routine
at that time
three years at uni and a year in a shop
so although the university could
recommend a student to proceed to the pre-registration year
without completing their degree
broadly the adminustration of the
registration process fell to the College of Optometry
but the confiring of registration lies with the
General Optical Council
like they can put you on and take you off the register
Like the General Medical Council for doctors (medical doctors)
so you get to be a Doctor of Optometry but you are not on
The General Medical Register
you are on the General Optical Register
so anecdote from the 1980s
there was this pre-reg student
she had been working under supervision in an optician's shop
for quite some time
she kept getting the same adjudicator in her final
registration assessment
and he kept failing her
eventually she plucked up the courage or was encouraged by her
to write to the adjudicator and ask this retired optician why
he kept failing her
he was clear
remember we are talking 1980s and there were
private frames
NHS frames
for specs
she's a candidate for registration as an optomtrist
not dispensing optician
not an optical technician
he said straaight out
I felt your re-pinning of a joint in a spec frame was
not neat enough
for opticians a spec frame has a fron and two sides
patients tend to refer to sides as arms
back in the day if you were a medium sized chain
such as Batemans
you had a factory and if a patient had
trouble with NHS frames - because they were a child
or had hearing aids
the branch may sent a standard pair of specs to the
factory or perhaps an outside contractor to
have the sides or one of the sides
actuallythat would mean a fresh side cut down to the appropriate length
and oles drilled in the plastic of the side
and pins tamered pins, driven into the holes wher you may think there would be screws
pins for screws and screws for pins, screws join the two halves of the hinge
pins join the hinge to the front and the side
and if you drilled too big a hole in the side
the pin would perhaps have a bit of gap between the pin and the plastic
Ok for optometrists to prescribe shorter sides
but why in God's name were they being tested on their ability to
shorten them themselves?
but that's the power of the Wisdom of the Ages
When I were a lad I was a member of
Worshipful Company of Spectaclemakers
a London Guild
I'm not going to ask you about pathology
I always put NAD in the pathology box

15th January 2024

we see a bit of political kite flying by The Labour today
on the one hand
they appear to have in North West England at least
a core vote or more precisely core activists, door knockers
leaflet deliverers
who rather than - as perhaps in London, anti AfroCarribean prejudice
anti Asian tendencies
the message seems to be
we have nothing against South Aisans
except the ones who have sex
it's a bit like
we've nothering against AfroCaribbeans
except the black ones
it remains to be seen how well this serves The Labour in the up coming General Election
as a 'point of difference' from The Tories
Tories being notorious fro having so last century
we mean... positioning themsleves as the anti-sex party

