About Us

This site, is one of a number - 7, in January 2006 - being developed by Richard Robson from Danby , 13, Tees Rd., Redcar North Yorkshire, UK. as an exercise in test marketing and market research for Internet   Virtual Malls.

What drives us

'We'   - that is to say I - am a bit fed up at present with the fact that my web sites appear to be more influential than profitable. It is very irksome to see others become millionaires without much effort but I am learning.  

The only person working at Danby IT at present is Richard Robson. I am a zoology graduate - Durham University - and am currently a registered student with the Association of Accounting Technicians.


There isn't a company as such Danby   IT - also known as 'Danby Data di Richard Robson'   because the servers for the sites are in Italy -   operates as my personal project and to whatever extent   I need to be identified my National Insurance Number is WM114531B