there is a suite of NHS UK National Health Service
forms referenced
GOS followed by a number
most of the ones easily available on line relate to
aplcations for vouchers for eye care
GOS stands for General Optical Services
GPs, optometrists, hospitals have these
there is one that is a general report of the details of an
eye test or eye examination
it's a while since our Ricker had a look at such a form because
most people don't use a paper form these days
so things may have changed
hence we aere depending on memories from long long ago
there used to be a box on the form for
an optometrist is supposed to check for
eye disease as well as generate a prescription for
glasses if needed
a modern opticians has some
computer heavy kit
back in the day
Keith Davey's dad was
a pharmacist with the Co-Op
at one time pharmacists did eye tests
Mr Davey Senior became
the Co-Op's chief Ophthalmic Optiian
as a qualified pharmacist he probably did a bit of
nigh school to get extra credits
on the appropriate GOS form there was
probably still is
a box titled
almost every GOS form with a pathology box
signed off by an Ophthalmic optician
would have
in the pathology box
NAD was supposed to mean
No Abnormality Detected
and a lot of the time Optometrists would put
NAD in the pathology box
when an Optometrist put NAD in the box
it meant No Abnormality Detected
when an Ophthalmic Optician put NAD in the pathology box
it meant
Not Actually Done
it means
I did my best and my best was zero
I have had no training in the detection of pathology
as time went on reasonably cheap
bits of kit came along and the very inexpert could meansure
something called IOP
Intra Ocular Pressure
here's rub
although equipment to measure IOP was easy to use and not
too expensive
another piece of kit had also come along
the autorefractor
and autorefractor will give you a prescription for
specs if you need them
this meant that for a few thousand pounds
a pharmacist could have a machine that could
take them back to the days of prescribing and dispensing spectacles
this put quite a lot of pressure on optometrists to
offer specialist services beyond refraction
refraction is the test to see what glasses prescription you need
essentially, without going to medical school
and withut extending the training period
optometrists became regarded as
more expert in eye pathology than
pharmacists or GPs - family doctors
but that precidence is based more in the
access to fancy machines
than to any hint of medical training
in truth they have the competence - in another specialism - of a
nurse practitioner
but their reports are taken as gospel by GPs and hospital doctors
because, honest truth, most opticians on Teesside have better
whzzy kt tham James Cook Hospital eye department
for instance, going back just a handful of years
Boots Opticians had and have a Topcon Maestro 2
eye scanner - the one you can pay an extra 25 to be tested on
tht producesa report in colour
james Cook's scanner - at least up to a few years ago
produced a similar report on a black and white monitor
and they tested for IOP with a tonometer tht looked exactly like a
penlight torch
not a lot of penlight torches you would pay 399 for but...
we are not so up wth the workings of Specsavers but we guess that the
extra private fee has been set to cover the cost of
a lease agreement on those Maestro scanners
and sine they have had them a while
we guess they Boots, Specsavers, etc. have renewed their leases
the main problem is
the eye department at James Cook is not accepting
the Maestro files as a substitute for
NAD in the pathology box on the GOS form
to be more precise
GPs and James Cook are automatically accepting that
a report of elevated IOP is a slam dunk for glaucoma
but they are not willing to review Maestro findings
the imporant element here being that there are
TWO major possible reasons for a slight elevation in IOP
glaucoma - poor internal (not tears) fluid drainage
an eye infection, internal but a symptom of shingles
if you have shingles and a slightly elevated IOP
you probably have
mild secondary glaucoma
in this case secondary means resultant, in cosequence
not more or less advanced or severe than primary

despie the readout of the rather naff ship tracker
Voltaire has made it into the Tees
We suppose that in backwaters such as the Tees
Pilots, tugs and dockers
don't work weekends
the owners of Voltaire are on the whinge
they want people to stop building turbines they can't lift
Alfa Lift appears to be up to the job
but Voltaire? struggling a bit
here's the thing
why should an electricity supply industry
that is set up to build
whacking great coal fired power stations
be restricted to building
executive toy scale turbines
just because they are wind turbines
Drax -coal and Hinkley Point - nuclear
were and will be
craned into position
so why should wind turbines be smaller?
the Brits will put up with anything but
if you want to build wind turbines in China
you need to tool up to build at full size

12th January 2024

despite what our naff tracker says
Voltaire was as of lunchtime today
at the Echo Anchorage off the Tees
waiting with a tug for high tide
to get to Greythorpe
what we have to address at this point is the question
why are a handfull of companies such as Fujitsu
on a very short list of companies invited to
'tender' for government contracts
in the words of the venerable Bob Johnson
good enough for government work
The Horizon administration system was introduced
a long long time ago
the essential characteristic of systems of that era was
'touch screens' were in their infancy and
the gen 1 - first generation - Horizon
depended on
dedicated, hard wired, buttons
not on touch screen icons
this meant that the contract had to go to a company capable of
producing the software AND the dedicated terminals
now we have a different perspective
a very large proportion of people in the UK
and around the world
come armed with at least one
contactless card
contactless was 'forced onto' card issuers by
Transport for London
in a very successful attempt to speed passengers through
The London Underground
by - essentially - making almost all
credit and debit cards compatible with
TfL's Oyster card
a combination of touch screens and contactless id - personal identification
means that
whatever the system
the software and the hardware will be
programmable and not hard wired
and so
the company writing the software can be
entirely unconnected from
the company making the hardware
and thus there is a
two pairs of eyes dimension on any
testing and trialling protocols
and organisations can concentrate on
what they do best
and those who do
lobbying best
slip down the list somewhat
to clarify
if you lve in London or commute to London
you have an Oyster Card to pay for journies by
public transport
if you are an infrequent visitor or tourist
you can use a contactless card that isn't an Oyster Card
as if it were an Oyster Card

11th January 2024

We should make a minor disclaimer
a very very long time ago
our Ricker's Auntie Mabel
was the sub-postmistress at
a no heavily industrial area of
more directly illuminating is
for a little while - a year or so
our Ricker was a
forensic book-keeper
for now defunct Opticians
Dolland and Aitchison
now subsumed into Boots
the point we want to make here is
about computers
back in them dark days
very few people had computers
banks had computers
so probably Post Offices had them too
but most shops on the High Street didn't
in those days there were two types of optician
ophthalmic opticians OOs
dispensing Opticians DOs
The actual company our Ricker worked for was
Dolland and Aitchison South East (London) Ltd
and he didn't work for
Dolland and Aitchison South East (City) Ltd
London was divided into London and City as maost people
would divide it into
West and East
So a rare 'normal' day our Ricker would be working in
Brompton Road or Old Brompton Road
but he could be sent to
Guildford or Epsom
so he wouldn't be sent to, say, Southampton
because that would be Southern
as a 'Northener' he was quite tickled to see a
registered office plaque on an office in Guildford that said
Blah Blah Garages (Northern) Limited
for some people Surrey is'up North'
Ophthalmic Opticians are now called Optometrists
but they may still be referred to as OOs ??
a branch would get a staff rota
Mary Mary OO
Chris ChoiDO
when they were going to get our Ricker??
nobody knew what the hell SVW meant
in practice it meant
or area manager's little snitch
and the absence of computers?
think of a piece of paper
a pad of identical pre-printed blank forms the size was twice that of A4 - A3
these were called
Day Sheets
one day sheet to be sent to regional or area office
for every trading day
and if the
book-keepers in the office couldn't make sense of
the day sheets
our Ricker was sent to
'cover for the manager's leave
and run the shop for a week
and find out why the day sheets didn't add up
we have two examples but the first was directly day sheet related
a lorra lorra money missing from the day sheet
this was a long long time ago
this was actually a problem with the
veneraable ladies in the area office
people had started this new thing
not sure it would 'catch on'
paying by
credit card
not contactless
not chip and pin
hand the card over the assistand put in into a machine
not an electronic device
more like a Dymo label printer
you put the card in the machine - laid flat
embossed card holder details up
you laid a dat pack - two or more dockets with
carbon paper in between
and then you rn a roller over the data packa nd the card
and the knobbly letters and numbers on the card
pressed ink from the carbon paper
onto the docket elements
the thin one was hande to the patient - customer - and the main one
went into the banking
and because these dockets were
neither cash nor cheques
a lot of the receptionists who filled in the day sheet
did't enter Barclaycard aor Access dockets onto the day sheet
they put them into the banking so the company got the money
but it looked as though the banking was short
on those dates when people bought their specs with a credit card
so it doesn't take a computer to foul up the accounts
and just to give an example of the sort of peoplewho were
making these mistakes
one of the receptionaist at Epsom confided in our Ricker
I had this arguement with Mr Adamson - the area manager
He told me
lens isn't plural
he said it's lens and lenses
is tht right?
this is fucking Epsom, heart of the stockbroker belt
the boyfriend of another receptionist
worked in a garage in Epsom
they told him to move a Jag
he'd never driven an automatic before
so he drove in straight into the garage wall

do we have any idea about what sort of person would be called Mrs Oligario
anyway, somewhere in the West End there was a branch opposite a big hotel
and a lot of African visitors stayed at that hotel
in the opticians the frames are displayed on the walls
the display frames have display lenses with no power in them
whilst Mrs Oligario was having her
menopause related sick days???
the receptionist were left to run the shop without
professional help
bothe were from the East End, one was a single mother
they were doing two things
firstly, the Africans wanted to
look distinguish
so they were in the market to buy specs with
no tint - dark in london init - and without having an eye test
so the receptionists were
selling the frames off the wall for cash
and not making appointments for tests and
not putting the money through the books or into the bank
there never seemed to be any appointments at that branch
or very few
so Mr Adamson told our Ricker
send out 500 reminder post cards
the receptionists had spent their days writing them
our Ricker sent one of the girls over the road to get the stamps
she came back and said but they blew away as I was crossing the road
so Mr Adamson told our Ricker to post the cards himself
he didn't have time for stuff like that
he took the reminder cards 'home' and on his day off he went to
Guildford Post Office and
with the reminder cards and cash
and had them franked
assistand said you can't have mail franked if there are less than 500 pieces
There were 500 pieces
and the grump got the job of franking them instead of D and A staff
licking stamps
so the next DO to go to that branch
rang the police
and both receptionists got nicked
the clang of the police station custardy suite door was
quite impressive according to the DO
oh and if you hadn't guessed
SVW stood for
what was happening there was that
optometry was being set up as a
graduate profession
lots of people who owned and ran
Optician Shops
had never been to university
and they had no children or other
significant others who were capanle of
getting into university
and so they were selling out to DandA
and their staff had never dealt with
bookkeeping or any sort of regulation
so long as the customer was satisfied
nobody enquired as to how the shop was being run
until it was taken over bt a multiple
student vacation worker

10th January 2024

our Ricker is stumped
first he thought
but that is when you sayBR> x=y and y=x
then he thought Mobius strip
that when you put the tongue of you belt
into the keeper upside down
then he thought about
Catch 22
that just about gets it
Catch 22 is where you
feign mental breakdown to get a medical discharge
and then they say
that's a really clever wheeze
you must be super sharp right now
not mentally ill
here's the example of the moment
This is President Trump's catch 22
if you can only serve a maximum of two four year terms and he was
elected for 4 years in
2016 and 2020
he's done
he can't stand again
if he does stand again
he has to admit that he lost in 2020
as we understand it
the Locke Road 'phone mast is 3G and shut down

9th January 2024

Redcar and Cleveland Council may have noticed that
there is a mobile 'phone mast in the pavement at the south end of
Locke Road
we will note that recently a 5G mast for the 3 network
was completed in Queen Street
and there is a mast in Fleming's Field just off
Severn Road
quite a close grouping of 5G masts
and we are not sure the one on Locke Road is 5G
what we are sure of is that there are two
power cabinets
at the foot of the mast in Locke Road
we are also certain that the one furthest away - by cms
from the mast
is redundant
this means that there is a redundant power connection
a couple of metres from
Locke Park car park
available for a simple hook-up to
vehicle charging units
units that have not yet appeared in the Coatham Bowl car park
even though the power is already laid on
we note that Voltaire was due in Rotterdam on 5th January
makes Greythorpe dock look a bit
Billy Nomates
we are supposing it has gone to Rotterdam for
food and other sundries and will be in the Tees for the turbines soon

8th January 2024

this is one of those unresearched mash up stories
our Ricker grew up thinking there were two
weekly magazines
a right leaning Spectator any way
The Spectator reckons to be the world's
longest established publication
at some point
quite a long time ago it invented a term for a sort of person
we now switch to a story from 'nowhere' about a chap
sometmes called
Andrew Loyd Webber
now a Barron we expect
as a little boy - for the purposes of this story
he lived in a posh part of London
and he had a decent wedge of pocket money
the story goes that whilst still around
ten years old he took his accumulated cash to
a posh bookshop or gallery and bought
a Medieval manuscript
this would make him
in the eyes of The Spectator
a Young Fogie
a young person more interested in
cultural history
than in sports
in the political sphere we have
The Right Honourable Member
of the House of Commons
for the 17th century
Jacon Rees Mogg
William Rees-Mogg, Baron Rees-Mogg
was a British newspaper journalist who was
editor of the Times from 1967 to 1981
and was the father of Jacob Rees-Mogg
so far as we know Jacob Rees-Mogg's mother is still alive
born 1939
but Jacob was born in
and so
we are at a point where
Young Fogie Jacob
is no longer all that young
Jacob Rees-Mogg's mother's father was in a way
an architypal Tory in the sense of
making it fairly big from humble beginnings
lorry driver, car salesman
to in the end councillor and magistrate in
St pancras and Kings Cross
when they were not as posh as today
in that sense a part of a tradition of
tradition versus evidence
stick to 'the rules' and insist everybody else does
and God will be on your side
it is very difficult to explain anything to anybody who
believes in the
magical power of tradition
the thing is
this is OK when you are trying to construct
a life out of
the wreckage of post Second World War London
we won so God must love us
and a different propostion when you have
antibiotics, vaccines, contraception
and the world is divided into
problems we have solved
problems we are yet to solve
the new solutions undermine the concept of
rndom or God driven
winners and loosers
and so the basic question
as the Jacob Rees-Mogg generation of
Young Fogies
where do we look for the next generation
not raises by
'holocaust' or world war survivors?
and all those politicians still in thrawl to
mothers in their nineties
looking for political leaders in their fifties
not surprising that perhaps
South Asia looks like
17th century alive in the 21st century

4th January 2024

we can't resist tellin' ya
the stuffed swan in the latest
Salvage Hunters the Restorers is
a Hooper Swan not a Mute

we have some information about the two ships that are
installing the
Dogger Bank Array wind farm
they are Voltaire a jack up barge
and Alfa Lift a semisubmersible crane barge
the information available to us indicates that
Voltaire has been
'spud cans down'
lodged into the bed of the Dogger Bank
since around 14th November 2023
and we expect that along the way they have installed
a ship load - around a dozen
wind turbines
and weathered a storm or three or seven
when you operate one or two of the largest ships in the world
with legs down
probably more storm worthy that any oil or gas rig
on the other hand
Alfa Lift has only run back out to the bank since Christmas
we reckon Voltaire will be back in the Tees soon for more turbines
Alfa has to install monopiles and junction units before
Voltaire can get back to work

3rd January 2024

this - if there is an image
is our image of
winter 2023
a Christmas Rose spattered with dirt
splashed up by the incessant RAIN

at this moment we can't be bothered to work out what
S.W.A.T. meant in the
1970s? Tv fanchised but it was a
police rapid response unit
swatting is to make a false report of an
onging serious incident in order to elicit
an reponse from Law Enforcement
in the UK referred to as
a report of concern for the welfare of
a third party
a SWAT is a police military Unit
in the USA in poarticular
police services have been sold a
lorra lorra heavy weaponry and
to some extent
just like
firefighters who
turn out to be arsonists
any excuse is better than none
to break out the heavy
helcopter gunships, drones
without consulting CCTV or sending out a
lightly armed first responder
if you have a police service such as
Cleveland Police in Northern England who
belive it is illegal to disagree with an MP
a lorra lorra
row back
gets suppressed
and a minute search for justification follows

3rd January 2024

we think a New Year is a time for reflection and
we think Middlesbrough should take a moment for
self analysis
Middlesbrough could be
quite an attractive place
like a corporate version of
Kim Kardashian sending
her nine year old daughter
North West
to a fancy dress event in a
gimp mask
the politicians of Middlesbrough
can't seem to set foot on stage without donning a
pink gimp mask
say you were a distant relative of a rich person who died
say you were offered the choice in their will
a fully worked up auto racing team
or a
wedding car
what sort of a person
chooses the race team
and uses it to run a wedding car hire business?
and so it is with Middlesbrough Football club
all sorts of machinations in the mid 1980s to
keep The Boro alive
and at first you could say
any Boro match was
Great Britqin - Boro - versus the rest of the world
now Middlesbrough field their
D team
if there is a international tournament
in Africa
and what are Newcastle up to?
they seem to be on a
Hearts and Minds tour of
friendlies across the absurd list of
Premiership venues
this season have they beaten
Luton, Fulham, Bournemouth, Brighton
Brentford, Burnley
we don't know and we don't care but
is this the sport that belons to everybody
Luton can beat Newcastle
perhaps newcastle should
do a Wimbledon
and move to
Newcastle under Lyme

our Ricker hasn't gone completely
ROM is Read-Only Memory
but all the same details from
past lives can get blurred
the issue today is to try to pin down a Cameo in a
medical drama series
we are almost certain this was not
it was probably not the Dick Van Dyke one
it ws quite possibly
Grey's Anatomy
there's a story line going on
we need to introduce the concept of
subliminal suggestion
it is a bit like a script for a
a uniquly British form of - mostly Christmas time - theatre
the idea is that the grandprents bring to grandchildren to
the theatre to give to parents a chance to
consult with Santa about what the kids should get for Christmas
the term
double entendre
comes to mind
a line, joke or comment that will be funny to both
a 4 year old and a 64 year old
that is not quite what subliminal messaging is about
it is linked to the
Max Headroom
oh where is Max Headroom when we need him
cocept of
adverts so short that we do not realise we have seen or heard them
some action is going on and the 'round' is moving down a corridor
suddenly one of the characters grabs somebody they are passing and delivers
the entirely cryptic line
yes we think that is a good idea but
not with a bowlng ball
these two characters are
one pregnant or perhaps the male partner of somebody who is pregnant
and the other is a specialist in gaeny or obstetrics
she is confirming that as part of sex during pregnancy
the introduction of an object
perpaps the size of a billiary ball
perhaps something bigger
but not as big as a ten pin bowling ball
could be
shoved up the birth canal
to get it into trim
to render it fit for purpose
as you walk around the streets or workplace
you have no idea how many of the females or even males
you are meeting are
walking around with
a charger
stuffed up their chuff
it's called a charger in the English version of Papillon

we should just note regarding accident fatalities
particularly motor vehicle versus water
if you are taking any vehicle you intend being strapped into
anwhere near water is a sporting mode
the restraints you wear
seat belts
should be
of the quick release variety
because you are more likely to drown than
die fro blunt force trauma

1st January 2024

as we said
our Ricker is ill
we think he always gets ill over
winter holidays because
he's 'alergic' to wood burners
if he recovers he may provide a link to the
2022 is it? version of this file
for now just
live the dream

28th December 2023

because our Ricker's scientific training has been
in the highest echalons
his default use of language tends to appear
at least a little unfamiliar
we note the police academy style introduction of the term
in the more rarified atmosphere of academia
in ecology and anthropology
and related disciplines
a more usual term is
this carries with it the concept that some people
some categories of people
can be vulnerable to what we may call
Emperor's new clothes syndrome
in a sense of
they are vulnerable to being mislead by
bad actors
but they have a
platform and authority that
allows them to chuck their weight around
as a cat's paw for
discrete bad actors
and that can be characterised by
when the cat's away
the mice will play
and an MP such as
Andy MacDonald in Middlesbrough can say
hail hail Freedonia
Land of the Brave and the Free
a sort of 'socialism' bred of a belief that
if the clever people can be driven from a community
by force or bt spurious alegations
everything will be
sweetness and light so long as
some deus ex machina
authority far far away
can be conned into responding to the call
Just send money
and in a sense this is
romance fraud
these lovely people are in desperate need
all they need is your money and you will be
their saviour
note that aside from such as the parable of
the seven loaves and seven fishes
the teachings of Jesus are not
a playbook for conning money out of
The Romans or God Almighty
the clearest quote here is
render unto Caesar that which is Caesar's
the clever people mke the world go round
and God won't step in and take your spanner out of their works
just to make you feel important
and even though Pilot is supposed to be a baddie
we have to say
monkey around with the association between
God and the educated
eventually God and the educated will
wash their hands of you
and here is dive back into France during or just after the
First World War
and Tommy is about town, some town
little boy comes up and asks
Voulez vous
that's respectful
voulez vous coucher
avec ma soure ce soir?
we keep digging back into memories of 1960s TV
broad story synopsis
the lads are about to
go up to the Front
so the army take them to a local theatre or cinema
and they settle down to
watch some burlesque
and a stripper
and then they are sent to a series of unlit cubicles
inside are the naked attributes of
any old females the army could russel up
tomorrow they amy die and it would be
disrespectful for them to die as
when you say
men fight to protect
women and children
you don't often say from what
essentially keep them alive
preferably protect them from
death camp labour
but is it
prevent them from being fucked
or protect them from being fucked by 'the wrong sort'
it gets a bit complicated then
you can turn that soldier thing around
what would be the reaction to
a 16 year old termnally ill female
wanting to put
i wanna get fucked
on her bucket list?
there's a line to draw somewhere between
we believe every experience of a
vulnerable person
should be at the very least
any sacrifice is worth it to
protect your reputation
even if you'll be dead next week
Brimstone and Treacle is a 1982 movie in which Sting plays a priest who
fucks a couple's non-verbal quadraplegic
accident victim daughter
back to normal
and we have cases where a brain dead female is kept alive to
save her unborn baby
in a sense we could say
brain dead 14 years old only child
should she be got pregnant to provide her parents with
a grandchild?BR>
our Ricker has been slightly under the weather
over the holidays
he may make some slight but risky changes here for New Year